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Alice in Wonderland: #1 For Three Weeks In A Row!

Alice in Wonderland: #1 For Three Weeks In A Row!

Alice in Wonderland raked in another $34.5 million in its three weekend, fetching nearly $566 million in worldwide tickets sales in total. The Jennifer Aniston-Gerard Butler flick, The Bounty Hunter, opened in third place.

Here’s how some of the other films stacked up over the weekend:

1. Alice in Wonderland — $34.5M
2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid — $21.8M
3. The Bounty Hunter — $21M
4. Repo Men — $6.2M
5. She’s Out of My League — $6M

WHAT DID YOU SEE this past weekend??

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Posted to: Mia Wasikowska

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  • 7

    Johnny Depp is a money making machine. Damn.

    Cant wait for KICK ASS to come out!!!!

  • fresh

    The Bounty Hunter was one of the worst movies Ive ever seen. Aniston and Gerard have ZERO chemistry. None. Waste of time. I wish i had seen Repo Men–at least Liev Schreiver is in it.

  • Kat

    3. The Bounty Hunter — $21M
    LMAOOOOO, it’s not like we didn’t expect it

  • dee


    yeah… sure you saw the bounty hunter – yet you complain you should have seen repo man that only opened in 4th place with 6.2million yet the bounty hunter opened in 21million in 3rd place…. right ; – )

  • justme

    Aniston needs to stop acting NOW!

  • mmm

    Johnny Depp really made the movie, and I like Alice (who looks like a young Gwyneth Paltrow). I just wish they would’ve added the “un-birthday” song in there!

  • kara

    The bounty Hunter did well. With a 40 mill budget. Ppl need to read up on facts.

    Loved Bounty hunter. The two have amazing chemsitry!

  • Dawn9476

    The real flop of the weekend was Repo Man. Just goes to show that having an Oscar winner in a film doesn’t guarantee sucess. Repo Man’s budget was also $32 million. It didn’t even make a third of that.

  • Celia

    I just got back from Spring Break in PCB, so I haven’t seen any movies. I really want to see Alice in Wonderland though. I’m happy it’s making so much moolah.

  • Celia


    Johnny is amazing, but everyone I know who’s seen the movie says Helena Bohnam-Carter stole the show.

  • Jo

    Kara.. Nice try but the budget was actually 50 million.. And who ever te people were that plucked down 10 bucks to see that trash need to be examined…

  • Dawn9476


    According to Box Office Mojo, the budget was $40 million. I would believe them over any Jen hating troll here.

  • ggggggg

    the bounty hunter did good. 21 mill is not a flop.

  • ayrin

    i went to se alice, wimpy kid next yohooo

  • http://! ivanka


  • LMAO

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid did better than BH.
    What a loser of a production. I feel so sorry for those who wasted their money watching that disaster of a movie. Sure, console yourselves that it did well. Take into consideration how many theaters it opened in. I know you just don’t want to admit it’s a godawful waste of time. Oh well, at least it gives me a good laugh. And the reviews made it a good comedy. See, I don’t need to watch it to enjoy it.

  • paris

    40 mill budget and 21 mil. um thats great! It’ll make back its budget.

    Now you Angelina fans can go somewhere else and support the cheat!

  • Ugggg!

    Why can’t Jennifer fans get it through their heads that her movie flopped? ? I mean for someone that’s suppose to be a household name, been in tabloids constantly, Sony spending the cost to make this crapfest on advertising to shove it down our throats, and countless stupid fake love rumors and interviews, this movie should have done way better.

    I guess you can say it did do better than expected because if Sony did not over saturate us with advertisements for this bomb it would have made a lot less. Also, now many of her fans are blaming the script and the director!! Hahahaha, again her fans coddling Aniston for her lack of talent!

    I hope this is it for her after the Bateman and Sandler flicks because America is tired of Brad Pitt’s ex just like he was.

  • Nat

    TBH was a disappointment in the Box Office considering all
    the publicity.

  • Nat

    TBH was a disappointment in the Box Office considering all
    the publicity.

