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Gisele Bundchen: Brazil Bound for Twin Sister's Wedding

Gisele Bundchen: Brazil Bound for Twin Sister's Wedding

Gisele Bundchen and her baby boy Benjamin Brady catch a flight to her native Brazil via LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (March 22).

The mother-son pair are headed to the wedding of Gisele‘s older fraternal twin sister, Patricia, who is also her modeling manager. The big day is Saturday and will be held at Laurentia Vineyard in southern Brazil. The whole Brady bunch will be there!

FYI: Gisele is using her Ergo baby carrier!

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  • jk

    there’s two of them

  • Kitty Kat

    Props to Gisele for keeping baby Benjamin cuddled and covered so he won’t be frightened by the paps.

    Too bad Suri isn’t so lucky.

  • tata

    Tom will fly later to Brazil

  • sara

    Tom will probably fly to Brazil in a few days,because Gisele work until Friday in Brazil

  • bobbi

    Sort of the old fashioned way when celebs didn’t pimp out their children to magazine covers and kept them “under wraps” so to speak. :o)

  • Jenn

    I just find it funny that she had no problem pimping Tom’s son John to the paps and out in public BUT now that its her child- she is the complete opposite. When paps would get pics of her with Tom and John she would be all smiley and now she is total stank face on! Hmm..

  • KM

    She did not “pimp” Tom’s other son. What a stupid comment.

  • julie

    lol haters are to funny. do some research. she was seen with john like what 4 times? and now its called “pimping” him lol. oh okkkkk.

    gisele bundchen world’s biggest supermodel has a baby, the paps have been waiting for this opportunity. she was in hiding for almost her whole pregnancy, and no one still didn’t see her 3 months after. Now that she is finally getting out of her house like a normal human being its called “pimping”? funniest sh** all day so far.

  • wbiw

    Tom is going to. duh

  • tryhard

    as I recall the one time we saw bitchget out with her son when he was a baby (yes 1 time bc paps don’t follow her d list a**) sorry. but the one time we saw, I believe she was holding her baby close also. and? she also “pimped” her son on the cover of the lowest magazine avaliable, OK anyone?

  • nona

    wow I swear she always looks like she could be doing a photoshoot for Vogue! so photogenic and beautiful. rich bi*ch face

  • Dirty Gisele’s heart

    she keeps showing off Moynahan’s son into paparazzi, hides own son. True colour of this woman.

  • fdf

    I believe tom shows off his son, not gisele. it you want to call it showing off. I call it more, um hunny lets take the kids outside to play….

  • tamtam

    paparazzi are F*ed up! go bother some d lister who would love the attention.

  • funnyppl

    I find it funny people complain about Gisele or dont like her. Please you dont know her. but I guess if it consoles your little minds she is some scum of the earth (lol) then so be it. Ive seen all 10 of her haters, biggest mistake they could have made showing their pictures off after making fun of Gisele. that’s all Ill say…

  • cindy

    She is gorgeous, rich, got a cute baby, no wonder losers don’t like her!

  • runnergirl

    She never covered Bridget’s baby’s face. There were lots of pictures of that cutie. I guess its normal to be more protective of your own.

  • funnyppl


    exactly. no wonder. all her haters are below average looking,short,chubby,and Im guessing not rich. go figure!

    It’s usually the tall,thin,beautiful people who are actually nice and happy with their lives and can uplift others easily. you short little pudgy midgets quit being so bitter about life!

  • Khristina

    aww Ain’t it funny how rosie O has a new topic yet no one cares or comments about her, LOL.

  • laal

    My point exactly! no one cares or even bothers with the “truly” ugly people.
    we only obsess,talk negative,stalk,etc…about the beautiful people.
    its human nature. sucks though, some have to spend so much time hating some celeb they don’t even and probably will never know. Its only making their blood pressure rise, while the celebs are out enjoying their perfect lives. get off justjared and do something with your life, instead of “hating” on lives all day. maybe you to could be on jj one day! there’s a thought for all the celeb bashers here. lmao

  • Flowers

    She looks great.
    Patricia it’s not pretty as Gisele, really.

  • mark

    new mom? I don’t even see girls who have been dieting for months looking this good where I live. yummy mummy

  • mynameisb


    well that’s a given. look who the Supermodel is lol

  • anonymous

    She looks gorgeous! How can someone looks this good in candid pics with little make-up and casual clothes?

