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Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth: Holding Hands!

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth: Holding Hands!

Reese Witherspoon and her boyfriend, Hollywood agent Jim Toth, hold hands and smile together during a romantic weekend getaway on Saturday (March 20) in Ojai, Calif.

The cute couple is in town celebrating Reese‘s 34th birthday (her actual birthday is tomorrow).

Reese and Jim, who have been dating for about two months, were spotted noshing on some local Mexican food.

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth holding hands…

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reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 01
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 02
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 03
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 04
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 05
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 06
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 07
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 08
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 09
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 10
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 11
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 12
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 13
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 14
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 15
reese witherspoon jim toth holding hands 16

Credit: ISM/Stefan; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • ssssss

    she’s bitch
    I love you Jake

  • brooke

    aww she looks so happy with him

  • Jasmine

    damnit, the one time i want that obnoxious shopping box thing to pop up, it doesn’t. i wanna know where i can find shoes like the ones reese is wearing!

  • great stars still around

    YES I am happy that she is dating her agent.. why not..!!! it is the in
    thing to do these days..!! What about Jake he is a free man now..
    who needs to be tied down with a mom with 2 kids…and a over
    bearing ex husband.. too.. he has the kids this weekend..

  • haka

    she went from jake to him? ok.

  • nicole

    Don’t mean to judge, but I don’t get how some people can move on so quickly.

    I mean, her and Jake were together for awhile, and now she’s holding hands with another guy. Just like that.

    I don’t know…I mean, I don’t know how people do it.

  • cutiemcfreckles

    Good for her! He is better looking that Gyllenhaal anyways

  • yuck

    Reese is one fugly biitch.

  • Jo

    Nicole … I agree with you.. But its Hollywood after all .. They probably have contracts and negotiations to accompany their real or faux relationships .. It’s all game in Hollywood ..

  • nini
  • lmao

    Reese Witherspoon doing a photo op with her “boyfried” for her birthday.
    What a cheap publicity wh0re she is!

  • F

    Another rental boyfriend?
    Reese Witherspoon surely is one insecure litle b-i-t-c-h.

  • Carrie

    Going from Jake Gyllenhaal to … that?!

    Woman obviously has no taste. And is a bit shallow for parading her new romance to the world as if she’s trying to say “yeah i’m completely over my old boyfriend so quickly!”

    Let’s just say it would take a lifetime for me to get over Jake, I would probably just become a nun :P

  • redbull

    Going from Ryan to Jake… that is a degrade.

  • Josie

    wow she moved on quick!! its like she was with jake just the other day….god , desperat momie much? lol

  • josephine

    Interesting that she’s not spending her birthday weekend with her kids. She really prioritizes the boyfriends doesn’t she.

  • T.O.

    This seems contrived. I call “showmance” on this one. As much as I like her, it appears that she just wants to be the first one to move on.

  • Dawn9476

    She owns a farm outside Ojai. Her kids could have been back at the house while her and Jim have some alone time.

  • Reeke 2.0

    LOL no self-respecting desperate actor in Hollywood could be paid enough to fake being her bf so a flunky at CAA had to do it. From Tooth to Toth, Reeke 2.0

  • Dawn9476

    Since Reese lives part time in the area, her kids could have also been with their friends in the area, too.

  • Jen

    I don’t know who he is, but she looks really happy! good for her!

  • josephine

    I certainly hope she’s not exposing her children to yet another live in boyfriend.

  • Reese stinks

    Witherspoon used Jake Gyllenhaal to sell “I’m better off after Ryan dumped me” PR.
    No she is selling “I’ve moved on” from fauxmance with Gyllenhaal.
    That phony bore is so predictable.

  • savannah

    <3 Jake&Reese

  • appee

    it seems so soon…so so soon

  • julie

    I agree with Nicole. No disrespect and not to judge but I am often surprised how ppl move on so quickly in Hollywood. I mean, divorce, bam, new boyfriend, bam, three years together and it’s over, bam, new boyfriend bam,… I mean, if you really love someone, you might need time to grieve? Bleh.

  • lu

    i love her… but it’s too soon for another relationship!

  • blahh

    @julie: bam BAM BAM!

