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Gerard Butler Captures The Crowds

Gerard Butler Captures The Crowds

Gerard Butler signs autographs for fans and takes photos of the crowd gathered for him outside of a studio in Hollywood on Wednesday (March 24).

The 40-year-old Scottish actor is currently promoting How to Train Your Dragon, where he plays Stoick, an old-school chieftain of the brawny Viking tribe. “It was a little too soft, a little too sensitive,” he said of his initial voice work. “I wanted him to sound like he was basically talking from his ass.”

So Gerry headed back to the studio to rerecord his lines. “That was about six days ago! I actually don’t even know if it’s even in there yet,” he told the Herald Sun. “In fact, I meant to ask. Because if you’re saying it’s big already then I’m a little worried about it!”

FYI: Gerry is wearing PRPS jeans!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler capturing the crowds…

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gerard butler captures the crowds 01
gerard butler captures the crowds 02
gerard butler captures the crowds 03
gerard butler captures the crowds 04
gerard butler captures the crowds 05
gerard butler captures the crowds 06
gerard butler captures the crowds 07
gerard butler captures the crowds 08
gerard butler captures the crowds 09
gerard butler captures the crowds 10

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  • sukar

    I feel spoilt with all these Gerry threads :)

  • debk

    Glad for al the threads,but sick of that outfit. He is a rich moviestar!

  • sofia


  • so


  • n.o.l.a

    Ever since he starred in The Bounty Hunter, I’ve lost respect for him.

  • Colin

    He’s always been a crowd pleaser. He has too or this movie will be a total bomb like Bounty Hunter. Right to DVD isn’t the same.

  • Ass talking

    “I wanted him to sound like he was basically talking from his ass.”

    That should have been very easy for Gerard to pull off since all he does is talk from his ass.

  • KyrieM

    We’re getting spoiled or worse we risk to get a GB overdose, 2 threads per day is really something….



  • Silly

    Kimmell was so envious. Gerry’s got flirting down to a science. Need for attention is so strong for him. Typical actor. Some like Johnny Depp do not need to do so much. I wish G had a more productive past-time. Sofia V. wouldn’t even look at him. Go to Haiti Gerry and grow up.

  • chin can’t act

    this movie will do better than BH because chiniston is not in it.

  • greenlawn

    He has been looking great since Oscar mostly IMO because he laid off that ugly orange spray tan. I like the hair length and color too which matches his natural skin color very well. And that grizzly Adam beard is good too. He is buff, no moobs and love handles to speak of. He is all jacked up to play the Coriolanus role appearancewise.

  • Lourdes

    @Silly: There is a social stigma to being a wh**. G is soo a player. He wants to be perceived as powerful. He encourages the conquests via bedpost notches or flirty mind games. The man has stamina . Have fun G. Whatever.

  • lost respect

    @n.o.l.a: Good to see him out promoting a quality project instead of that awful TBH dreck that he put out for his fans to suffer through. The guy ought to have more respect for his fans when he makes his career choices. That Aniston project was as low as you can go. What was he thinking.

  • Anon

    Good luck, Gerry. You work the crowds so much better, “solo”.

  • beingGB

    Seems to be losing his humilty. I think he is a lot like Aniston. A hit once in a blue moon but lots and lots of junk in between. I wish he had a better hobby also. Oh I forgot. He’s an actor. Encouraging women/men to pine for him is very productive and time consuming.24/7. BORING

  • Bety Tart

    Taking photos of the crowd because he can’t believe there are so many lame-o’s waiting for his signature.

  • Jenny T.

    It was a little too soft, a little too sensitive was his voice and had to do it over because the viewers in the test runs thought the viking dad was really a chick. LOL!

  • Phantom Luver

    @Bety Tart:
    He wanted to prove to his mom there was no was hot lookin’ chicks in his fan club. hehehheheehe.

  • spanky

    eeny meeny miney mo to which Gerry thread do i go…

    …..oh look Gerry’s eating!!…..
    ……look Gerry is walking down Robertson…
    …..look Gerry’s coming out of a doctor’s office ooooh!……
    ……gasp… Gerry just used the porta potty.!……..
    ……Gerry just f.arted!…….

    I wonder if Gerry is getting sick of Gerry.?…..silly me , of course not.

  • colin


    If “Gerry” is ever sick of himself he can always go back to calling himself “Gerard” and continue the stupid stuff. His fans encourage this behavior.

