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Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' is New Single!

Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' is New Single!

Christina Aguilera has revealed that “Not Myself Tonight” is the name for the first single off her new album Bionic.

The 29-year-old powerhouse singer also revealed the artwork to “Not Myself Tonight,” a sexy black-and-white photo of herself with drawn-on devil ears and a tail.

ALSO, the countdown time on has started again. It looks like more big news will be announced the same time tomorrow. So exciting!!! The release of the new single, perhaps???

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  • The Dame

    aaaaahhhhh! so excited for this! :D

  • Lord

    Love it! ♥

  • BabyJane

    She’s amazing! So fu***ng HOT!! Can’t wait!

  • jenny


  • Tunacha


  • Sara

    Cool! I love Christina and I can’t wait to hear new music from her!

  • Mia

    she looks great, but i thought we were gonna hear the single!

  • lytha

    Ew! its so Madonna – Human Nature, I dislike very much this hair, its so much exactly like Back to Basics era, even Britney Spears changed her looks more than Christina who is known to be very changing.


    such a shame she’s not iamamiwhoami :(

  • Mar

    finally! can’t wait to hear it!

  • gottaloveit

    WOW!!! super HOT!!!! I can’t wait to hear it!

  • Amelle, 23

    Did she go Electro? :o I’m excited to hear the single finally, I just HOPE it’s good and people like it.

  • Mike

    OMG SO HOT! Love it!

  • Marcela

    This is sooooo cool!
    Her website has been opened since these countdowns started! and now I really can’t shut it down! I love you, Christina!!! I hope the song releases tomorrow, or at least a small part of it!
    She looks greaaat!

  • Amanda


  • ANA

    OMG so excited finally we have a single !!!!!

  • Xynthia


  • Paul

    The new single will premiere on Monday

  • so

    I’m excited and I’m not even an Xtina huge fan o____O lol

  • Jack

    LET’S HOPE HER NEW SINGLE IS BETTER THAN “keeps getting better”

    i like her though.

  • goldfrapp

    She’s a hot mamma! :P

  • Ronaldo

    She’s amazing! Everything that she does is perfect!

  • Huwaw!

    OMG! hoooooooooot! I love it!

  • Alice

    So she’s STILL tring to be LADYGAGA?!?
    She looks VERY Monster Ball! I’m sure “her” cd will be very Gaga inspired too…
    What a loser

  • Sirea

    Yay! She rockssssssssss!

  • Landon

    Fugly A$$ Tranny….FAIL

  • Julie

    Trying hard to be Madonna. This bitch always jacking madonna style.

  • Kris

    Madonna much? Gross.

  • gagadonne

    I love her again. I hope this shiii is good.

  • Yullie

    Yeah, ” The queen if Un-original” is back again! Ugh!
    I HATE this tranny


    Almost 5 years between albums…I’ve moved on!!I bought my first Britney Cd 3 weeks ago.Just got tired of waiting Christina..This single would have to be HUGE for me to be a fan again and I don’t think that will happen because Christina has never had a huge hit single.

  • Pauly D

    What’s wrong with her face?
    God! This is one ugly woman.
    It is a woman right?!

  • Remmi

    Who and what is this thing?

  • http://123edwardq Edward Quevedo

    Thats, My Bitch! Can’t wait. Sooo Fierce… show this bitches, Who C.H.R.I.S.T.I.N.A IS!

  • Julie

    Gaga scandal yet again. Copytina is like a one trick pony.

  • Zues 88

    Poor “x”Tina can’t think ahead has to copy from a new comer like LADY GAGA. { .”‘, }

  • gqlatinoboi


    uh first of all get it right she is not trying to be GaGa ok gagas “looks” have been doen before pay attention idiot Kylie, um that one singer for the UK and yeah what she she puts all these looks together and adds some sumb dumb ass cans on her hair and u guys think she is god and everyone is trying to be here uhh NO!

  • Ronaldo

    The Britney/GaGa/Madonna fans are cutting itself right now. The real pop diva is back b****es!

  • Excited

    LOL at the Gaga fans and Britney fans and Madonna fans getting riled up, if she’s not competition why are you frettin’?? I love all 4 ladies. How on EARTH can she be jackin’ someone else’s style whe she came BEFORE that person? LMAO

  • Lollypop

    Madonna + Ki$ha + Lady Gaga = Craptina Uglyera.
    What an idiot! She needs to find herself.

  • well

    The single cover is kind of boring but she looks hot.


    @Landon: It astounds me people STILL use the short term for transgendered to insult. Transgendered people are living, breathing HUMANS who are that way you ignorant buffoons, just like us. It’s as embarrassing as name-calling a black lady “fugly a$$ monkey!” EDUCATE yourselves, you’re a disgrace to the human race.

  • ChristinaFan

    She’S awesome aahhhh cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

  • eh

    Umm what is with some of these comments lol.

    <3 Gaga, <3 Xtina.

  • tasha

    Her VOICE blows me away. :)

  • amour1

    @Alice: I think you have it backwards cause remember Xtina been doing this for 10 years and has major success while GaGa has just started with sucess lets see if GaGa last 10 years before you say that.

  • ugh

    the trolls are pathetic, go away. get a life, seriously.

  • Lollypop

    Why would anyone care about this stupid girl? She’s had like one hit song,
    LADY GAGA has done more with her life and carrer in one year than
    Little Chrissy has done in TEN years!
    it will be funny to watch her fail again though!! :-)
    she does look like a TRANNY!!!

  • jadel

    Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers.
    Finally the best singer is back, tired of all these booty shakers lip singer heffas. What i love the most about xtina is that she drops an album, promote it and then go away to live her life and let her fans miss her. Beyonce, GaGa and Rih need to learn that, these 3 never go away, popping every where but church, they’re acting like their time is limited.

    Welcome back Tina, can’t wait to hear your amazing voice and for sure the album will be great.

  • Marky Mark

    lol, usually people hating on others are insecured and don’t have self respect. They’re trying to bring Christina’s down, but can’t. Stupid uneducated, insecured, good for nothing haters!!! Go back to school and put your energy to use and learn some proper mannerism!