    Also, the reason she is covering Benjamin is because he’s only 3 months old. There are dozens of paps in their face and all those flashbulbs can be really harmful to the baby.
    I remember pics where she was carrying John and trying to cover his face, but he’s older. Also, when there have been pics of her with John, you can tell the paps are usually further away and not in their faces. If they were, I am sure she would cover him as well.

  • justsaying

    actually gisele sold her babys first pictures to a trashy brazilian magazine you could see his face and everything….just saying…

  • freda

    @justsaying: nope it was brazilian version of People magazine. not trashy. and they were paparazzi photos of her leaving her home in Boston.

  • hypocrites

    and here people is why she holds her baby so tightly! I would too! you morons. one trip from a fat paparazzi leg and she could slip and fall.

  • Tranny

    Look, it’s the giraffe and Benji!

  • helen

    @Jenn: tom’s son wasn’t a newborn baby who could get frightened by yelling.

    @justsaying: she didn’t :) yes, there are pictures of his face, but not the kind of you’re saying. you chould get your facts straight

  • freda

    yeah it wasnt some planned out cheap OK photoshoot. it was strictly paparazzi photos to brazilian people. difference.

    exactly we didnt see toms baby when he was a new born. he was a little kid, you don’t have to be as careful then when you got a new born that cant even walk!

    ah peple are too funny sometimes. go jogging or something.

  • Passive-Aggressive Queen!

    Gisele kept dating a man after she found out his girlfriend was pregnant. She could have waited until after the baby was born in order to give the parents some space to possibly work things out if possible. Any woman with an ounce of class would have done that. She kept Tom in NY with her instead of having him go to Cali to support Bridget during the pregnancy. She had Tom miss the pregnancy. She sent Bridget a onesie when Jack was born that said “Supermodel” to rub it in B’s face that she is a supermodel, but B is not. She flaunted Jack around in the media…even carried him so that he FACED the cameras! Why not let Tom carry him, why does she carry him when she knows the paps will snap the pictures? Oh, that’s right…she’s the passive-aggressive queen. She calls B’s son “Johnny” and “John”, when she knows that his mom wants him to be called “Jack”. She makes inappropriate comments about the kid being “100% hers”. She doesn’t encourage more visitation from Tom, yet she wants to call the kid hers like she spends sooo much time with him. She got married to Tom in Bridget’s church! That church was neither Tom’s nor Gisele’s, but Bridget’s. She flaunts her natural childbirth because B had to have a c-section. The list goes on and on. You can defend Gisele all you want. I know she is beautiful on the outside, but I am finding her more and more ugly on the inside. Her marriage with Tom won’t work out because she is throwing too much negative karma into the world. What a spiteful, immature girl she is. So unnecessary…just a black heart. Hope she’s having fun because all her negativity will come back on her own life.

  • shell

    did you know they are building an LA home for the exact purpose of being closer to his son? nope bet you didn’t bother to research that one!

    they have to live on the east coast because of toms job. why can’t bitchget move closer by. why does she have to be the sad little miserable DIFFICULT one?

  • Passive-Aggressive Queen!

    @shell: Yes, I did know that. It takes them 3 years after the kid is born to decide to build a house? Can’t they rent some place in the meantime? Gisele just wanted to spew that house-building info out into the media in order to show off again. She’s the one that kept Brady away for the whole pregnancy and even had him miss the birth! Guess she’s too jealous to handle it. Tom should have been there. Bridget doesn’t need to move. She can live by her family and friends where she is happy. Tom has all the money in the world and can be there as much as he wants, especially during his off season. But he’s too busy trying to make his inferiority complex Gisele happy instead of doing what is right for his first-born.

  • shell

    uhh they do rent a place in LA, they sold it and now are building a bigger permanent home. lol

  • Tiffany

    @Passive-Aggressive Queen!:

    You are a no life, sad person that have a constant need to trash Gisele down in every post about her, and you are probably Bridget or someone who was left by your husbund/boyfriend for a hotter woman.

    I feel so sorry about people like you!

    Get a life, loser.

  • Knative

    I love how you people are all, “You fuggos are just jellus!”

    Guess what? This bitch is just a pretty face, so no, we’re not jealous of some skankasaurous baby pimping whore.

  • sara

    @Passive -Agressive Queen

    You know nothing. THey will never break up. Because they found the love of their lives with each other.

    Tom will fly later to Brazil (Friday) because of Football and her work

  • anonymous


    She didn’t sell any pics, they were clearly paparazzi pics. The paps were outside their home for weeks trying to get a pic of Benjamin and they finally got some.
    Also, as far as I know, “Quem” is not the US equivalent of trashy “ok!” Magazine, but thats besides the point.

