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Angelina Jolie: Babies on the Balcony!

Angelina Jolie: Babies on the Balcony!

Angelina Jolie stands out on a balcony in Venice, Italy with her twins, Knox and Vivienne, on Friday (March 26).

Viv (white shirt) got a little fussy when her nanny held her, but she seemed to calm down when Angie held her!

Knox , who had an animated afternoon yesterday with Ang, was calm. So cute!!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and the twins on the balcony…

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angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 01
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 02
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 03
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 04
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 05
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 06
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 07
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 08
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 09
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 10
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 11
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 12
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 13
angelina jolie knox vivienne balcony 14

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  • pokeman

    omg! new pix. awww! viv wants to be held by mommy.

  • yo sista

    Awwwwww GORGEOUS! So sweet and adorable.

  • melissa b

    Must be nice to have a nanny. Seriously. I wouldn’t mind one everyonce in a while.

  • yo sista

    Although both boos are cute but the boy, Knox is cutter in my opinion! He’s just so gorgeous looking!

  • zaraaaa

    i seriously can’t get over how cute the twins are

  • how to tell ‘em apart

    Knox is has droopy eyelids

  • soniaintown

    See, that’s her hair!!!
    So flowy, so beautiful!!

  • sofia

    omg! The twins are really cute and different, I don’t know how people can confuse them!

  • Username

    3 days in a row?! What the hell is on the other side of that balcony?! I WANNA SEE! Cute pics though. Gorgeous family.

  • Kim

    I think she is the most beautiful woman and mother in the world.

  • Ang gives Nanny short break

    how nice

  • legsfan


    AWWWWWWWWWWW – That’s so sweet….

    Thanks Ange….

  • Hellen

    Love this lovely woman!

  • lol

    Aniston f reaks are freaking out over cute toddlers photo. i’ll do too if i can’t have a baby. hahahahahaha

    the twins are super adorable. and Angelina looks beautiful in the morning with no make up. unlike Aniston who still looks fug even with make up. no wonder she’s covering her k iller chin with scarf all the time. hahahahaha

  • soi

    Liz, using the kids for what? This woman couldn’t take a crap without someone snapping a photo if they’d let them. She is enjoying fresh air with her children, who by the way are gorgeous as she is. Trolls crack me up. Put a photo up of Johnny and his kids= people aren’t interested (lots of people like him) but he just doesn’t get the draw. Please don’t act like you don’t already know the Jolie-Pitts are the most intriguing family .

  • To Liz

    Liz @ 03/26/2010 at 10:34 am

    its kind of difficult not to know. the papz park their A SS there 24/7. its kind of hard to avoid. just because the papz are there doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the balcony & the nice Venice scenery. what would you like them to do? stay inside 24/7. if you don’t like to look at them don’t click on the pix. its not that difficult. when brad & angie weren’t with the twins you idiot troll complain that they don’t love their twin because they never took them out or hold them or they don’t exist. now, they enjoy their time with the twins you call them wh@ing their kids. damn they do & damn they don’t. i am so glad the JP don’t give a sh!t what you think.

  • LIKO
  • legsfan

    VIv, what’s the matter? I thought you are the feisty one! See your brother is not scared….

  • Passing Through

    Those twins are just too freaking cute! Seeing them both without hats at the same time – maybe now people will stop confusing the two and stop trying to say Shiloh is Knox when she’s twice his size.

  • MrMarleyFAN

    Thats so freaking freaky how Knox looks just like a mini-me Brad and Viv a mini-me Angie. I remember Brad saying that somewhat on Oprah; how the boy looked like him and the girl her mommy. SO CUTE!

  • eliza

    Adorable little babies – getting big so fast!

  • Danielle

    you obviously don’t have kids because if you did you would know that a babies hair changes color in the first 2 years

  • pokeman

    I can’t believe I was 1st. That never happen. I know the haters will use their tiny brain to analyze the hell out of these pix and make every negative comments they could think of. Try not to think too hard you might fry the remaining little brain cells you have.

  • fishy

    JJ, how do you go from 5 to 23 thumbs down in less than 2 minutes?

  • bb

    I’m trying to figure out if Angie is just not comfortable around her daughters. The girls all look wack, from their hair to their clothing.

    I just imagine the chaos that must go on behind closed doors. Lot of kids fighting for attention, sucking their thumbs, clutching onto security blankets and toys…sad:(

  • NAN

    OMG ! We are very lucky to see this lovly family again !
    Norman’s friends can’t sleep well for 3 nights He heheheheheeee!

