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Sarah Palin Headed to Discovery Networks?

Sarah Palin Headed to Discovery Networks?

Sarah Palin is reportedly close to a deal for her travel reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska!

Discovery Communications will apparently be helming the project after outbidding A&E Networks, according to THR. Discovery encompasses channels from Animal Planet and Planet Green to TLC and the Oprah network.

The program, to be shot in HD, will have Sarah guiding viewers throughout Alaska. And, with the former governor requesting $1.2 million an episode, Alaska would be one of the most expensive nature series ever made.

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  • Brian

    Haha that is cool

  • dina

    Good.That means she will give up running for President and concentrate on making the money.That’s ok as long as she gets out of the political arena.

  • simms

    American’s unite…… DO NOT elect this woman as your next (first femail) president. Her voice and delivery alone is a good enough reason.

  • idani

    $1.2 million an episode? Discovery would have to be nuts to pay her that! They’ll never get it back in ad revenue. She is too much of a polarizing figure–too many dislike her now and would not tune in to see her.

  • Matt

    Please do not encourage this troll. She may be pretty, but her cutesy ignorance should disqualify her from any position of power or anywhere that gives her financial abilities to push her misinformation.

  • Whamo

    Great, I’m sure she’ll quit half way thru. Matt you’re bang on.

  • Bosie

    oh gosh what a waste…SHE IS AN IDIOT

  • She’ll quit anywayz

    As long as it keeps her out of public office where what she says and does will end up harming millions of innocent citizens, then she can keep narrating all the repetitve and inane travel documentaries she wants. At least I can turn off the TV and safely ignore her then.

  • Jane P

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….A national disgrace.

  • So Judgemental

    Oh please. Will she show us how to shoot wolves from a helicopter? Or bully librarians with book banning questions. Or how to be for a bridge to nowhere before you are against a bridge to nowhere. Or how to spot Russia from the porch of the governor’s mansion?

    I’ll pass.

  • Oye Vey

    Maybe she will discover what continents really are!!

  • jelly

    Note to Discovery channel, please spare us! I don’t even want to hear her whinny voice as I skip over the show.

  • Inaru

    I am not watching this show! This ghastly, ignorant woman should just stay home mind her youngest child and stare at Russia at the distant. To pay her a million per show is obscene.

  • christie

    Wonderful news, lets us enjoy Sarah, and you can enjoy the ******* in the WH. fair enough! sarah is ratings gold, so you won’t have to watch on the other hand Michelle Obama went on fox and Huckabee had his worst ratings ever!

    you don’t have to watch, SARAH is RATINGS GOLD!

  • dsevil

    All they need to do is look out her back window. The spinoff is already there. “Sarah Palin’s Russia”.

  • Gillespie


    Television is the political arena. Have you ever heard, “the President’s greatest power is persuasion.”

  • boys

    Discovery Channel is just trying to chase off more viewers! The kind of people that enjoy Palin stupidity don’t watch the Discovery Channel on the off chance they might accidentally learn something. The increase of reality shows on Discovery networks has turned me off anyway so this is just one more reason for me to delete their channel from my remote!

    Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs seem to be the only things they have to offer anymore.

  • Doug

    If this show airs, I will refuse to watch any Discovery Channel show.

  • James

    wow, this is why america is so sad now

  • Ole

    Seriously? This has to be a joke…. I’m never gonna see that show, this is a disgrace!

  • Geoffrey

    I will never watch Discovery Channel again.

  • neferdeedee

    For godsakes — “FEMAIL” is spelled F-E-M-A-L-E.

  • daversa

    Well, after watching discovery programs most my life, I am totally done with them. WTF Discovery?

  • Nick

    I will never again watch the discovery channel if this woman is given a show.

  • Comic book guy

    Worst idea ever!

  • Poishe

    Her show won’t be worth watching, because She will only lie about every thing in Alaska, just as She does every time She opens Her mouth.

