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Rosie O'Donnell: New Daytime TV Show!

Rosie O'Donnell: New Daytime TV Show!

Rosie O’Donnell is developing a daytime talk show to host.

According to THR, the 48-year-old funnywoman will produce the show through a company formed her herself, Scott Carlin, former head of HBO Domestic Distribution, and and Dick Robertson, ex head of Warner syndication.

The show will possibly launch in fall of 2011 — the same time that Oprah‘s talk show will go off the air.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Rosie back on the small screen — YAY or NAY?

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  • Kelly

    I loved her old talk show…hopefully it is similar

  • Ben


  • Sam

    YES YES YES. Really enjoyed her Rosie show – lots of fun, games, audience participation, great guests. She’s a favorite of mine so hope she does a new show – - when she is ready.

  • Norma Stitz


  • Lou Skunt


  • Dixie Recht

    D yke

  • Anita Hanjobe

    Pumpkin Head.

  • Gaye Bathause

    Carpet Muncher.

  • Anon

    Good for Rosie. Wow, look at the haters.

  • ck

    Another 911 truther nutjob. No thanks.

  • Galey

    I would love it. Yes

  • Mary

    No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a bopolar loud mouth.

  • LuckyL

    She had a great show, they left everyone hanging abruptly. Now she wants one again because she’s out of a job–no longer interested. At least Cruise and her will no longer be one another’s beards.

  • Ilia

    I hope she does something similar to Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect”. I am interested, unless it’s another boring, bullsh*t daytime crap!

  • anne

    i will never watch this show.

  • to sam

    you want to know why she lost that “great show” of hers. go on to you tube and find the interview rosie did with tom selleck just before her show got cancelled. then you will understand why the network pulled the plug. to put it bluntly; rosie messed up big time.

  • Ben

    @to sam:

    Actually that’s not true at all. The infamous interview with Tom Selleck was in May 1999 and the show did not end until May 2002 – three years later – and that was under Rosie’s own choice.

    I’m not a big fan of Rosie’s especially in the years since her show but that is flat out incorrect to say it was because of that interview

  • Jan

    She sees no ones opinions but her own. She is immature and childlike. If someone is gay no matter what they do she loves them. That is so DUMB. I will NOT watch her yell at someone and get paid for it again.

  • to ben

    yes, you’re right that the interview was in may 1999 and her show got cancelled in may 2002. however, this i know for a fact, the interview with tom selleck was showen to the powers that be when they were deciding to cancel or renew.

    the interview was used to show them just how out of controll rosie was and always had been . it never entered rosie’s mind that this interview with tom would used against her 3 years later. lesson number one, never ever give anyone anything that can be used against you, yes even years later. second lesson, if you do give people something they can use against you later make sure it is not on film.

  • Inaru


  • MR. Sekss


  • Lillianne

    I love Rosie. I disagree with many of her opinions. Most of her opinions. I hope she has gotten a grip on her anger problem.

  • Morgan


  • Sam

    # 16 and #19 (same same same, as Rosie would say). You are wrong. Flat out wrong! Rosie wanted her show to end because she was doing the family thing adopting her gorgeous children. You know nothing but what gossips in the media incorrectly report. I know from Rosie herself (at her blog) that she chose to end that show. She said it then and she says it now, with many of her firends backing that up for her.

    Rosie was good on The View, funny and had lots of audience involvement. That Elisabeth is one awful mouth to have had to put up with – it’s no wonder Rosie lost her way.

    I will watch her new show, happily.

    P.S. Thanks Ben – you don’t have to like Rosie, but what you said is the truth. Good job.

  • catman
  • Sam

    Ummm, ‘catman’, that is only one version, spun by the media. There are many more and they all differ. I saw the show in question and the shows leading up to that final show. Rosie comes off as being loud and pushier only because people use their eyes and not their minds. Elisabeth is a loud mouth, rude, insulting embarrassment. She has conitinued to fight with everyone on The View. I don’t blame Rosie for losing her way on that show. Elisabeth’s mouth is always going – no compassion, no care, no sense, just blah blah blah.

