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Adam Sandler & Brooklyn Decker Hold Hands

Adam Sandler & Brooklyn Decker Hold Hands

Sports Illustrated cover model Brooklyn Decker holds hands with funnyman Adam Sandler while Jennifer Aniston walks on by on the set of their new movie, Just Go With It, on Friday (March 19) inside L’Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Brooklyn plays Adam‘s love interest. To get her attention, he hires Aniston to pose as the wife he’s about to divorce and her children as his fake family.

“This movie life keeps getting better,” Brooklyn tweeted. “Today was so much fun! We worked with livestock and I just got home at 6am. Off to bed!”

Just Go With It is set for an early February 2011 opening.

15+ pics inside of Adam Sandler, Brooklyn Decker & Jennifer Aniston just going with it…

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brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 01
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 02
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 03
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 04
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 05
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 06
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 07
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 08
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 09
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 10
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 11
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 12
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 13
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 14
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 15
brooklyn decker adam sandler holding hands jennifer aniston 16

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  • miss_aveiro

    first… jen looks fab.. and bar refaeli is hotter than brooklyn .. she is not that hot

  • Liz

    Jennifer does look great!

  • keisha

    jennifer looks like the mother of decker.

  • mellina

    Mummy, daddy and daughter going out for the day and awww how sweet daddy holding baby daugher’s hand.

  • anon

    You can keep adding threads but it wont change the fact that HER movie has angered more than a few critics. The consensus is HER movie typifies everything that is wrong today with Hollywood.

  • pm

    lol she looks always the same in her movies , daily life and red carpets she is boring . and i think she is not playing rachel in every movies but she is playing jen aniston in all her movies

  • brightside

    Brooklyn Decker makes me think of butternut squash. It’s the shape and color I think. Definitely a butternut squash type woman.

  • pm

    HOW EMBARRASSING! ‘Bounty Hunter’ Stars Jen & Gerry Will Lose To ‘Wimpy Kid’; 3D ‘Alice’ Still #1; ‘Repo Man’ Distant #4

  • Lorna

    Jennifer Aniston is making one bad movie after another and is really overexposing herself which will totally cheapen her brand to the point where she will be beyond redemption. Who will her fake romance be with while promoting this movie? Heidi Montag? It would not surprise me as I have come to believe that due to her lack of talent and poor judgment in choosing her projects she is willing to do anything to keep in the public eye. Who cares if she has a nice figure, that does not make up for the crappy films she is subjecting everyone to.

  • BeReal

    Lets get real! Adam is 43 and this swimsuit model is 21. He could be her father in reality if he had her at 22.

    Now it would be a way more INTERESTING movie if he had a love interest 22 years older and that would make her 65 but that will NEVER ever happen.

    This is Adam’s sick and twisted way to get la*d. Its really pathetic.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Ms. Aniston, you and Adam have a lovely daughter.

  • BeReal

    Angelina Jolie needs to give it a rest. Her fans go out of their way to bash Jennifer Aniston. Angelina can’t even stand the attention Shiloh received so she turned her into a boy.

  • Jeren

    luved Jen’s dress

  • Lurker


    For all the idiotic comments, yours takes the cake. You are as stupid as stupid gets.

  • j’adore

    It’s so handy to have these photos. The next time someone says Jen looks like she’s in her 20s we can point to these pics of her and Brooklyn which prove that she clearly DOES NOT look anywhere near her 20s. Ms Aniston is a middle-aged woman who takes very good care of her body and her hair. Apparently, that’s all she has to offer.

  • j’adore

    luved Jen’s dress
    Yes. Now, if someone could just convince her that it’s ok to go up a size.

  • The Real One

    Looks like it should be another hilarious Adam Sandler movie!
    His movie are so silly, but so much fun!

  • The Real One

    Jen’s is made for her by the costume department, she looks good, as does the other young woman and Adam.
    Love his movies, they are so silly, but so funny! Adam Sandler is great :))

  • brad fan


  • Casey

    Does that woman have no life other than wearing too tight clothes and making terrible movie after terrible movie? We get it. You are in great shape for your age now give it and yourself a rest. Take a break, take a look at your career and how you are turning yourself in to a punchline and after some time away, make a good quality that shows you have some sort of range. You night consider a new hairdo as well as with all the tight clothes and same hair in each bad rom com you make, they are all blending together in to a forgettable pile of garbage you call your career.

  • How Lovely

    Brooklyn looks so sweet and fresh. Aniston looks like a leather chew toy. Sandler? Yawn.

  • plez

    Aniston has to STOP tanning. She looks like both adam and brooklyn’s mother. The hair style and makeup are not helping. The belt is great.
    When Aniston points it means she is trying to convey anger. She did it in The breakup, Marley and Me and The Bounty Hunter. What a terrible actress. Fire your acting coach. Lets see if she pulls at her hair. LOL

  • Orange County

    Rachel has morphed into one of the Housewives from Orange County. Tragic.

  • Jen

    I like the belt and dress Aniston is wearing, cute outfit.

  • ace11

    is it me or does brooklyn look pregnant?

  • Katsaridoula

    my god this tranny is everywhere!!!! GOD HELP US ALL

  • Observer2

    Oh, look, Aniston is using her one acting muscle in this movie and that’s wardrobe changing. Everthing else is Jennifer Aniston, playing Jennifer Aniston, trying to make you forget that you’re watching Jennifer Aniston.

    That muscle needs a new workout regimen.

  • bet

    I can not wait to see the moive with Gerard, Today i am going to watch it. She look lovely as usuall, beutifull dress, and nice belt, and amazing figure.

