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Kate Gosselin: Taylor Swift Concert with the Girls!

Kate Gosselin: Taylor Swift Concert with the Girls!

Kate Gosselin takes two of her sextuplets — daughters Leah and Alexis — to the Taylor Swift concert on Friday (March 19) in Philadelphia, Penn.

The 34-year-old reality mama brought along her Dancing with the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani, and her bodyguard, Steve Neild.

“Wow,” Taylor tweeted at the concert. “Philly just left us pretty speechless. Home state, you always come through!”

Be sure to watch Kate as she makes her dancing debut on Monday (March 22) on ABC!

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  • Jessica

    Kate looks great! Aww… the little girls are just so precious. <3 Cute! Love their outfits.

  • Kate Bosselin

    ok. the fact that you know you need a bodyguard should tell you that people hate you, no?

  • Kerry

    Photo op-this woman is a serious danger to those children! What a selfish waste of human skin. Maybe a train will run over her!

  • Kate Bosselin

    @Jessica: jessica, it’s creeps like you who cream over these kids and their witch mother that keeps this whack job family in the news.

  • Dan da Man

    this is a woman who admitted her own family hates her and won’t even talk to her, yet their are sicko fans who feel she is the world’s best thing? LOL

  • Kerry

    So is Tony living in the garage apartment now? How nice for Kate, maybe she visits him regularly. Funny thing is when Jon had women over it was wrong, but the same thing is going on with Kate-just shows how much of a slut she really is. She don’t need a bodyguard, she just likes to think she is special-LOL She is the most hated woman in the world because of the way she threw her family to the birds for fame and fortune. She is not graceful enough for DWTS, when those thunder legs and butt come walking in it is like a herd of cattle. Kate, all the makeovers will not change the fact you are a horrible parent. Just another photo op, Taylor more than likely gave the begging Kate tickets while she was on the view because Kate would not shut up about the lie that Jon took her money, what a real waste of human skin!

  • Wow!

    Wow they look great, the little girls look like two angels.

  • Denise

    It was in the high 40s last night!! Those little girls must have been so cold!!! Typical crazy Kate – she must be advertising for Gymboree again.

    I see she has Tony carrying her shopping bags now, Steve are you jealous?

  • Ms Anonymous

    Don’t ruin my favorite singer for me, Kate! just go away!

  • KC

    Kate has piggy legs

  • Justbeiberlvr

    This fugly woman sucks @$$!!!!!! And doesn’t know where she’s going in life!!!!

  • Kate

    She is a HORRIBLE person. First of all Kzilla its NOT even spring ( at the time of the show ) and those kids are dressed like its summer. And second WHO the hell are you that you need to have a BODYGUARD?? YOU think you have everyone fooled but the people who actually have a brain know that he is your LOVER. His wife would NEVER EVER EVER EVER let him be away with you as long as you are. You are bangin him and we all know it. Its as obvious as your fake tits. HORRIBLE MOTHER.

  • Justbeiberlvr

    im not gay

  • Sam

    I don’t like this woman. She was a mean mouth to her husband (I know, I know, but still, she was nasty!). Not a nice mother to her boys either – seen it so many times on their show. Big difference compared to the way she treats her girls. I thought Kate was gone, is she trying to get 15 more minutes??

  • Ms Anonymous

    Of course, notice how her SONS aren’t with her? She has no love for them at all, they are icky to her.

  • Moira

    The whole family looks great. I am sure they had a fun time. Good for Kate for scheduling outings with one or two children at a time. I am sure it is not easy being pulled in eight directions. Has anyone seen Jon lately? I hope he hasn’t completely disappeared. :(

  • Darkstar

    Oh holy hell…who CARES!!!

  • Darkstar

    @Moira: He’s too busy hocking Ed Hardy products to care about his kids.

  • Darkstar

    @Kate Bosselin: Amen, Kate! LOL

  • Zelina

    nice price. I looks good and nice.

  • firemenfriends

    Such a good mom

  • Ms Anonymous


    He’s been taking care of the kids while Kate is training to make a fool of herself!


    They look like they are wearing costumes!!!! Whats up with Tonys fugly shoes and I guess Steve has now moved in the Apartment..hmmm something very fishy going on over there


    @Darkstar: who…steve or tony cause dadio must be watching the kids so mommy can go ho


    @Moira: puke all over you face

  • Wow!

    I actually never liked Jon; He was the conniving one of the two and the big hypocrite and circumstances totally reveal his true nature, which is a liar, lazy pig, womanizer, user, stupid etc. His first love is himself and he has shown that how he can easily move far away from his children instead of buying a home nearby to see and take care of them, which is his duty, but NO he moves 3000. Miles away! And he does NOT EVEN PAY CHILD SUPPORT OR ALIMONY! SO GUESS WHAT KATE IS LEFT WITH THE WHOLE RESPONSABILITY OF ALL, EVERYTHING!!! TO PROVIDE FOR THE CHILDREN AND PAY ALL THE BILLS!!! KATE I TRULY ADMIRE YOU, YOUR STRENGHT AND STAMINA, KEEP ON! ON KEEPING ON! AND YOU WIL WIN ALL THE BATTLES AND COME ON TOP! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YA ON DANCING WITH THE STARS AND I KNOW U WILL WIN! STAY STRONG, AND REMEMBER U ‘R STILL YOUNG! YOUR FANS THAT SUPPORT U AND LOVE YA!

  • Wow!

