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Sandra Bullock Had A Prenup With Jesse James

Sandra Bullock Had A Prenup With Jesse James

If Sandra Bullock and Jesse James wind up getting a divorce, don’t worry, the couple entered into a prenuptuial agreement prior to their 2005 marriage!

“They keep everything separate,” an insider tells E!. “She has her money and he has his. They both wanted it that way.”

But Sandra‘s reps have already denied reports that she is looking into divorce as an option: “Neither she nor her representatives have contacted or shopped around for divorce lawyers.”

Jesse‘s reps have echoed the same sentiment.

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  • Run Sandy

    She is a tough, take no BS kinda chick….like me :-)
    But she has a wonderful heart and really loves him. I hope she will use her logic and her strength when deciding what to do. He will try and appeal to that beautiful heart of hers for forgiveness. Don’t do it Sandy! This guy is the lowest scum and you deserve sooooo much better. Stick with your logic and your instincts. For once, I advise to not follow your heart. He won’t cherish or protect it…only you will. He does not deserve you!

  • loyal

    Sandra, as we do not know you or your husband, we should not hazard an opinion or advice. Just know you fan’s care and will support you in whatever you do.

  • Run Sandy

    @loyal: I will care about her and support her no matter what she decides. But have you ever heard the saying, “Do it to me once, shame on you…do it to me twice, shame on me”? Once a cheater, always a cheater. Especially in the dog manner in which he went about all this. She doesn’t need that in her life. RUN SANDY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brit

    I wish her the best of luck!

  • scout

    wish I could give you a hug Sandra…pretty sure all of America does…

    way to have her back you dumbass!

  • SonyT.

    The problem with celebrity marriages is one or both of the couple are constantly traveling and out of town for long stretches. They don’t spend all that much time together nurturing a marriage. When one is alone for long stretches of time, surrounded by attractive, star struck fans affairs will always happen. It takes two to make a committed marriage work and not from afar.

  • Lisa2

    i personally don’t think I could ever forgive. I would always wonder in the back of my mind if he was cheating again. I really think in her case, it has to be hard because of the children. I think she was the best thing that ever happened to them. I think she loves them as if they were her own. In her case, she was the reason that both she and Jessie had custody of them. If she leaves Jessie, who knows where the kids will be living? I don’t think Jessie alone would be the best care taker of the kids, but the kids mother’s aren’t the best either. What a mess…….

  • Jen

    Thank God, because he surely doesn’t deserve a penny of hers.


    Every woman today needs to protect her nest egg. Because the men today are not men. To many users and freelaoders today.

  • LuckyL

    I’m fully in support of a prenup where it counts.


    You can go and tell the Insider …guy that she ends up with her own

  • PuppyJuice

    I can’t believe he fooled around on Sandra with a big skank. He should give Sandra half of his wealth.

  • teri

    I’m more worried about Sandra getting aids or another std such as herpies something that’s not curible. How awful for the little girl she loved so much. While loving and nurturing his daughter as her own he went out and played. If they do divorce I hope she is still close to her, it would devestate the child so much and Sandra. I have an ex too and I always believed whoever he hooked up with or married it’s one more person to love him. It did take me awhile to think that way but it really helps.

  • teri

    I meant love our son not my ex, haha.

  • please

    here’s a thought: why would sandra stay married to a biker who had kids with a stipper & who was involved with a white supremacist for a year?… they must have had alot in common otherwise she wouldn’t have stayed with him so long. maybe sandra isn’t so lily clean as she seems.

  • TP


    Please don’t disparage Karla James (Jesse’s first wife). She has done nothing wrong in this mess of a situation.

  • idani


    Because sometimes love is blind. In all walks of life at all income levels, all professions, races, creeds, women and men marry someone they shouldn’t. Doesn’t mean they have skeletons in their closet or that they aren’t lily clean (not that anyone is).

    Sandra loved him. She thought he was her prince charming.

    Unfortunately there are children involved now that look upon her as their mother. As Lisa2 said–what a mess.

  • ck_always

    @Jen: lol don’t take this the wrong way, but he doesn’t need her money. He’s pulling in massive amounts of cash on his own, just sayin’.

  • markmarks

    A close confidant of Jessie James has reported his belief that this affair is all about Money. The theory isâ�¦ He is married to a woman voted as one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, who happens to also be the richest actress on the planetâ�¦ He has an affair (for 11 months) with a porn star! Who is not the richest star on the planetâ�¦ And is now well on his way to grabbing half of Sandra Bullockâ��s wealth if he gets his way in court.
    Its nuts she is worth 85 million and he could get 42.5 million for adultery!! This was also interesting�

  • steph

    Another woman claims she was involved with Jesse James!

    Check out the article to find out who!

