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Michael Vartan: Engaged to Lauren Skaar!

Michael Vartan: Engaged to Lauren Skaar!

Michael Vartan is engaged to his girlfriend Lauren Skaar, his rep confirms to People.

The 41-year-old former Alias star proposed to Lauren, 29, two weeks ago in New York. The couple met last year in the parking lot of a Whole Foods supermarket in Los Angeles.

Michael dated his Alias co-star Jennifer Garner in 2003 before she wound up marrying Ben Affleck.

Lauren is a 2006 graduate of U.C. Santa Barbara, where she earned a B.A. in psychology. She currently works in real estate.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • [marie]

    Damn another former future husband..

    Congrats to him anyway…

  • dollhouse

    He’s hot. I wish he’d get more good acting roles.

  • pinkydoo

    I was just going to mention the 16 year age difference. Hmm.. I would like to find someone with a 16 year age difference…

  • Christine


    Yes it is a big age difference but compatability is more important than age, if they share the same values, future goals that’s what matters not age. I think they have as much a chance of making it work as anyone else. They make a nice couple, she’s pretty. Good luck to them.

  • steph

    25?! OMG. Well, I still hope this works out for him, though! He deserves it. Congrats to him! :D

  • cutiemcfreckles

    at least she appears to be educated and sophisticated-not some flimsy little actress type!

  • Eggy

    Wow, she is only 25. I feel badly saying but 25? They’ve been dating for a year and they are waiting another year to marry? Weird.

  • newbie

    wow! a 16 year age gap is fine when you are in your 30s and 40s but a 40-something with a 20-something is just wrong.

  • Lindley

    Happy for him! He’s always said he wouldn’t get married but kudos to him!

  • Eggy

    LINDLEY: He never said he wouldn’t get married, he’s always said he wanted to get married. I want to be happy for them but man when I was 25 I thought 41 yr olds were gross!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    Congratulations Michael I’m so happy for you

  • BeReal

    Compatibility? Lets talk about that when he’s 55, retirement age and she hasn’t even hit 40 yet???

    Hmmm, you’ll see…Age does matter whether you like it or not…

    He will give false hope to countless men over 40 searching for a 25 year old. Just the way Satan wants it.

  • SarahT

    41 and 25 gross!!!! Run for the hills!!

  • SarahT

    Like when he was 16 and dating, she wasn’t even born!! GROSS ME OUTT!!


    Dern, another cute fish out of the water, is there some kind of epidemic?
    congratulation michael.
    any girl, no matter her age, could fall for him couse look`s like he is a very good man and he is very hot.

  • mbellsdiva

    Congratulations to Michael and Lauren. I’m happy for Michael.
    Best wishes to the happy couple.

  • Christa

    Congratulations to Lauren and Michael. What an attractive couple they make.

    To those who have written negative comments -give them a break and let them enjoy this happy time. Imagine how hurtful it would be to hear people bagging out your relationship. Give Michael some credit.

    Why wouldn’t that gorgeous girl look smug – IMO she just bagged the most eligible bachelor in the world so she has earned the right to feel good.

    16 years is a longish age gap, but my husband and I have nearly an 11 years age gap and we have been together for nearly 14 years and married for 11 years. As Kierkegaard said “Love is not about two people looking at each other, but looking in the same direction”

    May they continue to look in that same direction and have a wonderful and long marriage.

    All the best to the happy couple.


  • Ben

    I’ve never heard of this guy.

  • BeReal

    Michael Vartan wouldn’t be caught dead with a woman 16 years older. That blows your theory out of the water with your quote of “Love is not about two people looking at each other, but looking in the same direction”

  • blahh

    ugh what is with all these older actors shacking up with 20-somethings?

  • happy girl

    noooooo! i love him! :(

  • Coldplayer

    never heard of him but he is hot

  • sunshine

    I am extremely happy for Michael and Lauren. I am glad he has not gone for an actress (most of them in hollywood are so shallow) but then I didn’t think he would. I always thought he deserved someone who was intelligent and pretty and this is what he has got. Age is irrelevant I know people who are extremely happy and they have 20 and 15 year age differences. All the best Michael (of course my heart is now broken but then I would never have had a chance).

  • brightside

    Oh, this relationship is doomed. 16 years age difference; well that might not seem so much of a problem at the beginning when love is fresh and rosy but try 6 years down the line when she wakes up in the morning wondering why she married the miserable old fart. It happens because because while age may seem irrelevant at first, it becomes one big issue later on.

  • Star

    This relationship is no more doomed than a relationship where the boyfriend is pressured to marry his girlfriend after dating her only 6 months because she is knocked up.

  • alicia

    i love him and i loved the show alias but i believe he never got over jennifer garner say what you want i was an avid fan and he loved her so much and was crazy for her he was heart broken for years i hope this works out for him he deserves it i wish you the best micheal and miss you on alias and wish we could see more of you

  • Marypiper

    I’m very happy for him. I didn’t know he had a couple, but now that he is going to marry I am extremely happy for him.

