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'24' Canceled -- Jack Bauer's Last Day!

'24' Canceled -- Jack Bauer's Last Day!

After eight seasons, Fox has decided to cancel 24!!!

Series star Kiefer Sutherland reflected on the show’s run: “This has been the role of a lifetime, and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation to everyone who made it possible. While the end of the series is bittersweet, we always wanted 24 to finish on a high note, so the decision to make the eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon. This feels like the culmination of all our efforts from the writers to the actors to our fantastic crew and everyone at Fox. Looking ahead to the future, [executive producer and showrunner] Howard Gordon and I are excited about the opportunity to create the feature film version of 24. But when all is said and done, it is the loyal worldwide fan base that made it possible for me to have the experience of playing the role of Jack Bauer, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Gordon told Variety, “Kiefer and me and the writers had (a decision to make). What’s the creative? What do we do? Is there any more story left to be told in this 24-hour format? We turned over every stone, and really determined that the story has come to an end in this 24-hour format.”

24 regular Mary Lynn Rajskub confirmed the news, tweeting, “Just found out we got the word officially. This is 24‘s last season.”

The final two-hour episode will air May 24. Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Bored

    Stopped watching it 3 years ago. Same boring plots over and over. Gave up. Not as boring as Lost, but too repetitive overall. Peace out 24!

  • Jen

    It was definitely a revolutionary show and very well done, but after season 4 it did get repetitive although season 8 has been good. However, I think creatively they made the right decision. How much of a story did they have left to tell? Their answer was obviously not much. It’s good to go out when the show is still interesting.

  • upanina

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo snif snif

  • upanina

    noooooooooooooooooooooooo snif snif

  • Paulie

    The wording is odd: “We turned over every stone, and really determined that the story has come to an end in this 24-hour format.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they switch networks with a new format and a new name for the series.

  • eh

    i thought nbc was thinking of picking it up?

  • Alex

    Thank Lucifer!

    This show jumped the shark after season two. It’s surprising that it made it this far. Every season the same thing. A mole in the midst, Jack Bauer suffers a traumatic event that makes him act even more violent.

  • 24 The Movie

    Not surprising given the repetitive story lines over the past few seasons. The good news is its finally time for the 24 Movie to take place!

  • Denise

    I’m so SAD! I love Kiefer!

  • diane

    i love this show and kiefer. sad to see it end. its pretty much the only show worthy of watching. it has been a great ride but i agree there are no more stories to tell in this format. im glad it is going out on top. now bring on the movies

  • LadyB

    I have never read a statement form an actor that seem that grateful. That was a great read.

  • Corndog

    The show was pretty cool, but it’s time.

  • Bonnie

    it’s not canceled! it just ends, canceled would be if FOX decided NOT to finish the whole season.

  • 24Fan

    Oh no !!! The rumors were true !!! What the heck am I going to do now? So “24″ joins “Lost” in the last season. I’m not embracing any of these other shows like “V” and “Flashforward.” The idea just sickens me. I’m sure hoping that the other rumor is true and that it’ll get picked up by NBC. But the way Keifer is talking now, it sounds like they plan on leaving it right there. So sad. :-(

  • fardous

    too badit was my best pro

  • apO

    Yay! Now we get to see a 24 movie each year lol. Will they keep calling it 24 or 24 part 2: the next 24 hours lol

  • mich


  • mich




  • akhil

    simply rockzzzz

  • Jay

    The show is in the top 20 in the Neilson ratings every week. You’re “canceled” headline is mindless and cheap.

    “Two-Hour Series Finale Airs Monday, May 24, on FOX

    In a joint decision made by 24’s star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland, executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon, Twentieth Century Fox Television, Imagine Entertainment and Fox Broadcasting Company, it was determined that the acclaimed series will end its remarkable eight-season run. Jack Bauer’s last day on FOX will conclude when the final two hours of “Day Eight” air Monday, May 24 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). As the countdown to the series’ climactic conclusion races on, the final 11 hours will air uninterrupted Mondays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.”

  • really

    I loves my Keifers. why why why why?

    oh well life goes on, but I will pour one out for my 24 hommies!

    ps. there was never a show like 24.

  • bine

    the cancel “24″ on tv to make a “24″ movie!!!

  • ert356

    Tony’s behind this. Gotta be.

  • Roger

    I agree with the “jumping the shark” comment.
    After last seasons PC preaching at us, I almost didn’t watch it this season.
    Still, its been a good Monday night date with my Wife the last few years.

  • Mark

    Awefull news, I actually think this show can go on for a few more years if they had better writers, there are a ton of different stories they can tell to make it interesting. If Jack feels it’s time, let Rene take over and go from there. Love Keifer and his role as Jack, it was my favorite show from the inception and hate to see it go. I will look forward to the Movies or NBC reviving it.

  • Martha

    So sad to hear this!! LOVE LOVE LOVE 24! Somewhat repetitive, but still the best thing on t.v. Beats watching reality tv. Jack Bauer is the best!

  • http://msn Catman

    Yet another great show gets cut. What’s next House? But i am sure we will get more mindless reality shows. SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All ready looking to the movie hope that happens

  • http://justjared Rebecca

    I am devasted!!!!!!!! “24″ is the only tv program I have ever eagerly waited for each new season!!!! Monday night was my favorite tv night!!
    I don’t want this show to end. I’ll not watch Fox network, because you are ending the best show you’ve ever had!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to Keifer and the cast! And a BIGGGGG BOOOO TO FOX!!!

