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Jesse James Spends Saturday without Sandra

Jesse James Spends Saturday without Sandra

Jesse James, still wearing his wedding ring, heads to his car on Saturday (March 20) in Huntington Beach, Calif.

The 40-year-old motorcycle man has been spotted out doing his normal, everyday activities despite the rampant allegations of his affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Jesse has publicly apologized for his “poor judgement”.

Jesse‘s wife, Sandra Bullock, left the family home on Monday of this week. Sandra is rumored to be staying in Austin, Texas with family members.

10+ pictures inside of Jesse James heading to his car…

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jesse james overalls garage 01
jesse james overalls garage 02
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  • Joanne

    who wears overalls?? lol

  • John Sullivan@The Blog No One Reads

    I wrote about this do yesterday :) Dude is a whacko for stepping down to that Tatooed freak :) Sandra Call me LOL

  • Ugh!!

    His face is a face of a depressed and lonely man. Sandra obviously knows that he cheated that’s why she moved out. I hope she’s not like the rest of the other females that end up staying because they’re in denial or want to stand by their man. What kind of woman would stick around with a cheating husband anyway? This man is a nobody. I wonder what she saw in him. Total yuck….

  • bre

    I guess cheating on your beautiful, talented wife with a neo nazi shemale is not the wisest course. Sandra please drop him, don’t even hesitate. When he can cheat on you with that, what more really needs to be said.

  • Lovely

    Why wear the wedding ring if you’re not going to honor it.

  • Angelina


  • ladyofargonne

    One photo would have done it. We’re not talking Paris Hilton here.

  • Jesse James


  • Joboots

    A poor man’s Tiger Woods,perhaps?????

  • Ann


  • happy girl

    Jerk! Ewww! Trash!

  • beboppop

    He looks pathetic. I understand why he is going about his routine though…there are minor children involved here and the youngest needs routine.

  • 7

    He’s the lowest of the low. How could he let her give all those speeches knowing he was having an affair? I would kill him. So humiliating.

    Stay strong Sandra. You’re way too good for him. Find yourself a real man!!

  • nl

    This guy made a very stupid mistake in judgment. I think he actually loves Bullock but is used to a different type of lifestyle. The lowest person in this whold senario is the woman who was paid the $30,000 to publicly destroy a family. The key word here is “public”. I don’t thnk it occurred to him for a minute that someone would sell him out to the public. If she just wanted to get back at him or Bullock, she could have just told Bullock. The fact that she shouted it to the world is a sad example of people who don’t care at all how many innocent people they are hurting or selling out for money. He is at fault for betraying Bullock’s trust in him and their relationship, but the woman (who’s name I will not mention to give her even more publicity) is the worst here in terms of any kind of value system. I am wondering how long it will take the editors of all the tabloids to realize that they too could be outed for money at some time in their own future and that by paying people to betray others (the kids too are hurt badly by this) they are making it so that no one can ever trust anyone to do the right thing even in the worst situations.

  • e


  • charlie

    What a pathetic piece of sh.t. What did she EVER see in him?

  • karen

    I hate that he is out and about doing his thing.. and Sandra is (for lack of a better word) in hiding.. away.. Why must the woman go away and get herself together. I wish Sandy will come out soon. She must be having a hard time.. but she has done nothing wrong. No need to go away. There is no shame in loving someone with your whole heart. No shame in believing them and in them. The shame comes for and from the person that does not honor that love.

  • Judge

    BFD he cheated on Sandra.


    Grow up Sandra.
    You knew what he was when you married him.



    SUCH A JERK!!!

  • Marieme

    Although I can’t stand seeing this slime I love that he’s being hounded. This way he won’t have a moment’s peace. As it should be.

  • PuppyJuice

    The bastard deserves to be alone.

  • LuckyL

    These aren’t just allegation anymore. His guilt is written all over his face.

  • Kelley

    Never thought it was a good match. He’s a effing bad boy looks like a wife beater/cheater, scum of the earth that wont change not matter how many $$ you throw at him.
    Why Sandra why? when you publicly gave him praise, his face was not truthful or worthy. Celeb women, never give you man praise for any part in your career, NEVER.



  • Shawna

    OVERALLS? All that’s missing is the trailer and food stamps. This dude has low class written all over him

  • LadyB

    I will tell you why famous women stay by their men when they cheat? Because chances are, they will never do it again after their face is plastered all over the news. Why go with another man who might cheat on you again than stay with the one you have who has learnt his lesson? As the saying goes..”The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.”

  • milka

    Now that seems like he has cheatde in her, he is appearing everywhere!!!!
    Looks like what he did something lovely!

  • zickening

    He is still married and I suspect will want to stay married so yeah he will keep that ring on.

  • WhAaa

    @LadyB: he will definitely cheat again.

  • WhAaa

    @LadyB: he will definitely cheat again.

  • nicola

    haha he looks like a trailer-trash version of Mario.

  • angela

    he’s a JERK!!!

