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Donald Trump: Rosie O'Donnell's Show Will Fail

Donald Trump: Rosie O'Donnell's Show Will Fail

Donald Trump spewed more venom towards Rosie O’Donnell at the premiere of the Broadway show Come Fly Away on Thursday (March 25) in NYC.

The 63-year-old weighed in on her upcoming talk show, telling Extra, “She’s a loser. Her other shows didn’t do well, this one won’t do well. Everything she touches is a failure, she’s a failure.”

The twosome have had a long-standing feud dating back to 2006 when Rosie called Donald a “snake-oil salesman” on The View.

DO YOU THINK Rosie’s show will be a hit???

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  • Em

    Don’t know why I feel like defending Rosie, but her talk show was successful was was The View when she was on. And, if I recall Rosie magazine was quite successful. The Donald is just being silly.

  • Brit

    Donald is a jerk. Honestly, he needs to go away! I’m not a fan of Rosie, but thats just uncalled for. How is being rich a failular?

  • http://! ivanka

    uhm sad but true, donald

  • Malia

    The Rosie O’Donnell show was really successful. Award-winning even. You can’t say the same about The Apprentice.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …of course it’ll fail. he’s not lying. the view was a circus when she was on there. that was a major failure for the view.

  • annab

    He sure doesn’t like her at all. He once said she was the ugliest person he ever seen.

  • wiseman

    Rosie is not ok she looks crazy

  • YM Gordon

    says the man who filed for bankruptcy twice AND has been divorced twice

  • sillyday

    Maybe he had a bad day

  • rhonda

    they’re both attention whores, but he’s right. rosie is so over!

  • SonyT.

    He has money but no class. You don’t have to like everyone but you don’t have to bad mouth them either because of your own insecurities.

  • FaithLynette

    I enjoyed ROSIE’S original show (where she used to shoot things into the audience, gush on Tom Cruise, and eat snack cakes). She was friendly, funny, entertaining, etc… Then, I don’t know WHAT happened – she seemed to become combative, bitter, angry, condescending, argumentative, grumpy, and generally obnoxious. She believed that only HER opinions counted and were right. She wasn’t even open to ‘respectfully’ disagreeing about things. I ‘think’ she wanted to blame any/all opposition against her on the fact that she’s a Lesbian, but I never cared about her sexual orientation – I just thought her personality/attitude dramatically changed and the “new” ROSIE, I didn’t like/enjoy much! I have no interest in watching another show she hosts/or is on regularly.

  • Tamiko.

    バック トランスレーション

  • HH

    Ditto Faith Lynette!

  • Galey

    I think her show will be great. She won many emmy’s for her orginal show. I don’t think people know how active she is in children issues She is so passionate about things she cares about and people are sometimes not used to that

  • aka

    I think Donald likes Rosie on a weird way, he loves to blame her, there are so many other ppl on TV but he always has to blame Rosie! This is just funny!

  • Sam

    THE Donald is just nasty. I’m not talking looks here peeps, but he’s nasty. Ewww. He is just throwing another school boy tantrum at Rosie, because he can’t believe she is STILL AROUND, is STILL POPULAR, IS SUCCESSFUL, she NEVER WENT BANKRUPTand she DOESN’T KISS HIS BUTT. He’s so insecure and has no idea how many people, including Rosie, are laughing in his nasty face.

    P.S. Rosie’s show was a huge award winner for years and she quit the show to raise her babies. The View has had many different women on and many have left (gee Elisabeth, I wonder why?? LOL) and as for Rosie’s one shot at the variety show she was just having fun. Oh, and her radio show is a HIT!

  • Josie

    Yeesh, someone is a tad butthurt. Grow up and get over it, Donald.

  • Ella

    I think Rosie is really funny, and I hope her show will do great.
    Donald Trump is such an attention whore.-

  • LuckyL


  • graybeard

    her fat ass attacked his character first.

  • Village

    Typical male. If he can’t eat it, bang it, or sell it, he’s not interested.

    Rosie is extremely successful, and very charitable.

