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Sarah Palin: Alaska Reality Show with Discovery!

Sarah Palin: Alaska Reality Show with Discovery!

Governor Sarah Palin has signed off on a new eight-part documentary series about herself and her home state of Alaska. Slated to premiere on TLC, the series will be executive produced by Mark Burnett of Survivor and Apprentice fame.

“Discovery Communications is so excited to help Sarah Palin tell the story of Alaska, and to have a great documentary filmmaker in Mark Burnett helping to reveal Alaska’s powerful beauty as it has never been filmed, and as told by one of the state’s proudest daughters,” said Peter Liguori, Chief Operating Officer, Discovery Communications.

Adds Palin, “Our family enjoys Discovery’s networks. I look forward to working with Mark to bring the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans.”

Palin will reportedly rake in a whopping $1 million per episode for the series.

The working title for the show is Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Will you tune in??

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  • Evans

    Hmm…. let me see…. how about “NO!!!”?

  • Cheery

    Considering she fricken HUNTS WOLVES from helicopters what the hell is Discovery thinking!?

  • rhonda

    A MILLION DOLLARS a show, that should have Hollywood reeling!

    Everyone I know will watch! Love Sarah and want to go to the last frontier, ALASKA!

  • idani

    No I won’t tune in. This is a travesty. I don’t mind her milking her fame and going on television since this seems to be the thing to do–sell out and make money, but a nature show??? She authorized shooting wolves from planes even tho any one who is an expert in wolves can tell you they cull the sick and old from herds. But oh gee, let’s leave the sick and elderly to the hunters who can’t shoot–gotta have something for them to hang on their wall. She didn’t do one thing to save the polar bears and denied they were endangered. Her stance on parks, unhabited lands etc. basically is they are okay as long as they don’t have oil, gas or other minerals that can be exploited. She denies climate change is happening. And of course lets drill, baby drill whenever, wherever we can and da*mn the environment.

  • kablamo

    Stupid hag.

  • Flairfive

    What is Discovery thinking?!? She is no friend to nature. They should have someone who is educated and can teach about Alaskan wildlife to do a show like this! They would not have to pay them a million dollars either!!

  • yo sista

    OMG biggest attention who!re ever

  • Barb

    Boycott The Discovery Channel. Boycott the sponsors of the program. This is an insult!

  • Joboots


    Are you insane,Rhonda?????

    A million bucks for this loser????

  • n.o.l.a


  • Infamous

    OMG she needs to just go away already!!

  • n.o.l.a

    I take that back…she’s not stupid. She’s managed to get Discovery Channel to pony up..

  • life


  • greg

    She is not the Governor. Once you leave the office of governor you are no longer called that (the only title that works for is “President”.) She is an ex-governor at best — and even that she couldn’t complete one term of. Her title should be “quitter.”

    …and seriously, this should tank. That million dollar figure is the full production cost per episode, so she’s not raking in that amount.

  • sally

    this media whore needs to GO AWAY!

  • Landbank

    I’d rather have my eyes ripped out by Kratos than see this abomination of a show.

  • Beth

    NOOO! I think i just died a little inside

  • Halli


    That is Sarah Palin. And this show is a JOKE! Good luck with that show that will be featured on a channel that has an unhealthy obsession with little people and multiple children.

  • James

    Sarah is a joke. Meanwhile President Obama was the first President to EVER to create a healthcare bill that is now law. Something no President was able to do in 60 years of trying. Just shows how low Sarah is in terms of actual relevance and power.

  • Natasha

    Sarah is NOT a Governor Jared. She quit after LESS than TWO YEARS. She’s a quitter and is a money-grubbing hillbilly loser.

  • jelly

    ‘Governor Sarah Palin”?
    She resigned the position last summer and is no longer entitled to the title.

  • rhonda


    What is wrong with you people, have you ever heard of free speech? If you don’t want to watch, turn the channel, no one cares!

    It will be a hit, people stood in the dark and light rain at 4am to meet her at her booksigning.

    Lots of people hate getto music, they still play it!

  • rhonda


    you just hate her so much, you’ve turned yourself stupid. Governor Romney Gov Huckabee Gov Pataci, your title goes with you. get over it!

  • Comedy

    How ironic that those people who would stand in the rain for her book-signing are people who can’t read.

  • stephanie

    I will absolutely watch it. I LOVE Sarah Palin and everything she stands for!!!

  • ami

    Can’t wait!

