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Ben Affleck Launches Eastern Congo Initiative

Ben Affleck Launches Eastern Congo Initiative

Ben Affleck is raising awareness to the troubled African nation of Congo.

The 37-year-old actor has launched the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), an advocacy and grant-making initiative with the mission of helping the Congolese people support local community-based approaches that create a sustainable and successful society in the long-troubled region.

“The situation in eastern Congo has been neglected for far too long – it is one of the worst humanitarian tragedies in the world,” said Ben, who returned today from a five-day trip to the region. “I brought together this unique collection of partners in order to bring their experience in humanitarian relief and sustainable development to bear as we focus like never before on local solutions to challenges in this region. Right now, the attention paid to this crisis doesn’t match the needs of those affected by it. We will raise that attention level, and work with the extraordinary Congolese people who are making a positive difference in their own communities.”

To get involved, visit!

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  • great stars still around

    Isn’t this old from like last year.. when he did it before he promoted
    his movie State of Play.. going to the congo and it was on 20/20

    Just saying..???

  • sniffer

    Why do we never see him with his family, esp his wife, anymore?

  • ka-blamo

    Remember when he used to hawt?

  • Honeybunn

    No this isn’t the same news.

    Ben is now the Director of the ECI group. He has finally finish setting up enough backers for his foundation. This why Ben is now officially announcing this program for aid support for local humanitarian groups in Congo to be funded by his foundation. One of his backers is Jimmy Buffet’s son. The people of Congo need all the help they can get. I hope Ben’s foundation can make a difference for the Women and Child there.

  • Honeybunn

    I meant Women and Children.

  • Ash

    I can’t stand this guy – he seems like such a selfish prIck

  • mimi

    Yeah, yeah Ben you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!!!! will we be seeing you with an African child on each side of your hip? Anything for attention..people with money think they are so importan!!!!Ben has always been a racist!!!!

  • S3WA

    Nice work, Ben. Looks like humanitarian work has humbled him.

  • nikki

    who can say whether or not it’s authentic?? I applaud him because I agree that the Congo is a neglected area. We can sit here all day and debate the intentions behind a celeb’s charity work, but I say that any attention is good for the cause and may help bring awareness.

  • happy girl

    Awesome. He is smart and a nice guy.

  • happy girl

    Awesome. He is smart and a nice guy.

  • shamrock

    I’m extremely shocked that the people on this board do not support this cause. Instead they make venomous comments about a person that is attempting to make a difference in a country where life is tragic and disastrous for humanity. People need to gain a different perspective and open their eyes to the world around them. That is Ben’s goal here in my honest opinion.

    Fully supportive of global charities and causes such as this that will make a difference for the people around the world. Life is fragile and we should never take it for granted. Give with your hearts and help those who need it when you can.

    Ben is a shining star*

    All the best to him with much happiness and success~

  • J

    You know, each to their own, but what about celebs helping out HERE at home for a change. Kids here are abused, neglected, without food and living in less than stellar conditions every day and all these celebs can do is draw attention to things going on elsewhere. Same for celebs adopting overseas, it’s “fashionable” to adopt from foreign countries while kids here sit and wait for homes. Just once I’d like for someone to draw attention to atrocities going on here at home.

  • shamrock


    We should pay attention to the people in our country as well. Don’t get me wrong! All people in this country and around the globe that live in unfortunate situations should be helped by others that have the tools or resources to do so. It’s that some people seem to be in denial that life is very horrific to humanity in Eastern Congo, Darfur, Ethiopia, and so forth. This is eye opening to others and let’s the people know we can make a difference with the movement or changes we make every day.


  • TC

    Good job for humanitarian, God Bless Ben & all Affleck’s family.

  • TC

    I mean Affleck family

  • missy

    I’ll bet commie boy is happy!

  • missy

    Who gives a crap about the Congo!

  • missy

    all over the world the blacks are killing each other and we’re supposed to give a damn. Now we have King Tut in the WH and he’s turning America into the hood!

  • ma74

    Finally someone is speaking out on the issue.This war has been going on for too long.Not enough peacekeepers and nobody cares cause it’s complex…and it’s Africa.Using rape as a weapon war is absolutely disgusting.

  • Bonnie


  • ka-blamo


    and people like you give the mentally challenged a bad name. Isn’t there a shortbus somewhere waiting for you to board it back to Tardville??

  • bull

    Ben Affleck will not make a difference in the Congo, these celebrities never do, they only hinder progress.

  • Sun

    I think Ben may run for public office one day. He’s paying his dues. It seems to me that he’s more interested in politics than movies anyway.

  • Lainey

    If you’re so concerned about celebs saving kids in other countries – why don’t you follow Matt Damon and his wife for a week? She has THREE kids living in two different states being raised by nannies for hire just so she can follow her LORD, MASTER and PAPARAZZI MAGNET all over the world. When Matt Damon spends 7 consecutive days with ALL THREE of his ALLEGED KIDS I’ll personally donate money to one of his scam funds! BTW – his third movie in 6 months FAILED AGAIN at the box office! How will he pay his wife for all those lap dances now?

  • Comments are Sad

    I can only wish that some of the ignorant comments on here are for the sake of attention and truly not how other human beings feel.

    This is not a fly by night cause for Ben. He supported a doc. on the cause—The Reporter. He himself went to the Congo. He supported a benefit for Women in the Congo and now this organization.

    Question for some of the naysayers……………what have you done today, yesterday for those in your own community, State, Country? How have you tried to make a difference in your own life, yet another person?

  • Honeybunn

    Ben does help at home.

    He was in Washington a couple of weeks ago participating in a poker tournament for (The Paralyzed Veterans of America Org) benefit. Ben has supported this organization for several years now. He also supports the Org. that ships care packages from CA to US troupes deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. They actually have footage on their web site of one of the directors giving Ben an USA Flag that was flown over Iraq by the Air Force as a Thank You to Ben for all his support over the years. Ben works with a lot of charities at Home. So …… go do some research before you post your hateful comments.
    What have some of you protesters done to help our fellow Americans in these hard times????? Probably not more then Ben.

  • christie

    celebs and their attention-getting causes. they do love the commies, tho. Usually when you see these poor conditions in these poor black countriest its because of their dictator/thug mentality. the guy with the biggest club gets to be king! Chavez, Castro the jerks in Haiti they’re all THUG nations! Even Iraq was a thugocracy.

  • lindie

    i wish i had the power to help as much as he does.. :)


    MATT didn’t do to well with Invicutis the one he was nominated for
    an Oscar.. Either… With out his usual co stars he can’t hold a movie
    unless it is a trio set… Bourne, Ocean Now Matt is getting a award
    on Saturday with his old co stars George, Ben Stiller etc..

    GETTING BACK TO BEN this is something that is close to his heart
    and that he wants to work at helping people yes it is like Angie who
    does appearances for P.R.

  • Dee

    Some of the comments here are so sick. Honestly, give this guy a break already. What is wrong with celebrities doing good? Perhaps more people should find a cause, instead of sitting on their butts bashing others via blogs. Ben has been helping out in Congo for a couple of years now, so I’m glad to hear that he is continuing his efforts. Do some research before you judge those trying to help innocent people. You might be suprised at what you learn!

  • Gedeon Kalombo

    c est vraiment louable de voir de gens comme vous de pense sur nous Africains et particulie les Congolais. Tenez bon et tu reussuras. Que Dieu puis t ouvrir des portes.