    If her comments hadn’t been so close to the truth, he wouldn’t still be upset YEARS later.

  • Lillianne

    I wonder how much they pay each other for the publicity. Seriously, if it weren’t for this, nobody would be talking about them.

  • missy

    I find it interesting how Rosie was excempt from the gossip train. Look what Sandra Bullock is going through. Rosie O’s “wife” left her for another dyke and it took THREE YEARS to come out!

  • Meryl

    HAHAHAHHA GO DONALD! He is so awesome ahahaha Rosie IS a loser

  • Meryl

    HAHAHAHHA GO DONALD! He is so awesome ahahaha Rosie IS a loser

  • AutumnM

    I like “The Apprentice” and don’t really have a problem with Donald, but he needs to grow up already and leave Rosie alone. I’m not even a fan of hers AT ALL, but I really think this is uncalled for. It’s so petty. Get over it Donald!

  • Ali

    no, he’s wrong – if she is authentic, has good guests, and is entertaining, she’ll be a hit. she knows how to do a talk show. she knows everybody and they love her. madonna will surely come on her show. i wish her only the best. she has done such good for children in the world. i don’t know what good the donald has done, except for himself, if that. he is a bore.

  • S3WA

    This has got to be one of the most bizarre feuds ever. I never could understand it unless they’re really just helping each out for publicity.

  • seriously?

    @missy: what? where did you read that Rosie’s wife left her for another woman?

  • Go Ask Alice


  • Shakira

    Trump is right. Rosie is a terrible show host, opinionated, loud and obnoxious. She brings a bad name to all women. I have opinions and they are strong, I am just not so gross about expressing them. She is like a 5 year old child that has not been taught any social skills by her parents.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh please…Donald’s just trying to get some free publicity for his own low-rated show!!! Isn’t it time he try and find a younger wife to knock up instead of worrying about Rosie!
    Rosie was great on The View! She’s got an opinion and she’s not afraid to speak about it – and she’s smart! Unlike that idiot blonde who’s about as dumb as Jessica Simpson! That’s why I love of Heigel – she’s got spunk and not afraid to speak her mind!!

  • Terri

    He is such a woman hater. He knows feels he can treat her badly because she is a lesbian. He is a bottom-dweller.
    Rosie will be successful because she knows how to laugh at herself and she listens to others and learns from them. She is one of the most generous people in the bussiness, and is very humble about all of the charities she works with.
    I can’t wait for her show to return and the attention she will bring to others of important information regarding various issues, i.e., autism, down syndrome, the world is her oyster to bring public awareness to social issues. And then, there is her fantastic comedy. Welcome back, Rosie.

  • to lexy hates bilson

    sorry to burst your little bubble but i happen to know what actually happened with rosie on the view. not to put to fine a point on it, rosie blew it big time. she was opinionated which was just fine. the problem is that as far as rosie was concerned the only opinion that counted was hers.

    in the end, she opened her mouth one too many times and angered one too many people. worst of all, she angered barbara, the one person who could have saved rosie’s job if she wanted to. but after rosie’s idiotic behavior toward donald all bets were off.

  • hmmm

    I will not watch her show

  • iN tHE kNOW

    Rosie O’Donnell is a loud obnoxious non-talent. She is enormously unattractive, and if people would only call the kettle black, would question … did she ever get on TV in the first place.

    She’s not funny, she’s not cute. Like Trump or not he is correct.

  • Dawn

    Please. Her first show was extremely successful that it allowed her to start a foundation to help kids and it allowed her to be a stay at home for many years after she finished her first talk show. Losers also don’t help start schools in the NYC area that helps kids explore their artistic side.

    GTFO, Donald.

  • Dawn

    @…I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Um, The View was tanking before Rosie came along. She raised its ratings.

  • BigNoobies

    Even though I can’t stand Rosie, Donald Trump is a dbag loser himself so I don’t know where he gets off.