  • anonymous


    Wow, the paps are so freakin’ annoying! That one guy gets in her face and goes “you’re so beautiful, Gisele”- I would’ve wanted to hand the baby to my friend and kicked his a**. Good for her for being patient, though. I’m sure that wasn’t fun.

  • Passive-Agressive Queen!

    @Tiffany: Wrong. Truth hurts?

  • Passive-Aggressive Queen!

    @shell: You can’t sell a house that you’re renting, lol. Tom should see his baby at least once per week, not once per quarter when it’s convenient for Gisele-pooh. Justify it all you want, these two haven’t behaved appropriately.

  • Tiffany

    @Passive-Agressive Queen!:

    It certainly doesn’t hurt me, but you on the other hand…
    Poor thing, hopefully you’ll get your confidence back and will stop beigng such hatefull and bitter person. Wish you luck!

  • Courtney

    that’s why the smartest stars decide to raise their kids where the Paparrazzi don’t often go like Napa California or Westport Conneticuit but those examples are all from older hollywood any way not the Media whore types like to and Gisele of course Robert Redford and his first wife also lost a child to sudden infant death Syndrome something Tom & Gisele hopefully never have to go through And Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward lost their first child to a miscarriage another thing Tom & Gisele hopefully never have to go through and Paul also lost his son from his first marriage to a drug overdose 11/21/1978 at age 28 and any young child would be affraid of the cameras anyway as even some adults are or just sensitive to the shutters

  • anonymous

    @Passive-Aggressive Queen!: Wow, you’re an idiot. First of all, Gisele did not keep him “away” during Bridget’s pregnancy, the fact that Tom and Bridget had broken up did. What was he supposed to do during the pregnancy anyway? Watch her belly grow? Rub her feet? Not much a guy can do when you’re no longer in a relationship. Also, he *was* at the hospital right after the birth. He missed it because it was the pre-season and he was in practice. Bridget is the one who decided to take her son as far away from his dad as she could. She was born in MA, lived in NY, her entire family is still in MA yet, as soon as she got pregnant she moved to LA. Lastly, Tom spends plenty of time with John. He spends a majority of the off-season in LA to be close to him. They already have a house there, but they’re building another one. Also, when he’s in Boston during football season he gets to see John as well. A lot of times his mother brings John to Boston, or Bridget does when she’s visiting Boston or NY.
    Just because you don’t see pics of them together for months doesn’t mean he doesn’t see his son for months.
    Everything aside, its been 3 years since all that happened! I bet even Bridget’s moved on so why do you care so much?

  • http://! ivanka

    i love she covers her baby, protective mom:) and not pimping

  • Family Member?

    @anonymous: What do you know about the intimate details of these lives? You are just making assumptions. You don’t know any of them.

  • Passive-Agressive Queen!

    @Tiffany: Really, I’m the hateful and bitter one? I am only stating facts about the way Gisele acts, so if anybody is hateful and bitter, then look at her. Or better yet, look at yourself. You are the one calling me names over a bunch of celebrities. I used to like Gisele, but after I see all her spiteful actions in this situation, I enjoy calling her out on them. You are wrong about me. I’ve been happily married to my husband (my only husband) for 8 years. He had a child with his college girlfriend, but they decided not to stay together. Then he met & married his first wife. That wife started out just like Gisele…keeping him away from the mom, not letting him be involved unless she was there too. Then she started these types of passive-aggressive acts and comments. The whole idea of it is that the new woman doesn’t want to come off as a shrew, so she acts like she cares about the kid, but does all these little things to agitate the mom because she’s really threatened by her and the child. Then the mom lashes out and looks bitter and crazy. For example, Gisele calling Jack by “Johnny” and saying he’s “100% hers”. The public will say, oh Gisele is so sweet and such a good stepmom. But any mom would know that this will bother a mom, just as Bridget released statements that she didn’t appreciate this from Gisele. So what does Gisele do? She makes more comments like that this week and still calls him “John” and “hers”. Anyway, in my husband’s situation…things kept escalating between the two women. The wife would agitate the mom so she would have an excuse to slowly remove the kid from his life and blame the mom instead of her own resentments. The kid and my husband are the ones that suffered while these two women had a power struggle. Well the result is that my husband left that woman because of these issues. He’s now happy with me and I fully support the relationship with his son and the mom. Sometimes, I don’t get the respect I deserve from the mom…but I’m always respectful to her regardless. I do not want to cause any animosity that will end up hurting my stepson or my husband. If Gisele really loved Tom and Jack then she wouldn’t play her little games. This is why I say something and have fun blasting Gisele. It’s not because I have some personal hatred against Gisele and sit sticking a voodoo doll of her with pins! You people don’t want to see it, but I’ve experienced it. It’s evil of her to try and agitate the mother of that child.

