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Gerard Butler Goes Commando!

Gerard Butler Goes Commando!

Gerard Butler shares on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he sometimes goes commando!!!

Ellen first asks, “I am on a quest for World Domination and you wearing a kilt and if it had something to do with me that would me wonderful. Now, sometimes you don’t wear underwear under things like that, right?”

The 40-year-old Scottish hunk responds yes and then Ellen gifts him with a kilt and “Watch Ellen” boxers. Haha!

FYI: Gerry also announces on that show that he’s still single!

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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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  • Lena


  • Mishelly

    all i have to say is hot damn lol

  • Dawn9476

    LOL. I love it.

  • Lisa

    Ever since reports linked him to Aniston – I find him totally gross.

  • Kim

    I agree – the Aniston connection is so sleazy and gross. She is such a PR tramp.

  • Gina

    The initial attraction was his humble, anti-Hollywood persona (pre-300) That obviously wasn’t the real man because today he is just an a$$kisser and a celebrity fame-wh-o-re like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Heidi and Spencer. Fighting with valet attendants because he EXPECTS them to do it for free is spoiled, diva behavior (That girl mentioned it on Leno) GB must me living in some sort of alternate reality.. He thinks he’s better than other people now because he doesn’t want to pay his way like everybody else on the planet. He is a disgusting pig.

  • Sofia

    I wonder why JJ has something on Ellen but nothing on Leno.

  • Curious Carla

    I was thinking there should be some pictures from Leno, but have not seen any posted anywhere. None pre-show, during the show, or after the show, which is strange as there are most always some pictures when he does Leno.

  • Sofia

    FYI: Gerry also announces on that show that he’s still single!


  • Spanky


    “still single”…..and phannies all over the world are breathing a collective sigh of relief that the infamous lunch mystery lady…tthat hey have been speculating to death was nothing special ……:as was Anistan ,… was brazil girl 1,2,3,4,…as was any woman he has been with.

    the world has righted itself again on its axis and is spinning as it should, lil birds are singing, single woman everywhere are are smiling whistfully again….. and JJ threads can return to normal….till the next time

  • Gem

    He’s so disgusting and such a greasy manho!

  • @10

    LOL….love the birdies singing part.

  • lunch lady

    was probably a decoy to dispel the Aniston rumor mill

  • springbrooks

    Is that cut for a kilt or more like a Scottish flag with Ellen’t head wrapped around his waist? Last time he was on Ellen he clearly was given a cold shoulder, one, he wasn’t well known, just some foreign actor; two, he started the show putting the wrong foot out first by trying to kiss Ellen who definitely didn’t appreciate that. Ellen was like, for a movie which had nothing but singing in it (POTO), why on earth they hired someguy like you who had never sung before to do it. Gerard wasn’t exactly thrilled by that.

  • cheeseburger

    He’s very unappealing. I don’t see it at all.

  • Witch

    I thought he was very good on both Leno and Ellen. The coolness on his first appearance on Ellen is all history now. They seemed to get along well on today’s show. Now, on to Jimmie Kimmell tonight – or early am. Then, I bet we are in for a long, dry spell.

  • gossiphound

    Keeping those references to TBH brief. Is it Spring Break in the US – that might make the week night numbers for that movie better than it might have been. Waiting to see if my local movie theatre will be keeping Bounty Hunter for the next week run. That’ll be a good gauge. LAC played here for 5 weeks to my shock.

  • sistersledge

    He likely will be out of the talk show circuit for a few months. However, do you think he may show up at one of the European premieres for Booty Hunter? If not, our next hope would be articles about the making of Coriolanus.

  • gossiphound

    The Serbian press does seem eager to cover the film. There have been some good pictures online already, we have some Serbian folks who come here and one of Fiennes’s friend is keeping a blog on the making of the movie with it seems the full cooperation of Ralph.

    Now I understand why they are using the cinematographer from Hurt Locker.

