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Gisele Bundchen: Zico Coconut Water Woman!

Gisele Bundchen: Zico Coconut Water Woman!

Clad in all black, Gisele Bundchen stays hydrated with a refreshing bottle of Zico coconut water after a hard work-out at the gym on Saturday (March 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 29-year-old Brazilian beauty would love to have a big family. She recently told Vogue, “I’m so lucky to have my little munchkin [son Benjamin Brady], and I have two because I also have John.” John, a.k.a. Jack, is her 2-year-old stepson (his mom is actress Bridget Moynahan).

10+ pictures inside of Zico coconut water woman Gisele Bundchen

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  • http://! ivanka

    wow her pregnancy left her a nice body

  • brangelina1

    perfect woman her skin is a peach…

  • Oh Please…

    The more I see this woman, and the more she opens her mouth…the less I like her. We barely saw her for the last 3-4 months of her pregnancy, and then we didn’t see her at all for these few months after Benji was born. That’s because she was too vain to let anybody see her with a little pregnancy weight. Now after she is back into shape, she is showing up everywhere. Don’t put on skin-tight workout clothes with your new boob job all hiked up in your low-cut shirt, and then block your face like you don’t want to be seen. Work out at home with your trainer like you always have in the past. So phony. Oh, and learn how to shut your mouth for once too! I’m going to laugh when karma bites her back one day. Don’t think she & Brady will last.

  • Bela

    It looks like those Na’vi people in Avatar.
    She’s all limbs no curves.


  • ugiy

    face is too manly, the body has no curves. She isn’t even attractive.

  • MM

    She’s so boring, I can’t stand her.

  • hahaha

    She’s blah. But, her comment about always trying to include John in last minute is funny to me.

  • http://giselebundchen barby

    Doesn’t her husband have a Smartwater contract?

  • MajorIndulgence

    No matter where she is or what she’s doing, she never looks bad.

  • —–>

    Jared are we gonna get DAILY workout updates on this woman??? Why??? Are they paying you to put her up here EVERYDAY?? I get it…she’s working out!!! So do lots of people. Can’t you post her on here when she’s actually doing something INTERESTING?!

  • Danielle

    she needs to get it through her tiny little brain that john is not hers he is her stepson as in you are not his mother so stop saying he is yours
    he already has a mother god she is so annoying

  • ahah

    gisele bundchen. your a supermodel. your the reason people like the ones on these blogs, hate you. because they could never look like you even if they got all the cosmetic surgies they wanted to..
    i love you. you are the best at what you do!

  • Helen

    she didnt get a boob just, shes breastfeeding!

  • ASH



  • ASH

    seems to me that comments from 3 to 7 come from the same pathetic person

  • lexy hates bilson

    I like Gisele and think she’s great. She’s got a career, a husband, a new baby and a stepchild. Apparently the paps hang out at the gym b/c they know she’s in town. At least she has a life and a brain – unlike JJ fave Rachel Bilson!

  • me

    skinny stick

  • Gabriella

    Not a boobjob, she’s obviously breastfeeding.
    But I do agree with some, ever since she got Benjamin she’s been dropping John’s name in about every interview. Very annoying and not cool. He already has a wonderful mother. Also had my doubts over her easy poetic waterbirth but that’s different for everyone so…

  • slim

    She’s boasting about she can eat everything she wants and she never puts on weight but the fact is that she’s always working out. Two-faced witch she’s a b*tch

  • luvme

    gisele is always known to be able to eat what ever she wants. she can, she does, and she is healthier than your average model. she isnt a VS model anymore she don’;t have to look like a no neck bloated fish, haha. well even when she was with them she never did. always classy and elegant looking. because that face is not a face of today. its unique and exotic and different and I absolutely love it. so gorgeous gisele is!!!!

    people go get off justjared and workout like she is! maybe you will one day be followed by paps, AHHA.

    she’s the ubermodel, you are the nobody.

    and yes the mean comments come from the same girl. I have a feeling she is a Barfie fan. possibly lima fan? or even a wait tom brady groupie waiting for him to fall in love with her ugly average a**.

    pathetic losers.

  • ffg

    her face is stunning! so exotic

  • popdj

    dang giseleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. HOT

  • mk

    Oh you haters wish you had her thin face. you bloated whales. you dont know what bone structure means because you’ve probably never seen it on your big bloated cow faces in your lives. fat pudgy faces are fine for everyday average people. not for supermodels. her face is worth 150 million. what is yours worth? LMAOLMAOLMAOLMAOLMAO

    hence her salary vs’ your mcdonalds salary.

    end of story.

