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Dancing with the Stars' Ratings Record: 23.9 Million Viewers!

Dancing with the Stars' Ratings Record: 23.9 Million Viewers!

Thanks to its all-star cast, Dancing With the Stars pulled in a record 23.9 million viewers last night during the two-hour season premiere.

Kate Gosselin has said she’s not the greatest of dancers and judge Bruno Toniolo agreed when she did the Viennese waltz to Billy Joel‘s “She’s Only A Woman”.

“The technique was terrible,” he said. “It looked like [your partner Tony Dovolani] was pushing a shopping cart around the floor. You have to exude something.”

Top scores of the night went to Pussycat Doll frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger and Olympic figure skating champ Evan Lysacek. And of course Pamela Anderson ripped her partner Damian Whitewood‘s shirt open!

WHO ARE YOU rooting for this season of DWTS???

25+ pictures inside of last night’s DWTS episode…

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  • brightside

    Well she doesn’t exude talent – but she more than makes up for it in the cheap looks department….poor guy looked more like he was trying to put moves on a blow up doll rather than dancing!

  • [marie]

    I was rooting for Mel B to be the co-host instead of Brooke Burke.. but that’s another matter..

    This is the first time that I don’t really care about who wins DWTS, and I watched this show from the beginning years ago.

    My prediction for the top three are Shannon, Nicole, and Evan (Olympic skater).

  • chug

    Kate has a beer gut.

  • SCHoli

    Pam looked sooo sexy!
    She doesn’t give a SHIT and that’s why I like her. I’m just waiting for her to do something outrageous. LOL

  • K

    Go Buzz Aldrin!!

  • Joanne


  • umm


  • brian

    Chelsie Hightower is hot.

  • phooey

    Pam Anderson acts and looks like a cheap w h o r e.

    no class at all. ugh

  • Sam

    I’m rooting for Evan Lysacek!

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Why is Kate Gosselin on this show? She is not a star. I had to laugh when they read the accomplishments of the other participants. Kate has done nothing to deserve a spot in the lineup, other than growing six babies at once in her clown uterus.
    The scenes of her and Tony practicing showed the real Kate Gosselin – annoyed, bitchy, sighing. And she glared those Manson lamps at the judge when he said it looked like Tony was lugging around a shopping cart. That’s the real Kate Gosselin. Not the fake hair-weaved, boob jobbed- tummy tucked, overly made up fraud you saw on the show.
    Please pray for her children..

  • Dog Lover

    That’s because the beautiful Brooke Burke was the new hostess.

    She has the best body in Hollywood.

  • teri

    I think she was very nervous, but did pretty good. Pam was very loose and limber to say the least, practice makes perfect and she’s had years.

  • so what

    Pam Anderson can dance.

  • oooooo

    @butterflier: If Dude from The Bachelor is a star then Kate is a star.

  • Witchypoo

    # 3- Chug…

    what do you expect? A woman that has carried and gave birth to twins and sextuplets- a total of 8 children!!

    Every time you say idiot things like this….I your nose will grow an inch each and everytime you idiot.

    Don’t like Kate…but, your comment is stupid.

    Tomorrow morning…check the mirror!

  • Anon

    I’m rooting for Shannon as she is overcoming her fear of live performances, she breaks out in hives. She is also doing it for her father who always wanted her do DWTS, he loves the show and suffered a stroke, she dances and overcomes her fears and he works on his speech and recovery…a very special package deal between father and daughter.

  • Dawn9476

    I can’t believe people watch that crappy show.

  • Anon

    I cannot believe all the PR that certain dancers have gotten compared to others, I read “People” magazine has jumped the shark in their over-kill of promotion. I quit buying that rag years ago as their quality of journalism went south, it used to be something.

  • KC

    Pam Anderson just looks ….. messy. Kate Gosselin just needs to stop trying to be something she isn’t and go back to Pennsylvania to take care of what is left of her family. Hopefully it isn’t to late.

  • Dbe

    DWTS is obviously fun to watch but is it possible for people to DVR the show and watch Chuck live instead? It’s what my family does and Chuck needs the ratings a lot more.

  • dawne

    Nothing like a Fame Ho in a bubble gum barbie dress stumbling her way thru yet another attempt at superstardom……..back at the farm her kids are still reeling from the break up of their parents….

    this broad will rank as one of the biggest manipulators and liars of all time…..true narcissist; like I have always said, she and Brad’s ex should be besties…….no two women could be more alike….

  • Dog Lover

    I will only watch for Brooke Burke.

    What a cutie!!!

  • readerLady

    well, i was home with my cats and I tried and tried not to put the show on but my one cat kept telling me to watch. So I turned on the TV and low and behold there was Kate calling to me. It was magic. I did not want to watch but I blame it on my having a cold. That is why I watched – the cold in my head told me to do it. Either that or one of my cats turned the tv on. I don’t know what it is about Kate. I hate her so much but I cannot break her grip on me and my viewing habits.