    Congratulations Michael.

  • brightside

    You’re right, most relationships are doomed!

  • Cool

    Cool, i am glad for him and his fiancee. Congratulation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellen

    People who want to believe michael vartan never got over jennifer garner and that’s why he hasn’t gotten engaged or married sooner are delusional. The man was 36 when they split not 16, he was not sitting around pinning for some shallow, attention seeking, high maintenance actress, he learned his lesson moved on and waited to get engaged until he found the right girl and this girl is pretty, smart and down to earth and has nothing do with hollywood. Good luck to them I hope it lasts. Jerry Seinfield and his wife have an 18 year age difference and 10 years later and a couple of kids and they are still going strong.

  • Janie

    That’s one lucky girl.

  • Sarah

    Never got over Jennifer Garner? LMAO. He dated her what 1 -1.5 yrs? He gf before Garner he was with for over TEN YEARS! Grow up

  • Theodora

    Hmm, imagine if this was Jen Aniston marring or even dating a 25yr old. She would be crucified and she was for dating a 30yr old. But I guess with guys it’s ok.

  • Lulu

    Another 40+ guy going for a 25 year old. It might work, but I doubt it.

  • Jen

    Love him. I have just started to watch Alias. Wish him all the best, he is soo cute!

  • chocobunny

    Here’s the scoop on the age difference… it’s easier to win every argument, and you feel more important. Why be with an equal.

  • SarahT

    chocobunny: good point. But mark my words, she is pregnant. There is no way he would be dumb enough to marry someone 25.

  • chittychat

    men want younger women for a few reasons:

    1. they can dominate a conversation without having to work hard to sound smart.

    2. sex with much younger women turns men on more than someone older or their own age. it thrills them to have young ass. there is denying that. when you are the same age, there’s a lot of responsibilities and problems to work out – it takes the passion out of the relationship. having young ass is easier because life is simple when you are in your 20s and men are simple minded beings.

    3. it makes men feel more youthful.

    i like michael vartan. i think love can happen regardless of age but when men go for chicks who are young enough to be their daughter, it says a lot about them.

  • dollface

    Michael is hot but he’s looking old in this photo. He looks like her Dad…eeek,

  • III

    she´s 29, not 25.

  • SarahT

    OMG He does look like her dad!!! GROSS ME OUT!!! I just threw up in my mouth!

  • AMY

    sign a PRENUP michael!!!

  • III

    Girls, would you rather he´d married some divorced 40 years old with wrinkles and health problems who can´t give him a healthy child?

    This girl is young and looks healthy and doesn´t have all the baggage that almost every woman over 35 has (ex-husbands, children from the first marriage etc).

    But her name -Lauren- that´s pretty ironic, Mr Vaughn!

  • Bunny

    Who cares about him? Doesn’t work anymore and needed something to make people talk about him again. Bleh…

  • SarahT

    Hey III not everyone who is 40+ is divorced with wrinkles and health problems i.e. Jennifer Aniston Sandra Bullock, anyone of my friends, some girls at 40 have been training to be lawyers , doctors, MBAs, etc. I saw him in a few interviews and he has said that he probably wouldn’t have kids because of the way things are in the world and that he wouldn’t go out with anyone under 30 or so,

    BTY people like you make me sick – labelling women at 40 like that. Get an education.

  • Cool

    she´s 29, not 25.

    That’s more like it, when I first saw her picture I thought she looked older than 25 so I’m not surprised to learn to she’s really 29.

  • III

    Sarah, I´m almost 40 . LOL If a woman is 40+ and single she´s either divorced or never been married. And everyone thinks about such a woman : “Poor thing, something must be wrong with her! ” It´s not me, our society is “sick”LOL. And every woman has wrinkles and health problems at that age. And chances to have a healthy child if any are… well… I´m not “labelling” , that´s just the truth, sorry.
    MV said he wouldn’t go out with anyone under 30 and wouldn´t have kids? Yeah, sure. Dear, you should never listen to what the guys SAY, you should just watch what they DO. I wasn´t surprised his girlfriend is much younger.

  • SarahT

    To III: re: “MV said he wouldn’t go out with anyone under 30 and wouldn´t have kids? Yeah, sure. Dear, you should never listen to what the guys SAY, you should just watch what they DO.”….well my Dear you are probably right about THAT part! LOL

  • Anna and Truthteller obsessed

    @mimi: How do you know he didn’t use her (her bigger fame) and wasn’t an abusive himself (he obviously has alcohol and poker issues)

  • Andreia

    I’m happy for both! =)
    I started seeing Alias again. I love that show.

    For those who are talking about Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan, you don’t know what went wrong. Maybe they’re not perfect for each other, we don’t know! Still, they are two very good actors and I love them. I hope at least they are still friends.