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Keira Knightley: Laurence Olivier Awards Red Carpet

Keira Knightley: Laurence Olivier Awards Red Carpet

Keira Knightley graces the red carpet in Erdem at The Laurence Olivier Awards held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Sunday (March 21) in London, England.

The Laurence Olivier Awards are equivalent to the Tony Awards in America, celebrating achievement in theater, opera and dance. Keira is a best supporting actress nominee for playing a manipulative movie starlet in the play The Misanthrope. Unfortunately, she lost out to Ruth Wilson for A Streetcar Named Desire.

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Photos: Dave M. Benett/Getty, Daniel Deme/WENN
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  • Carmela

    She looks terrible, like very ill.

  • AutumnM

    Oh my! Keira is a pretty girl, but what happened? Her hair looks awful and while she’s always been thin, she looks grossly underweight here. Yikes!

  • ripple

    She is starting to look as creepy as Angelina Jolie. She needs to gain some weight…fast!

  • Josie

    does she make herself look ugly on purpose?

  • Geraldbean

    Its weird how they say people are attracted to other people who look like them. Her & her boyfriend look SO alike. Wowzer.

  • hkinmn

    Melanie C also attended the awards and she wore two different Victoria Beckham dresses, one for the red carpet and second for the performance.

    Jared, i hope you’ll feature her too, she is nominated for her role in Blood Brothers.

  • Mari

    so skinny…

  • Jessica

    Keira is SO gorgeous BUT her hair looks sloppy and I don’t know about the dress….I would never choose it but that’s my opinion!

  • Lu

    she looks like a corpse!


    Agree with Autumn, her anorexia is starting to affect her hair, it so thin and malnourished, she looks about 60, so sad.

  • limoen

    JJ, you forgot the ‘i’ in her name tag. (it says: ‘kera’) i was wondering why there were no more older keira posts…

    and although she is sometimes freakishly thin, she is a magnificent talented actress and that is all that matters. hope she brings out some more new work..

  • scrug

    i believed she was awful in “the misanthrope”?! it’s not her best look! and she’s too skinny! eat girl!

  • Jen


    No scrug, she wasn’t, she actually got mostly positive reviews, but the press in Britain loathes her so they printed she got ‘mixed’ or ‘bad’ reviews on average, which isn’t true. You can thank the Daily Mail, a tabloid smut rag for starting that false rumour.

    She is very talented and I can’t wait for her new movies this year!

    I have to say am not a fan of the hair. She should have worn it loose, but I like the dress, it’s different.

  • dd6d

    Love the hair, the dress, the look – a beautiful woman. But her talent, intelligence, level-headedness, perspective, and values are what make me admire her so much.

  • Katsaridoula

    she looks hidious, anorexic woman…. urgh…. not nice at all. her hair looks like old granny’s…

  • really

    Amazing, classy woman and actress. I don’t believe she is anorexic at all, not every skinny girl is.

  • so

    ugly. boring

  • T.O.

    Funny how claims of anorexia are being made and you can’t even see her body. Bizarre. People are so weird some times.

  • lol

    Doesn’t she look like she has a big head ?! hahaha

  • Sophie

    She looks very pretty and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. She is someone’s daughter, sister, friend. How would you like such harsh judgments to placed upon your loved ones? It is her acting that these awards are about. You all seem like horrible vicious people and you are cowards for writing such insults hiding in the privacy of your own homes.

  • Ms Anonymous



    And she has more acting talent than those that poke fun at her ever could have.

  • MR. Sekss


  • Betty Ann

    Poor thing…she looks terrible! I guess all those rumors about eating disorders were true. She needs to get some help fast or else she is going to become the next Hollywood tragedy :-(

  • Tricia

    Is she of Ashkenazic descent ?

  • Amy


    Did you see her in the Misanthrope or are you basing this review of her being “awful” on hearsay? I went 4 times and she was amazing and deserved at least the nomination, i just wish she had won, then finally people would give her a bit of respect.

    I dont think this look is flattering for her but away from this outfit she is still gorgeous and definitely NOT anorexic, i was also lucky enough to meet her outside the show twice and she is stunning

  • infamous

    umm wow! yea she needs to eat

  • rtms

    The dress is lovely but the hairdo makes her look like a cancer patient. It’s atrocious and makes her look bad. It would have been much better if she had her hair down.

  • luke

    i love you keira but please gain some weight that look not healthy at all

  • lisa

    she looks like a mummy LOL

  • got2b

    Thanks! It was about time someone said so. Why are you guys all looking at her if she is so horrible, skinny, awful etc…? Just go about yourselfs and leave her alone. She’s awesome, sweet and she doesn’t have to look perfect. I refuse to listen to such crap like she is anorexic. What do you care?!

  • Channy

    I think she so beautiful buuuut the hair, makeup, dress, and stink thin figure is just a big NO!!

  • …eat a biscuit…

    …can she scream “help” more loudly, or wave while she’s drowning more frantically…what will it take?…is there any thinking person out there who doesn’t see a woman in trouble?…

  • tim

    All of you insulting her, are probably the same people digging on Britney Spears manly tree trunk legs.
    Kira looks fab. Everyone wants to be thin anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Kira looks like Audrey Hepburn. Britney looks like hulk hogan with mike tysons neck.

  • mickey

    Ew she looks a lot older than her age here. That hair is straight out of a rest home.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..she’s so fcuking disgusting.

  • AutumnM


    I will agree that the majority of women would like to be slim or slender, but I don’t know many who want to be as skinny and as unhealthy looking as Keira. You can be thin and look healthy (See Eva Longoria), but Keira does not look healthy imo. She’s a beautiful girl, but not looking healthy to me and you can see it just by the thinness of her hair and her skin doesn’t look great either. That’s a sure sign of stress or malnourishment. Anyone who says she looks healthy is kidding themselves.

    Oh and for the record, I know that it’s not everyone’s ideal body type, but I’d rather have a body like Amber Rose, JLO and other shapely but healthy and in shape women rather than an underweight, shapeless woman any day of the week, but that’s just me.

  • sally

    Unfortunately? She didn’t even deserve to be nominated.

  • d33 c33

    Skull head.. smugly smirking.. “Yes I am terribly skinny, rich, alive and aren’t.”

  • Harley Quinn

    she is beautiful. i like her being skinny. by the way the classic beauty: audrey hepburn, was skinny too. i like her make-up, hair and dress as well.

  • genie

    i like she is skinny as many english girls are not. she is not big like a horse like so many english girls who are made unsexy.

  • Jokergurl

    I just adore her, she’s a mesomorph, for those of you who have no idea what this means, it means she’s naturally skinny and that’s her body-type too. I can’t wait to see her later this year in London Boulevard with Colin Farrell ;)

  • Jeff

    Love her, but I was a little shocked to see her even thinner than before.

  • http://miraj miraj

    i love that dress! i think she looks very god. she’s very skinny yes, but gorgeous anyway