  • GetReal

    @luvme: not nice calling people losers when your obviously one yourself. not everyone has to love the same person you do. I bet the only workout you get is jerking off while looking at pictures of her. you should take your own advice and give your fat ass some movement. maybe by stimulating your body, you can stimulate your brain. look who’s pathetic now?
    Gisele looks great, glad she’s not turning herself into a slob after having a baby.

  • ehhahaaa

    hahahaa the person who made the comment about jj writing about her everyday, just goes to show you its the same stalker. ahaha obviously.

    I mean how else would she know? get a life and quit stalking gorgeous gisele all day long. take note from gisele, and go work out fatty!

  • GetReal

    @mk: funny how you can tell from our comments how we look like. my guess? your the bloated whale here. the reason your able to describe those people so well is cause your one yourself. stop wasting your mcdonalds salary on burgers and fries. its truly sad.

  • Sandra

    wow she looks good! for just having a baby???!!! this is pretty admirable.
    she always personifies what it means to be a natural beauty. she pretty much made it instyle in the early 2000′s. big wavy beach hair,light makeup,golden skin. she rocks <3 still looking good as ever!

  • melly

    I think she is very beautiful

  • truedat

    Gisele Bundchen is a goddess to many/most. doesn’t mean everyone has to agree. that’s fine. Everyone sees something different in a person.
    some like short girl,chubby girls,skinny girls,blonde girls,black girls,latina girls,brunette girls,etc…why people who call her ugly try to convince everyone that she is, and why people who call her flawless try to convince she is? everyone sees something different. that’s what makes the world great! If everyone thought the same in what was beautiful, it would suck! haha. everyone finds angelina jolie to be flawless, but i never have. therefore I dont go stalking her or cares what she says or does. Gisele haters should do the same! :) I only came here because I got an alert about Gisele. I dont understand if people don’t like her why even bother? it just dont make sense to me.

  • mmmhmm

    well go take a look on other celebs topics, nothing but ugly,overated,disgusting,gross,eww.. lol thats all justjared is.

    is a site for haters. that’s it. nothing more, nothing less. it is def not some fansite thats for sure, lol.

    who really cares what anyone thinks on here. the celebs don’t thats for sure….

  • Lily

    I think Gisele is a target because well dont we all want to dye out hair blonde at some point? (admit it brunetties,yes you do at least once in your lives) dont we always want to go on diets to get thin, or watch what we eat? YES. don’t we all as girls wear ultra high heels to look taller? YES. Gisele doesn’t have to do any of this, she just IS it. add onto all that a hot hubby,lots of money,dream career, and there you have it folks.


  • anonymous

    She did not put in John’s name forcefully at the last minute. Have you people read the *actual* interview? My guess is no. It came up very naturally, and most likely the interviewer asked her. John is her husband’s son, not to mention her son’s brother. He is obviously as much a part of their family as Benjamin is and therefore his name is bound to come up in interviews.
    If she hadn’t mentioned him, you people would’ve said “See? She’s forgotten all about John since her son was born.” True, no?
    I don’t think Gisele has ever said anything fake or negative towards Bridget or little John. She didn’t even talk about him until after she married Tom and officially became his Step-mom, which I think is very respectful of her, especially considering that she was asked about that whole situation a billion times. When she did speak of him, she said that she loves him and treats him as her own. How is that a bad thing in *any* way? Just because she said she views him as her son does not make him any less Bridget’s. It’s not like she’s denying the existence of his real mother and pretending like she gave birth to him or anything. To take what she said so literally makes you seem like an idiot.
    To treat John as anything but her son would be to treat him differently from any kids she and Tom have, which is totally unfair to John. He should feel at home in their house, and that depends upon how Gisele treats him and she seems to be doing great.

  • Braziliangirl

    GISELE is beautiful woman perfect body, GI is ours.

  • tryhard

    she’s gorgeus <3

  • Oh Please…

    She always had a boob job. Nobody that tall & thin has natural boobs that size. And it looks like she has had them redone. Lots of stars do surgeries after their pregnancy and claim it’s from the pregnancy….Nicole Richie anyone? Regardless, who jacks their boobs up so high and wears a shirt that exposes them while going to a public gym? Only if you want attention…and then she pretends that she doesn’t want attention. I’m not jealous of her, and I’m not the same person as these other posters. I know Gisele is very unique and beautiful. I know that’s why she is the top model. I just have started liking her a lot less because she keeps behaving inappropriately with Jack’s mother and she also seems to be more than a little two-faced. Ever since she sent Bridget a onesie that said “Supermodel” for Jack’s birth…I realised that Gisele isn’t as sweet as she pretends to be!!!

