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Taylor Swift is ACM Adorable

Taylor Swift is ACM Adorable

Check out this new video from Taylor Swift!

The 20-year-old Grammy winner, who’s nominated for four Academy of Country Music Awards, put together a For Your Consideration video with her team to show why they think Tay should take home the top prizes in her categories.

Taylor is up for Entertainer of the Year, Top Female Vocalist of the Year, Song of the Year and Video of the Year!

Don’t miss Taylor and your other country favorites on the ACMs, airing Sunday, April 18 on CBS!

Taylor Swift: For Your ACM Consideration
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  • Infamous

    I’m getting a little tired of Taylor Swift. THen again I was never a fan of hers

  • Jett

    Lmao!! She is soooo cute!

  • Paula

    Hahaha!! Funny.

  • Will

    Very down to earth, She seems like a cool girl

  • lol

    how can someone not love her? she is so normal, humble and nice

  • katelyn

    wait, was that last part supposed to be about miley?

  • Ryan


  • teri

    Seems like a sweet young girl. Let me guess the jennifer analston hags only think jennay can be a sweetheart.

  • Ty

    VOTE FOR CARRIE UNDERWOOD for top female vocalist (Taylor can’t sing worth crap). entertainer of the year, and song. Taylor does not deserve these awards no more than she did the grammys taken away from other deserving artists. Her record company admitted that she can’t sing–but she is working on it. WTF. I thought you were supposed to be able to sing (not studio enhanced) to win these awards. Where are you Kanye???????????

  • MajorIndulgence

    I hope John Mayer hasn’t ravaged her.

  • alice

    It’s sad to see all these haters here. You got nothing to do in life so you just hate on articles of people you dislike. Get a life. TAYLOR SWIFT ROCKSS!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Jasonkc

    Totally agree…WITH TY!!! God she is really getting under my skin! This whole I am nerd girl just like you BS has got to stop. She better not win. Someone like Carrie with REAL VOCAL TALENT DESERVES TO WIN!

  • Jasonkc

    Oh…I’ll just respond now to anyone who wants to be all “you’re a hater ..go comment somewhere else, we love Taylor”…go F*ck yourselves. It’s my opinion.

  • Ashley

    It’s a joke you guys it’s supposed to be funny. And I think she totally deserves it. I’m a bit concerned that the video leaked. They are traditionally just supposed to be for the voters. And the acm’s are not fan voted only country music can decide.

  • ohwoww

    I absolutely agree with Ty &Jasonkc, Carrie Underwood is SO MUCH more talented than Taylor Swift & especially deserves Top Female Vocalist (because after all Carrie does have the BEST/TOP female voice!) !
    It’s just getting ridiculous!
    I’m just so tired of Taylor Swift winning all the awards that she doesn’t even deserve because she’s honestly not that talented.

    GO CARRIE!(:

  • really

    i will not be voitng for tired of taylor swift

  • Jen

    I am so so so tired of seeing Taylor Swift win awards that she doesn’t deserve. I’m also sick of her “oh gee me? really?” fake surprised face she does everytime she wins an award. And why is she making a video of the reasons why she should win? I will definitely NOT be voting for her for Entertainer of the Year.

  • Just-Me

    How in the world did this girl win so many awards? She can’t even sing. My neighbor’s cat even sound better than her.

  • cutiemcfreckles

    this geeky/cutesy schtick is getting SO OLD!

  • Ms Anonymous


    She does deserve the awards, I like both Carrie and Taylor, I’m allowed to admire them both. She deserves all the awards she is nominated for, so BACK THE EFF OFF. She doesn’t deserve the hate.

  • Ms Anonymous


    How about you screw yourself, first? Loser.

  • Voted

    PLEASE DON’T VOTE FOR CARRIE UNDERWOOD: I can’t believe someone is in here campaigning for her. If you don’t want taylor to win at least root for Miranda Lambert someone who truly deserves an award, poor girl because of Carrie, Miranda Lambert has never won any vocal awards. Carrie is just as over awarded as Taylor Swift, and I was very happy when Taylor started taking awards from that woman, prior to Tayor the CMA’ and ACM’s acted as if Underwood was the only female artist out there in the last 5 years. Howevre, Taylor does deserve the awards this year for the simple fact, she had the biggest impact in music of all the artists nominated. If you don’t want taylor to win, or think she’s won enough, please vote MIRANDA LAMBERT.

