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Kelly Bensimon: Miami Bikini Babe!

Kelly Bensimon: Miami Bikini Babe!

Kelly Bensimon of the Real Housewives of New York breaks out the bikini poolside in Miami on Wednesday (March 24).

The 41-year-old Playboy cover model tweeted about her love of Miami, saying, “miami right now. the energy is contagious and the gossip is left in NY”! Also, check her out at NBC-Miami’s studios!

For the Real Housewives of New York are you – TEAM KELLY or TEAM BETHENNY?

10+ pictures inside of Kelly Bensimon, the Miami bikini babe…

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kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 01
kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 02
kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 03
kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 04
kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 05
kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 06
kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 07
kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 08
kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 09
kelly bensimon miami bikini babe 10

Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Sdk310

    She looks like a man. Seriously. So mannish.

  • T pain


    Is that you?


    these are not flattering pictures.

  • Helen

    I am scared!

  • Kate

    dude body much ?

  • SHopaholic22

    wdf …. y is her body so square :S that’s messed up. :-|

  • Meryl

    Na Na Na Na DUDE looks like a ladyyyy
    SERIOUSLY WTF!?!?!? She needs to put on a one piece ASAP SICK!

  • Holly

    TEAM BETHENNY this woman is a straight up MAN…she looks like the reject off RuPaul’s Drag Race

  • C

    I’m not sure how much say you have in the advertisements and pop ups, but the most recent ones with the videos and surveys are really annoying. I hope they can go away soon =/ but I still love your website and visit it every day!

  • infamous

    ew, not fem at all….and you can tell she had a classic tummy tuck after her babies..all that jogging actually makes her look too buff in her mid waist definition…

    all of a sudden I’m not hating my middle aged body anymore!

  • michelle

    A one piece bathing costume would be much more flattering for her figure.

  • lululu

    bikini babe! Where?

  • essayist

    I recently discovered, and am horrified by, these “Real Housewife” shows. The NYC show is particularly embarrassing: women who believe the ruder and nastier their behavior exemplifies a perceived level of class.

    However, this woman is the worst. She cannot speak cohesively and attacks one of the two women on the show who can. And, yes, while she may have been on the cover of Playboy — after all, airbrushing can make anyone beautiful — she does, in fact, look like a man. Particularly the way her arms hang from her shoulders and the fact she has no waist. If she hadn’t had implants, she’d look like a board.


    I know bodies change with the approach of “mid-life” (due to hormones), but this, quite frankly, is ridiculous. To me it looks like she only works her abs – the worst thing in the world to keep a feminine shape. She’d do better to hit the squat rack, flesh out her legs, go heavy on the bench press – making those sections bigger will create the illusion of a narrow waist.

    As it is, she looks like a man (and I’m not sure she isn’t or wasn’t, I should say, at one point.)

  • mare

    her body does look strange.

  • LaLa


  • Memei

    The worst thing about this, is that she think she looks good with that teeny weeny bikini. WOW

  • Infamous

    THis is the same woman who posed in Playboy???!!

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`i thought that was david hasselhoff. omg… `i just threw up in my mouth.

  • pixie

    Oh this is bad. Can someone/anyone pull this man aside and tell him to stop! A teeny bikini is just wrong with the botched plastic surgery and super scary bikini line. My eyes are BURNING.

  • judge_judy

    blewought….saggy va jay jay

  • Macchiato

    OMG is this a women ??? ewwwwwwwww

  • edna

    After seeing this body, God I like my body!

  • Bonnie

    Playboy must be hard up for new models. She is gross.
    Her leather skin really needs more sunning?

  • Kristina


  • trish

    I guess Playboy had its work cut out for them airbrushing all those wrinkles out of her (his?) stomach. Disgusting!!!!!

  • SubSub

    Gross x10000000000! That is most definitely a man’s physique. Ewww. She thinks way too highly of herself. Cover that s.hit up please!

  • Jasmne

    Team Bethenny!! these pictures of kelly are scary – she ain’t no babe!

  • loretta

    Is she related to Jennifer Garner? They have same manly looking body and they both have manly features.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I had no idea other people were thiming the same thing.It is funny when you see soemthing and you wasnt to post and then you read that others and you were thinking the same thing, LOL!!!

    Sooooo, I know I am rgith then because you all posted the same thing.

    No shape-straight like a man, ho hips,no waistline, shoulders look too broad,one-piece swimsuit with one-shoulder, or a one-piece w/ waistline cutout on one side would have been better.

  • Amber-louise

    Yuck. Where’s her waist? she looks like a rectangle. I can’t believe people watch those Real housewives. Doesn’t anyone have a life to live these days???

  • just saying

    she is very scary

  • Susan

    Definitely Team Bethenny!

  • scoot

    OMG, the bikini bottom is pulled into va jay jay and serious sagging on other side. Look at first photo on zoom. Did she know???

  • Shawn

    Jared, do you really think that she’s a ‘babe’?!? Are you serious?? I hope not!! Kelly is disgusting, and no, I’m not talking about her personality. She looks like Iggy Pop from the neck down and Joe Perry from the neck up. What the hell is that hard thing protruding from between her budget boobies?!? It is offensive. She really needs to invest in a cover up, and leave it on the whole time she is in public. There are a ton of pics of gross Kelly in a bikini, and all the reactions are the same: Kelly is flabby, has bad implants and needs to cover up!! She is so gross. I can’t believe that she thinks she looks good!! She must be in some serious denial. Poor thing. Poor bony but flabby, leathery thing.

  • Christina

    Looking at the pictures… the worst part (other than her hideously shape stomach) is that there’s so much extra skin near at her lower bikini area. And it’s REALLY noticeable.