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Leonardo DiCaprio: Here We Go Lakers, Here We Go!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Here We Go Lakers, Here We Go!

Leonardo DiCaprio sits courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers game held at the Staples Center on Friday (March 19) in L.A.

The 35-year-old actor brought his BFF, actor Lukas Haas, along for the game! Also sitting in the audience: Tom Cruise with wife Katie Holmes, Penelope Cruz with boyfriend Javier Bardem, Chris Brown and Gina Gershon.

With their home court advantage, the Lakers beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 104-96!

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  • leo


  • Peter

    Subpole y se la dedico a Ilitri.

  • Marieme

    Okay, that is the best I’ve ever seen Lukas look. Great haircut. Finally.

  • w

    Lukas does actually look pretty good here.

  • K

    aawwww leo luks so sad here……bet he misses his woman!

  • lol

    Wow, it`s always a pleasure to see Leo without his dreadful girlfriend! Thanks, Jared.

  • Jessica

    Leo, I love you!

  • fgrd

    leo’s hot

  • Mary

    @K: LMAO!

  • BeReal

    Leo has so many inner demons. He looks conflicted.

  • T.O.

    @leo: Guys can have friends and hang out together.
    *rolls eyes*
    I agree with the OPs, Lucas looks great. His arms and shoulders look nice and meaty… yum.

  • goldie03

    I agree @ lucas. I have not seen him this cleaned up in years. He looks healthy too.
    @ leo not too long ago I read a few things @ him in 2008. His heavy drinking, crying spells, sniffs snow, even dis his mother out 4 her codine cocktail lunch. Anyone ever hear @ this bizarre behavior?
    It is a relief to see him out and about with the user!! Read leo kept to himself at the party box. Said he showed no interest in the ladies who were eyeing him?
    Maybe he is thinking @ kate?

  • @12

    I usually like your comments and thoughts but ( maybe it`s just me ) honestly I don`t understand much of your comment.

  • Jasmine

    @goldie03: write fxcking normally, will you?

  • Lorene

    Leo looking great . Go Lakers !

  • goldie03

    my apologies to @13 & Jasmine
    Not sure what u do not understand, let me rephrase it:
    I agreed about lucas. its his best and most cleaned up look in years. After the Lakers game he went up to the VIP room/bar. He kept to himself. He showed no interest in the ladies that were trying to flirt w/ him. It is a relief the user (bar) was not with him.
    Leo appeared somewhat removed- so I joked that maybe leo was thinking about kate (winslet)?
    I read a blog from someone who worked w/ the crew on one of leo’s movies in 2008. He and leo had lunch and talked nearly everyday at work. This sound guy said most actors forget that their microphone is on when a scene is cut or taking a break. He was privy to what leo said privately and when he went out to lunches. Leo had brief crying spells in his trailer, does cocaine, and was disrespectful when speaking about his mother during a disagreement w/ the sound guy. Leo told the guy that if he wanted any “f**king” advice he would call his mother during her codiene cocktail induced lunch.
    This blog has pics which suggests he is telling the truth-? I wondered if anyone has heard of such uncharacteristic behavior by leo.
    Leo’s heavy alcohol consumption is without question. The other stuff surprises me a bit.

  • lol

    English is not my first language so sometimes I don`t get things. :) Thanks for clarifying it.
    I personally never heard anything like that about Leo. Can you post the link to the blog, please. I did hear that he curses a lot but it is hard to believe that he would talk about his mother like that.
    Well, just the other day Leo was still in Switzerland for the Tag Hauer thing so maybe he was just tired. I was even surprised to see him in LA already.
    I agree, Lukas does look good. I always thought he was cute.

  • Max

    Lukas is way hotter! leo is good looking guy. but his head is too big.