  • Lina

    @spanky: LOL!!! You’re too funny spanky!
    We shouldn’t complain though, we might go on a dryspell very soon once he gets to Serbia. Or not? Serbian paps? We’ll see.

  • anonymous

    Jealous fans: cant take how Gerard Butler is gaining so many fans all over the world. Ha ha ha! Know why? Because he’s not a hollywood stuck up guy who thinks he’s god & beyond everyone’s touch. He may talk too much but at least he’s not arrogant and knows how to go along w/ any interviewer w/o being obnoxious. And he’s really nice to his fans, not nice as in going to bed w/ them like some rock star.

  • Jenny T.


    I’ll risk the dryspell if he comes back with a movie worth calling a blockbuster or at least high rated on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Phantom Luver


    Apparently you haven’t seen ALL his ‘look at me’ videos and just because its not reported don’t think he’s not using his fame to nail chicks.

  • Witch

    I’ve always enjoyed his self-decrecating humor – whether it’s real or not, it’s always funny. The old high school girlfriend tales of woe on Kimmel were great. I think everyone can identify.

  • Bety Tart


    Look at the ones asking for autographs–they are the EBAY sellers.

  • Colin

    He needs to go underground for a while. At least a month when movie PR machine is over. He’s got the famous bug and he likes it.

  • Lina

    @Jenny T.: I have to say I’m with you on that. Last movie he made I actually enjoyed was RocknRolla and that was over 2 years ago? Not good enough G man.

  • Curious

    Sofia is not for him. Stop ramming her down his throat when he is not attracted to her. Would you want to have someone pushed on you by other people? He’s just not attracted to her, as nice as she is. During the Leno interview, if Sofia didn’t have that story about the valet, I don’t think he would’ve even talked to her that much. When he’s attracted to other guests or reporters, he starts flirting a lot and that’s how you know he finds them attractive. He wasn’t doing it with Sofia. He is not even attracted to JA or most other actresses. He likes his not-so-famous models that he can manipulate. That’s what turns him on.
    He flirts and plays mind games because he learned early in life that the ladies will respond to such interaction. But the funny thing is that as private as he is, lately he has been disclosing his techniques in public. Watch a smart girl figure him out and beat him at his own game. That will be something to watch.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    Tonto @ 03/25/2010 at 1:19 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +6

    I’d like to thank all my fans, family and all you all here for this amazing award. Wait a minute this isn’t the Oscars, right? Manny, thanks for doing this. I had a feeling the over zealous crowd would be out in force for this one despite it’s been a royal crapfest. Stupidfans had a good idea so if anyone benefits from this, it should be the kids. I really don’t need a receipt. I trust you, girl. Thanks, to all my shallow fans! Oh forget it! Love and kisses to you all.
    Donation made and delivered. “Donation in the name of Tonto, Winner of Bounty Hunter BO Contest” – that ought to make the processors of donations laugh. They will wonder about the “BO” – I hope it gives them a good laugh.
    Bravo my dear. Bravo!

  • Curious

    @Phantom Luver:
    I can’t believe he sleeps around as much as we think. Is he oblivious to STDs? He can’t be that ignorant.

  • Meh

    Can’t stand a man who thinks he’s “God’s gift” the way this guy obviously does. And IMO he’s not all that attractive – kind of a butter face really. And when he doesn’t keep up the fitness routine, he tends to look thick and paunchy. .

  • Lina

    @Manny, formerly ManLESSton: That was a great thing you did, Manny. What a fun way to keep this thread light and interesting and with the donation, it actually served a purpose. At least something good came out of the mess that is the BH. It sure can get boring around here when all people do is psychoanalyze him to death so seriously, it’s laughable. Kudos to you and stupidfans who as I recall, came up with the idea of the charity.

  • Phantom Luver


    I’m sure he knows how to prevent STD’s–but yea I think he’s stupid to give up a job as a lawyer to be an actor. Lawyer might get same type of pay (if he was good) but he rather have his pretty face seen by bimbos/models/hoochies.

  • Jenny T.


    I just keep watching him to see which stripped suit he’ll be showing up in next.

  • gossiphound

    @Phantom Luver:

    He probably would have made a good criminal trial lawyer where theatrics and indeed good lucks would pay off and knowing how to assess juries and judges – can you see him flirting with the female jurors?

