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Christina Aguilera - 'Not Myself Tonight' Lyrics

Christina Aguilera - 'Not Myself Tonight' Lyrics

Christina Aguilera has released her latest “big news” — the lyrics to her single “Not Myself Tonight” off her upcoming album, Bionic!

ALSO, the countdown time on has started yet again. Will the song finally get released tomorrow?? Hopefully!!!

Click inside to read the lyrics…

Christina Aguilera – ‘Not Myself Tonight’ Lyrics

Written by Polow Da Don & Ester Dean
Produced by Polow Da Don for Zone4, Inc.

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  • Audrey

    It seems to be catchy, can’t wait to hear the song!
    I’m sure it will be a big hit!
    Christina looks so HOT here!

  • Audrey

    It seems to be catchy, can’t wait to hear the song!
    I’m sure it will be a big hit!
    Christina looks soo HOT here!

  • J

    I can’t tell, need to hear her voice on it.

  • k

    dance track right?

  • Sacha

    If they keep drawing out the hype like Gaga/Bey did, people are gonna be disappointed lmao

  • ricki

    yea it seems like it’s going to be a catchy club song!

    total party anthem! i’m excited!!!!!!!!

  • Coop

    What? Did a 10 year old write this?
    What an idiot.

  • Plié

    I love how Christina fans say how deep and meaningfull she is and how she’s “everything” Lady Gaga is NOT!
    And then her dumb a$$ comes out with THIS?!?
    ** Christina fans LOVE to look like A-Holes don’t they?!
    You guys should Be SOO proud of your Queen!!!

  • ffs

    @Plié: Have you READ Gaga’s lyrics? LMAO

    “Ma ma ma telephone, stop callin stop callin…… ma ma telephone.
    Ma telephone, ma ma ma telephone…”

    LMAO, it works because of the way she SINGS it.
    You know that phrase “s/he can sing the notebook” ? I don’t know why Gaga fans (I AM A GAGA FAN BTW) have to trash other ladies in the comp constantly.

  • Vivian

    Ewww, First the cover now these lyrics?
    And the downward spiral continues.
    She is a mom. How dusgusting

  • cicada

    nice song. but she looks so evil.

  • Chris

    Ummmm, I expected alot more from her.

  • ummm

    @Plié:”love how Christina fans say how deep and meaningfull she is”

    Huh? Who said that? LOL? But you’re right, she CAN sing deep emotion as well as dirty pop/blues/rock, dance, ballads….her voice is amazing, or have you forgotten that? She will always have her voice. She has a versatile and amazing voice just like Gaga.

  • aimee

    @Vivian: She is a mom, how disgusting”


    What’s disgusting? Men with children can act however the he.ll they want but a woman can’t SING a dance track? She is married so wtf!

  • Layla

    She’s just an older less edgy version of Lady Gaga now ! :-(
    this song reminds me of “So happy I could die”
    Christina = Fail

  • :)

    Christina is so lovely <3

  • LOL


  • Henry

    @LOL: Gaga stans are ridiculous.

  • Andrea

    LMAO!! Did she write that mess? Omg! How stoopid!!haha!!

  • Sia

    She is so wrong, Im sorry but Christina is going in the wrong direction , Shes way too late to jump on this train.
    She needs to step it up, But not like this.
    Thumbs down

  • Flower

    Ugh! Like we need another song like THIS.
    grow up lady! You have a kid and an ugly husband.
    No clubs for you!

  • Amy

    I don’t even know where to start with that song/cover
    what a classless piece of trash

  • Jakie


  • ricki

    GAGA fans need to STFU! damn, no need to compare….they are both great ! grow the F*** up… admire both without the criticism.

  • hmmm

    oh and btw….people want to call christina classless yet GAGA dances around in THONG with a face covered in BLOOD and that’s consider art? STFU They are entertainers…. you don’t have to like either of them, but you should respect them…

  • sheila

    I have to hear her singing that song, than i can say if i like it or not!

  • Infamous

    Um yea…I need to hear the song

  • ace11

    slutty christina has always been my favorite

    not this nice mom junk

  • Dar

    I love it, can’t wait to hear the song!