  • goldie03

    No I am sure it is me.
    I just came home from a funeral of a very dear friend. I realize I am not thinking too clearly. Guess I will not be going out for drinks tonight!
    It was from a movie in 2008. I will have to look for the site so please give me a bit of time. It was a movie w/ his buddy director mr. s and kevin spacey was in it. Accordingly leo went balistic on spacey when spacey tried to offer a word of advice.
    Best news all week is NO bar!!!
    I think lucas needs a new hair-do updated and he would look even better

  • lol

    Oh, sorry about your friend, goldie. Thanks for looking up the site. Kevin Spacey? Were they in a movie together?
    Yeah, it`s always good to see Leo NOT being with her. lol
    Short hair doesn`t work for Lukas. I like it when it`s longer like now. But his eyes are the best!

  • firemenfriends

    he is pretty

  • goldie03
  • goldie03

    4 lol:
    Thank you about my friend.
    i do not know what movie it is either. the whole story is a bit strange, but given leo’s lack of scrutiny in his private life and gf choice it made me wonder if it was true.
    i rarely like guys w/ longer hair.

  • Crap

    @goldie03: this sounds like 100 percent complete crap. I dont think Leo ever worked on a movie with Kevin Spacey and it just sounds like stuff the blogger made up in his head. I like how he has absolutely no pictures of his “friend” “Leo”…This blog is false.

  • petunia

    Goldie, that link is crap. Scorsese never did a film called HALFBACK and never worked with Kevin Spacey nor Scarlet Johnson. Its al pure lies. The picture where Leo face is injured its from THE BEACH film, and thats all makeup. The guys grabbing Leo in the pics is from when Leo went to Israel, and the razzis went nuts there, so for Leo safety the body guards protected him. This whole blog is madeup either the guy is hallucinating or he just had some wild dream, and wrote it on his blog..ALL MADE UP!!

  • Lola

    If that kid ever did work w/MS or Leo, he can kiss his career good-bye. I have never heard of Leo acting like that and this blogger is just trying to slander Leo’s rep. Jealous? Also, I don’t think Leo uses drugs and he loves and respects his mother so why would he say that about her? Sounds like this person is just trying to make it look like he was a “friend” of Leo, which is pathetic. MS and Leo have a long history together and I highly doubt Leo would be that way on any job and especially w/MS. As to the ne pics, he always looks happier away fro the sk*nk and Lukkas looks better now.

  • ZZ

    Leo has a big head……not attractive at all….

  • jennifer

    what ridiculous history this guy invented, Leo never do any of that, and who believes in that also believes in fairy tales, gives me a break, what people do to appear, for God sake! Leave Leo in peace!!!

  • Jess

    Gosh he’s amazing & super sexy <3 :D

    I love seeing him have fun at Lakers Games :D

  • …..

    @jennifer: jennifer go away. We don’t care about your stupid flip flop a$$. You only like Barfie whether she’s with Leo or not. You’re an idiot!! You and the other idiot that shall remain nameless no one wants to hear your stupid comments. . I have news for you…if Leo hasnt dumped barfie yet HE WILL!! There is no discussion about that you loser and flip floping a$$!!

  • lol

    That blog is cr*p. It doesn`t make sense at all.
    This sighting is from Switzerland from the other day and definitely seems more believable than that blog. Plus I have seen some new photos of him in LA with his dad in a car. They look so cute! Leo absolutely doesn`t strike me as someone who would be disrespectful towards his parents.

    Leonardo di Caprio in Basel
    Yesterday he celebrated this evening at the exclusive party of the Swiss watch manufacturer “TagHeuer” in a club in the Volta Street. Di Caprio was accompanied by three female bodyguards, was obviously amused.
    Shortly 22 clock he left the party, however, again. The “Titanic” star staying for several days in Switzerland. He lives in Zurich hotel, “The Dolder Grand,” savor the luxurious spa.
    A “Dolder” Visitors to VIEW: “I met him in the sauna, he was extremely friendly, almost shy, a great guy, totally likeable!”

