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Ke$ha: Justin Bieber is a Tiny Little Baby

Ke$ha: Justin Bieber is a Tiny Little Baby

Ke$ha strikes a pose in this sexy shot for Maxim magazine!

The 23-year-old singer spoke about Justin Bieber, the worst pickup line ever and her newfound fame. Check it:

On Justin Bieber: “He’s a tiny little baby! I would’ve loved to push him around onstage in a carriage.”

On the worst pickup line she’s ever heard: “Wanna know my favorite? This guy said, ‘Oh, my God, did you just fart? ‘Cause you just blew me away!’ I was, like, ‘Ew!’”

On her newfound fame: “I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone sometimes – I seriously need to pinch my leg. I’m, like, ‘Am I sleeping? Is this real?’”

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Photos: Diana Scheuneman/Maxim
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  • John

    What a skank.

  • moOoniii

    I really love Justin! She’s a $ht.!

  • lola

    Ewwww, she’s just nasty looking. She looks dirty, like she’s always in need of a good scrubbing.

  • T.O.

    Blah, blah, blah….. make her go away.

  • w

    Don’t worry about the newfound fame…you’re on 14:59, and by year’s end your time will be up.

  • Not baby…. FETUS

    Aww… he might be her little borther… aww how cute.

  • rock_chick_chic

    sexy shot? jared where is this sexy shot you speak of? all i see is one hideous picture of an ugly talentless tramp.

  • paige

    come on dont be a hater! ke$ha has talent. everyones different, and she young just trying to live her dream. justin is complete shit whos a whiny little baby who cant sing

  • yipee!

    i’m really sorry Ke$ha but this photo shoot that’s supposed to make you look “sexy” just makes you look like a prostitute…
    but, i have to say that Justin Beiber thing she said was funny!

  • Jess

    At least Justin Bieber is more talented than you hunnie.

  • ck

    Killer body. Her face looks like my crazy Uncle Gus.

  • jaded

    She reminds me of a drag queen…literally.

  • Gossip Lover

    She is a **** I think her song sucks…
    Shut up stupid chick.

  • Kat

    The Hottest Chick in the Gameeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  • LuckyL

    God, her face is so busted.

  • Heather

    Jared, pu-leeze. Forget this disaster in the making. Let’s talk about ALICE EVE on the COVER. Now there’s a beautiful, smart and talented girl worth talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thats_right

    damn she is soooooooo ugly actually her and chinifer maniston(jennifer aniston) will make a cute couple they both look like a man loooooooooool

  • d33 c33

    And she is a smelly big old cow.

  • brightside

    Oh she is so damn ugly – looks more like a prostituting trannie turning tricks than a girl, urk!

  • annasaurus

    She is right. Accept it.

  • http://justjared shamilah

    cant STAND her she is one ugly thing not matter what you do to her she will stay like that ! she’s so full of her self & thinks it’s a joke taking about people, let me tell you ke$ha-that doller sign of ur’s will be knocked down! im not a big fan of Justin but he’s A LOT more talented that you will ever be Miss! she’s a piece of Trash

  • de Cosmos

    Sorry, but I just don’t understand her appeal.

  • kjl

    lol, kesha is a complete joke. she won’t be around much longer, no talent!

  • Diana

    Could someone tell me how on earth that stupid Tik Tok song has been #1 for like three months now? Everyone I know thinks this girl is trash, so that leaves me wondering who the hell is buying her stuff. Maybe her record company is buying the songs themselves and paying radio to play her stuff to create PR or something.

  • martina

    umm ya Ke$ha is just jealous she wishes she could be as funny and as good looking as him! 1st shes the one whos always lyk drunk when she performs and is probably on something… who knows shes lyk the next Lady GaGa but in a different way!!! How about that KESHA!!! ??

  • biebsgurl

    ke$ha is a slu* ho* no one cares about her or wat she has to say… shes trashyy garbagee… alll us tru beliebers know whos right n whos wrongg… screwww u ke$ha…. jb we <3 u

  • Channy

    I’m not a fan of her music and I can’t really say her because I don’t know her. But I know other people (besides the ones here it seems) like her so I think she a good influence only in the fact that I’m not shouting for someone to get the girl some food! Not to say she fat at all!! She looks healthy which is awesome now-a-days :]

  • iLovEjB

    Sorry, but, I love Just more than Ke$ha! Ke$ha’s a dirty girl! Justin’s better singer than Ke$ha!

  • Jared

    I don’t understand why she always have to talk about other artist? Like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber now or…Twilight! I think if you’re a singer, you have to talk about your music and makin’ headlines about your music.

  • rachel_la

    Take away that hairspray and eyeliner and you just have a country girl singing Karma Police…

  • Brenda


  • Sara

    Whoa! Not sexy…at all. I’m actually kinda surprised the pic is so bad.

  • Jen

    she looks like a man, weird body, weird face and she thinks she is talented when her music is cr@p

  • mimi

    this untalented piece of crap needs to shut the hell up

  • Yamesor

    Gaga wannabe.

  • Rachael

    Well, Ke$ha is great, and so is Justin. But I don’t think she meant people to take offence. I mean, he is! That’s what made him famous! His adorable li’l baby face! BUT Justin won’t last long. Once his voice breaks, he’s gone.

  • miichelle

    Come on everybody trashing her Allright she thinks she’s really is something and her songs Suck but 1 songs i did like (Tik tok) and that was a good one

  • doctorsdatingsite

    Nice body

  • hey soul sister

    she has a boy body.yuck.

  • ley

    rock on ke$ha. i TOTALLY agree.. im sick of beaver with all the trend topics..
    whatcha saw in this dude?!! such a baby! totally annoying. if i were her i should’ve not apologize to the kiddo.

  • Bieberfan

    HAHAAAAAAAAAA u guys can tell her she’s a wwwwH0re and that she’s a wannabe gaga :)

  • ale bieber

    ok first of all i LIKEDD! ke$ha but now i am mad. At least justin is WAY more talenteed dhen her KESHA IS JUST A PIECE OF $HIT! hahah JUSTIN BIEBER IS DHE MO’FO BESZT’ <3

  • gowgow

    Justin Bieber sucks

  • justinbieberfan4-ever

    oh my gosh. kesha is just jealous because she is not so a good singer like JUSTIN !!!!
    tik tok is a good song but the other songs are cruel.
    she shuld take song lessons!!!
    and by the way she is ugly…..



  • karLaa

    this girl is such a $hit…what is she sayin…? its clearly that sheâ��s a $tupid porn $tar without reason…! and she is so jealous that Justin is more famous than her…and without selling his body in $ex magazines…!
    I wouldâ��ve loved to push her to the hell…!

    —foock off $tupide$ha…!—

  • http://kissingjonas gokce

    lmaooo :D she made me laugh :D how dare she is ! justin bieber is the way better than her :D

  • http://kissingjonas gokce

    lmaooo :D she made me laugh :D how dare she is ! justin bieber is the way better than her :D

  • ……

    LOL!I mean I hate Ke$ha too (well I like your love is my drug but that’s it)but how can anyone say that Justin Beiber is MORE talented then the slut.Seriously, he’s a 15 year old(i think) that actually looks and sounds like a baby girl.It’s not like Ke$ha’s comment was really THAT off.

  • ……

    oh yeah and justin,i seen him in concert cause my best friend dragged me there and he actually SUCKS.he has no talent at all.He’s ugly and his hair makes him look like a dog.Oh yeah anddddddd ke$ha sucks tooooo

  • Ryan Mayberry

    I could see Justin Bieber and Kesha doing a song together.