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Gisele Bundchen: New in Nike Town!

Gisele Bundchen: New in Nike Town!

Giesel Bundchen is a protective mommy, covering her newborn son Benjamin Brady‘s face as they go shopping at Nike Town on Monday morning (March 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old supermodel recently launched a skincare line called Sejaa Pure Skincare, which has this philosophy: “Love life. We do that by being conscious, being grateful for what we’ve been given and by taking care of what we value”including our planet, each other and ourselves.”

FYI: Gisele is using her Ergo baby carrier!

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen looking Nike new…

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gisele bundchen nike town 01
gisele bundchen nike town 02
gisele bundchen nike town 03
gisele bundchen nike town 04
gisele bundchen nike town 05
gisele bundchen nike town 06
gisele bundchen nike town 07
gisele bundchen nike town 08
gisele bundchen nike town 09
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gisele bundchen nike town 11
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  • anza

    first???? pretty mum!!!!!!

  • S3WA

    What a hot mom, I think she’s just as gorgeous without makeup. That baby is going to be a heartbreaker.

  • Brit

    She’s a beauty!

  • anonymous

    Awww…how cute! She look fantastic!
    I wish we could get a little peek of his face, i’m sure he’s adorable!

  • Josie

    she has a hard face….know who else has a hard face? Jennifer aniston and SJP.

  • cindy

    Awesome Gi, cute benjamin!

  • lisali

    I love Gisele pictures..but the paparazzi are getting over the top..the guy holding his camera up in the air trying to get a picture of the baby????? NOT cool!

  • momo

    omg, Gisele looks fab! she’s such a nice girl, and privacy to her really means something, i love that!

    1.5million donation, that’s a huge huge huge amount, proud to be her fan

  • Jay

    I don’t get why people think she is so great? All she does is parade around…showing off her “ok” body and teasing the photographers with her baby. Highly conceited person.

  • sue

    I find it funny that she makes sure to hide her son from all the paparazzi but she paraded Tom’s other son around for the whole world to take pictures of.

  • lala

    awww. dang wish the paps would leave her alone. she is gorgeous. love her bone structure!!!! amazing cheekbones.

  • love

    what a lovely mum, she’s gorgeous

  • KMcG

    So she’s a great mom b/c she’s beautiful?! I’m pretty sure that one has nothing to do with the other. She may be great, but let’s get real. And I do agree that with her stepson, everything was a photo op to show how involved she was. With this one, she’s all of a sudden protective.

  • tt

    Gorgeous gisele.

  • ehh


    ehh I think that is way overanalyzing it. this one’ needs his head supported because he is a baby! that is all she is doing. geez.
    and yes Im sure she does feel more protected over Benjamin. its only natural. mother instinct. respect

  • emilio

    Gisele was living in Boston hardly seen for almost 9 months and didn’t show her baby for 3 months. I hardly call that “showin off” more like she needs to get out again! that’s all it is. she is only trying to get back to normal. what now she cant leave her house or its showing off? LMAO

  • townsend


    anything better than fat faces.

  • Josie

    “fat faces” are actually cute, looks youthful to have a full face, look at adriana lima, esti ginzburg , doutzen krues etc. cute faces which men prefer more than manly “hard” faces.
    a “soft” face with plump full lips and a nice toned/thin body is the best. Women look better and more feminine with fuller faces.

  • townsend


    nope not to me they looks more average. tell me something, go look up top facial procedures in america…..and then tell me why everything has to do with create jawlines,sculpt face,add definition, get higher cheekbones,etc..etc..its never um how to make your face fatter and plump lol. that is “blah”. its cost money to get bone structure like gisele’s. whereas all it takes to get a plump face is eat lots of chips and drink lots of alcohol!

  • helen

    @sue: oh cut it out. as far as I can see from these pictures, she’s just normally holding the baby. he looks asleep, what is she supposed to do? grab him at arms lenght so the paparazzi can get a nice shot? please. say what you want about her, that you find her ugly, or manly, or overrated, but don’t make this sh*t comparisons

  • helen

    @KMcG: I’m not even…. people can be so obtuse.

  • cammy


    sorry but I prefer gisele to all those people, lol. adriana and doutzen were prettier when they had thinner faces. now they always look bloated., what is “cute” about looking bloated? at least gisele never does. thank God, im sure she would lose lots of jobs!

  • ummm

    arent supermodels spose to have thin defined faces? for photography anyways its ideal.

  • axl

    gisele is great looking.

  • BON

    Gisele is gorgeous! people if you don’t think so why do you come here and waste your time staring at her?

  • jaja


    woman with fuller faces looks like size 14′s. not supermodels! lol

  • sky


    this is exactly what I was just about the point out. This girls is such a phoney hypocrite.

  • Jade

    so Gisele goes shopping and holds her baby as any mother would, and gets chased by paps, it makes her a hypocrite? hmm interesting…….don’t seee the correlation

  • bobbi

    Newborn’s eys are much more sensitive to those flashes of the paparazzi lenses. Im sure that’s why she’s protecting her baby.

  • GB

    cool from all the new topics Gisele and Brad Pitt have the most comments/attention then any others. show who the true pap favorites are. haters you are only making the paps love her more. when they see the attention she gets. maybe if you stop you wont have to see her here anymore. lol so dont click on the a listers. go to the 3 comment d-listers hunnies.

  • why

    i’m always impressed at these women who hide their baby’s face when out in public doing things you know they normally have assistant do. in other words, she’s out b/c she wants to be photographed w/her kid.