  • victorinescot


    Then you don’t know many people. I don’t know who would want to watch a narcicistic, exploitive and parasitic dumb broad that cannot even hold an intellegent coversation without refering to notes scribbled in the palm of her hand like a kindergartener . Sara Palin abandoned the governorship people of Alaska but is willing to exploit the people using the natural beauty of Alaska for her own financial gain. Strange thing about you conservatives is your hypocrisy, about religion, the deficit., helping your fellowmen, wars and killing people, good down home hatrred and racism.

  • idani


    So Sarah Palin deserves free speech opportunities, but those of us who’s opinion is different from hers and yours do not? And those of us who don’t believe her lies, evasions regarding nature and the environment should make her a million dollar an episode talent on a channel that is known for its environmental stands–well we have to shut up?

    Honey, the constitution guarentees free speech for everyone. Not just you and Sarah Palin. If someone wants to start a petition to boot her off a nature based television channel, then that is their right.

    If you don’t like it, then don’t read the comments.

  • ????

    A woman who is anti-sciece, who thinks evolution and global warming are bunk, who thinks it’s a great idea to shoot wolves from helicopters, who openly advocated for violence against Democratic politicians (“Reload”), is now warmly embraced by the Discovery Channel.

    Boycott Discovery.

  • ????

    Sarah Palin – the Quitter from Twitter.

  • karla

    Couldn’t pay me to watch it! No way, she is a parasite. John McCain released a monster on us when he selected her as his running mate. She’s nothing more then a glorified liar and idiot.

  • ellen

    Wow! She’s nothing but a quitter who abandoned the people of Alaska for money and now she gets to make a ton of money for being a quitter!! What a great example for kids!

    The sight of her makes me sick…… Hypocrite of the biggest kind.

  • So Judgemental

    Can’t wait to watch her shoot majestic wolves from a helicopter.

  • kablamo

    Discovery must be smokin’ crack. Either way, I won’t be watching that channel ever again. Losers.

  • A. Woltman

    I will boycott the Discover Channel for this. This woman has nothing to offer to the American people. Senator McCain lost the presidency because of her. Once I heard her speak, I knew I WOULD NOT vote for an idiot like her. Idiot or not, she has done quite nicely for herself. I can’t believe that a channel like the Discover channel, that has had some amazing shows would pick this up. Sorry, Discover, I hope she brings you new FOX viewers, because you just lost this one and I hope many more!

  • GBC

    Uh, that would be no.

  • c


  • rossy40

    I’m not giving Palin control/power over which cable networks I watch. I love TLC & Discovery! I will continue to watch MY favorite shows on them – just NOT hers.
    Having said that. I do admit I love programs re: Alaska & the Northwest Territories; the scenery is beautiful. So I just watch “Ice Road Truckers”. Oh my God! What those guys do for a living. Driving big rigs on what is essentially frozen ocean with loads of 50+ tonnes… And I thought “Deadliest Catch was scary (RIP – Captain Phil, miss him)

  • Anon

    Hey Sarah, stop stirring up the hate on Twitter because you don’t like that health care passed. What have republicans done? Try to give via.gra to rapists? Stop trying to get Congress people killed Palin, you are evil and
    I’m done. So long Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs, MythBusters — sorry, Craig.


  • jbo

    I’m betting people will watch the premiere, because I can’t not watch a trainwreck, but after that, she’ll get ratings like Jessica Simpson’s Price of Beauty show.

  • jameson

    now we know why she quit being govenor. Loser. and people voted for her and McCain.

  • Marieme

    Fcuk Discovery! Seriously.

    And my asss her family watches this channel. What a laugh. Disgusting liar and ignorant anarchist.

  • Marieme

    God, I love most of the commentors here. You guys are really awesome! I love that there still exists a large majority of people who can see through her depraved bullsh*t. I mean the effing nerve of this stupid channel!

    And thanks “life” for posting a link to that petition. I gladly signed it!

  • Helen

    If you are interested in how Rupert Murdoch, diabolical ruler of Fox News, is behind this odious Palin deal, here are all the details-

  • Amber-louise

    won’t she just fade into obscurity already? so sick of hearing about this woman and her trashy hick family.

  • RNC

    Palin Rocks !

    2012 will hopfully be the end for this failed social experiment


  • Right is Right !!

    Love Alaska and Palin

    Conservatism Rules

    “The most terrifying words in the English langauge are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

  • Real American

    Discovery channel has it “RIGHT”

    Can’t wait to watch

    “Man is not free unless government is limited.”

  • Real American


    You must mean the Democratic base – yes they are very stupid

  • Real American


    Yeah that Nancy Pelosi is a total Hag