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New 'Eclipse' Poster for the Twilight Fans!!!

New 'Eclipse' Poster for the Twilight Fans!!!

Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson all give their best brooding looks in this brand spankin’ new poster for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse out June 30.

Kristen recently shared about her SXSW experience with MTV: “[My Runaways co-star Dakota Fanning] and I went to go see Band of Horses and Broken Social Scene. She left right before Broken Social Scene played, and they brought out the chick from Metric and oh my God – it felt very South by Southwest-y. It’s really crazy driving around here. The streets are loaded with really cool-looking people – and really loaded people, too! It was weird that they happened to be playing that night, because it was the first night we were here. And everyone was like, ‘Oh, you need to go see a show,’ and Band of Horses happen to my favorite band right now … I was very excited. I’m planning on seeing Johnny Flynn too, because he is a mutual friend. South by Southwest is so cool, because it’s actually so chill and not intimidating. Usually, music festivals aren’t this way. As you’re approaching the city, you can hear the music. And from my hotel room, you can hear music, and it hasn’t stopped.”

Fyi…Taylor Lautner is wearing an Alternative Apparel Burnout Tee.

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  • loik14

    Team kristen!!!

  • iUreta

    i said it in JJ Jr.
    and I say here,
    too much photoshop…

  • mj

    it sucks!

  • alibobally

    Anyone else find it weird that Kristen is brooding more than the vampire and whiter for that matter?

  • M

    Looks damn awful.

    I swear Pattison’s nose looks crooked. Lautner looks a bit shiny. Also Stewart looks really white, I thought the other dude was suppose to be the vampire.

    Too much photoshop….

  • rain

    nice but I don’t love it

  • bellamor

    They all look like they took six shots before the pictures were taken, and HOLY PHOTOSHOP BATMAN! However, I like that Bella is front and center. I was tired of her taking second place to the boys.

  • whateverrrrrrrrr

    all the posters look the SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie

    I think you can see her wig…
    or do I just imagine it because I know it?
    hm, yeah but all in all it just do not look natual. none of them…
    Too bad!

  • Bonnie

    tha’s one awful wig!! bella’s hair looks like jacob’s in the 1st movie!!

  • Infamous

    That poster is awful

  • kristine

    the whole Twilight franchise looks the same.

  • pame

    team kristen♥

  • Gabby

    Don’t their posters always look like this???

  • Gabby


    It IS the same. The exact same thing happens in all the books. They’re boring and such a waste of paper.
    These posters lack creativity and thought just like the films and the books they’re all based on.

  • kloe

    What`s the difference between this poster and the last one from` New Moon`? It looks same to me!!!!!

  • diana


  • n_n

    It looks like a Vampire Diaries poster O_O

  • amy

    I love Vampire Diaries. The books were fun, but am totally lovin’ the show.

  • Question

    Does Pattinson – or any of these three – have more than one expression? Getting real old.

  • Jen

    can someone say photo-shop, that poster looks weird

  • http://! ivanka

    all the posters of the twilight saga look the same, and kristen is expressionless

  • mary

    Fail, and why so much photoshop? All three of them are attractive, why ruin it. Also I have to agree, all the posters look the same.

  • amanda

    je’t aime

  • Ayla

    Photoshop much???

  • alibobally

    I’m edit my statement. This movie’s all about Bella being in love, twice as much for that matter. So shouldn’t Bella look at least a little more than bored? I mean she’s choosing between Edward and Jacob! Nothing boring about that hunny lol

  • Celia

    Wow. Isn’t this a dreary, boring bunch? Why do all these posters look the same?
    But then again, I guess the studio doesn’t even have to try (neither do the so-called actors) because the fans will go see the movie anyways.

    Is it just me or are these three totally overexposed? I’m tired of seeing their depressed faces.

  • Kristie

    yeah umm not a fan at all. like people said above. to much photoshop. kristen looks kinda freaky. and the boys shouldn’t be so far back

  • just sayin


  • [forgetMEnot]

    Oh look Mr. Airbrush has visited and made Kristen Stewart even paler. The poster looks so bland and depressing, they could’ve done more with it. I hope this film doesn’t bomb because it will kill the other two for me.

  • KC

    YEAH!!! I can’t wait for this movie!!

  • Gemmy

    they didn’t manage to photoshop out her perma-stoned expression though


    Well congrats on the Summit studio, because this is the most stupid poster ever. If a 10 years old child made the poster, it would even look more lively. They all are just standing, no emotions, like – my school pictures with my class looked WAY better.
    What the f… is that????
    If they think fans will go to see the movie anyway, then better not make any poster at all – instead of this one.
    All 3 of the leads have done much better photos for editorials. I don’t see anything so complicated to make them moove a little, some motion wouldn’t harm.

  • nichan87

    quite a stretch from the last movie poster

  • Liv

    i’m going crazy… I can’t believe how someone’s like this books and movies. Meyer’s write style is absolutly poor and book say nothing to the teenagers. I mean what you I can learn from it? Don’t kiss with a vampire or what? This books are gone by.. I say, rather read Harry Potter because J.K. Rowling is a professional and smart writer!! This is my opinion….

  • anita

    all the movie posters dont look the same!! they look all different, for one i dont like how they keep changing roberts hair style in the first movie it was like long and ok, second movie short and just like spiked in the front and now this, its down, they are all looking so much older than they did in twiligt, and they are not suppose to be all smiley and stuff. like its kinda a depressing movie like her heart is split between two guys, so is she supposed to be happy about that are any of them supposed to be happy about that, no so there for theres no smiling. and also bella is in the middle and the two guys are on either side cuz she is in the middle of them two of choosing who she wants. and yes i agree very much sooooo. to TO TO MUCH PHOTO SHOP! its a good poster but not great! and she is so SO MUCH paler than edward, and her HAIR LOOKS FAKE!! are u kidding me!! LOOKS LIKE she has one of those bump its in her hair!

  • executive trainers

    I don’t understand all this noise about Twilight. I haven’t seen the movie and I’m not planning to. It’s crazy how many people love it and go crazy over one poster.

  • angie rose

    i love robert pattinson

  • laura

    i LOVE Band Of Horses (i’m actually seeing them tonight with Pearl Jam) and i DO NOT love kristen stewart. and when i just read that she likes band of horses….idk….for some inexplicable reason, i didn’t like it.

  • Secret

    Let me first say this- They all look ugly when they’re photoshoped. There’s no point in wasting money on extra special effects when they look great as is.
    Second- I honestly don’t see what’s so attractive about “Edward”. He reminds me of Abraham Lincoln with his big eyebrows. His face structure is cute though. Just needs a new haircut.
    Third- They need to lessen the amount of make-up. I mean seriously people, what’s the point? I mean, besides it being a vampire show where you MUST HAVE STUFF AROUND THE EYES, there is such a thing as going over the top. I hate when actors and models have so much makeup on their face and cheeks that you can see it caked onto there. I mean, really. It’s hard, no wait, impossible not to have atleast one wrinkle.
    Fourth- Twilight is nothing compared to the real thing. They make vampires look like they’re gay. Sparkles? Really? What’s up with that? We are dark creatures that come from a dark personality. On the inside. Sucking blood just makes it worse. We fill up on guilt. It’s all just a guilty pleasure.
    Fifth- … this life is no joy ride…

  • http://didi0728 didian bonilla

    wow really nice cool i think so