  • Rude Boy


    What you mean Britney Spears wrote this? possibly…

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    i cannot wait to hear Xtina’s voice on this track. She is always amazing at whatever she does. lady caca is just a wannabe madonna, all her songs sound the same, no originality. Christina on the other hand can sing pop, R&B, rock, dance, and even electro-pop. So haters just need to back the f*u*c*k off.

  • Mihai

    well..the song will premiere on 30 th of march on the rdios in US and on the same day in UK:d. So maybe on Sunday we will get a clip of the song..anyway the waiting is killing me and I’am a fan from Romania:))

  • so brand new

    when will people realize that christina doesn’t make music for the haters! It doesn’t matter how much haters dislike her, it will never change our opinion of her. Christina has dedicated fans and all of your negative comments mean nothing to Christina or her fans. We are soooooo excited to have our girl back!

  • Bruno – Xtina rocks!

    OMG I love it! I’m sure it will be a #1 smash! Club bangtina is here ;)
    Can’t wait to hear the song!

  • FK

    She said that her son inspired this album, it doesn’t seem like it though, not with these lyrics.

  • maiseethao

    she doesn’t write her own songs?

  • ANA

    This is totally a club banger song!!! and I can’t wait besides Polow Da Don produced it, enough said!

  • dirrtykristy11

    Christina told you: If you don’t like it f***u, so haters GO F***YOURSELF!

  • listen

    People need to get the whole piece of information before posting their own bashing reviews. Christina did not write this song it was written by Esther Dean and Polow Da Don. Nor have people actually heard any part of it, so stating that the song will suck and fail because of just reading the lyrics is ridiculous. Most of the popular songs now a day have the stupidest and redundant lyrics anyways.

  • xxx

    I am Christina’s BIGGEST fan but I want more ballads not dance stuff :( wasting her voice when she does lame pop songs like britney

  • jonathan

    I love this girl, she is talented and always be a singer to remember and to talk about. The single is commin’ soon. I hope this song will be a HIT

  • Samantha

    Oh, you gaga fans go get a life, Christina is a better singer, and she’s been in the business longer. I’m a gaga fan, yeah. But i mean, I like christina a hell of alot more.

  • smile


    She’s talking about the lyrics, not the fact that Christina is married woman who is singing…and to some extent I agree. What’s up with the lyrics?

  • Berlz..

    OMG! would you leave Christina alone it seems to be okay if Britney Spears is shaking her thing but if Christina does anything of a sort people are saying she should cover up WHAT THE??


    P.s I have nothing wrong with Britney spears…

  • tony

    I LOVE THIS SONG, Christina really shows she can sing any music and sound great, i am glad she did a club song, can’t wait to dance it over. People stop comparing her to TRANNY GAGA, Christinas has been around for much longer and has been to places in her career where Gaga will never be. Try and see if Gaga could sing a song with ANDREA BOCELLI OR HERBIE HANCOCK, Come on people don’t be silly Christina is the real deal.

  • Berlz..

    What I see here is that Christina is showing that you can still be and feel sexy even if you are a wife and mother.. and that you don’t have to change just because you are a wife and a mother..
    Good on ya Christina!!

  • Amalia

    this is DISGUSTING!!! TOTALLY disgusting.
    I used to be a big fan of hers and listen to her songs on repeat every day but this? too bad for her wasted voice.
    Is that what you call lyrics?
    what kind of example are you setting for your son? A filthy mother?

  • Katherine

    I love the song and I love Christina! Yes she has a baby – so what? And the lyrics – well I like them, I like the cover and I like the new evil or whatever you wanna call it look. You have your own opinion – ok, i respect that, but Christina = Fail ? Come on :D:D:D:D:D:D

  • josie

    its a gr8 song love it

  • Bbaby

    its about the music, the escape, the feeling you feel. Not about the image (that just happens to be a bonus), not about the persons private life, in business do we criticise anyone for having a baby or a family?!?!?!

    People who are posting stupid remarks about being able to write it better and this was written by a 12 year old…WTF have you done?!?!??! Eat that and chock on it!!!………………………