  • Mark

    Dear Discovery Channel,
    Please cancel this deal, and instead spend the ridiculous amount of money on ACTUAL SCIENCE PROGRAMMING.

  • The WranglerC

    At least it gets her out of public office. However, I have lost much respect for Discovery networks for doing this. I guess killing wolves from a helicopter is OK with Discovery…

  • the dq

    “The program, to be shot in HD…”

    Well, we won’t be seeing this for a while (if at all, ever) because she’ll have to have a TON more plastic surgery first.

    1/2 term quitter ex Gov will more than likely bail on this also, too.

  • delere


    That wont stop her. She quite her job as frickin Governor of Alaska to rake in the cash. She’ll milk her infamy then we will see her on dancing with the stars. It will never end.

  • bunny

    This is why I refuse to ever pay for cable or satellite TV. Until I can chose exactly which channels I get, I will not pay money for “default packages” that give my money to the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, FOX News, CNN. BBC World etc!

  • kelly

    This is going to be worse than Tara Reid’s travel show unless it shows Palin wrestling a bear/moose.

  • Mikster

    Well that’s it for me watching Discovery. It’s been a nice ride up until now and on occasion between the “world’s deadliest plane crashes” and “deadliest catch” reruns I actually learned something. But alas I cannot support this.

  • dis appointed

    Discovery now caters to the lowest common denominator.
    You guys suck!

  • Independent

    You all DO know that she never said the comment about seeing Alaska from her porch, right? Tina Fey said that – - NOT Sarah Palin. That said, I’d rather her on TV than in DC.

  • disappointed

    Discovery, now catering to the lowest common denominator.
    You guys suck!

  • disappointed

    Discovery, now caters to the lowest common denominator.
    You guys suck!

  • Brent

    PLEASE NO DISCOVERY CHANNEL!!! Planet Earth and Life are two of the best things every made-DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THIS IDIOT

  • rofl



  • AnotherSadRepublican

    Another nail in the coffin for the Discovery Channel. Unless this stunt can pull enough ignorant twits from Sarah Palin’s fan base to the Discovery Channel and its networks for 4-8 times the length of the series the millions spent on this backwater, hateful, dangerously charismatic tw@t will only “embolden” her spiteful, uninformed, divisive message.

    Why did my parents work their @$$’s off to send me to college when our leaders seem to be a bunch of lucky stupid pricks.

  • Bob

    Good grief. You will lose yet another viewer if you allow this idiot to affect your credibility. Yes, I am serious.

  • E. West

    Go Sarah I am getting sick of looking at Oama’s face every day on TV we need someone real to watch.
    Thank you Discovery Channel for giving her chance!

  • Lindsay

    Sarah Palin? Doing a nature show? How ironic, considering the facts that she thinks manmade global warming is a hoax and that polar bears are not endangered.

  • Will Haynal

    It should be noted that Discovery Communications also owns the Travel Channel, which would be an obvious home for this (stupid) show. I would not expect this show to be on the actual “Discovery Channel,” which many people seem to think.

  • tyler

    Discovery should fire whoever thought this up in the brain storming session. Seriously how could they think this would be a good idea?

  • Caleb

    Can someone tell them not to? Their audience primarily consists of educated people.. not palin supporters. Those two things are opposites.

  • Allen

    I would not watch the Caribou Bimbo on ANY show. I am disappointed at the Discovery Channel. She knows nothing, she has NO brain. They are absolutely out of their mind to hire this bimbo, oh I’m sorry I need to be respectful “Bimbo”!!!

  • eww

    What is she going to do? Shoot wolves from helicopters or butcher moose? Hey, I know …maybe she can show us all how to get kick-backs from pork projects such as the Wasilla Sports Complex and the house that Todd and friends built. Shame on Sarah and Todd, how about when incognito Gov. Todd Palin did those expensive renovations to the mansion and got more kick-backs.

  • denise

    Moosejaw from Wasilla.

  • Jen

    The Discovery Channel just went to the dogs. That woman is stupid as hell.

    Just a mean stupid b!tch.