  • Miranda

    @Passive-Aggressive Queen- You need some REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE!

    If a man doesn’t ask a woman to marry him within 2 years, then he isn’t going to marry her. She’s not the one for him and isn’t anyone special to him.

    It’s rather convenient that a 35 year old woman (I repeat 35 years old) hitting the 3 year mark of a relationship with a man who always proclaimed he wouldn’t marry until he retired from sports “found herself” pregnant 3 months after the relationship ended. This is the same woman who stated just mere months before her relationship ended that she had a “5 year plan to get married and have lots of children”.

    It’s all one big coincidence.


    Bridget is this era’s Unsuccessful Juanita Jordan. I say unsuccessful because Juanita was able to force Michael Jordan down the aisle when she hit him with that paternity suit.

    Same story- Juanita was several years older, Air Jordan was hedging on marrying her, they had a son, he still didn’t want to marry her, she hits him with a paternity suit which back then would have ruined him if he hadn’t married Juanita in terms of endorsements and image.

    That’s why Bridget announced the pregnancy the way she did-Page Six while Tom was on vacation with Gisele. She told him, and he refused to leave Gisele or marry her. Bridget thought she create some tacky tabloid frenzy, and have him come back to her to restore his image. Brady still didn’t budge.

    Bridget saw she was hitting the 3 year mark with Brady, and got desperate. She knew he was probably going to end the relationship, and chucked her birth control.

    What would Bridget have if Brady left? Nothing. She’d be a woman pushing 40 trying to find a husband on the singles scene. Brady had looks, millions in the bank, etc. Bridget tried to pull a Juanita Jordan, and it blew up in her face. We live in a different era where athletes can be “baby’s daddy’s” and never marry any of their “baby mama’s”.

    Bridget thought she had Brady trapped, but didn’t realize she was only trapping herself-Athletes are notorious for not falling for the biggest scam in the book.

    In the words of one NFLer-”It’s not that we make women our baby mama’s, they make themselves baby mama’s when they decide to have a baby by a man they know doesn’t want to marry them”.

    Brady refused to fall in line with Bridget’s plans, and she became the bitter baby mama. In doing so she also secured Gisele’s spot as the wife to be. All Bridget did was bring them closer together when she was trying to tear them apart.

    That’s why Bridget’s so bitter. She’s nearly 40, a single mother, and her son’s father is married with a new family of his own. Something that she’s confronted with everyday. Bridget now has to compete with women in their twenties and early thirties on the dating scene. She knows her prospects of getting someone like Brady our slim to none. She’ll have to settle that’s if she and her publicist can stop obsessing over Gisele and Tom. Bridget’s 5 year plan didn’t work out, and she has no one to blame but herself.

    But I don’t feel sorry for her. Bridget ditched her fiance’ to take up with Brady in a humiliating fashion, and used an innocent child to try to force a man to marry, then used him against his father in public forum. She got what she deserved.

  • BridgetMoynahanNFLBabyMama71′

    To Passive-Aggressive Queen!-Please get a life and some help for your issues. You obviously have many.

    Why would any man want to spend time with a woman who more than likely got pregnant on purpose to get him to marry her? I remember when this Bermuda Triangle story broke that it came out that Bridget had been stalking Tom to games away from Boston and calling him trying to get him to give the relationship another go. I don’t blame Tom for keeping his distance. Bridget has always been anger and psycho. From announcing her pregnancy to a tabloid, the kid’s name, OK Magazine My Life Without Daddy cover story, and using her “friends” to slam Gisele and Tom. Any woman willing to sacrifice her dignity and respect to chase after a man who doesn’t want her is also willing to do other things like leading a man to believe she is on birth control when she isn’t. Bridget got really vindicative and ugly when she all she was left with was the title of Tom Brady’s baby mama instead of his wife.

  • anonymous

    @Family Member?:
    None of us *know* them. I’m just going to facts…I live in Boston and we hear about almost every move Tom makes. That’s why I know that John is here often, I know people who live near them in Boston. I’m not just making it up.
    It seems like everyone is assuming that the times when Brady is in LA and we get pap pics are the only times Brady sees his son and I wanted to let you know that that is not true.