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Gisele Bundchen: Pantene Power

Gisele Bundchen: Pantene Power

Gisele Bundchen launches the new Pantene collection on Tuesday (March 23) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This weekend the 29-year-old supermodel will attend the wedding of her older fraternal twin sister, Patricia, who is also her modeling manager.

Gisele will also reportedly to shoot an ad in which she would “teach” Brazilian icons Pele and Romario how to play soccer. The ad will be scheduled to air during the World Cup in June and July.

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen displaying Pantene power…

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gisele bundchen pantene power 01
gisele bundchen pantene power 02
gisele bundchen pantene power 03
gisele bundchen pantene power 04
gisele bundchen pantene power 05
gisele bundchen pantene power 06
gisele bundchen pantene power 07
gisele bundchen pantene power 08
gisele bundchen pantene power 09
gisele bundchen pantene power 10

Photos: WENN
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  • roni


  • cindy

    She is awesome! The last supermodel!

  • Wow, she looks amazing! Gisele is the perfect model!

  • Francia

    wow look at that awesome body man !
    she’s more thinner than before her pregancy HA HA … so unfair!!

  • Francia

    wow look at that awesome body man !
    she’s more thinner than before her pregancy HA HA … so unfair!!

  • Scuba

    She looks gorgeous,man what a pretty lady.

  • too tall

  • So overrated

  • really

    not attractive! always

  • Tyr

    My God she looks dashing.

  • mia

    She belongs to the woman who never get fat, she can eat what ever she wants and still stay thin! My best friend has the same genes, but she is not so tall like Gisele, Gelsele is very tall

  • tati

    life is not fair! well when you are a normal person and you have the giseles of the world! oh wait there is only 1 Gisele. she is the best and LAST supermodel. she looks so happy,healthy. Gorgeous!

  • Mike

    wow I love her smile

  • lass


    umm last time I checked you have to be tall to model. lol
    unless you are a cheap playboy model or something like that

  • townsend

    aww I wonder if josie grossy and bella cooties (same person more and likely) are gonna come stalk their favorite girl today!

  • dan

    shes not pretty big hook nose ck out her profile and she looks like big bird to tall unfeminine and if she werent 6 ft tall she would be back in brazil flipping hamburgers you want to see a gorgeous brazillian model look at adriana lima perfection

  • p

    Ok josie,bella and now dan, the same pathetic adriana lima fan. Blah.

  • tt

    I was just gonna say, um bring in the adriana/bar bashers.
    aw guys bored cuz your mdoels dont do that much ? aww i feel bad.

  • tt


    perrfection years ago maybe lol.

  • crazy


    dan is a woman. total jealous woman thing to say.

  • Tommy


    see Im a major teeth person myself. Gisele’s teeth and smile are incredible.

  • tt


    duh men dont sit around and gossip lol.

  • anonymous

    Dan, #16- I don’t get it, just because you like Adriana Lima why does that mean you have to hate Gisele. Is there some rivalry there or something? From what I know, they got along pretty well in their Victoria’s Secret days.
    You like Lima more and some others like Gisele more, its just a difference of opinion and taste.
    Enough with the Adriana Lima vs Gisele, there is no such competition.

  • anonymous

    Stunning woman! Is it just me or does she look even better after the pregnancy?

  • angela

    I love how you guys diss her!
    ya thats right she really ugly….. she only the most highest paid supermodel ever! do you think she made all that money being ugly??? i don’t think soo….. otherwise shut your non-millions making nobody face!

  • lovegirl

    Haters only hate the things that they can’t get and the people they can’t be.

  • tt


    THANK YOU! see those other fans are so one minded. always making it some competition. why cant you like both? or just like one and care about one. and leave the other alone. at least gisele fans dont seem like crazy teenaged fan girls lol. classy and mature just like gisele is.

  • Lindsay

    she is ugly and boring for me

  • tt


    THANK YOU. yeah last time I checked an ugly person being able to make 150 million from their “ugly” A** was if they were a trust fund baby, lol. gisele is the best,last, and greatest supermodel. no comparisons really. take a look at her career resume vs. most other models resumes. you will find all your answers. if you didn’t already figure it out that her salary is pretty self explanatory….

    don’t like her, don’t click. its as easy as 1,2,3

  • tt


    not as ugly or boring as you are Im presuming.

  • cameron

    Beautiful Gisele! I think she is looking good as ever. she has some weight on her hips and legs. sexy

  • townsend

    please josei grossie/dan/bella pooties lets save the explanations and analyzations of why you cant stand her. no one cares!

    Gisele doesnt even know! she is out making the big bucks right now, loving life, SMILING, why you are here staring at a computer screen frowning and making tension in your face. better quit you will get those dreaded jowls and forehead wrinkles. so calm down, and go stare at your favorite models pics! there’s an idea. Im sorry if they dont work that much to keep you satisfied, but well that’s not gisele’s problem….lol


    It’s funny.. she is really very thin.. look at her legs.. yet I don’t hear people screaming that she should eat something. Same thing with Olando Blooms girlfriend.. can’t remember her name.. really skinny..yet they get no negative for it.. because they are models.


  • Linda

    Gisele is in the league of the other one namers Cindy,Linda,Christy,Claudia,Naomi etc…
    even they have said so.

  • constant

    and being thin and having long beautiful amazing supermodel legs is seen as a negative because why????????!!!! enlighten me…..Last time I checked those are the kinds of figures and legs we all dream about.

  • Brian

    Gisele is gorgeous

  • Linda


    I can see why I was minused, people do hate hearing the truth sometimes.

  • AndreA

    Never understood why people diss or defend with all their hearts other peolple they dont even know, so what if she is making so much money is not like you are getting any…

  • Vanessa

    She’s stunning!! How old is Benjamin?? 1 month? Damn… Bitch haha

  • ragdoll

    I love this woman. She’s amazing.

  • kelly

    I still can’t believe this woman just had a baby! incredible! she is so beautiful. inside and out.

  • aussiegal


    well if you didnt notice this site is all about fans vs. anti fans. this site is dumb and pointless.

    Gisele is amazing though.


    there are so many peeps in china love gisele and support her !!!


    there are so many peeps in china love gisele and support her !!!she is stuning !!!

  • Great body, plain face

    Rockin’ hot body but I’m not keen on her face. Too long and pointy.

  • Brit

    She just glows. Always thought Gisele was the ideal super model!

  • AndreA

    thx just wondering if anybody agreed it is pointless

  • http://google toni

    It must be a diet pill, hard to believe when celebs. just lost weight after gives birth to a babies just like that. I agree that she looks good.

  • Taylo


  • complice

    Id say its a matter of hard work, and some good ole supermodel genes. have you seen how heidi klum gets right back into shape? or alessandra. models are so blessed with some great genes.

    I think she is so gorgeous. just radiates health and beauty. no wonder she makes so much money from it!