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Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' is New Single!

Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' is New Single!

Christina Aguilera has revealed that “Not Myself Tonight” is the name for the first single off her new album Bionic.

The 29-year-old powerhouse singer also revealed the artwork to “Not Myself Tonight,” a sexy black-and-white photo of herself with drawn-on devil ears and a tail.

ALSO, the countdown time on has started again. It looks like more big news will be announced the same time tomorrow. So exciting!!! The release of the new single, perhaps???

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135 Responses to “Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' is New Single!”

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  1. 76
    Launa Says:


  2. 77
    Eh eh Says:

    @Pam: B!tch please! Christina is nothing! And she always jumps on the bandwagon way too late. She is a waste of space and inspired no one.

  3. 78
    Dooley Says:

    If anyone’s a copycat that would be Britney Spears..Dog the Bounty Hunter Hair,Courtney Love Hygiene and Alvin and the Chipmunk Vocals.

  4. 79
    asd Says:

    Xtina you are the best! Can’t wait new stuff!

  5. 80
    zo00mxt Says:

    HOT mama!

  6. 81
    ann Says:

    Finally. Yay!

  7. 82
    Kisha Says:

    @Pam: Shows how much you know! Christina put out 6 cd’s ! Dummy.
    She wasted her time on Spanish, Christmas, and her nasty debut cd, while others were doing quality work!
    And Yes!! Those “other” CDs COUNT!!
    ugh! And you call yourself a “Fan”!?!?

  8. 83
    lu Says:

    i loooooooooove her!!!!!
    she’s my idol!!!

  9. 84
    piere Says:


  10. 85
    agnesa Says:

    I really hope so I am so bored of the music which is playing today. Gaga was great i was listening her music the whole last year but now i need something new.
    I really hope it is a awesome swell dancing party song!
    I will dream until tomorrow and hope i will not be disenchanted!

  11. 86
    nina Says:

    I hope her voice is not to aggressive like in Ain’t No Other Man, my ears hurts when she sings so noisy, i couldn’t listen that song! she can also have a smarter voice and still be good like in ”Hurt”, her voice was perfect in that song!

  12. 87
    Ha! Says:

    You meant devil horns, not devil “ears” right?

  13. 88
    T. Says:

    Eww, Monster Ball much?! Even her pose is very Gaga.
    P O S E R!
    this tranny needs to hit the bricks & take her rank extentions with her!
    She is DUSGUSTING!

  14. 89
    Ankka Says:

    the cover is ok! i hope that the song is a hit!!! it seems that Caca’s little monsters are scared……. well THEY SHOULD Be!!!!! XTina is BACK !!!!

  15. 90
    slambang Says:

    She looks like Madonna. I love Christina, but she really needs to find her own style.

  16. 91
    Audrey Says:

    OMG, SHE LOOKS FREEEEEEAKING HOT!!!Can’t wait to hear the song!!!!

  17. 92
    Khristi Says:

    I am so freaking excited…she is my favorite artist-she can sing her ass off and she’s artistic. Those are two very rare combinations. Bring on the music.

  18. 93
    angel Says:

    finally can’t wait more she realy keeps geeting better ;)

  19. 94
    Khristi Says:

    @nina: you don’t know anything about soul singing do you? Are you familiar with the likes of Etta James and Aretha Franklin? If not you shouldn’t be talking about someone’s vocal prowess. It’s about talent, not about how cute you are (at least it should be)

  20. 95
    pradalicious Says:

    wooooo!!!! looking really good! Christina is the best! x

  21. 96
    JBvanilla Says:

    WOW….why is everyone being so rude…. Im a GaGa monster and i still love Christina to death, her and Britney were the first CD’s i ever purchased….. Yes Christina is taking inspiration from Madonna and a little from GaGa but…Madonna also toke inspiration from Lauper …. and GaGa toke Crazy Inspiration from Grace Jones……Music is like the Circle of life, everyone needs everyone to keep going……. NOTHING is ever ORIGINAL, there are just those cases of people who do it best…… Christina is an untouchable artist and so is GaGa, there is a reason why they call them MUSIC ARTISTS because they create ART point blank and simple, I wish Cristina all the success in the world, ive loved EVERYTHING that she has done (except for the spanish…me no hablo espaino hahahah!!)……… Stop Comparing these artist because we all have a HUGE bias its IMPOSSIBLE not too….. GO CHRISTINA, GO GAGA, GO BEYONCE, GO BRITNEY, GO KELLY ROWLAND, GO KELLY CLARKSON, GO BRANDY, GO MONICA, GO AMERIE, GO PINK, GO ERYKAH, GO MELANIE, GO ALICIA, GO AMY, GO ASHLEE (not jessica…im sorry i just cant stomach her) GO BROOKE, GO JESSIE, GO JOJO (little christina) GO MICHELLE WILLIAMS, GO NICOLE, GO FANTASIA, GO FERGIE, GO JANET, GO JAZMINE, GO JENNIFER HUDSON, GO JENNIFER LOPEZ, GO KE$HA, GO KERI, GO KEKE WYATT, GO MARIAH, GO WHITNEY, GO MILEY, GO NATASHA, GO RUPAUL, GO TIERRA, GO TONI, GO MARY J, ………………………..GO EVER FEMALE ARTIST IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY (Those are just the female artist that i have on my ipod….hahaha)…….im just a fan of music not any particular artist……..But i do go hard for me some GAGA and Kelly Rowland and JOJO and Christina Aguilera!!!!!!

  22. 97
    xxx Says:

    oh my lord. cannot breathe!!!!!

  23. 98
    lellola Says:

    i like lady gaga but compared to xtina – gagas lyrics have no meaning and arent inspirational there just good club tracks xtina’s music has more to say ***

  24. 99
    Tinybatch Says:

    The first thing I thought was “Madonna”…LOL. Why can’t female artists these days find their own style and come up with something new? It’s like early to mid 90′s all over again….This time instead of Gwen, it’s Christina and Gaga ripping off Madonna’s style of bondage and platinum blonde hair and fingerless gloves striking a seductive pose…It’s been done again and again.

  25. 100
    Jo Says:

    i like XTINA but compared to LADY GAGA – XTINA’s lyrics have no meaning and arent inspirational they are just songs writen for her and over produced & over sung, GAGA’s music has more to say ***SHE writes and makes her own art, Un like Xtina stains.

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