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Shia LaBeouf Chooses Convenience

Shia LaBeouf Chooses Convenience

Shia Labeouf picks up some coffee at a convenience store on Thursday (March 18) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 23-year-old takes the April 2010 cover of GQ, and discussed what it was like working with director Oliver Stone for the upcoming film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. “He is a doctor of human manipulation,” he said of the director.

“One of the first things you do with Oliver is you start talking about your personal life. You give it all to him at the beginning, and then he has these strings with which he can f*** with you,” Shia said. “He regurgitates this stuff at inopportune moments. He will just come up and whisper a phrase in your ear, sing a song, mention something about your dad, and – pow! – it puts you in a different world.”

10+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf shopping at a convenience store…

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shia labeouf chooses convenience 01
shia labeouf chooses convenience 02
shia labeouf chooses convenience 03
shia labeouf chooses convenience 04
shia labeouf chooses convenience 05
shia labeouf chooses convenience 06
shia labeouf chooses convenience 07
shia labeouf chooses convenience 08
shia labeouf chooses convenience 09
shia labeouf chooses convenience 10

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  • Miss A

    Sooo, this is how an actor looks on his hiatus… emm, i lost words…

  • NativeNYker
  • ShiaGirl

    HE’S SO HOT !!!! Shia is the most sexy man and actor ever.
    Stay yourself man

  • moi

    why does this guy always look like a hobo?

  • kate

    his curls lol.
    He’s always adorable.

  • Ilan Ben Menachem

    Looking so sweett, hot,Sexyyyy,

  • Riri

    i don’t mind that he looks dirty. I love him scruffy
    i’d still hit it. :)

  • Megan Foxxx

    I love him to death! :-)

  • janet

    Love him.

  • sayuri

    Shia is the best. =)

  • jdub

    loveeee shia! but boyfriend looks homeless…clean yourself up, boy

  • Rocky

    Can’t this boy express himself without putting in a swear word in everything he says? A major turn off — his mouth, his face — his whole being! Looks like he crawled out of a garbage dump.

  • Semitic cutie

    A little young for my taste but Shia is such a cutie. Not used to seeing him with curls.

  • jensen LUVER tanya

    after hes done with his coffee, we need to throw some change in there so he can get some new clothes and a haircut. maybe take a bath. GOSH Shia!!! Still love ya!!!!

  • ewww

    sooooo ugly

  • yo sista

    He’s sooooooooooooooo filthy looking and yall can give me negative thumbs but that’s the truth! And he looks evil. Jewish much?

  • good

    Love him

  • What?

    @yo sista: What do you think that Shia sold his soul or something? Why do you think that he looks evil
    I read that Shia and Carey are not a couple according to shabooty, what? Shia single, no never, he strkes me as the type of guy who can’t ever be single cos he may think that only single people are low life and ugly.
    Shabooty is the one who said that Shia and Carey are not a real item, I dbout this to be true (how would shabooty know)?
    Shia shave you look awful now.

  • @16

    So looking evil = looking Jewish?????

  • yo sista

    I dont know yall, i aint gonna pretend to know anything yall dont know, but thats how i feel about him. To me he aint as genuine as he says he is, i’m just being honest.

  • the_boyfriend

    haha! leave the hat on.

    there’s something sexy about him.
    he likes those jeans, apparently.

  • @20

    @yo sista: If you think it is cause he is Jewish that is so wrong but if you think cause he looks like an arrogant jerk now I agree.

  • O_o

    no no no no throw the hat away I love his Jew curls, he needs to show them off more often, OMG those Jew curls are so sexy. Jewish men are just so sexy in gen. They have such wonderful eyes and hair, yum. Shia trash the shades your shaped eyes are so hot.

  • Ameeeeeeeeeeee

    Like the hair and the build
    Hate the beard and those those glasses.

  • Ameeeeeeeeeeee

    @jensen LUVER tanya: don’t forget to add Shia shave on that list ;)

  • Amazed

    The paps finally found Shia, it has been too long.Glad to get new pix and I luv the curls. His race is coming up soon. 26+ miles woah.

  • @27

    @missy: I see ruby and clan from Shiatalk is back to their old tricks again, so sad!

  • your mom

    ha ha ha he has a jew fro…. but hes somewhat cute…=)

  • @missy

    @missy: give it a rest ruby and crew from Shiatalk. You are so sick, childish, crazy and you are a stalker obviously of some blogger that does not exist. You are so sick get help, girl stalking, harrassing and slander is illegal hun.

  • @missy

    href=”/2010/03/19/shia-labeouf-chooses-convenience/comment-page-2/#comment-16817694″>missy: , WTF are you talking about? How the hell would you know if anyone is abusing drugs unless you are really there, again this is a libelous remark. give it a rest Ruby (and crew) from shiatalk, you look like an ***. Go away. stop with you BS harassing ruby (and crew from Shiatalk) just grow up and let it go we all get it you hate yourself (to be calling people names making **** up by saying things that you dont even know about) and this blogger that you are “stalking”. drop it damn, leave this blogger (if this blogger is real) alone, they did nothing to you or anyone, drop it.@<a

  • lakshmi_p

    @missy: @missy: @missy:
    posting someone’s blog (if this blog really exist or it could be something that you made up, who knows who cares) all over these shia sites is considered stalking/harassing and a form of bullying. stop with this childish nonesense. stop wasting space on here with copying and posting comments from another board on other shia sites, you look like a major jerk and it is very juvenille. hell that stuff could be all made up for all we know. just stop move on find a hobby. stop with the unnecessary name calling too. please grow up.

  • kandy

    my roommate is so in love with shia. i think he’s superficial. he reminds me too much of my alcoholic mother and weak father

  • An_Attorney’s_wife

    Name calling, falsely accusing (making false statements), defamatory, stalking, harassing is all considered Illegal. Might I suggest to those of you who are making false statements about others to stop here and anywhere where on these sites for that matter. Unless you have hard-core concrete evidence (a blog and/or post on other boards is not considered hard-core evidence that is just assumptions) that what you are saying is true, I suggest that you stop saying these things about people whom you don’t know anything about.

  • kandy

    sometimes i stay awake at night thinking of shia, he’s so dreamy especially if i take an ambien before bed

  • rinha

    =) I like it.

  • jih

    SO HOT

  • RUBY

    Hey to the schmuck that is complaining about me and Shiatalk WTF are you talking about? Am I supposed to be missy? Who am I supposed to be? Wow I have never posted anything on Shiantology or this place before now. Talk about your braindead dips**ts who don’t have a clue. So am I supposed to be the one saying that he isn’t with Carey? Why? How would I know that? Am I supposed to be Shabooty’s source? You confuse me. But good try. You might want to get your facts straight but I appreciate your use of spellcheck kid.

  • missy

    its not even worth questioning, trust me

  • RUBY


    So am I supposed to be you because I have shown up as Ruby everywhere else. Why lie here? Looks like this place has the same level of douche bag as the other bats**t fansites.

  • eglip


  • sylvie

    she looks like my uncle
    but whatever, i still adore him
    whatever he looks like :)

  • nursedatingsite

    Love him!

  • nika

    @yo sista:
    You right! You know he sold his soul to the devil!!