  • Ms Anonymous


    I am voting for Taylor! Team Swiftie, she’s one of the sweetest singers out there!

  • Ack!

    Sick of Taylor Swift, she cannot sing. Is she begging for people to vote for her again?

  • Anon

    Taylor has taken to copying off of Brad Paisley now. Didn’t Brad do something like this ‘Online’? Sad, Taylor, sad.

  • Anonymous

    She still cannot sing….she is flat and off key every time she sings live. If she wins at the ACMs then we will know that someone (mom & dad) is paying someone off. So sick of seeing her every time you turn around. I did not know she had buck teeth until I saw her in Valentines Day…she is also a horrible actor.

  • jen


  • Jasonkc

    @Ms Anonymous:

    Uhmm if that means Taylor will loose I will happily screw my self….over and over again! :) xoxo

  • Jlene

    The sad thing is that the youngsters are coming through for her again which is why she has all those awards. Truly, this girl can’t sing but because she got herself attracted to the youngsters, sorry to say she’ll get at least 2 awards. These youngsters don’t know any better, they’re just money targets which will come from the parents.
    I really wish Carrie Underwood wins, she is much more talented in both acting and singing. The other awards that Taylor won is so bogus and not deserved. It’s just like Ashley Tisdale winning the MTV which was also bogus because she can’t sing to save her soul as well as Taylor.

  • Ann

    I love Taylor Swift

  • Ann


  • Acting?

    Carrie Underwood hasn’t done any real acting (neither has Taylor). That corny tv special she and “how i met your mother” isn’t really considered “acting”. Let me remind some of the haters. Taylor won Album of the Year, her PEERS voted for that, not teenagers. Why is it so hard to get that into your pee brains? Another thing, when Carrie was selling like Taylor is now (and winning awards), she was also doing so because she was popular with the younger crowd. There is nothing wrong with appealing to teens, that’s how you become a huge artist. Don’t hate because someone new and younger is now a hotter ticket. I don’t think Faith Hill fans acted classless when Carrie knocked her off the thrown, and they could have because Carrie was a lifeless robot when she first came on to the scene wining awards when Faith Hill and other female country performer were far more superior at that time. Granted, 5 years later and Carrie has improved as a performer but that doesn’t give her license to continue to win awards when others are far more successful. So, Don’t hate on Taylor because she dethroned Carrie big time. Carrie is not the only country singer who deserves acclaim, thank goodness people who matter see that.

  • Catherine

    I do like Taylors songs, but sometimes I can’t help but think that she seems fake and conceited.

    And she is NOT a top female vocalist, she better not win that one. She is a mediocre singer, who knows how to write good songs.

  • http://jared lina

    i really hope ppl will finally realize that the TRUE ENTERTAINER IS CARRIE UNDERWOOD and not taylor swift. I mean, if u watch back all the awards that CARRIE have won, she thank God, which REALLY show how much her personality is and how she REALLY appreciated the ppl ard her, BUT if u look at taylor swift, ALL she gave is a FAKE surprise, and she thank the ppl that she wrote abt, like WTH !

  • Brandi

    For all the people on here putting Taylor down…come on really??? God forbid someone talented, beautiful, smart, humble and appreciative of their fans comes along, right away we have to put her down. Shes an excellent role model for young girls and what is up with people saying she cant sing???!! R u serious??? She has a beautiful voice…I just recently took my daughter to see her in concert, it was live, not lip sync! I would much rather have my daughter look up to someone like Taylor then someone like Britney Spears or all those other untalented, self obsorbed celebs who would rather spit on their fans then stop to sign an autograph!

  • Acting?

    [quote]I mean, if u watch back all the awards that CARRIE have won, she thank God, which REALLY show how much her personality is and how she REALLY[quote]

    Yes, I’ve noticed Carrie thanking God. However, it is usually following a scantly clad performance which talks about smashing car windows and downing booz. Very Godly of her. NOT! Taylor is far better. I’ll take a “surprised” look over what Carrie does any day of the week. I never understood why performers who clearly aren’t doing Gods work need to thank him for. God would want her clothed and singing gospel music. Not parading her half naked body (or clothing so tight you can see everything ungodly) around with lyrics far from anything Godly.

