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Johnny Depp Parks It in Tokyo

Johnny Depp Parks It in Tokyo

Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton hit the red carpet during the Alice In Wonderland press conference held at Japan’s Park Hyatt Tokyo on Monday (March 22). The animated 3-D flick will open on April 17 in Japan.

Depp wore a cute bracelet with pastel plastic heart pendants. A gift from his daughter Lily, perhaps?

Alice in Wonderland was the #1 film in America for the third weekend in a row.

15+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp parking it in Tokyo…

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johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 01
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 02
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 03
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 04
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 05
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 06
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 07
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 08
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 09
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 10
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 11
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 12
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 13
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 14
johnny depp park hyatt tokyo 15

Photos: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty
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  • The Dame

    I like his eccentric style but he needs to get rid of the scarves and wear a smaller hat :)

  • Scarlet

    he needs a new look

  • Marieme

    Well, the man IS talented as well as visually entertaining. Lol. And of course, hot.

  • oy

    He does need a new look. Hillbilly zoot suit has to go. Never has such a handsome man worked so hard to unhandsomefy himself for no reason.

    We know you’re gorgeous, Johnny and extremely talented. Please dress like the star you are.

  • Orchid

    He looks horrible! Who says he is the sexiest? Ugh.

  • rossy40

    Johnny! Run for the hills… your so-called fans are telling you how to dress & look!
    Any REAL fan follows their favorite celebs REGARDLESS of looks, style, etc. He always been eccentric in style & attitude – Which is part of his personality & why he chooses such a mixed bag of roles & characters.


    I know this could sounds like a very stupid idea, but it comes to my mind the moment i see the bracelet.
    A few monts ago Brad Pitt wear a pink necklace done for his girls zahara and shiloh.
    could it be, if and only if is true that the Jolie Pitts visit him yesterday in venece that that bracelet be a present for the Jolie Pitt little girls?.
    Of curse this is only a crazy idea and it could be a gift for his doughter or a fan.

  • Maja

    Wait, so he’s not in Venice anymore…?
    Anyone knows if he’s going back to Venice after the premiere?

  • Maja

    *Sorry, after the conference…

  • *****

    johnny looks old and fat.

  • teri

    Looking forward to seeing the Tourist.

  • Nina

    He looks like a mad hatter lol

  • Bonnie

    I think Johnny Depp is hilarious the way he turns out for these premieres.
    It’s not about that for him. He’s just so talented, a true movie star/actor.
    He looks like he has bracelets from his kids on. That’s what he’s about.
    Vanessa and his kids not fame.
    The movie was excellent. I loved it and will see it again before the theaters pull it. The 3D was awesome. Best movie in years.
    Tim Burton is a genius and the entire cast was fantastic.

  • Matt

    I love all Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movies. He is an incredible actor.

  • Jess


    As adorable and cute that would be I have to say i’ve seen him wearing this bracelet before, so it’s probably just gift from his daughter! :)

  • dundies

    lol he always looks like a parody of johnny depp. He looks the best with long blonde hair (the secret window)

  • dundies

    Johnny has been wearing those bracelets (from his daughter) for a long time. I think he wears all the extra stuff (beard, hat, long hair) because it makes him feel safe?

  • jk

    ageless Johnny :)

  • jensenLUVER tanya


  • Flowers

    Always beautiful, sexy and talented.

  • juniper

    I really like Johnny Depp, and he has always had this rock and roll, artsy look, but I do feel he needs to clean it up a bit so he does not look dated. This look is not very flattering and doesn’t accentuate his good looks.

  • Lisa

    @REEVEN: I agree with you. Shiloh and Zahara made that braclet for Johnny Depp when they saw him on Sunday. I think Johnny’s Depp daughter is too old to make such a kiddie item. If Johnny Depp does a interview anytime soon, he may talk about his visit from the Jolie-Pitts. Like some said in another blog, Tom Cruise is fuming because he’s been wanting a playdate with Shiloh and Zahara for his little girl, but it did not happen. Now that photo -op would sell millions in the gossip rags.

  • Lisa

    I agree with you. Shiloh and Zahara made that braclet for Johnny Depp when they saw him on Sunday. I think Johnny’s Depp daughter is too old to make such a kiddie item. If Johnny Depp does a interview anytime soon, he may talk about his visit from the Jolie-Pitts. Like someone said in another blog, Tom Cruise is fuming because he’s been wanting a playdate with Shiloh and Zahara for his little girl, but it did not happen. Now that photo -op would sell millions in the gossip rags.

  • Dreads

    Visually entertaining INDEED.

  • nicole

    No, they didn’t make the bracelet for him. I’ve been a Johnny fan for a long time. He started wearing those bracelets, that his daughter would make for him, around the time “Pirates” came out.