  • goldie03

    that is why i asked what everyone else thought about that blog. i have been reminded how naive/gullable i am.
    i just do not know how someone could do that w/out being called on it at least litigiously.
    i am happy to hear no one else believes this. it has been fantastic not to hear about gf this past week. huge relief! leo does seem more at peace, relaxed so i am please for him and only wish him the best as always!
    i saw a few pics w/ leo and his dad- his dad is adorable.

  • Judy

    leo looks good here


    @goldie03: Dear goldie, I believe it is hard time for you. I wish you everything best and I hope things get better soon. Really sorry for your friend.
    I don’t believe you are naive, I think sometimes “small” people can be the most believable sources. so keep searching for Info.
    About Leonardo: I really don’t believe it is true, because he adores his mother above all and he would never say something that disrespectful.
    But I think we cleared that already.


  • ….

    leo looks realy gud here………does anyone know when bar is back in the states??

  • french

    Leo looks good and Lukas too.


    Barf will be in Paris on march 23rd.

  • @35

    Who cares when is she coming to the US? It`s not like anyone misses her! LOL!

  • momo

    Leo is a sexy biznatch. I love this man!!!! He has a gorgeous face!

  • Lola

    @lol: I seen some pics of him @ the airport in Japan. It looked like his dad George and step-mother Peggy was w/him. I didn’t see any pics of his mother, but I am always happy to see pics of him w/o “she who I will not name”…lol! Leo always looks much more relaxed when he is w/his guy friends and just hanging out or w/his family. JMO.

  • lol

    It`s not just your opinion. lol Leo does seem more relaxed and happier when she is not around. I know he was in Japan with his his dad ( Tokyo and Kyoto ) and there were rumors ( = an Israeli site ) that claimed she was going to follow him with her father to Japan. Anyway, I`m happy to see him back home and hanging out with Lukas and his dad. That`s the Leo I love!

  • jennifer

    @30, I love Leo and I will always love and you don’t have nothing with this, and I came in this blog when I want and I say what I want, and isn’t you that will make me GO AWAY of here, sorry honey…

  • ….

    @jennifer: no one cares about your dumb a** you barf lover aka gold digger lover!!!! You dont know the meaning of love if you want Leo to be with that sluuut and gold digger!!! As you can see most people here thinks shes a sluut and gold digger and rightly so! :) Go back to Belazon where you belong with the rest of the freaks!

  • french


    I agree, Jennifer go back to Bellazon with Barf’s stupid fans

  • hehe

    #42,#43— two comments from french!!! hehe…

  • ella

    We really should stop talking about Bar here, and ignore people who talk about her. It just ruining the thread.

  • french


    It was not me on #42

  • goldie03

    silly me… i thought other pics i saw in the past w/ a lovely older gray-haired couple was leo’s step-mum and his dad. they were adorable. i just saw leo w/ his “dad”? in l.a. and that is not the same man i thought was his dad. for a second i thought maybe elvis was still alive. i have to admit leo’s dad wearing a fanny pack tickles me so.
    leonardo dicaprio fan: thank you 4 your kind words 4 my friend.
    now that i think about that site- i truly must have been out of my mind to even have considered anything that person wrote would be true about leo. new pics of leo at lakers game and w/ his dad r the leo i adore. he seems very relaxed and at ease.

  • Lorianna

    Leo disrespectful to his mother!!! In which lifetime? I really do not believe that.

  • ?

    for those one intrested after germany bar went to israel, ynet has pictures of her whit her mother shopping… but i used a google translator and it says “broke refaeli” …can any one who talk hebrew explain me a litlle better what it says please? now i wonder if is she going to paris… it doesnt´t have to much sense to spend only a couple of days in israel, she always stays more time…

  • Candycotton

    Barfy needs to Stay in Israel where she belongs…did This PATHETIC moron pay her taxes yet??Guess she thought her SAGGY boobs and FAKE smiles would get her over!!! Hah! No wonder LEO’s smiling!!