  • A

    @teri: I think that is really wonderful of you. I know it’s not easy for a mom to feel that way. I’m a stepmom, and I wish that the bio mom would realise what you have. You are a quality person!!

  • offtheproperty

    cheating on your girlfriend is pretty low. cheating on your wife is worse. cheating on your wife who is a big star and you’re not… that’s off the chart. didn’t anybody notice what a dirtball he was all along?

  • move on Sandra! He’s trash!

    I’ve heard on E.T. that they said Sandra was meeting with a divorce lawyer. Glad they signed that pre-nup! Sandra is very smart and pretty so she doesn’t need to be with trash! He’s always going to be a cheater and like the old saying goes…Once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater! They NEVER change! Just wait, he’ll do it again!

  • k-dog

    I love Sandra, but i am also a biker. She had to know who she was getting married to. All you have to do is watch his 1st show about building bikes on dicovery channel. He is all about strippers bikes and good times, did she think he was gonna be any different in there marriage. 1st wife Karla divorces him cause she thinks when shes not at the shop its all wild parties(in Jesse’s own words) wife number 2 is a PORN STAR not stripper, Porn star. He has proven time and time again thats the kind of women he likes. Sandra knew that going in, so now live with it or don’t its her choice. I like Jesse as well but there comes a time in life to grow up a little. I think he just missed his best chance at happiness. Some people like my ex just have to self destruct, and take the people around them with them. Its too bad when they realize later and beg for forgiveness that they know they just stepped on the best they will ever have. That is life it won’t be the 1st or the last. We all have to live and learn.

  • K.T.

    How about all of you and the rest of the media mind there own buisness.

  • ****

    She won’t leave him now, her type sticks around because they believe they can change him. He’ll cheat on her at least two more times and she’ll get fed up and only then will she start contemplating divorce.

  • Kristin M

    SMART! SMART! SMART! Not signing a pre-nup would be the stupidest (word?) thing in the world. She has every reason to get a divorce. She doesn’t have to give that douche half of her money, he cheated on her with 3 alleged women, and they don’t have kids. The only thing that would stop her is her relationship with Jesse’s kids. They have such a good relationship, Sandra must be so torn. I really do feel so bad for her. She doesn’t deserve this. She’s good people!

  • C Caponetto

    As bad as this all sounds and I agree it sounds very bad I knew someone years ago who we called Saint Anne because she was such a good person. She married a bad boy biker and he was a new Christian. Years later, going strong with a family. He never cheated on her and he never regretted marrying Anne. He remained changed from the time he asked God to change him. It was a true miracle. I agree that JJ has some truly serious problems and he has been very selfish and very vulgar and abusive. However, if he truly wants to change and cannot on his own, there is always God to turn to when everyone else turns away and walks away. IF he really wants to change………and at least he had Sandra to truly love him and show him what love was really and truly like. LOVE IS STRONGER THAN DEATH — MANY RIVERS CANNOT QUENCH IT. SONG OF SOLOMON………..(LOVE CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING.) THERE CAN BE MIRACLES WHEN YOU BELIEVE…………….

  • Frank R.

    Remember he had Monster Garage on the TV, maybe he doesn’t need her money!

  • kay smith

    marry someone like the guy who played your husband in blind side — thats what you deserve — a good man, not this sleeze bag

  • pita

    @loyal: @k-dog: Just what is “the best one will ever had” mean. Hell, the next may be the he will ever have.

    You know maybe she was no PRIZE to be around behind closed doors. Have you trekked her pasted, she’s been plucked more times than the Rose’s of Traylee. That is the problem with women that get a little older: They have been chased and banged by us until they prefer snuggleing and companionship and talking and movies on LIfetime to what we(as men) still want when we reach our mid to upper forties. Now, I am not saying that some snugglie time is not good but come on this is Sandra Bullock. I mean you want to pound that like a salvation army drum at Christmas. There are reasons why we men are the way we are and when it comes to chicks, we basically know two things—old and new. Regardless if the old is Sandra Bullock or not. Remember, Remember, Remember, Sandra Bullock is still human and maybe just maybe she contributed to this as well.

    In the world of fame and finance one cannot hold out on the other the it is done in lower income households. In lower income households the lady of the house controlles all the whoohaa and at least half the money. NO position to be for the man to be in because he does not have the resourses to combat that strategy. In higher income families that stratigy does not work as well because when both parties have cash there can be no offset bargaining.

    Jesse and Sandra both have there own money and success so it was not hard to see that this union proably would not last. Oh, and, lest I forget they both have EGOS. Such is life. Next!

