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Penelope Cruz's Role Revealed in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Penelope Cruz's Role Revealed in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Penelope Cruz will be playing the daughter of Johnny Depp‘s nemesis in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth installment of the franchise.

“She plays the daughter of Blackbeard,” executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer told MTV at ShoWest in Las Vegas. “She’s the daughter of the bad guy. She brings a lot of humor to it. And the fact that she’s so feisty. [There will be] a little romance between [Depp's] Captain Jack and the character that Penelope plays.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see the on-screen romance between Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz — YAY or NAY?

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  • conni

    NOW this is what you call chemistry between 2 GORGEOUS looking people. These 2 are HAWT!!! JD and Skeletor NOT!!!

  • robsten

    Nay!! ew!!

  • sarah

    Johnny and Penelope were ‘love interests’ in the movie Blow, and they did a great job in that, so I’m sure we won’t be disappointed by their relationship in the fourth Pirates. :)

  • fctcheck

    I believe you mean to say ‘excited to see the on-screen romance, again.’ They were also paired in the movie ‘Blow.’

  • Nate

    Heck No, POTC 2 and 3 were awful, Depp running around for 3 hrs acting like a complete buffoon, how his character became dumber in each movie is a complete mystery

  • Yo


  • Mari

    oowwwn *-* so cute…i’m so excited (L)

  • Bloodysaint

    I like the thought of a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. But with Penelope Cruz? Hmmm no, I’m not convinced.

  • queen bee

    Penelope Cruz accent annoys me. I’ve never seen any of her work, and don’t care to. I will be skipping that Pirates movie. She is pretty though despite the unibrow.

    Can’t wait for THE TOURIST.

  • ella


  • Pocket

    I’ve always wanted to see a little romance between Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, myself.

  • Ily

    she’s a good actress and they was good together in Blow. I hoe Potc 4 is a good film…I hope…

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    I’m guessing Rob Marshall was pleased about how she serviced him on the set of Nine

  • Katsaridoula

    it should have been Winona Ryder, not Cruz ;-) in such case Vanessa was going to leave the film set in Venice and off she went to the Carrebean :-DDDDDD

  • Katsaridoula

    @queen bee:
    and you annoy me completely, not only your stupid comment about her accent… try and speak Spanish yourself, I bet one could p**** themselves with laughter at the sound of you speaking Spanish :-)))

  • Katsaridoula

    @queen bee:
    and you annoy me completely with your stupid comment. Try and speak Spanish and then let others hear your crappy accent. I bet one could p*** themselves with laughter at the sound of you, you moron.

  • Katsaridoula

    to “queen bee”: and you annoy me completely with your stupid comment. Try and speak Spanish and then let others hear your crappy accent. I bet one could p*** themselves with laughter at the sound of you, you moron.

  • M22


  • Tha Phoenix

    Penelope is gorgeous and she and Johnny are some of the best actors out there

    Everyone loved POTC2 and I really liked POTC3 – I can’t WAIT for POTC4…

  • amayafm

    nay!!!why penelope??
    It’s not fair!!!

  • Jana

    NO! she is not even a good actress- why would the ruin the films with her?!

  • YAY!

    YAY! These two look hot together – in contrast to Johnny with Angelina. There is no chemistry whatsoever.

  • jamie

    NAY! I want Johnny, Keira and Orlando together again :(

  • Dreads

    HAHAHAHAHA #1, that was funny! Ha! Agreed. :p Hmm….. Well, this movie is not gonna be good. I mean, I hate it when sequels don’t include the same characters as before. Keira and Orlando leaving it means it’s over. It’s like The Mummy 3, despite the fact that it was a cool movie, it still wasn’t the same without Weisz. I hated it just for that and I am so sure it’s gonna be the same for the fourth Pirates! ….. Oh well, we’ll see. By the way, Johnny looks deliciously yummy in that picture =) I love his long hair!

  • Lulu

    Nay, never been a fan of Cruz…I wish Keira and Orlando were coming back…won’t be the same without them.

  • ummahyk

    YAAAAAAAAYY..definitely..Penelope is very talented..i don’t care about her accent…it’s irrelevant..not everybody is supposed to speak good english ,what’s important is the way she acts and so far she has done a great job plus she won an Oscar,am I right?

  • F

    A trashy actress for a trashy movie. Perfect cast!

  • The Real One

    Wow, the hate is not just limited to certain actors, it’s here too!!

  • The Real One

    I did enjoy the movie Blow with both Johnny and Penelope. So this pairing should work well here too.
    I liked Pirates of the Carribean 1 & 2, but found 3 so utterly boring.
    Hope that this movie comes back to the fold of the brilliance of 1 and even 2 ;)

  • Harley Quinn

    @Jana: she is a good actor with an oscar. you should watch vicky cristina barcelona and nine.

  • Harley Quinn

    @Harley Quinn: vanilla sky too.

  • Harley Quinn

    she is a such good actress. she did great in vicki cristina barcelona, nine, vanilla sky, … and she has an oscar.

  • AMY

    I think they have GREAT fact I think penelope has great chemistry with all men haha

    I’ll probably go to the cinema to watch it,,,but I think they should stop doing sequels!!

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    NAY! Do not care for them.

  • blah

    I hate the spansih accent all together and most importanty I think Cruz is a horrible actress. So NAY!!!!

  • luke

    she might be a good actress,but her accent annoys the heck out of me!

  • Deedz

    Feisty? Daughter of the enemy? How original. =/

  • Cricket

    As much as the Nth per cent of the population of this planet seems to enjoy the comedic value of someone acting drunk and running around like buffoon, making a complete dimwit out of themselves, I doubt PotC 4 is going to be much fun. It’s just not the same without Keira and Orlando and besides, not even the previous sequels could match with the first one.

    The first one had a plot, fercrissake! It was about the story itself, not about the explosions and the new and exciting CGI and special effects.

    If someone is going to make a sequel to a movie, they bloody need to make sure that the same actors are willing to get on board with the sequel!

    It’s like Dreads said. This has all the signs of Mummy Syndrome written all over the place!! I watched the Mummy 4, but it wasn’t the same without Weisz!

  • push

    Since the 3rd one was not good no need to do the 4th but they are ready let hope people are ready.

  • juniper

    Johnny and Penelope will make a great pairing.

  • jonathan


  • nini
  • Me


    Don you know what “Pene” means?
    Don’t say stupid things or try to make up “cool” nicknames.
    Ignorance is unstoppable.

  • LoveSkars

    EXCITED! These two have great chemistry. I loved them in Blow. Am definitely looking forward to the next POTC!

  • LuĂ­sa

    HELL YA! (: Can’t wait.

  • firemandatingsite

    love her

  • jessie

    Yay, Penelope Cruz is in! She’s such a good actress and I can’t wait til this film comes out. It’s gonna be awesome.

  • Brit

    There attractive people, but I wont see this film. It isn’t my kind of movie. No doubt they will be great together though!

  • jana

    @Harley Quinn:
    in fact i watched those movies and she did not shine in them, in fact she always plays the same role!

  • me me me

    i think she’ll bring some fresh blood into the story, the third sequel wasn’t as good. besides, the story always revolved around jack sparrow, and it will continue to do so, i don’t see a problem there. i hope keira makes a cameo as the pirate queen though :P