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Sam Worthington Covers 'Details' April 2010

Sam Worthington Covers 'Details' April 2010

Avatar star Sam Worthington takes the hot April 2010 cover of Details, on stands this week. Here’s what the 33-year-old Aussie actor shared:

On finding interviews excruciating: I’m still a very boisterous young man,” he says, in his bristly Aussie accent. “And I swear a bit more than I should. So I’m learning to temper it, you know?”

On his standard-issue Aussie boyhood: “I’m not a great fan of people who say they put a sheet up in the backyard when they were 7 and entertained all the neighbors. When I was 7, I thought I was a f–king fire truck.”

You can next catch Sam in the April 2nd release of the blockbuster Clash of the Titan. Watch the trailer! He’s also now the favorite to succeed Daniel Craig as the next 007.

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  • hotness

    This man is beautiful, talented, and MANLY!!! That is rare to find in Hollywood. I love that he dates a normal woman. No trying to get more famous by who he dates. Alexander Skarsgard should take some notes from Worthington! Maybe he could actually get decent movies.

  • Jen

    Love this guy. Funny and cute.

  • ka-blamo

    strangely delicious!

  • haka

    more please

  • Amber

    In the running to succeed Daniel Craig? Are you kidding me? I love Worthington, but the reboot series just got started. I want many more movies of Craig as Bond – he is sublime.

  • Samantha Bullcrud

    Wow! So they’re gonna just start throwing money at him, huh?

    Well, at least Daniel Craig can get back to acting. Daniel is an amazing actor.

  • dreadhead

    Ahahahhahahaha, I love the firetruck thing. Was he slow or something?

  • Lazlo

    Ok we get it Sam, you’re a working-class lad, you’re not the Hollywood type, that’s why you chose to act in this little-seen indie called Avatar.

  • to 5

    suceed in 2020

  • Halli

    That was Sam on the cover? That is the worst picture I’ve seen of him

  • James Bond!

    Sam would bring a breath of fresh air to the Bond franchise. Craig never appealed to me he’s too old.

  • to 11

    any more fresh air and the Franchise would collapse due to overkill by oxygen

  • Bia

    Sam is amazing!

  • Sarah

    very talented

  • scrug

    to be a good Bond, he needs to have a good English accent(and he can’t. He even hasn’t a good US accent) but if Bond becomes australian, why not?!

  • suesturm

    I could do verybad things with him yummi

  • Beauty

    He’s alright, but I still LOVE Adam Lambert’s cover the best. And he’s every bit as MANLY as this guy! And more! It takes some real BALLS to do what Adam has done! Not to mention Adam’s ability to stand tall and smile in the face of so much homophobia, hate and deaththreats to himself and his family! I’m soooo happy to see that Canada, Austrailia, Japan and now the UK have embraced this man for talented and wonderful person he truly his and did not let his sexuality get in the way of his music. ☺

    A man loving another man does not make him into a woman. And a man “loving” a woman does not make him a man, neccessarily, either! Here’s to MEN being, living and loving whoever, however, and whatever the F*CK they want! (as long as no one gets hurt☺)

  • 2 #11

    Sean Connery anyone??? The throngs of moviegoers who watched him in the role didn’t seem to let ageism get in their way. Youth isn’t always sexy, smart, sophisticated or appealing.

  • Dreads

    He’s deliciously yummy and yeah, MANLY sexy. I love that. And the fact that he dates someone not famous. I wanna see him more often, he seems cool. By the way @dreadhead: Are you trying to copy my name??!?!?! I am the only one “dread” here, be original once in your life! :p

  • to 18

    and youth combined with mediocre acting skills isn’t any better

  • to james bond

    sam as bond?? never! in the first place; james bond is british NOT AUSTRALIAN. secondly, i cannot picture him in that role.

  • james

    i gotta get this issue!! he is one of my new obsessions!! i just hope he doesn’t start doing shitty romantic comedies a la gerard butler. or tuen into a hue douche a la gerard butler!!

  • nicole

    Samster, you are so HAWT!!!

  • rpatzfan

    he’s so hot and talented!

  • Lin

    He does nothing for me

  • liza

    He’s a hot, no-nonsense guy, shame about the acting : /

  • dreadhead

    @Dreads: Can’t help but imitate a great name like yours! ha! :P

  • me me me

    he’s likable, and he really made the terminator for me. i hope he stays around for awhile. don’t get the fire truck thing though, i hope it was some kind of metaphore, otherwise the i am sam title really fits perfectly :P

  • Rain Again

    Sam makes it wet!

  • pretty young girl


  • Amber-louise

    Are you sure he’s only 33? He looks more like 43 in that magazine cover pic.

  • background layouts

    burning hot as always