  • lachella

    @Oh Please…:

    well I beg to differ about her “niceness” I mean come on if she were so rotten as some like to claim would she really be as successful as she is?? If you really think about it………Literally everyone in the industry loves to work with her. thats a proven fact, looking at her career resume.

    did you read the recent article saying she was eating all the food at the table and chatting up with the workers down to the last production assistant? um I guess people don’t like to read the positive stuff *sighs*

    models disappear all the time. even really stunning ones. and it makes you wonder. do people not like to work with them? do they arrive late to shoots? are they grumpy and bossy? does it take forever to get that one winning shot? etc..etc.. I have done my fair share of reading Gisele articles and the biggest names have nothing but nice things to say about her. and they could stop working with her at the drop of a hat, but they don’t……

    seems TO ME she is anything but a crappy person. I wont even mention all the charity work/haiti donations she did/does………..

    actions speak louder than words.

  • lisali

    I love all the Gisele posts there has been lately, shes my favorite model, and she looks just as amazing at 29 as she did at 18… you go girl!

  • anonymous

    #35- “Nobody that tall & thin has natural boobs that size”
    That’s why she’s the world’s top supermodel…she has an insane and unique body.
    Her boobs are real…you can tell easily. Also, right now they’re bigger than normal because she’s breast-feeding, which is natural. Normally, I think she said she’s a b-cup, which isn’t that big but still more than most models. She’s brazilian, believe it or not, there are many women around the world who have bigger breats that are natural. Get over your jealousy.

  • Courtney

    no those stars or regular women who breast feed naturally have major boobage because of how often a breastfed baby eats 8 to 12 times a day for upto 18 months and it’s been like that for decades ask any creadible legendary female star whose breastfed her children which Gisele is not and will never be Joanne Woodward for example of course G is no where near in the same class of celebrity that Ms Woodward has been in for more than 5 decades and countless awards for acting and also for Philanthropic work which includes an oscar three golden globes a cannes award and The Kennedy Center Honors amongst other things

  • Starlady

    She’s an awesome individual,smart,funny,successful.

  • Starlady

    What’s Joanne Woodward has to do with Gisele?

  • brodi

    Her body looks great, especially her full bossoms. Hopefully they’ll stay the same once she’s through with breast feeding. Btw, the paps are just awful, but I know it’s apparently the price ‘celebs’ have to pay.

  • me jealous?

    Those boobs are too rounded and look a little bit like a float. It’s obvious she has them done but she cant admit it.

  • Fake

    Fake nice. Fake boobs.

  • Rita

    We know who wrote this comment- Bridget Moynahan. Get a life Bridget. Gisele did not have a boob job, it’s called breast feeding. You probably didn’t breast feed poor little John because you are too hung up on yourself. Everyone knows you tried to trap Tom Brady, but it didn’t work. Gisele did it the right way and got married-didn’t have an illegitimate child! Their marriage will last because it’s based on love and truth. Gisele looks awesome!!!!

  • cindy

    The last supermodel, always looks gorgeous!

  • Anna

    oh i love gisele! she’s so nice

  • http://none youponn

    Hahaha this is so funny, I died reading this

  • Fake

    @Rita: Well we didn’t see Gisele for the last 3 months of her pregnancy, and she had her birth at home. Who knows when she really had that baby. They got married quite suddenly and reported the birth exactly 40 weeks after her wedding. I’m betting it was a shotgun wedding and she did a cover up with the birth date saying it was later than it really was. She’s no better than Bridget. Furthermore, if Brady didn’t want to be trapped, then he shouldn’t have had unprotected you know what with Bridget during the same month that he met his precious Gisele. And Gisele could have had enough decency to not get involved with a man that had a pregnant girlfriend whom he had dated for 3 years. She sure didn’t give them any time or space to work things out if they wanted to. She shouldn’t have continued to date him. If it really was “true love” as you say, then they could have resumed after Jack was born and Tom & Bridget settled their business. Any woman with an ounce of class would have done that.

  • Amber-louise

    I dont think she had a boob job and if she did, its her own business. I believe her when she says she can eat anything. Look how often she exercises. People who are lazy and just sit around eating are going to show the fat ,because they aren’t burning any calories. She looks great, I would love to have a body like that.