    Though the UK system is a bit more staid, he could have been the Scottish Johnny Cochrane or what is the name of the guy with the long hair who always wears buckskin jackets, very flamboyant guy, these guys get all kinds of PR and attention and money and even bimbos/models/hoochies. There are some high flying bachelor lawyers but you have to work your butt off to get there in the first place and you have to win high profile cases but probably no more than the time it has taken for GB to get to this point in Hollywood. And of course in the UK as in North America, lawyers drift into politics, too many lawyers in fact. Just imagine Gerard as your MPP. LOL.

  • CJ
  • Colin


    We will never know because he never passed the Bar. Easier to get the ladies without concern about juror tampering with his looks.

  • gossiphound


    Just having fun speculating though theoretically it is never too late to try again. However the closest GB will get is playing a lawyer in a movie or perhaps a play. He almost did in LAC and of course he’s already played a juror, excellent performance that. If he ever plays a lawyer hope it is a more flamboyant or flawed character than your usual DA.

    Actually that might be funny – play a lawyer who flirts with female judges and jurors and gets into constant trouble. Sofia Vergara can play opposing counsel since she’s clearly not impressed. LOL. Beats TBH.

    This is a good sign though. TBH is playing another week in my town though How to Train Your Dragon is playing on 2 screens at the muliplex, one in 3Dand one not. Wonder if that is standard.

  • gossiphound

    Should we take a pool on the box office take this weekend? More or less than 50 per cent drop off?

  • Juniper

    I wonder how he and Aniston will act around each other at the European premieres of BH. I think he said he has two for BH and one for HTTYD in Europe.

  • gossiphound

    ” He was in full on ladies’ man mode when we spotted him last night at Nobu’s second anniversary party in West Hollywood…

    “Butler arrived around 9 p.m. with a mostly female entourage. He paid particular attention to two exotic beauties who looked so much alike they could have been twins. There was a lot of whispering in each others’ ears, hands on shoulders and even a kiss on one of the gals’ cheeks.

    “The women never left Butler’s side, even as he chatted with the countless other women who eagerly approached him throughout the night..”

  • Cora

    @gossiphound: Ah, that’s our Gerry. God is in his heaven and all is right with the world. Cinthia who?
    Expect more of these sightings coming out of Serbia. Gerry always gets h*rny when he’s on location. He’ll be trolling the local night spots and picking them up two at a time when he gets there too.

  • curious

    He would have made a great politician with all of his B.S.
    @Phantom Luver:
    Well, at least he is highly education compared to so many in Hollywood. He just couldn’t hold on to his job because he wasn’t serious enough, as he just wanted to goof around. I’m sure there were lots of ladies back then too. You know, he even considered becoming a physician before becoming a lawyer and gave it up because he was afraid to make a mistake. Translation: with medicine he can’t play as much. Actually, I think law, politics, or acting all fit him well, they’re perfect careers for him – you kind of have to be a B.S. artist to do well in any of them.

  • Cora

    Here’s more from gossiphound’s link:
    One of the few male members of his posse said Butler always rolls like this.
    “Of course, he showed up with the ladies,” he said. “He wouldn’t go out if it weren’t for all the ladies. Can you blame him?”

  • curious

    Well he graduated with honors despite his playing the whole time he was in school. He failed to get his license because they threatened to fire him a week before he would’ve received it. He just left because he wasn’t happy working in an office environment and he knew that he f**ked up and they weren’t happy with him. He’s stupid. He should’ve promised to behave, receive his license, and then quit a month later. Now he could’ve claimed that he is a lawyer too. He just couldn’t wait to get out of there.

  • curious

    Some pics from Nobu last night
    It looks like he left alone, and that he had enough for the night. I wonder if he really goes home to sleep alone or he arranges for a private tryst with a woman somewhere? Maybe he’s full of sh!t and just pretends to be a major playboy when he’s not. Who knows.

  • Tonto

    Manny, formerly ManLESSton, Thanks so much for doing this. You’re a peach! I can only guess what those people are thinking that are processing that donation. I may make another donation in the name of The Lone Ranger. Thanks to you and Stupidfans also.

  • Cia

    OMG! I keep trying to see TBH, but it’s just in vain… Noting attracts me. The script is the worst ever and Gerry acts like crap!!! For the past 4 hours I’ve seen 15 min. of this movie and I can’t do it anymore.
    Sorry for everyone who was at one moment in my this position…