  • Billie

    To whoever is writing the posts titled “Acting?”…STFU! Carrie has more talent in her bra strap than Taylor ever will! How many more “puppy Love” songs can this girl sing?? Sickening!
    GO CARRIE!!!!!

  • JasonKC

    In response to the above comment from “acting”….

    OMFG are you serious LOL. You obvisouly are making statements that you cannot back up! So she wrote some HIT songs that are fun and what country music is about (you know you sang along). And her outfits!! Come on now! She does not try to be a skank like you are making her out to be. Take the CMA’S for example. She stayed classy yet sexy…She wouldnt have wore those hedious silver short things LOL….See, Carrie stays true to country music. You don’t see her trying to cross over to MTV and appearing at their awards shows….That is because she is COUNTRY MUSIC. She is not trying to be a cross over artist. She is staying true to herself. As far as the God comments!!1 Give me a break!!!! The girl ALWAYS talks about God. “Jesus Take the Wheel”, “Temporary Home”. Oh not to mention she sings the hell out of “How Great Thou Art” on her Play On tour. Lastly if you ever have the pleasure of joining her fan club you would see how spiritual and uplifting she really is. Girl believes in god and that explains all the great things he has given her.

  • Ty

    JasonKC–I agree with you. Swift can not sing no matter how many times they try to convince everyone that she can. She also throws furniture on the stage (good role model?), slides down a stripper pole, tosses her hair all over the place, tries to dance, throws herself on the floor——to hide the fact that she can NOT sing worth crap. Her show is all about fairy tales—what is she 20 years old —and acts like a 13 or 15 year old. Her record company admitted that she can’t sing—but said she is working on it. What the he–!! They used techs in the studio to make her sound good on records. They took advantage of all of us—they cheated and she is FAKE!!!!!!

  • Renee

    I don’t really consider myself a Taylor Swift fan, but I rarely change the station when she comes on the radio. Her tunes are catchy enough… I really don’t understand the hate that is directed towards her though. Okay, so she’s not the best live singer and some people dislike her personality because they think it’s fake… Who cares? Ignore her if you don’t like her. All these hysterical protests of how she took advantage of everyone and cheated and is fake are completely ridiculous. Unless she literally stole your money, she didn’t cheat anyone. People chose to buy her album despite her dubious live talent. Apparently it’s enjoyable to listen to… So what if it’s through the magic of autotune? That doesn’t make it less enjoyable. I guess you can call that cheating or being fake, but I call it being a good business person and creating a good product. As for her personality, Taylor Swift doesn’t owe you crap. If she wants to act 13 or 15 or whatever, it’s her business. It’s not as though she’s somehow a detriment to society because she acts a little immature. I bet she did more for the economy this year than you did.

  • SpareUs

    JasonKC, the fact that Carrie chose to go to American Idol to get fame as opposed to Nashville Star speaks volumes to the fact that she wants to be BIGGER then country music, so please spare us the crap about her being “COUNTRY MUSIC” . Miranda Lambert would have been a better example for you to use of loving country music and sticking only to those roots without attempts to crossover. She got her start through Nashville Star and I don’t think she even won that show. Trust me, if carrie were ever lucky enough to have enough crossover success to win a VMA, she’d be right there accepting it. Just like she’s at the AMA’s and people’s choice awards. So please spare us the fake crap about her being truly country. LOL she’s no more country then Taylor.

  • kaite

    sorry taylor but i would really like to see a girl win it two times in a row…GO CARRIE

  • ohwoww

    You have to be kidding, right?

  • Kelly

    LMAO I love the guy when he’s like “Guys! I have an idea!” then pretends to do research, and already has the heights of the other nominees hahaha

  • Robin


    ACM Entertain of the Year is FAN voted. The ACM members nominated and have a partial vote, but the majority of the final vote is fan voted.

  • Robin


    Miranda Lambert isn’t up for Entertainer of the Year. Carrie and Taylor are the only women nominated in this category and it’s the only category other than New Artist that is fan voted.

  • bosley

    new video does look nice, wondering how talented

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