    That is my spin!

  • oy

    Poor Bonnie Hunt. Her talk show failed because she was the only non-lesbian. Oprah, Ellen – now Rosie. Are lesbians the only women with something to say?

  • Jay

    I went to NYC to see her show and I was so impressed. She was so nice and the whole experience left me an even bigger fan. Saying that I have notice a change in her a bitterness and rudeness. I think if she focuses on herself and healing and she can go back to the woman she was it will be an amazing show. I hope she goes for I will watch for sure and if I leave the show feeling inspired and uplifted I will continue to watch….if not I will ditch it.

  • Sam

    Jay – excellent post. Rosie did have some issues, we all do. The media, as usual, spun her’s out of control. She didn’t help herself either though and it was time for a rest for that girl. She has had her rest and looks good and says she feels better (on her blog). It might be time for her to try again – sure hope so! I’ll be watching too.

  • Terri

    I cannot wait for her to return. She is a blast to watch and has more empathy than any of the other talk shows. She brings awareness to those less fortunate and has the most generous heart. I think the ones that are writing negative things are more very young children.

  • Anderson

    I loathe her and find some of her comments socially irresponsible if not outright crazy/dumb.

  • Terri

    I went to see the huffingtonpost article and remembered that it was written by Rachel Sklar. I am unsure if any of the people reading this are aware that she is the woman that stalked Rosie years ago. She was given a restraining order and was given community service for her criminal actions regarding Rosie.
    It is very sad to see that she is still gaining notoriety for being a very unhealthy and unbalanced person.

  • Sam

    Terri – good post. I didn’t know this about Rosie and the so called ‘writer’ of that article. However, I knew it was just one opinion from someone that is obviously bitter.

  • In The Know

    Talk about kicking a dead talentless horse………

  • missy

    If RO is all ABC can come up with, you can see they are almost out of gas. There’s no talent anywhere, they have to bring back that fat, lesbo, has-been.

  • Amber-louise

    As long as Oprah is no longer on TV in 2011, I don’t care who has a show. Oprah sucks at interviewing, she always interrupts the guest and I really believe she talks and talks just to hear the sound of her own voice. Go Rosie!

  • Sam

    ‘In the know’ – you can stop posting that link now, it’s still old old news and very very tiresome. :)

    P.S. Are implying DT has talent?

  • Allan Kleer

    Here in Miami and most especially in Miami Beach, Rosie is a fixture and frequently seen around South Beach where she goes to vacation on Star Island. We love her, and wish she would be #1 again on daytime TV!

  • Jeff Kinasz

    Rosie put that blog up about adopting her beautiful children to save her own ass. She kept going around the issue, completely ignoring what Tom was saying. Everytime he made a comment, all she heard was noise, and then came back with something he wasn’t even talking about. That is just rude to treat a guest in such a manner. And I’m glad Rosie sprung hypocritically back and said it was ok for her bodyguards to have guns at this million mom march because they are registered…She thinks her life is more important than everyone elses, except the homosexual population of course. I have guns, and a lot of them. Would I ever take someone elses life? No. Would I ever defend myself or my family? Yes, I would be hesitant, but I would act. I think Rosie needs to understand this isn’t the United States of Rosie. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I could go into a school with a chair leg and take out a bunch of people, or even a blowgun. Or even a knife. Take away guns, that means you also have to take away any sharp object from the American people because they are just as dangerous. And crime has just gone up because now kids have to steal the guns and kill people in that process too. Parents need to quit pushing there kids off, a good parent would know when the child has a problem and would get help before the kid pulls a gun. Simple as that.

  • facebook backgrounds

    enjoyed watching compilation of highlights of the show’s first season dvd

  • best indoor house plants

    IS the show still being aired or stopped.?