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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Lakers For The Win!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Lakers For The Win!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes look so fresh and so clean at the Lakers game on Friday night (March 19 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Lakers beat out the Minnesota Timberwolves, 104-96. After the game, Kobe Bryant walked over to Tom and gave him a courtside high-five!

Earlier this week, Tom and Katie hit up the premiere of John Cusack‘s Hot Tub Time Machine, out on Friday (March 26).

FYI: Katie is wearing “Amber” shoes by Vince Camuto!

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Photos: Stephen Dunn/Noel Vasquez/Getty
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  • pipi

    They both look great but that denim on denim trend needs to die right now.

  • Jolla

    They both look soo good! Tom is amazingly handsome and Katie is young and beautiful. They could surely have another gorgeous child. Soon, I hope. I just don’t know what’s the copycat game between Kate and Suri: both of them looked untidy earlier. Hope they stop that and resume their separate dress and hair styles!

  • sharon

    cute i hope they have another baby soooon!!

  • Jeren

    omg! does this man ever age?? they both look precious

  • Lisajane

    They both look great! They seriously need to start on baby number 2.


    The denim shirt is chic this season, but NOT with ripped jeans, no make-up and a greasy ponytail, you appear as though you escaped from a prison farm.

    More Importantly the affectation of torn leans is RIDICULOUS on a couple worth $400 Million dollars.

    Millions of Americans can’t afford new jeans after thier jobs consisting of manual labor are ripped. Those unemployed have to make do during this economic recession.

    If that doesn’t make sense to this uneducated duo, how’s this?
    Ms. Holmes, your knees are your WORST feature.

    [Affected dress - to dress in a costume for an activity you do not participate]



    I missed the shoes on Holmes.

    Absolutely DO NOT in any way, anywhere, anytime, with this “ensemble”.

    Beige dress stilettos at a basketball game? Really ?!!!

    Take a note from Kidman, when she takes the children to the Lakers, she wears jeans, sneakers, a neat shirt and cardigan. Casual mom garb suitable for climbing stars and Sports.

  • Agree with TIM GUNN

    The problem with Katie is she doesn’t dress for her real life at all. AS she does with her toddler, everyday is Halloween. Katie before Cruise wore Nikes to the Lakers with a hoodie and levis.

    She dresses only for the paparazzi. Front ROW seats, grab the designer shoes?

    Her other HUGE problem is she choose Victoria Beckham as a teacher regarding wardrobe.

    Victoria is a former 90′s British Pop Star, a Londoner. We all know Beckham looks completely ridiculous in her get-ups and her 5 inch 3k stillettos chasing all those children around. Dressed for couture week to buy groceries. The reason for this, Beckham is a nouvea riche’, tacky, working class who won the lottery marring a very nice “bloke”, both working class.

    But, then again, dressing in ridiculously inappropriate costumes is ALL they have. I guess, if they stopped, there would be no more photos.

  • Jen

    If I had the money she had, id be wearing designer shoes and stilettos everywhere too LOL. Who cares what type of shoes people are wearing, like seriously, designer or not, shoes are just shoes. I don’t see the problem, it’s not like she is gonna play at the game for heaven sakes, even though I think the shoes she has in that particular picture are ugly. However her look is pretty casual to me even though im not a fan of denim on denim. Tom must have a pact with something, that man never ages. I think they make a cute couple.

  • juniper

    The heals don’t work for me in this situation; something more casual would have looked more relaxed, she tries to be trendy and on point, but she often misses and does not have the fashion sense or persona to pull off these more striking looks like some others do. I don’t see Tom and Katie as kindred spirits, I don’t see Tom going for the fashiony Victoria Beckem look, I see him with a more classic, tasteful out-doorsy type, which Kattie is, she just needs to find her self. Tom looks stiff and not particularly happy, I get the feeling he respects Katie as a mother, but not as a women or equal, she seems more like a follower and not like someone who really knows her self yet.

  • Soniaintown


    Thank you for volunteering to demonstrate money cannot buy taste.
    And I learn something today, there are gold digger wannabes out there too.

  • its robo-bride

    As usual Katie looks like a mess. It isn’t the fact that she is very casual, it is the pieces she puts together. Awful. Truly awful. And dirty, messy hair to top it off. You can tell she thinks she hot though.
    And Tom looks good here. Great plastic surgeon. It looks like he had his nose tweaked. And more hair plugs. Great dye job on the hair though. Everyone criticizes Kidman for the botox, but Tommy has just as much in his forehead!

  • LuckyL

    I love their faux interest.