  • Ed

    The only negative about “24″ was that Cheney and Bush watched it and didn’t realize it was fiction.

  • whereizzy

    I would rather never see 24 again than to see it go to NBC. They would probably have Jack reporting to bin Laden.

  • nlpnt

    Nah, they’d just follow Jack around in retirement. “Hour 6 – Monday 11:00 AM….”The View”? Last hour of “The Today Show”? Which will it be….” “Hour 8 – Monday 1:00 PM: Hanging around the golf club’s pro shop, trying to get together a foursome. Finally went off with just Jack and an 85-year-old retired proctologist”.

  • cf

    Although it’s sad news for me, I think it’s time. After the third season it all started going downhill for me. It’s lacking and not exciting anymore.

  • resources for teachers

    Noooo!!!! It the worst news ever. I love 24 and Jack Bauer and I can’t imagine my life without this show. At least we have our eight seasons and the movie. What a pity!!!

  • Kathleen Grooms

    Sorry it”s over. I will miss many things, especially the ticking clock. It probably has run its course, but will anyone come up with something really creative to replace it. There’s some real trash coming forth-I’m not a fan of “V” or “Flashforward”. The”re not the same type of program.

    Hoopla Woman!

  • Kathleen Grooms

    Sorry it”s over. I will miss many things, especially the ticking clock. It probably has run its course, but will anyone come up with something really creative to replace it. There’s some real trash coming forth-I’m not a fan of “V” or “Flashforward”. The”re not the same type of program.

    Hoopla Woman!

  • nyyankeefanboy

    This truly sucks but season 8 is awesome & the movie should rock especially of they do the first hour normal time & the second hour in real time. Hate the show or love it, there may never be another like it, it was really changed the game of prime time TV. I like what they did with season 7 lead in with the tv movie redemption but I wish they would do a 9th season to take place after the film make it 2hr normal time film that leads to season 9 24 hour format.

  • Chris

    Awesome show but hey FOX knows it is a winner so if the creators ever gets future sparks of creative FOX will pick up more movies if the first makes bank that is.

    little sad to see it go but it will be a series that ends on a High Note unlike LOST!!! I still have Burn Notice on USA & Sons of Anarchy on FX & hopefully TNT will pick up 3rd season of Southland not to mention SUPERNATURAL, Entourage, How to Make in America

  • inheritable

    will remain one of the best tv shows ever.

    i honestly don’t mind the fact that certain elements are repetitive. it’s hard to do something completely different from its previous seasons given its format. it’s a real-time drama about CTU.

    the most important thing is that there is no other tv show out there like 24. its format is just very unique.
    and then there’s the excitement and tension that comes with almost all its episodes…..i am a fan of so many other tv shows, but no other show packs this much into each and every episode.
    even an average season of 24 is still better than a lot of other shows.

    looking forward to the movie, but sad that the element that made 24 unique (real-time) might be taken away.

  • http://justjared Joan

    What a downer. This show parallels what’s really happening.
    There is more truth in this series then we’re told.
    I feel like a death in the family.
    What’s really behind the cancellation?
    Last I heard was the contract was for 4-5 more years.
    Jack get back. You must be stepping on someone’s toes.
    A movie version is a great idea if it written to allow sequels.
    There are some good shows on but 24 is the one I plan my evening around.
    Mr. Sutherland you’ll be great in any role. Best of luck to you.

  • couture prom dress

    God, good news! I am already so tired of everyone running around and talking about 24. And I hate this Jack Bauer who is sooo tough and saves the world in every episode. Enough, make room for something new now.

  • WB

    Man, I so hate to see this show end! I love Keifer in this role! He has dished his character, Jack Bauer to us in fine form! I will miss this show alot! Thanks all of you guys at 24 for 8 great seasons!

  • R Patrick

    I’m really going to miss 24. I feel that it was one of the best shows out there because it kept you coming back for more and kept you on the edge of your seat. Thank you Fox.

  • jarrod

    thats heaps shit 24 is a good t.v show, there are thousands of story lines they could come up with, although 8 series of 24 episodes in each is very good. 24 had a good run around 10 years, and still hopefully a movie to come out of it

  • Saint Anger

    man this season of 24 has been sheety! I am sad to see them go out like this on such a lame note….what happened?

    Last season was sooooo much better than this one. This season has been for the most part predictable and lame, every episode I keep saying how much this season has sucked! How disappointing.

    What happened to the great writers that produced last seasons episodes? Seems like they got a job @ NBC working on Chuck! Now that is a great show!! Long live Chuck, good riddance 24.

    Last season was so action packed and this one is yawn packed. Total letdown. Hopefullly the writers will redeem themselves for the movie. Can’t blame Sutherland or the actors, they just read the lines.

  • Nora Kally

    thanks a lot, Kiefer you have left a mark each every who watched 24 will ever forget.

  • Artie

    Season 9: Jack takes on Obama’s universal health plan and saves our country.

  • http://facebook Corinthia

    I don’t feel that the show 24 should not come on any more. They need to come back with some new episode(s). I hate my show is gone off for good.I’m very sad.

  • Sayed taher zaki

    I Love 24 It is the best

  • shery