  • firemenfriends

    he just slept with janine

  • sun

    Sandra, there better be a prenup! dont give this loser anything I mean anything NOT even a free tooth brush! just run away…..I am on the same boat as you..unable to break the relationship because of the children! Well! they are his children…not yours! no matter what you do or how much sacrifice you do…in 20, 30 yrs time, you still just a step mother to them. dont sell yourself short. you are better than this and you deserve better, this is not the end, you will find another man with no history. do you really like all those ex-wife hanging over your shoulder, their problem etc? NO….get away quickly…this is a blessing in disguise…dont ignore it!


  • ZZ

    Biggest Loser ..

  • yo sista

    I think he looks cute on them overalls! He’s cute and everyone deserves a second chance.

  • Jaxx

    I hope people spit on him as he walks down the street.

  • michelle

    #14 nl
    How on earth can you say that the woman is more to blame that this married man? You can call her any name and it would be true. She is trash and of course she was after publicity after she realized that all the lies he had told her were not going to happen. Add to that the fact that she has a mental illness could explain why she sold her story. It still doesn’t make her more responsible that Jesse James for his wife’s humiliation.

    Mr. James certainly showed poor judgement when he choose to “spend time” with a biker slut. But why should he do anything else? He obviously doesn’t understand that things should be different? This is the same man who was married to a porn star (no one forced them to marry) and choose to have a child with that woman. He then left her for another woman – his current wife Ms. Bullock – and certainly won the lottery – famous, beautiful and VERY rich. James is pure trash and looking at these photos, I just don’t understand how any intelligent woman wouldn’t understand that.

    I hope that the judge in the custody case will rethink his decision to award the father sole custody of the daughter that he had abandoned so quickly in order to marry a richer woman. After all without his current wife’s efforts that wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

  • Ginger

    Jerk, manwhore, loser, idiot, A-hole….. I called him those names all week! Now I kinda’ feel sorry for him. *sigh* Do he deserve another chance? No, he doesn’t. But the choice is Sandra’s…
    I’ve never been in her shoes before, so I don’t know what to say.
    I can’t say I won’t take my husband back and then I do…
    I can’t say I will give him another chance and then I don’t…
    Sometimes, people learn from what they did that hurt their partners and becomes a better person… Sometimes, they do it all over again.
    *sigh* I don’t ever want to be in that kind of position…
    And I hope I never meet someone so perfect that will make me have an affair too… HAHAHHAAHA…

  • emmy jay

    Does anyone remember that SB met this joker when he was with his ex-pornstar wife while she was preggers with little “Sunny” that is looking so sad these days?

    You marry a lowlife, you divorce a lowlife. You can put a tuxedo on a garage dog, but at the end of the day, he is still a garage dog.

    All across America, this happens to women every day and they have alot less resources to go on in their life. SB is sitting on a ton of cash and she’ll be just fine.

    In the age of technology, cheating spouses can no longer be anonymous. Dumb arses.

  • Lillianne

    Why did he have to rain on Sandra’s parade. After working hard all these years didn’t she deserve to have her time in the limelight?

    Jesse – you’re a piece of dog pooop.

  • Amber

    Very sad.

  • bonkers

    I feel sorry for Sandra. It must be so humiliating to have this all be dragged out in public. I hope she divorces him. He is a low life and he’ll have an affair again. Maybe he’ll be good for a few years but he’ll do it again. He is not a baby, he knows what it takes to be married and committed but didn’t have the b***s to stick to it.

  • PillowTalk

    Jesse is a pig. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    It’s the kids I feel most sorry for. Sandra is like a mother to them, and a badly needed nomal influence in their lives. The youngest child is the daughter of Jesse’s ‘adult entertainment’ star ex-wife, who’s serving time for tax evasion.

    Geez, Jesse! If you just HAD to have a tattooed str*pper or any woman of questionable repute in your bed, why didn’t you get yourself fixed many years ago and leave innocent children out of your freak show?

  • Christy

    So sad that she fell in love, heart and soul, with this creep and he treated her like sh-t. What he did to her was even more humiliating than what Tiger did to Elin because Sandra told the world about her feelings for him. Whereas we never heard a word from Elin.

  • Jenny R

    He had an affair with that nasty skank and she sold him out to the press. LOL!

  • didi

    This is so very sad. Instead of this being the best time of her life, Sandra Bullock has to deal with this. He is such a loser for doing this to her. Another sad thing is that she had always avoided being the gossip of the week. Now look at his face and the affair posted all over the world. I hope she recovers from this quickly. She is one of my favorite actresses and her movies have always entertained me to no end.

  • Amber-louise

    He looks miserable. Cheaters always do get caught in the end. I feel for the children, because they will suffer the most.

  • ****

    Marry a redneck with a ton of kids from former lays and this is what happens every time. Jesus, has Sandra Bullock never watched Cheaters?!

  • ashley powell

    It doesn’t matter what your partner wears, or what they look like. When you fall in love, all that doesn’t come into the picture…She fell for him !!! Just tooooo badddd, he didn’t see what he had for a partner…Like I said, he had “platinum” and went to bed with “Rust”. Could he not have enough love for Sandra, to have waited for her, until she got home from work ??? Or he could have gone to visit her ??? she was working !!! What a waste of her beautiful love for him, he kicked her right in the heart…I’m sooo sad for her !!! Sandy, start running and don’t look back !!!