  • LuckyL

    She’s starting to resemble her role as the butch in the relationship.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest cruise fan

    i love tom he looks so much younger than he really is

  • dundies

    you appear as though you escaped from a prison farm

  • Venom

    Laker’s won!!! Kobe shook Tom’s hand. Kobe is awesome! :)

  • rainbow

    I think they look cute. Who cares if she’s wearing heels.The rest of her look is casual. The woman next to her is wearing black, leather, high-heeled boots and fishnets. I find that odder than Katie’s outfit.

  • just sayin’

    she looks mentally ill

  • fashionista

    Kaite is wearing an outfit from the Save By the Bell years….

  • seriously?

    her teeth are even DARKER! matches her shoes

  • luxegirl

    @ just sayin’ Yeah that’s exactly what mentally ill looks like. seriously? anyway whatever goes on behind the scenes – in these pictures they look completely normal -

  • Flowers

    The look great together.

  • Mia

    I like Katie but her style really sucks…denim on denim + those shoes is awful !!!!!
    At the beginning of her relationship with Tom she used to dress so nicely and after a while of being with Tom she fired her agent and started dressing awfully (most of the time)…maybe there’s a connection?!!??

    ….but I appreciate her for going public without makeup!

  • The Gay Thing

    i have to admit that they don’t seem that into each other.

  • who dat?

    who is sitting BETWEEN them in some of the pics?

  • yo sista

    i love her clothes!

  • elle

    katie looks GREAT, so does tom! they both really do look so fresh and happy! love her shoes and whole outfit.

  • rainbow

    @who dat?:
    I don’t see anyone sitting between them, but the guy next to Tom is Jeffrey Katzenburg, one of the funders of Dreamworks

  • who dat?

    rainbow @ 03/20/2010 at 12:31 pm

    @who dat?:
    I don’t see anyone sitting between them


  • pr person

    “Look so fresh and so clean”… as opposed to what? The dirty, greasy wrinkly messes that they usually are when they step out in public? Can dip a turd in gold but underneath it is still a turd.

  • carlita

    looking good Tom! the loons are MAD!! hahahah

  • danny

    That couple without chemistry!!!

  • Mia

    To RAINBOW #30:

    look at picture number 6…there’s a pair a legs between them that doesn’t belong to either ! ! ! ! ! …who’s that?

  • In My Opinion….

    Creepiest Couple EVAH!! I can’t even go see Cruise in a movie anymore. All I think about is him bouncing up and down on a couch like a monkey and acting like an uneducated freak with his comment on The Today Show. I also can’t believe he supports a cult that is guilty of human trafficing and abuse. What kind of a person is involved in that!!?? Same goes for Katie. This isnt about religious freedom. They have the RIGHT to practice whatever they choose. This is about criminal behavior on the part of a cult they support. Its disgusts me and many others. I don’t think people are going to see either of their movies as much anymore. Thats my opinion.

  • mmm

    I disagree with the comments that she tries too hard and plays it up for the photographers. If that was the case she would wear makeup all the time. She looks like a whole different person with make-up on…a whole better person.

  • who dat?

    mmm @ 03/20/2010 at 1:35 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I disagree with the comments that she tries too hard and plays it up for the photographers. If that was the case she would wear makeup all the time. She looks like a whole different person with make-up on…a whole better person.


    that’s part of her delusion, that she is naturally pretty and a teenager who should wear trendy ripped jeans…

  • sloppy mess

    she looks kind of manly

  • The Gay Thing
  • Cass

    Katie has the same tense,drained, unhappy look on her face that Nicole had after being married to Tom Cruise for a few years. I certainly do not wish either of them any ill will but this is something I have observed a lot lately.

  • mmm

    @who dat?:

    haha, yes, but she is not naturally pretty w/o makeup. Looks more like the Karate Kid:)

  • question?

    are kate’s ears getting bigger?

  • iDani

    @ in my opinion

    And don’t forget the Cult bribed, bullied, blackmailed their way into tax exempt status as a religious institution. They charge for everything from counseling, to study guides to $1200 for the lie detector meters you have to buy to audit yourself. They make a HUGE profit at us tax payers expense.

  • the gum again
  • nini
  • Annika Hansen

    OMG I can’t believe that photo of Tom hugging the women beating evil son of a bitch. I wonder how katie felt about it. Its not even just a polite hug, Tom is embrassing Chris “beat her down” like they are old friends. Not cool Tom, I’m shocked and disappointed!

  • Annie

    Nice photo-op. They NEVER EVER look like a loving couple!! How stupid do they think people are??

  • James

    Nice shoes dumb ass. You can’t even walk in tennis shoes let alone heals. Pigeon toed stupid money grubbin PIG.

  • Susie#1

    As a couple they don’t look like they’re together or friendly. Katie is becoming more of a zombie/robot with her blank expressions and Tom is just gross. Why don’t they end their farce of a marriage. Everyone would be better in the long run.