  • to dawn

    no, rosie did not raise the ratings for the view. what she did accomplish was to chase away some VERY POWERFUL corporate sponsers. it was only after these sponsers were told that rosie was fired, and would never be invited back even as a guest, were the powers that be able to get them back on side.

  • NoFanOfEitherOne

    Both of these people are annoying in my view. And they both get on my nerves for several reasons. My take:

    Rosie has been on my own private Crazy Celebrities List, which includes many that are far too many to mention here. In my view, Trump has a point about her being off. And I remember seeing the show in which she verbally attacked him on The View. I still can’t believe that she thought that was okay to do and not expect some kind of backlash from him or his acquaintances. At the time, I didn’t feel sorry for her at all because she brought it on herself. Besides, she pissed me off with the way that she went off of Star Jones’ husband at the time being rumored to be gay. She exploited someone who was already down. In my view, it was like kicking a person who is down.

    Now, for Mr. Trump: He’s an obnoxious jerk, who is certainly no stranger to picking on people, unprovoked — much like Rosie did to him. I remember that shortly before Rosie’s diatribe against Trump, he went on Access Hollywood and out of nowhere, began berating and going off on Angelina Jolie, claiming that she was a low-life for not letting her father back in her life. He then proceeded to call her names and brought up the whole brother-kissing thing. This was done under the premise that he was taking up the cause of his “good friend” Jon Voight, whom he claimed was being done wrong by Angelina for not allowing him to meet his grandkids at the time. I thought he should have minded his own damn business and had a lot of nerve to say something about incest — being that the last time he was on “The View” before the Rosie debacle, he told the ladies that he would date his daughter Ivanka, if she wasn’t his daughter. It was a real ewwwww moment on the show. So, in a nutshell, I’m saying that Trump is a hypocrite. And neither he nor Rosie have any redeeming qualities as far as I’m concerned. They both need to shut up already about each other. It’s tired and unbecoming of adults to behave that way in the media. Period.

  • Bab

    These are two angry kids.

  • Holly

    Donald Trump is an A$$-hole. And it has zero to do with his comments towards O’Donnell. He’s a piece of work that one.

  • Anon

    What Jesse James did to Sandra was wrong, but who the hell was Donald Trump and plastic surgery twisted mouth Joan Rivers to ask JJ if the sex was the reason why Sandra married him and what did he have to offer? Perhaps it is because JJ’s father did the same when he was a boy and jerks like Trump and River’s comments. Let’s see, Trump is a cheater too and who would sleep with loud mouth Trump if he wasn’t rich? Joan Rivers….most people do remember why your husband passed. Glass houses, glass houses.

  • Anon
  • Lisa2

    Donald needs to give it a rest. The feud between the two of them is getting old. I thought it was funny when Rosie made fun of him when she was on ” The View”. I guess when she made fun of him, he couldn’t take it. It’s funny how he can insult people, but when she insulted “him” he couldn’t take it. Donald should know better, and he isn’t all innocent. I think Rosie speaks her mind which some people don’t like, but at least if she has something to say, she will stand behind it. I think she will do well once she gets her show. From my understanding it won’t be a talk show with celebrities. I think it’s going to be more about hot topics and real issues going on? It would be safe to say, Donald will not be a guest to the show. lol………

  • Melania

    Donald Trump is a BOLD FACED LIAR. The Rosie O’Donnell show was a HUGE success and Rosie left while it was still high in the ratings because she wanted to spend more time with her family. He should quit making these stupid comments because it makes him look petty and extremely jealous.

  • Sam

    #35 – you don’t know any more about what REALLY happened on The View then anyone else that was watching it. Rosie QUIT early. She was NOT FIRED. Barbara (anyone remember Barbara???) even admits that and it’s her show. If I was Rosie I would have quit too rather then put up with that ElisabethinterruptsrudelyspewsHasselbeck for another minute.
    Rosie did indeed bring the ratings up for The View and she had new and many more sponsers on that show. She involved the studio and home adiences the same great way she did her own show. Rosie’s new show will be a success if she wants it to be.

  • skl

    honestly, they are both jokes