  • infamous

    Oh no I still havent seen this movie :(

  • iDani


    Actually Box Office Mojo just posted the production costs. It wasn’t on there the other day and several legit sources were saying they thought it was a $50 million dollar budget.

    And don’t forget the theatres get about 50 percent of that $21 million. Most of the forecasters said word of mouth is going to sink the movie after this weekend when all the die hard Butler and Aniston fans came out to see it. Even die hard Butler and Aniston fans are saying the movie wasn’t very good.

    I saw it with friends and it was awful. How anyone can say Jer and Jen had chemistry is beyond me. They both over acted and were dreadful in this movie. Jen hasn’t had a good movie in terms of her acting sincer Along Came Polly and the Good Girl.

  • LMAO

    And you can’t compare BH with Repo Man, different ratings. BH is PG-13 and Repo Man has an R-rating. There was hardly any promotion for Wimpy Kid and Repo compared to BH. You can always help BH out by watching it every day, every showing and you can buy a bunch of tickets and hand them out free at the door, one or two people might accept it.

  • Kirsten

    The Bounty Hunter looked terrible. People are sick of Aniston and her mediocre acting and looks.

  • pop

    i am so proud of jen. despite all the bad reviews her movie still made 21million. yep yep saw the movie and i loved.

  • shell

    1. Sex and the City (2008) – $57 million
    2. Valentine’s Day (2010) – $52.4 million
    3. Hitch (2005) – $43.1 million
    4. 50 First Dates (2004) – $39.8 million
    5. The Break-Up (2006) – $39.1 million
    6. Mr. Deeds (2002) – $37.1 million
    7. Sweet Home Alabama
    (2002) – $35.6 million
    8. Runaway Bride (1999) – $35 million
    9. Norbit (1997) – $34.1 million
    10. The Proposal (2009) – $33.6 million

    21 million isn’t a flop. Its only 12 million under the top 10 of all time opening weekends for romantic comedies. I’m sure most of those didn’t have to go up against Alice and wonderland type of Juggernaut.

    Basing the info here off of the all time list…it ranks in the top 24(and if you exclude movies like knocked up and mr. deeds as not being romantic comedies, then it’s even higher) than all time in romantic comedy opening weekends…not to shabby.

    Now that I’ve used logic and facts in my argument I’m sure I’ll get down ranked by people who are so far up their own a$$ they haven’t seen the sun in years.

  • LadyB

    Shell, movies go against each other when they both come out the same week. TBH did not go against Alice in Wonderland. Alice in W came out two weeks ago. I am not on Team JA or Jolie-Pitt, but to be honest I expected The Bounty Hunter to open No.1 with close to $40m. I mean, we are talking about two huge stars here with a lot of publicity done for the movie. But time will tell if the movie has staying power, that’s what is important. If it makes close to $20m next week, then all is good in the Aniston World. If it drops sharply next week, then it won’t be good news.

  • s

    im not even gonna bother seeing repo men cause i think i’d just burst out laughing randomly. jude law is definitely not someone id picture to be tough and savage. dont get me wrong – i think he’s a great actor. but i just get a soft, pretty boy (ohh and he is so pretty<3) feeling from him even if he’s brandishing knives and guns.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Why can’t people stop turning every thread into a Jen bashing thread?

    ! It just means their life is not nice so they need to take out their angst and bitterness on anything they think deserves it.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Please ignore my wife. She’s full of bitterness and angst.

  • soi

    practice what you preach miss anonymous- go look on angie thread you awful trolls have resorted to bashing innocent children. gotta feel good about that, please.

  • shell

    I know they didn’t go head to head on the same weekend but come on…Alice in Wonderland is having a HUGE three week run. It ranks up there in the biggest third weekends of all time…look it up. That’s all I’m saying…I’m not on either side of this stupid ANiston versus Jolie saga but TBH did pretty well considering who it was up against in terms of what people had the option to go see.

  • Uggggg!

    Aniston fans are trying to make comparisons for this mess, hahahaha! You guys are just like Aniston’s personal enablers trying to make her appear that she has done nothing wrong, instead of being honest with her, she is a poor actress. She has no depth in her chosen trade. This movie no matter how bad the script/director as you claim should have made a lot more with all the ad promos and the actress that suppose to be A-list according to her delusional fans.