  • deport him or imprison him

    I hope he never goes near a movie studio or shows his ugly face in public again. We have had enough of him raping our senses with his atrocious acting, wonky face, British teeth, terrible singing voice, and shoddy American accent.

    Go away, Butler

  • juniper & lamplight

    Butler will say he’s single even when he’s married.

  • When he’s hugging the

    woman in the audience on the Ellen show, she says something to him and he replies “…that’s my girlfriend”.

    It is muffled and the clip I watched wasn’t the best quality. Am I mishearing what he said?

  • Adiba

    My English is not very good, so first sorry. I heard some talk from freinds, Gerard lies about his background. Is this true? I can not use internet very often so wold be happy if someone could answer me. I has no time to read all other Gerard talks thread.
    Thank you.

  • @23

    yes he lies about alot of things including his past.

  • curious cat

    Aciba, I dont know what’s going down either. He does thread talk. Forget it.

  • the real cece

    @Adiba: We’ll save you time. He lies about nearly everything.

  • @22

    Then how do you know for sure that is what he said?

  • Hammer

    I think he once said he was born on Pluto, when everyone knows he comes from Mars!

  • Adiba

    He is such a liar? That’s so sad :(

  • IRIS


  • Did he or didn’t he

    What did he say to the woman he was hugging at the end?

  • curious cat

    Sorry I meant Adiba.

  • @22

    I didn’t hear him say that.

  • Val

    Gerard is just pretty f/cking crazy. And gross! Have you read his recent interviews where he openly admits that he likes peeing in the shower, biting his toenails and sometimes sh//its in his friends flower pots?!!
    He’s just not all there.

  • @34

    LOL – where are the interviews?

  • Val

    It’s from an interview in Men’s Journal (April 2010). You can read the scanned pages here:

  • when is

    Cannes film festival? He’ll be there.

  • Hannah

    Want to hear something crazy?! I just posted a message on the GALS forum asking if they knew if Gerry was dating model Cinthia Moura. They deleted my post within 5 minutes or less. Crazy, huh?

  • Curious

    Well, ask the same question again and drive them crazy

  • gossiphound

    The First amendment does not live in Phannie land.

  • Curious

    No he said that the interviewer for Men’s Health Magazine kind of misrepresented what they talked about in the interview. I have some clips from Leno and Ellen and you’ll hear some of these things referred to by him.

  • Hannah

    @Curious: I got a PM saying that they had do make my post “invisible” because they don’t speculate on Gerry’s personal life.

  • Curious

    this system won’t let me post everything in one comment so I have to break it up.
    Also, after seeing other parts of Leno, I’m beginning to think that it was all a setup by Leno. I assume Leno asked Sofia before the show if she has any funny Gerard stories etc. It’s quite possible G knew that this would be brought up tonight. They’re all very good actors and full of sh!t.
    Videos on youtube:
    Lenno: the first 1 minute

  • Curious
  • Curious
  • Gia

    Does he consider having a girlfriend being single? What happened to Cinithia idiot?

  • Curious
  • Curious

    Wow, they really protect his interests. That’s why they have a good relationship with them. They’ll never compromise that. Got to handed to him, he knows who to trust.

  • confused

    @deport him or imprison him: You are the one that needs to be deported. There is no need to be mean and hateful…God will get you for that…Some of us like him here on this board, since it is about him.. If you don’t like him, get off his board. I have about reached my limit of the hatefulness on his boards. Too much hate his this world… Were you raised by a mother. Someone never taught you any manners.

  • Curious

    this is in connection to something interesting that was said on the previous thread:
    Well, you got to handed to him, he is careful. Maybe he doesn’t sleep around as much as we think. Anyway, these girls are dumb-ass idiots. Why would anyone go with him to have sex, and in a hotel room on top of that? The way you treat yourself that’s how others will treat you. No woman should be throwing herself at him. He’s got pu**y overload and he needs to DETOX. Maybe after that he could let someone normal get close.
    With all this adulation how could he possibly settle down?

    He’s is definitely a good candidate for pu**y detox