    Just do a google pic search, you’ll see.

  • cheesecake

    I don’t find anything hot about his hobo look. Maybe interesting in a kooky “hey, what the hell is that?” kind of way, but definitely not hot. Like someone said, he’s a parody.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    Sloppy and ugly

  • Ily

    wow! i love him!

  • helen

    feck, this man can wear anything.

  • cathy

    OK I have loved Johnny since Elm Street and Jump Street so I really say this with a lot of love for him this look is just like Captain Sparrow it needs to be retired. Enough of the starving artist look it’s been done to death he has so much more class then that plus he is getting just a little too old to carry it off anymore, again just my opinion. I havent even seen Alice yet because as much as I adore him and think he is an amazing actor I honestly dont think I can set thru another 2hrs or more of him being Captain Jack Sparrow. I wish he would use that talent for a different type of movie and god help us all when the 4th installment of Pirates comes out . Now I do know that people here will not agree with me but so be it these are my feelings

  • nicole

    Why can’t a person wear what makes them happy?

    People put too much importance on clothes.

    He’s happy with himself, so let him be.

  • anon

    agree.. i used to be a huge fan, but now i just find him boring. its ok to play nutty characters a few times, but now i just see the same facial ticks…

    and yeah – that bracelet was made for him years ago by his daughter, it was in an interview.

  • joe

    his latest roles and movies are terribly boring and awful. good for teens audience but very poor artistically.

  • brenda

    this is for orchid and joe,maybe both are blind because johnny is thin and he STILL looks young and hot,he always dress like that,what is the big deal?’ And alice was a good movie ,he did a very good job,I love it,he was so cute in the movie.,and it seems that the people liked it because Alice and Jhonny are number ONE for ·3 WEEKS! Not only in America all around the world too!! Face it haters

  • brenda

    Hey orchid,do you know who looks old and ugly?..BRAD PITT DOES,brad looks horrid with that nasty beard,his face looks like a bulldog face,and that jaw is so big!! I think he needs that bear to cover that larger jaw,Yuck

  • Johnny Depper

    What brand of jeans is Johnny Depp wearing at the Tokyo premiere? Anyone know?

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  • Zoe.B

    G’day Johnny, I don’t care what people say, you are the BEST!
    It is up to you how you look, not for other people to tell how to look and or dress. You don’t tell them how to look, so why can they tell you?!
    Its your life, and that means, your decisions. People will try and change your thoughts, but the are your thoughts, not theirs.
    Keep up the good work, and do what you want to do.
    Lifes a Climb. You just need to keep positive and keep moving.
    Best Regards and good health to you and all your family.
    Zoe (Australia) (Your A True Blue Mate!!!)

  • JDF

    @The Dame: No he doesn’t!

  • JDF

    @Scarlet: No he doesn’t need a new look, his original, quirky style is great and unique

  • JDF

    @Orchid: YOU look horrible and not him! He looks gorgeous as always and yes he IS the sexiest! Deal with it.

  • JDF

    @joe: Not really! How the hell were Alice In Wonderland, Public Enemies, Sweeney Todd, etc terribly boring and awful???? You are delusional if you think only “teen audience” liked them! The fact that they made millions and billions shows that many people loved them.

  • JDF

    @*****: You wish he looked old and fat! He looks youthful and fit.

  • JDF

    @dundies: How the hell does he look like parody of Johnny Depp???? He changes his style sometimes, you know?

  • JDF

    @juniper: Clean it up? He looks pretty cleaned up to me and he does not look “dated” because nobody dresses or dressed the way he does before.

  • JDF

    @cheesecake: Do you really think that he dresses like that for you to find him “hot” ?? It’s hot and how the hell is he a parody you utter idiot?

  • JDF

    @sharyllee: Yes, you are sloppy and ugly! Johnny on the other hand is fit and beautiful.

  • JDF

    @anon: You mean that you used to be a FAKE fan who did not get him? How the hell is he boring? He always plays different kind of roles and movies and try to do thing that he has never done in the past. He always take risks.

    His facial “ticks” are always fresh and fifferent too!

  • JDF

    @cathy: How exactly is this look just like Sparrow???? ARE YOU BLIND? It’s nothing like Jack Sparrow’s look! And how the hell is it a starving artist look???? You make no sense, that’s just how he freaking dresses!!

    And how was he being Sparrow in Alice In Wonderland? It was something he’s never done before and he was nothing like Sparrow in the role.

    And didn’t he use his amazing talent for a different type of movie with Sweeney Todd, Public Enemies, The Tourist, The Rum Diary, Transcendence, etc???

    The 4 Pirates movie was great and it made a billion dollars. Suck it.