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Happy (Belated) Birthday Reese Witherspoon!

Happy (Belated) Birthday Reese Witherspoon!

Reese Witherspoon and her new boyfriend Jim Toth pick up some wine and groceries on Wednesday (March 24) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Happy belated birthday Reese! The Legally Blonde actress turned 34 on Monday and it looks like she’s enjoying the new love in her life!

The pair was seen holding hands during a weekend getaway in Ojai, Calif. over the weekend.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon enjoying being 34…

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reese witherspoon jim toth birthday 03
reese witherspoon jim toth birthday 04
reese witherspoon jim toth birthday 05
reese witherspoon jim toth birthday 06
reese witherspoon jim toth birthday 07
reese witherspoon jim toth birthday 08
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reese witherspoon jim toth birthday 10

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  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Wow, completely useless, even more so than the usual “Cheese With her spoon” posts on this site…. “Happy Belated Birthday”? WTF?! Oh, and she really doesn’t look “like she’s enjoying” anything. She actually looks positively enraged! Perhaps this is one time shere she didn’t actually calls the paps?

    Oh, and first.

  • Sally

    If Reese thinks all these pics of her and a new fella are making her look good, she should think again.

  • ella

    Jake is too young for her . . . I am glad they broke up.

  • emmaa

    She moved on quickly.

  • pickles

    I’m glad they broke up, too. Jake deserves better. Wow, Jared! Reese’s Birthday was March 22nd. You just did a pre-birthday plug for her two days ago! She sure does love her wine and her booze.
    She doesn’t look enraged at the paps. She looks hung over.

  • mark

    She pu$$ywhips them fast!! She already has this dude pushing her groceries.

  • nyc

    She knows Ryan is getting a lot of press for his movie coming out so she needs to do daily photo ops with her boyfriend. Next up Jim carries the kids at a concert while the band sings to Reese.

  • Pattycake

    @nyc: You got a copy of the agenda, I see. Yes, so far this IS following the same formula. But we haven’t seen Reese pictured looking so unprepared since she was a youngster. She looks like she just crawled out of bed and that’s not a happy face. Do you notice Toth has the same clothes on tha the had a few days ago? Do you think they smell?

  • pickles

    Bravo, nyc, #7! Exactly.

  • F

    Jim Tooth is kinda hot!

  • Mashup
  • L

    @nyc … I haven’t seen Ryan anywhere, doing anything? Where’s all this supposed press for him that is resulting in Reese’s motivation? Just sayin’.

  • Shocked, not!

    Gosh, she just jumped right into the next relationship. Jake should wonder if she was already working this from the side. Not a great role model for your young daughter to see one move out and another move right in. Spells like, sounds like “easy lay” to me.

  • emma

    Doesn’t Jim Toth work for CAA? Don’t “big-time agents” have to work on Wednesday’s at CAA? He’s dressed casually and hasn’t shaved so it doesn’t appear that he’s been to work all week.

    Is his new job simply to be “Reese Witherspoon’s boyfriend?” He does work directly for Bryan Lourd who also happens to be, coincidently i’m sure, Reese’s agent and the managing partner at CAA.

    Also, weren’t those photos from Ojai, CA this past weekend was the most staged photo-op since Paris Hilton in her heyday? Anyone who believes otherwise is simply FOOLING THEMSELVES and will believe just about anything.

    PS, why is this idiot always wearing a hat? Could Jimmy be a little folically challenged? My prediction is that this “relationship” will fizzle before Christmas or sooner.

    PPS I also agree that these photo-ops are all about the good reviews that Ryan Phillippe is getting for Magruber. He’s even going to host Saturday Night Live in the coming weeks. She’s afraid that he’ll have a hit and she hasn’t had one since Walk The Line in 2005. Hence insta-boyfriend coming from nowhere. She was pretty desperate after Jake Gyllenhaal broke up with her I guess.

    Reese is simply the phoniest Bitch in Hollywood.

  • F*ck off, Reese!

    Can’t stand that phony biitch and her photo ops.

  • G.

    Poor Jake still hasn’t found a replacement. Think he’s secretly nursing a broken heart over this? Reese moved on awfully fast.

  • Just sayin’

    Obviously the tabloids are in Reese’s corner, she gives them enough photo-ops and they repay her by giving her favorable coverage. They’re really spinning the Jim Toth affair positively for her, I think that in it of itself is proof positive how contrived this relationship is and how hard Reese’s PR are working to make people like the new guy, even though his claim to fame (if you can call it that) is judging bikini contests and thinking he’s a character on Entourage. I wonder how many diseases this POS has already passed on to S!utty Witherspoon. I guess she pretty much falls in love with any guy with swarmy charm and who waves his d!ck at her. Obvious Retarded Reese hasn’t learned a single thing from the Ryan Phillippe debacle. I’m sure we’ll learn about Jim here going on a tear with more of his hollywood whores, Tiger WOods style, and Reese will get her obligatory US Weekly cover titled “Poor, poor Reese.” Yet, she brought it all on herself.

    I just find it funny that despite the universal acclaim this relationship is getting from the tabs the comments — at EVERY WEB SITE — is OVERWHELMINGLY negative against her. America’s sweetheart no more, or so it seems. You wh0RE!

  • tawny

    Jake is not nursing a broken heart. He is doing just fine. He’s the one who’s been happy over the past few months, happier than he was the few months before the breakup (although he really wasn’t seen that much at that time, he was working in Penn.). It’s Reese that has not been happy now or for the past few months. Most pics she looks so sad, look in the eyes (when she doesn’t have shades on).

  • Jen

    @G.: I’m sure Jake is happy that the showmance is over and that someone else is Reese Witherspoon’s marketing tool.

  • slambang

    Thank GOD Jake got away from her. He deserves soooo much better!

  • slambang

    @#7 nyc: Exactly what will happen, you called it!

  • Next Weeks Tabloids

    Next up: stories about how precious she is to him and how he cooks for her, loves her friends and adores her parents so much that he wants to buy a house together in TN. He wouldn’t think of pressuring her into marriage or children but after not thinking about either while he built his amazingly successful career now he thinks he just might want the white picket fence… long as the amazing Reese Witherspoon is standing behind it!!!!

  • In The Know

    Need a man Honey? Looks very needy! …..and I am a huge fan of hers.

    She must be getting advice from Kate Hudson.

  • Team Jake

    @14-17-22 : AMEN

    With OR Without Jake, RW is B.O.R.I.N.G, she could be with any man, she’ll still a B.O.R.E. even if she dates a man like George Clooney
    ( We know that it’ll NEVER happen!!!) she ‘ll STILL a BORE!

    She need to be and see with a man to FEEL and BE REVELANT, without that she is insecure; and NOBODY will talk about RW!

  • look a like

    i think reese is great and the only reason some **** n idiots slam her on sites like this is because they could never get the respect reese does.
    Also i think she deserves happiness with whatever man she finds and if it takes 3 or 4 goes to find that happiness who are we to judge. SO BACK OFF REESE HATERS. – - | – _