    With the other movies coming out next week tbh will come in 2-3 notches down from third place.

  • Business

    It has been a while since Tim has had a movie that hit the top of the charts. Despite the fact that many “critics” have not given Alice in Wonderland too much of a thumbs up, it’s good to see that their are still some people out there that appreciate Tim’s style of putting a movie together with that kind of a dark/Gothic feel. Hope he can keep the momentum going and stay at the top for a few more weeks.

  • shell

    Case closed. Alice in Wonderland is number 6 ALL TIME in movie sales in its third weekend. That takes a HUGE chunk of the market from TBH. I’m not saying that TBH is good or bad…but for ill informed people to sit here and say 21 million for a romantic comedy on a opening weekend that was also Alice in Wonderlands third weekend(which is the 6th best all time) is just crazy.

  • shell

    I meant to say that to say 21 million isn’t good is just crazy. But I really don’t know why I try it’s like talking to a 4 year old.

    It really is true the forums are always full of atheists and liberals.

    “Never argue with an idiot, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” So with that quote in enjoy your anger filled forum rants hippies.

  • shell

    @Mr. Anonymous:

    Good thing you know what Ms means? Am I right?

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Bye! Have a nice night.

  • To 30:

    Why is it so hard for Aniston fans to understand that not everybody likes her or think she has any good acting talent? Every time someone disagrees about anything concerning her you fanbots think everyone is a hater, jealous of her, or a Angelina/Brad fan. Geez, everybody has not been brainwashed by the Aniston PR campaign.

  • jdub

    i still need to see Alice in Wonderland. i heard it was soooo good.

  • Lorry

    Just saw ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and it is the BEST movie ever.
    Everything was great.
    Cannot wait to see it again.
    It’s the kind of movie you’ll watch over and over again.
    Went far past my expectations.

  • GoliX YZ

    WoW! I saw Alice in wonderland 2times… yesterday and the day before it! I loved it… gr8 movie!

  • happy girl

    Can Aniston do a Friends spinoff instead of movies? Maybe that might work for her better. She can call it “Rachel Can’t Get Married Again”. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    I didn’t like Alice in Wonderland, it was very boring. It had potential to be greater but it was a great let down to me, even though I think that visually it was excellent and that overall the cast was amazing (except for Anne Hathaway and all her hand gestures).

  • http://justjared LOL

    At Angelina loons acting like the skeleton doesn’t have BOMBS in her resume :

    2.A mighty heart
    3.The good Sepherd (LOL who saw that ?)
    4.Taking lives ( LOL)
    5.Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow ( LOL) .

    The list goes on and on Angelina Jolie’s carer was on a dead end before she meet Brad Pitt and started collecting kids (LOL Mr. and Ms Smith wasn’t exactly Oscar worthy ) point is where would be Angelina Jolie be today if she didn’t wreck Jennifer’s marriage? Where would she be without Brad ?

  • SusLee

    LOL @ 03/22/2010 at 10:57 am

    I thank Angelina Jolie everyday for wrecking that boring home….Finally Brad Pitt has the woman and family he always wanted.

  • SusLee

    Hopefully Aniston will disappear from Hollywood…she is so boring,a whiny,vindictive person….she will never be a movie star!

    Alice in Wonderland is a great movie!Love Johnny Depp and HBC.

  • To lol:

    Wrong again you crazy loonifer fan!

    Just accept Aniston’s a box office failure w/o a big name male star or dog next to her name. Stop trying to compare her lack luster career to Angelina’s trying to make Aniston look good. It’s about star talent and quality. Aniston lacks big screen appeal and talent something Angelina has and more.

    Accept defeat and wait for Aniston’s next stinker which may do better because of Bateman, since he seemed to be billed as the main character based on the trailer.

  • lala

    movie very good funny … i love jen

  • cassie

    I saw the runaways
    Amazing movie!!!! Kristen and Dakota both gave incredible performances :D