  • Sandy

    I just feel so badly for Sandra Bullock because she’s a very sweet person, and she was BLINDSIDED by his SELFISHNESS! What is it with a LOT of men who feel completely ENTITLED to do whatever the hell they want to do, WITHOUT regard for ANYBODY ELSE BUT THEMSELVES??!! I wish somebody could ANSWER that question!! I am 2 months out of a violent relationship where the ex thought he could just do whatever he wanted to do!! I was the BEST relationship he ever had!! Some people are just BROKEN, but they don’t have to stay that way! But they do have to CARE about the effect they are having on the people around them. Gawd, what does it take to get people to OPEN THEIR EYES BEFORE they do something so stupid as to RUIN the best relationships of their LIVES?????????? Somebody explain that to me?????

  • Sandra Fan


    She devoted her time to him and his kid…this was not a long distance relationship for the most part.

  • reami

    too bad this happened before that south park episode came out about tiger.. They woulda thrown a few punches at Jesse

  • walter

    And what if the 2 don’t mind usual rules we tend to apply, and after a while simply continue their marriage? Could we live with that? It’s all in the mind, we shouldn’t forget and ego plays its part too and how much a person can see of it and is able and willing to control it. As you see, I’m a bit on K.T.’s side, who writes that media and all of us should mind our own business. Let’s give freedom and we’ll receive freedom. We all have desires (that’s ego) and want to fulfill them. That’s what causes our ups and downs in life.


    I have heard from numerous inside sources that Jesse James was being treated for BMS (Battered Man Syndrome) and that he had undergone years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Ms. Bullock. If these reports are true (which I believe they are) is it any wonder that Jesse sought solace in the arms of another woman. With this new information I also hope that Jesse’s lawyer will be able to get him at least 10 -20 million for all the abuse he has allegedly endured for all these years. God bless you Jesse James.

  • manwithsmellygonads

    I think Jesse James is to blame for this whole debacle. When a man is lucky enough to find a woman as special as Sandra Bullock he must treasure her and treat her like the QUEEN she is. It is just too bad that in this culture of narcissism a beautiful human being such as Sandra Bullock has to endure such heartache and pain.

  • Blake Wittingham III

    lol @ manwithsmellygonads. You must be a virgin. Every playa knows you can never treat a ho too good and Sandra Bullock is no different than any other ho on the block. You go Jesse and lay down dat pimp hand playa.

  • clare mendoza

    miss sandra bullock
    i hope u dump that monster of your.u see a cheater is always a cheater . hes not worthed and u are a good person. u can adopt a child
    thanks clare ps may god ble3ss you. things happen

  • Michael


    I agree…
    wouldn’t it be weird if CASSANDRA was also having an affair

    I don’t really belive any of these SOCIOPATHS {pathological liars} ‘My Friends Call Me Sandy’ is a bad one as far as pathological liars are concerned. (but whos to say?)

    HollyWood is for SCUM

    Except for people like Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Matthew Broderick…praise God for the Inherently Good “8)

  • Ang

    Sandra, not that I think you might actually read this but do what you think is right for you and no one else!!! (oh and maybe go to the doctor to get checked!)

  • Angry Black Woman

    I love it. Anytime I can watch white people suffer is a good day for me.

  • peggy richards

    LMAO @ angry black woman. Sandra Bullock may be suffering right now but I bet she feels nowhere near the pain you feel everyday when you look in the mirror and realize you are nothing but a stinking n!gger.

  • ohiostateuniversitycheerleader

    amen @ peggy richards. I would rather have my man cheat on me with 100 skanks than one day wake up and be black. God it gives me chills just thinking about it.

  • penelope fernandez

    hahahahahahahaha @ peggy richards. Thank you for your insight. I work with a bunch of black gurls who are always complaining and whining about everything and I could never figure out why they were so angry but now I know why. They are just mad that they are black.

  • Rob

    Cmon Jesse, Are you for real? You got a Rolls Royce in the garage and you go test drive a Kia. What the hell is wrong with you and all these other stars who have independent, Beautiful, Loyal women at home and they go mess it up to mess around with the Nightclub Trick. I’ll tell You right now, if i could come home to Sandra everynight you couldn’t tell me a damn thing if you were another women. I might look, but i would never throw away a women like that. You guys who like to play in the garbage rather than the Candy store need some serious HELP!!!! Sandra could call me anytime!!!!!!

  • Jamaal Washington

    Rob you sound like a straight up trick. Its in a man’s DNA to tap as much @ss as he can. Hoes like sandra need to recognize and just relax and do their womanly duties when told.

  • peggy richards

    LMAO @ Jamaal Washington. I see we have another insightful comment from one of our n!gger friends. Hey Jamaal did you have to spell check DNA?

  • Big B

    I have personal knowledge that she was not fulfilling her womanly duties as a partner in the marraige. He was forced to find it elsewhere. all business and no play, no good for the marraige.

  • Theresa Sorowitz

    lol @ big b. Maybe you should take over the womanly duties for sandra. You sound like you’ve got alot of girl in you. I bet thats what big b stands for –BIG BIOOOOOOTCH.