  • bet

    work it out girl , a lot of people are after you to bring down.

  • The Real One

    Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston knew each other when they both first went to Improv, for comedy. So they go a long way back.
    I do enjoy all of Adam Sandler’s movies

  • bet


    Considering a lot of people are after her ass to bring her down, The woman bring people to the sit, that what you call it star power. Love her……..

  • karen

    This is just too easy..

    I am not a fan.. but i like the dress.. but she has no hips.

    OK.. I leave this thread to her fans..

    Enjoy.. but maybe you all should get off the computer and go see her movie.. it needs the money. There are a lot of bad tweets regarding the film.. from people who were foolish enough to see it.. Word of mouth may kill it today..

  • sally

    Jennifer needs to stop making these crappy Rom-Coms! Doesn’t she want to be taken seriously? She’s good at dark comedies so why doesn’t she make more of them instead?

  • The Real One

    The movie reviewers, while critically savaging the Bounty Hunter, will not stop fans from seeing the movie.
    They are predicting it will come in a healthy second after Alice in Wonderland this weekend in the USA and that’s all that matters to the studio executives – that the movies they back make money!!

  • bet

    The dress look fantatic on her, she work out, . it hung on the place where it suppose to be. When you wear a dress that how it suppose to look.

  • bet

    i mean She work the dress fantasticly.

    by the way i appericat JJ for not sucking himself in this team war, Love you JJ, I respcet you very much.. You know there are lot blogger who are very much sucked in to this team war. who know who paid them.

  • wow

    she changed her hair

    …oh, wait a minute

  • dianad1968



    I always say when the tabs and hens go on about how “good” her body looks, they really need to add “for her age”, because that is the fact, she looks good for a forty plus aged woman.

  • dianad1968



    I always say when the tabs and hens go on about how “good” her body looks, they really need to add “for her age”, because that is the fact, she looks good for a forty plus aged woman.

    And I see she will be accentuating “the body” again in this movie, by wearing close fitting clothing. That is all she has.

  • Skeedaddle

    Maybe so called America’s Sweethearts need some element of rough…first John Mayer with his white supremesist willy and now Jesse James putting his willy in his white supremesist lover. Maybe Jesse James’ lover should make a play for John Mayer? Probably a match made in heaven.


    HOW EMBARRASSING! ‘Bounty Hunter’ Stars Jen & Gerry Will Lose To ‘Wimpy Kid’; 3D ‘Alice’ Still #1; ‘Repo Men’ Distant #4

    FRIDAY PM: I’m still traveling through Sunday. Here are Friday’s North American grosses (although my sources’ numbers vary widely for Top 3) plus weekend estimates. I’ll refine the figures Saturday:

    1. Alice In Wonderland (Disney) Week 3 [3,739 Theaters]
    Friday $8.6M (-50%), Estimated Weekend $30M, Estimated Cume $261.2M
    Major moolah. Again, these 3D pics with higher ticket prices continue to dominate the box office.

    2. The Bounty Hunter (Relativity/Sony) NEW [3,074 Theaters]
    Friday $7.5M, Estimated Weekend $21M
    This is an embarrassingly soft opening considering the tabloid celebpower (Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler) and the wide release and omnipresent marketing. Maybe audiences are tiring of these imbecilic romantic comedies? Or these flack-phonied romances between stars leading up to the films’ opening? Stop the stupidity, Hollywood.

    3. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Fox) NEW [3,077 Theaters]
    Friday $7M, Estimated Weekend $24M
    Look for Wimpy to pass Bounty Hunter on Saturday and place 2nd for the weekend. Who da thunk it? Fox already has a film sequel in development based on this wonderful book series. This is fired Disney movie chief Nina Jacobson’s first film as a producer. She brought Brad Simpson on to produce with her. Together, they spent 5 months looking for the wimpy kid and even had an audition website where thousands of kids tried out.


    3 flops in a row, aniston should vanish from HW already, why does she keeps on making shitty movies.

  • Skeedaddle

    OOOPs that should read ‘supremacist’

  • dianad1968



    Sorry, she is bringing herself down all by her little old self. LOL.

  • The Real One

    So if Jennifer Aniston is so despised by so many, then why does she consistently feature on so many of the monthly women’s magazines, like W, etc?
    If she was so irrelevant, they wouldnt feature her at all.
    Not only that, but JustJared wouldnt consistently feature her photos/articles every day either. Just a thought

  • The Real One

    @ 3RD STRIKE FOR ANISTON @ 03/20/2010 at 10:17 am
    Obviously the studio executives and directors disagree with you – they all love Jennifer Aniston as she makes them money!

  • bet


    she working and she is making and there is a lot dedicated fan who still want to see her. Looking funtastic and living wondefull life.

  • bet

    The real one

    it all about bring people to the sit. The studio are looking for strong women like her , who can handle the pressure like this, and use a star power to bring peopel to the sit.

  • The Real One

    @ brad fan @ 03/20/2010 at 9:05 am
    How shallow of you to say something like that.
    I am sure you dont know that Brad Pitt still regularly keeps in contact with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston and they are friends now. Obviously he thought she was beautiful when he married her and undoubtedly didnt suddenly decide she was un-beautiful after they divorced.

  • The Real One

    @ j’adore @ 03/20/2010 at 8:47 am
    Yes, Jennifer Aniston does look great for her age and she looks like a 30 year old to me

  • Dawn9476


    A movie opening at $21 million dollars is not a flop at all. And if you read Nikke Finke’s blog regularly you would know that she is not fond of JA. and would of course call TBH making $21 million as embarrassing while other media outlets called it making anything above a $20 million dollar opening as “solid.”

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