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Joaquin Phoenix Speaks Out for Peta

Joaquin Phoenix Speaks Out for Peta

Joaquin Phoenix speaks out about products made from exotic animals in this video from Peta.

The 35-year-old actor introduces and narrates the expose, which shows animals being slaughtered for their skins.

“Anything you have that is made from animal skins can be made without. With so many stylish and cruelty-free alternatives, there’s no excuse for wearing animal skins,” Joaquin said.

To learn how you can help and to take a pledge to shed exotic skins from your wardrobe, visit

Joaquin‘s video is below – be aware that there is graphic footage.

Joaquin Phoenix for Peta
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  • jessica

    he looks so good and clean :D

  • um

    Wearing skins is organic but wearing the “alternatives such as pleather known as PVS is deadly to people and the environment. Most man made matericals are toxic and carcingenic. That includes all “food” that does not come from nature in it’s whole form.

  • um

    I meant PVC

  • idril

    Terrible, depressing…

  • John

    The tanning process of leather is far more toxic to the planet than PVC. Go Joaquin!

  • jensen ackles LUVER TANYA

    wow he looks good!! about dang time Joaquin!! Im not into wearing or eating exotic meats. Thats just nasty and wrong. Hes right, so many alternatives. GO Joaquin Phoenix !! LOVE YA!!!

  • ka-blamo

    What? He ain’t gonna rap about it???

  • Suzy

    That makes me so sick to see what those poor animals go through. I have never nor will I ever wear fur or any other thing made from an animal exotic or not.

    I couldn’t believe it when that little heart kept beating.

  • malia

    That was really hard to watch. I couldn’t stop crying. Joaquin has such a big heart. Each and every person with a voice and an opportunity to make a difference should be doing what he’s doing for PETA. We must shine a light on the unecessary cruelty in the world. Those animals didn’t need to be killed, and they certainly didn’t need to be killed like THAT! Those poachers could have taken 10 extra seconds out of their day to make sure that the animals were at least dead before skinning them, etc. How senseless. I will not buy animal skins!

  • Nicole

    Thank you Joaquin and Peta for addressing this very terrible issue! Damn all those who do this to innocent animals and those who buy these disgusting bags!

  • Opal

    I never understood why anyone would want to wear leather or skins anyway, cruelty aside. I mean, it’s just plain gross! It’s an animal’s skin! It’s like walking around, wishing you were a cow, lizard, gator or snake! (Wool is one thing since the sheep isn’t necessarily hurt and needs to be shorn anyway.) Not to mention, it’s plain ugly fashion-wise and looks pathetically tacky. I don’t get it.

  • AutumnM

    I see Joaquin has cleaned up a bit? Not crazy anymore perhaps? Good for him. He looks good.

  • Marieme

    Now this is the way for Peta to be more effective in their work vs the more aggressive stunts they sometimes pull. I’m so glad celebrities are not scared of speaking their mind. This type of human behavior towards animals is beyond my capacity to understand – or forgive. It has to be stopped and fur hag a-holes need to wake up and stop denying what’s really happening. Selfish vanity indeed!

  • Joker

    JJ is showing me an ad for nike leather shoes right under the article…

  • California Dreaming

    So proud of Joaquin for supporting such a worthy cause for an issue that is in need of major enlightenment. This NEEDS to be veiwed allover the world by EVERYONE. These cruelties need to be exploited and defeated.

  • LivHan

    OMG my Joaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaquin!Finally!
    wish you way luck on your music career.I hate to not to know about you.
    I just luv you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amber-louise

    I’ve always liked him. He seems like a stand up guy and it’s nice to see him doing something he believes in.

  • LivHan

    @Joker: haha=]

  • Christa

    Why wasn’t leather mentioned in this video? It isn’t just about “exotic” animal cruelty. It’s one thing to be against wearing skins or fur, but it is beyond hypocritical to preach it if you eat meat. Yes, I know people who would just “never” wear fur, but find it perfectly acceptable to eat fried chicken. It’s appalling. We all need to educate ourselves, especially when it comes to the US agriculture industry. Let’s allow our love and respect to expand beyond just other human beings.

  • C

    There really isn’t any need to go so far for fashion’s sake. Why do people need to have snake and alligator skin anyway?

  • Morgan

    this is why, generally speaking, i hate the human race.

  • love

    I love Joaquin. He is a super talented actor and he is wonderful for supporting animal rights.

  • superman

    So PETA how is that global warming coming. lol be nice to a komodo dragon and see what happens tree hugging hippies.

  • am

    OMG, I don’t get some people & some of the comments on here but I love Joaquin with all my heart for putting himself & this out there, thank you so much for bringing to light this devastating disgusting cruelty, it’s the fashion industry first, they set the trends & then the idiots with money follow with absolutely no conscience of who or what suffered so they can look pretty, instead of spending thousands on your so called beautiful shoes & bags put the money towards the preservation of our most gorgeous animal kingdom & getting these greedy bastards who do the killing behind bars. WTG Joaquin xx

  • equanimity

    Thank-you Joaquin! It is great to see you back doing work that makes a difference in this world.

  • max

    He’s very talented and I admire him for taking a stand on this issue.

  • aria

    that’s myyy boyyy!!!

  • Hermes Gator Birkin!

    Alternative to exotic skins?

    Okay I will take the Alexander McQueen Python Armadillo Shoes and you can keep your Payless Christian Siriano.

    Every single designer ever mentioned on this blog produces exotic skin products so pick a side.

    Fashionable & Chic or PVC PETA… I’ve made my choice.

    WHY would anyone want to deny a designer the right to CHOOSE? They want to make BEAUTIFUL products out of skins POWER TO THEM!

  • Sharon

    Go Joaquin!!!! I am so glad you are speaking up for animal rights with PETA. It is truly disgusting when one thinks about what actually goes into making these bags and shoes that look so beautiful in the stores. They might look amazing in the store but the ugly truth is they were made torturing and brutally killing these innocent animals. This video made me sick to my stomach. I will never buy snakeskin or lizard skin shoes or bags. Joaquin you look great, keep up the good work with PETA!!

  • Hana

    Thoughtfulness. Modesty. Respect for life. It’s simple.

  • hesterstreet

    I saw this video for the first time several days ago and I am haunted by it still. Please boycott stores that sell fur and products made from reptile skins. Unless we take action, these horrific practices will continue.

  • anonymous

    when did his face get so…….FAT!!!!!! Gross!