  • kizbit

    I thought it was hysterical when Carrie Ann said to Kate “You are very different than past contestants. You are not a performer. You are not an athlete.” In other words, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS SHOW????? It’s Dancing with the STARS, not Dancing with Wannabees!!!!!!

  • Porsche

    I’m rooting for Evan, Chad, Nicole, Erin, and Nicey!!

  • Infamous

    I thought it was entertaining Pam Anderson was so funny so was Neicy Nash

  • boo

    Go Pa-Mella!!

  • Laura L

    It’s amazing how ‘pissed’ people get a a person they don’t know. I hope Kate milks her 15 minutes of fame because she is making money to raise the 8 children. As far as I know, she isn’t taking government assistance. She is a registered nurse but what doctor’s office or hospital will hire her while the papps are still following her? Being on a dance show did not create the papps problem, they were there anyway. There are plenty of people in my town that have a lot of kids and are on welfare and don’t even try to find some way to make a living. I’m going to vote for Kate just to keep her on the show just because of all the hatred being posted. As for the word ‘star’ in the title of the show, it’s just a word and anyone can be considered a star in some way or another. IT’S JUST A SHOW MEANT TO ENTERTAIN AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT THEN CHANGE THE CHANNEL OR FAST FORWARD OVER THE ‘STAR’ YOU DON’T LIKE. I wish all the contestants good luck, even the ones I don’t care for.

  • DirrtyMarrtini

    Kate is obviously so out of her element once again. She is not a star, she is not a celebrity, she has no talent, she is not intelligent, she has no conversation skills. A hog dressed in pearls and pink chiffon is still a swine.

    Kate, give it up. Major Fail.

  • DirrtyMarrtini

    @kizbit: Dancing with the Skank

  • Uni

    Go Nicole!

  • Brite

    Thought Brooke was alright. Rooting for Nicole and Evan was pretty good

  • rhonda

    Refused to watch : Tell me will Kate be going home first?

  • puuuke

    (Kate & her partners turn) – [close-up]
    Kate : “Hi Kids!”—-INSTANT GAG REFLEX

  • sara

    Kate danced like she was mentally and physically challenged

  • Anonymous

    Erin and Maks FTW!!!

  • paris

    Shannon 4 the win! She had me in tears.

  • Payson

    kate says she “can’t dance”. Man, was that an understatement!!
    She has two left hoofs.

  • Payson

    What happened to that tummy tuck? Looks like it slipped a stitch!
    Hold your stomach in kate.

  • Maritza

    Kate had a reality show so that qualifies her to participate in DWTS, the fact that she has 8 kids at home should not be a problem because Marie Osmond also had 8 kids and she managed very well. People don’t admit it but if they were in her shoes they too would jump at the offer to participate in DWTS.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …nicole scherzinger’s fcuking hot. and she was amazing last night. by far better than the other females.



  • Kathy McQuay

    I don’t care if you love Kate or hate Kate, no one can say that she is a good dancer. It was a terrible performance as she was as stiff as a board and had no grace. I am sure it is very hard for her to take direction and it showed as she looked so rigid and awkward. I know it is not easy to get up and dance in front of an audience but with all the time she has taken away from her family to promote this and practice, you would think she could have come up with something slightly better than what she did last night.

  • guilty pleasures

    Kate was embarrassingly bad! I used to dance, and teach little ones, the first thing you teach/learn is to POINT YOUR TOES!! It hurt my head to watch her clomp around with her grossly flexed feet. Yikes, so much can be forgiven or obscured with a beautiful turn of the ankle.
    Her smile was the single most fake thing I have ever seen, oh-and Pam’s breasticles…

  • ls

    It did so well because,,,,, nothing else was on. I’m so sick and tired of paying a small fortune to watch repeats.

  • Corey

    As Kate does not seem to have any future in ballroom or any other kind of dancing, maybe she can talk TLC into producing a remake of “The Bodyguard” starring her and Steve. Then again, as she is so familiar with “the pole” as she has one up her she could take up that kind of dancing and be a feature performer. There could be a future in show business for her after all.

  • katie

    obviously you did not hear of Marie’s recent tragedy. Maybe that is a warning.

  • Lynn Kami Krantz

    @Laura L:


  • Ginger

    I’m watching this show because of PCD Nicole. I’m rooting for Nicole and Derek!! Though Nicole danced mostly hip hop she’s very graceful doing the waltz! She’s Hawaiian too and for Hawaiian dances they are graceful and their dances shows in their facial expression too. She probably got that tip from her Grandmother who is a Hawaiian dancer.

    Kate Gosselin is such a dayem baby! Her instructor basically had to calmed her down so she would stop whining like a spoiled baby! OMG! This just shows what a bieetch she is…. I hope she goes home and go work at a hospital instead! She’s freaken annoying.

    Pamela is hilarious! She is always goofy. I’m rooting for her too…

    Niecy Nash is hilarious!! She moves very good for being a “jiggly” woman as she says… I’m also rooting for her!

    I thought Aiden did very well but the judges didn’t think so… Oh, well. I’m not a professional dancer so I don’t know.