  • Meme

    @MrMarleyFAN: Knox doesn’t look like brad. It’s funny how his fans are desperate for heir son to look like brad but he looks just like Angie

  • MrMarleyFAN

    Viv wants her mommy. That’s such a sweet picure of her reaching for her. Some kids aren’t trying to be in anyone’s arms but their mommys and or daddys.

  • Josie

    Woah, Viv looks just like Shiloh did at that age.

  • a zimbo

    my little guy is a mth younger than the twins and seeing their expressions especially Knox’s on the other thread is like seeing my little mans …so cute he is in love with dogs and dinosaurs ..its sooo refreshing to see the amazement in his eyes when we see different kinds of dogs on the street or when we look at the dinosaurs at the rom …its like rediscovering them …im sooo happy for the JPs they have happiness and everlasting love in all 6 of their beautiful ones ..xoxo

  • andamentothat

    I am getting a wee bit spoilt.. and beginning to expect these pictures..Knox looks adorable and very much like shiloh in attitude and looks.. he is cool with being out and the papz calling baby.. Vivienne is a bit shy and probably going through stranger anxiety phase.. Angelina is looking nice in a sweet robe!!! Venice is incredibly beautiful and different city so i am sure the older kids are getting to go to the museums and walk the town while the twins are getting their view via the balcony.. flashforward 20 years.. you will see all the JP kids in scooters zipping thru venice and papz still following them of course..

  • Some Bunny

    Ohh so adorable, and Angelina looks so elegant in the morning sun. Now look how beautiful little Vivienne is crying for her mommy and stops when Angelina holds her. I love all the Jolie Pitts.

  • JP fan fOrever

    If ‘n JJ done posted the twins till they was old, grey, and wheelchair bound I’d come on here to say, “How Cute” causin I’m addin sumpthin impotent to the conversation which makes me verry prowd


    BEAUTIFUL ANGELINA AND THE KIDS!!!! There’s the beautiful Angie without make-up that’s why Brad is so lucky and happy to wake up with a beautiful woman each day. He’s not looking at a manly face person with stiff jaw. Besides, Angie and the kids are not looking at the balcony for papz but to get a fresh air and have the twins see the outside world without being bother by the papz. Anyway, who wouldn’t wanna be out in the balcony especially when you’re in France. Don’t wanna waste the beautiful view that surrounds these beautiful family. At least, Angie is not exposing her bikini body to the papz to get attention. You can see how content and happy Angie is with his loving partner and georgeous kids. Life is so beautiful for them. They have everything , so SHUT _UP losers.

  • dd

    absolutely gorgeous family…like Mr.Smith said “christmas morning”. ahhhh

  • Barbara

    the babies look great!!! I have a crush on Knox. He is like the cutest baby ever – surely tied with Shiloh.

  • Claudia

    ♥♥ Angelina and her kids are beautiful. ♥♥
    ♥♥ God bless her and her family ♥♥

  • Barbara

    that’s why her daughter is crying her lungs out to be in mommy’s arms… got it ;) thanks for the piece of smart information

  • ANGİ

    So beautiful……..

  • luvangie4ever

    Awww Vivienne wants mommy! They’re such sweethearts! Angie is looks so beautiful and the twins are so adorable. I love these pics, thanks so much Jared! Vivienne is so pretty, she has such sweet features. And you can already tell Knox is going to be a ladies’ man. lol

  • carol

    the twins are adorable!

  • MrMarleyFAN


    Reaching much? Doing well?

    $40mil production budg
    $25mil domes-$7mil foreign

    plus one of the most panned flicks EVAH.

    Avg rating 3.2% with over 104 reviewers dogging it.

  • QQQQ

    Angie and her cut kids!

  • to Whamo

    Whamo @ 03/26/2010 at 11:14 am

    i really love it when you troll are losing it. life is beautiful for angie & her family & for us fans too.

  • QQQQ

    That should have read… Angie and CUTE kids!

  • lulu

    Adorable kids !

    Too bad, the barren womb Maniston couldn’t have one in her life time !

    Maniston movie doing good ??? could n’t beat Katherine Hiegl and Kate Hudson on the opening with same crappy movie. faniston trolls on delusion. !

  • sissysissy


    Definitely Knox looks more like Angie and Viv looks more like Brad.

  • brad fan

    so cuteee

  • Brad&Angelina


  • http://yahoo krissy19

    Thanks Jared i can’t get enough of vivs chubby cheeks and knoxs adorable looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!