  • Leslie


    Im sure she is not protecting him, just holding her baby as any mother would. lol you guys whine and complain about Gisele putting herself on a pedestal, but sounds to me, that is what you guys do…….

    the ONLY difference between Gisele and other new moms is she has 100 flashing lights and paparazzi in her way, as she is walking. I think you’d be grasping onto your babies too! have a little empathy and put yourself in her shoes for this instance. what would you do? hold your babe loosely smiling and waving to the paps?

    the only ones sounding hypocritical right now are the people judging.

  • cool


    lol she hasnt been out of her house with her baby for 3 months. what she aint allowed to leave her house???? LOL thats funny. she is human.

  • abbie

    Oh please JARED…. I hope you won’t use too much space to show pictures of that skinny overrated person.

  • GB

    like I said, she has more comments then any other new post. lol keep it up and comment, she will always be paid attention to.

  • Aziz

    Gisele has a beautiful face. Ive never been one to be attracted to the chipmunk syndrome myself. Damn fine woman

  • Josie

    um…sorry, but men prefer Adriana lima, doutzen krues, esti ginzburg, bar rafeli etc who have fuller faces with plump lips. Never have i heard a guy say “that gizelle is so hot” or “that SJP and that jennifer aniston is so hot!”. never.
    However, i’ve heard many men say they find adriana and the rest i mentioned above, very attractive. I know men like “cuter more youthful faces more than thin, jawline so define you can cut an onion on it. those strong features are considered masculine and are only desired by gay men who work within fashion. Look at all the VS models, miranda kerr etc, those are the type of girls guys find attractive mostly, and funny I heard tom brady was hitting on adriana lima before he settled for giselle lol and also speaking of surgery, women are actually asking for collagen injections to get a fuller more youthful face . I know women would rather look like adriana lima than giselle bundchen AND i know men would rather look at adriana than giselle, look at google and how popular a google search of adriana lima was compared to giselle bundchen. That should say all. Men prefer a fuller roudner, cuter face with plump lips because it says the girl is young and fertile, a strong masculine face nose and jaw such as giselle’s ís not very popular with men, just look at I rest my case.

  • anonymous

    Love Gisele! She’s always out in normaly clothes, no make-up and looks fantastic. Keep the pics comin’, but please don’t get in their faces- its not good for the baby.

  • whocares


    josie we get it. you are an adriana lima fan. they always hate gisele and? I noticed girls who are plump always say bad things about gisele, lol. its nothing new.
    and wow youve never heard a guy think gisele was hot? whare have you been. she is on like every hot list voted by men so shut up. you dont make sense. anyways her successful career speaks miles……………….
    and yes Ive looked at all the vs mdoels that guys think are attractive. ….& Gisele was the biggest one u really dont make sense hunny. if you dont like gisele or her face no one is forcing you to look at it.
    to me and majority (and tom brady,leo decap LOL) think she is hizotttt.

  • tammy


    at least Gisele has perfect straight white teeth. Im more of a teeth person myself….means their breath smells fresh. bad teeth = bad breath.

    models should always have high cheekbones and straight teeth.

  • townsend

    hmm when you post your pictures on facebook or myspace do you choose the pic where your face looks chubby and a double chin was caught in the shot, or do you choose the one where you look extra thin and you can see your definition? lol I think no one wants the dreaded fat face with double chin look. ewwwww. hmm last time I read a cosmo mag, it was all about “ladies” how to get the cheekbones you always wanted….not “ladies” how to make your face look extra round and structureless. LMAO. go watch makeup youtube vids. I gurantee you will find vids on how to contour the face and cheekbones and my bet is you will have a hard time finding a vid on how to make your face look fatter. Hhah. supermodel cheekbones rule the world <3

  • Mark

    Josie I think you made your point clear Good for you.
    rounder faces are cute just as you said.
    defined faces are more on the sexy and exotic side, which I prefer anyday over “cute” girls.

  • townsend

    yep just checked youtube. it proves my theory perfectly.

  • Lindley

    She’s gained weight.

  • chelsea

    ALL RIGHT! people. everyone has different opinions and preferences. what evs. deal with it.

    Gisele is obviously a Supermodel for a reason. whether you like her look or not.

    I think she’s gorgeous. always have. more and likely always will


  • Josie

    eh, when i say “fat” or “full” face i don’t mean bloated/chubby face with no definition, obviously lol
    adriana lima and all the girls i mentioned do not have bloated faces but they do have more rounder fuller faces which make them look more feminine.
    learn to seperate, i love cheekbones, but giesele has very manly features, strong jaw, strong masculine nose, no pouty lips, very long face…just not sexy or cute. adriana lima has a cute AND sexy face. and that’s the combination i think most men like.

  • townsend

    well usually rounder faces can look bloated easily and they get big manly gymnast necks. they have to extra watch it. they gain 5 lbs it all goes to the face first. not cute. a girl with a thinner face can gain 20 lbs and her face wouldn’t change a bit. I think that is more desirable. but what ever different opinions.

    oh and ps. last time I checked giseles lips were perfectly pouty lol. love her jaw. she never has to load up on the bronzer to contour. lucky! don’t like the “gobble” neck rounder faced girls always seem to have. hey no offense, i assume you are a rounder faced girl therefore you dont like faces like gisele’s. thats cool. you aint paying her! haha thanks god.

  • Josie

    actually, i have an oval face shape, not skinny as giselles or round as adrianas (which i wish i had).
    look, i know people have different taste, i’m not trying to change yours.
    I prefer the cute/sexy fuller luminous pouty lip face with smaller nose + slim /thin body.
    others i guess prefer the more masculine look which is a strong jawline, straight hard nose and with normal sized lips (giselle). that’s great, to each their own. All i know is, men , most men, would prefer an adriana to a giselle.

  • Oh Please……

    Great, the daily Gisele and Benji show!

  • queeny

    I think she is a natural beauty personified <3 I could never look that pretty au naturale! lol