  • Dawn9476

    For those saying it is too soon, we have no idea when Jake and Reese actually broke up. Yeah the announcement came in December but they could have been broken up a while before that.

  • Pattycake

    @Dawn9476: Nope, pix of Ryan with the kids on Sat shopping for groceries. What happened to her quote, “My parents will be in town, so I’m just going to have a quiet day with them and my kids.” OK. She did say DAY. “Mom, Dad, kids, you got one day ’cause I’m spending the weekend having PR shots of me with my agent, er, I mean boyfriend.”

  • Lin

    Wow!!!!!!! New Relationships ~~~So Quickly

  • holly wood

    This guy has a reputation as a huge party animal and a total player with women. What is she doing with him? On a more superficial level he has such a enormous head his baseball cap looks stupid.

    She downgraded her downgrade IMO.

  • Inaru

    Wow she moved on fast! if she didn’t have children i’d say whatever! good for you, but when you have children is not good to go from one relationship to another that fast, i don’t think it is good for them to have one person in their lives and then have that person disappear and pretty soon get replaced by another.

  • emma

    He’s hairy and stupid looking. This is a major downgrade for Little Miss Type A with a stick up her butt. I don’t consider him a catch at all.

  • Deedz

    Rebound? I think so.

  • miapocca

    The smart one who end the relationship often have known for a while..they probably spend a thier time pulling away for the last 6 months or so, therefore when they tell you its over, its really over for them because they have been pulling away for a while…the shocked ones are those who need time to grieve because they were sitll in it when the other partner took of on them…they are now getting used to the idea of break up while the other had a 6 month head start..ahhah

  • loveisintheair

    Wait until she starts filming Water for Elephants with Robert Pattinson later this year. What should shippers call them? Pattinspoon? I hope there are lots of on set pics, she will get a lot of publicity because Twihards will not like her. I think she would be a great girlfriend for Rob in real life.

  • Kee

    Some people just move on quickly and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you need to find other interests in your life to let go of the old feelings. That way the hurt feelings won’t linger so long and you’re able to move on a lot quicker and start on something new and refreshing.

  • WHA?

    Those kids are da*n sure gonna have whip lash as she rotates men in and out of their lives.. At least now she can stop all the negative Jake PR.
    I have lost all the respect and admiration I ever had for her. How dare she publicly wage an anti-Jake campaign( he wanted all of me? he’s not really aware of what being a parent means)
    And for what…you hurt Jake…GOOD rIddance Jake!
    Jake can any Man or Woman he wants… to bad he spent so much time with Reese “The Chin” Witherspoon!

  • holly wood

    So based on #36′s theory she must have been well over Ryan before she ended her marriage but she still made it look like he was the bad guy for leaving her for another woman.

  • slambang

    UGH – she makes me sick.

    TEAM JAKE!!!

  • sg

    “The cute couple is in town celebrating Reeseā€™s 34th birthday”

    That is NOT a cute couple. All chin.

  • Persilla

    Reese can’t be seen to be without a man! I agree she moved on very fast. But then, word is, this “spare ” was already auditioning, before Jake got the word! Don’t much like this woman. She never met a photo opportunity she didn’t like. This will definitely elp that bikini contest judge! He will move up at CAA because of Reese. Hah!

  • ke$haluv

    SO FAKE, let’s not forget this gem answering phones for hope for haiti, so fake it is just pathetic

  • Pattycake

    @holly wood: Good one! Except I think that’s exactly what happened.

  • adrianna

    homegirl moves on fast !!

  • Apres Ski

    TO YUCK in this post
    You forgot to say, “one extremely RICH, ugly bitch!”

    And don’t forget, money talks, you know what walks . . .

  • lisa

    Jesus, she is a slut!

  • Persilla

    No more Reese Witherspoon movies for me. She’s huge phoney. Played out. I’ll catch it on cable.

  • Sara

    LOL at all of you. So many assumptions. Her ex-husband probably had the kids – recall those pics we saw a few days ago with him and the kids? They share custody. Shocker, I know. This also says she’s dating *an* agent. Who says it’s her agent? She’s on a publicity stunt…yes, in Ojai (which, fyi, isn’t in LA). She’s not hanging out at Hollywood paparazzi hotspots. As far as Jake goes…who really knows how long ago they really split up. Certainly not the posters on this board.