    Beautiful pictures Kate u look stunning and the girls look like little angels.

  • iDani


    What is there to admire about either Jon or Kate? They made a ton of money off of TLC and their book and evidently didn’t save any of it. Kate keeps saying she has to work to support the kids, but now going back to nursing is too mundane for her. With the money they made from TLC, the book, and appearances, she should be able to raise those kids in a middle class or modest environment. But that is not good enough for the diva. Now she has to made tons of money to support a life style she definitely didn’t earn–as in where is her talent? She has none, she was a friggin’ reality star. Her fifteen minutes of fame is way up.

  • JustWonderingAboutKiki

    WOW. Kate and the girls look great. Her kids look good too (HAHA that is an inside joke for JJ who loves Kate’s “girls” and cannot wait to see them again in her bathing suit). Anyway, she looks happy thin, happy and I just love her shoes. I love heels also. I cannot wait to see her Monday. I am so glad she is employed on TV again.

  • truth

    2 narcissists in one place, taylor and kate….it is true. kate loves the married men or she might really love the same sex like taylor.

  • http://msn david

    I don’t ever wish what I’m about to but I hope the ratings are the worst ever for a show,,

    Really don’t care for this cow (kate) at all

  • http://msn david

    are u interviewing for a job as her PR person, this is about Kate not about the other fool.

    Kate is really the most hated cow on the blog (and real world also).

    But what can u say her morals are all twisted up anyway, poor kids they deserve better

  • Go Ask Alice

    Different spin here.
    I do not like her , admore her or that dimwit exhusband.
    Both are fame seekers off of their kids.

    Now, it is the Ammerican way to make a success of yourself and be an entreprenuer. I am not buying adn don’t buy what Kate is selling( kid’s lives, books about her kids, TLC new show about her kids, etc.)
    Her many,mnay,minions of bitter ole gals, dumped gals, bored housewives do not want to work outside of the home, etc.lap up everything Kate in her books, personal appearances, TLC ‘s new show.
    Fine. Give your money to her.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I must say she has marketed and postioned herself well. Carefully crafted. made a good deal with the Fame Devil and TLC who supplies her with excellent PR people,lawyers, wardrobe, ex, and even gave her a man.
    Steve is really good looking.
    Yeah, Steve. That wifey of his is jsut wife in name and she gets a nice pay for being quiet . they will divorce . Kate and Steve will take a long timeto come out. Why? They can be together out front and center and none of her fans think otherwise.
    Bodyguard, yeah, Steve guards that body between te sheets alright.
    The Kate mousey look is fading. Who would want to wear dumpy frumpy clothes like she had to wear during the first TLC run? I would not. Bring on some Louboutin’s and dining at Nubo. Clubbing at Butter.
    Go for it as ,long as her stupid minions pay for it.
    Also, Ocotmom is losing hr house. She needed to be more pitiful in her demeanor as Kate was and Octo still can. American way. make the money.
    Both gals made money,Kate more,by purposely spitting out a litter of kids.

  • whatadrag

    They do live in Pennsylvania right -not Florida. Who dresses their kids in skimpy sundresses and sandals in March in the northeast? Although the temps during the day are 65, the nights are in the 40′s. This woman has no sense at all. Look the girls are all matchy, matchy AGAIN. And Kate looks like someone in drag.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Kate’s minions, where is you love, admiration and money for Octomom?

    She is foreclosing on her house.

  • Go Ask Alice


    You are a perfect example of one of Kate’s minions.

    Jon, per the divorce, pays $10,000 a month in child support.

    You are a perfect example of some wronged woman who is channeling your life through Kate’s.

    SUPPORT KATE!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Keep showing your support to her$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • peezy

    She looks amazing!!! I dont care what anyone says…She is a hard working woman!

  • Ms Anonymous


    How much is TLC paying you?

  • Ms Anonymous


    Um he IS with the kids.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Taylor is not narcistic.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Hard working my @ss, she doesnt know how to work.

  • Dawna

    Peezy,if you mean working hard on her tan, then I guess you are right. Working hard to stay in the limelight would also be correct. Kate does not want to work at a real job. How could she pay for her “bodyguard”?

  • Kiki

    “She ain’t no ‘star’….” I wondered when her “bodyguard” (married) boyfriend would surface, again. He’s the one the paps should have been following instead of Gosselin and his girls.

  • Meg

    Instead of a working mother she look’s like a streetwalking prostitute. I do not understand all the women who have given this woman a break.

  • HotterMomma

    This poor excuse of a human being and insult to mothers and wives everywhere needs to crawl under a rock and die.

  • boo

    She looks like $hit.

  • emmy jay

    True enough about the weather in Pennsylvania and the those little dresses. Hope Steve was responsible for the kids outerwear on this trip.

    I really can’t stand this woman, and hopes she falls on her face while on DWTS. I’ll watch, if not just for that.

  • I

    so she takes her bodyguard and dancing partner over her other three girls..what a bitch

  • realblond36

    Why does this woman need a bodyguard? Is she for real?

    Maybe she should go back to nursing, if she is so worried about providing for her kids. I hate it when she says she is doing all this to give her kids a “better life.” What she is doing, is teaching her kids that happiness can only be achieved if you have a ton of money in the bank. What a horrible role model. Stop acting like working a real job wouldn’t be enough to support 8 kids. There are a ton of families doing that everyday with NORMAL jobs. Step off your high horse and just admit you love living the high life, you selfish witch.