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Jennifer Aniston: Le Stresa Sexy

Jennifer Aniston: Le Stresa Sexy

Jennifer Aniston heads to dinner at Italian restaurant Le Stresa on Friday night (March 26) in Paris, France.

The 41-year-old actress is in town to premiere her latest movie, The Bounty Hunter, with co-star Gerard Butler. On Sunday night, the twosome will hit the red carpet in the French capital. Jen and Gerry will then hop countries and premiere their movie two more times in Europe.

10+ pictures inside of Le Stresa sexy Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston le stresa 01
jennifer aniston le stresa 02
jennifer aniston le stresa 03
jennifer aniston le stresa 04
jennifer aniston le stresa 05
jennifer aniston le stresa 06
jennifer aniston le stresa 07
jennifer aniston le stresa 08
jennifer aniston le stresa 09
jennifer aniston le stresa 10

Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, INFdaily
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  • Anon

    Hope she meets someone new and starts her life anew. 5 years is too long, enough!

  • cara

    I love Jennifer’s style.She looks beautiful.

  • Anna

    Looking as desperate as ever Chinnifer Maniston

  • Josie

    I wish her the best but having just seen angelina jolies pics, it’s such a contrast, like day and night…beauty-beast.
    Brad was physically much more attractive than Jen, he finally met his match, at least look wise, with Angie.

  • LuckyL

    Puffy face he cloud, though it’s looking kind of hard and severe here

  • Rosalinda

    She looks pretty. Love the femenine/ rocker chic look.

  • AGA

    Again with the giant scarves!! And those rolled up jeans look stupid and to young for her! It must be embarrassing for her after the brutal reviews about her acting in Bounty flop—But I’m LMAO

  • April88

    Yep..she needs to pimp her flick as much as she can after the terrible reviews else-where! If she was’nt under contract to do publicity she’d be hiding out some-where whining about how mean the reviews were and how it’s everyelse fault-never hers.
    How this woman gets more work in beyond me,but after 3 flops in a row–The Friends Reunion movie will look better & better and of course Rachel will be nateral for her since that’s all she’s ever played–Rachel in every movie BLAH
    I hate those rolled up jeans–Nasty

  • The Curious Case of JA

    The Miley Cirusation of the formerly urinated 41 year old cougar stuck un 1998 is CLEARLY underway.

  • Aussie Girl

    I think JA must have a giant closet filled with giant-sized scarf’s,they are an adult version of a blanky.
    She needs to pimp this flick some more since the reviews of her preformance have been horrible.And the movie exposed the fake chemistry between her & Butler..all that game playing and the public is getting sick of her games.
    Didn’t she say she would like to go off on an adventure..she should do it at the moment she is over-exposed to the max
    Back to Back bombs,CNN calling her out and now other’s are following and Mayer’s BS–Yeah she needs a break!!!!!!!

  • Amber-louise

    She’s looking really hagard lately

  • uUu


  • scarves
  • waste of air

    All this useless bitch does between bad movies is go to restaurants and on vacations. And the celeb sites just keep posting pics and blurbs of the same ol’ sh/t!

  • Dawn

    @Amber-louise: Wouldn’t you if you were promoting a movie and filming a movie at the same time? This is the second time she has flown to Europe in two weeks. And didn’t Brooklyn Twitter a few days ago how they were on the set of Just Go with It till 6 am?

    Anyhoo, I think she looks good. Can’t wait to see what she wears for premieres.

  • uUu


  • Lay off the male hormones !

    First the big deep masculine voice, then the thick testosterone laced neck and now this : I can see the growing Adam Apple you are trying to hide with those scarves !

  • scarves

    Kinda like filming a movie and taking care of your family tired. See how it works?

  • Jen Fan

    Love jennifer she looks great.

  • uUu


  • anonymous

    LOL haters will be tired of posting. There are 3 premiers coming! YEAH, there is a contrast in jolie & her pics: Jen is the beauty and Jolie is the beast. The babies made up for it……reminds me of Michael Jackson w/ his baby. Ha ha ha Using babies again for publicity. Why else is Jolie bringing the babies out in the balcony?

  • Dawn


    If that is suppose to mean that I have said something about Angelina looking bad lately, you are mistaken. Go back and re-reads those threads. I have said nothing of the sort.

  • dianad1968

    No matter how much she tries to PUUUSSHH that age back, its pushing right back. She definitely looks her age. LOL

  • Eat your heart Maniston

    Jen wants Mayer’s back ! She has been sending message codes lately : wearing the rocker’s jacket and having kept some of Mayer’s old jeans.
    ‘Ole girl is clearly in need of some bootey call fixing….Too bad, she is untalented in the napalm department too.

  • Jen Fan

    Why come on here if you don’t like her.

  • a realist

    Josie @ 03/26/2010 at 9:46 pm #4

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    I wish her the best but having just seen angelina jolies pics, it’s such a contrast, like day and night…beauty-beast.
    Brad was physically much more attractive than Jen, he finally met his match, at least look wise, with Angie.
    Angie is Brad’s match in all aspects.

  • Dawn

    @Jen Fan:

    Because they are obsessed with her. Though I have to say it goes both ways. There are JA fans who were just as obsessed with hating Angelina.

    It is embarrassing for both of them

  • a realist

    The Curious Case of JA @ 03/26/2010 at 10:02 pm
    hahahahaha…I love you moniker…hahahaha

  • unbelieveable

    I agree with u 100%. I don’t get why Angelina fans are so hateful to Jen, I don’t get why Jen fans are so hateful to Angelina. I just don’t get it and most likely I never will I just think both sides are completley insane and need to get over the past. I’m a fan of both actresses and wish them both the best.

  • Scarfapalooza

    give it up jen, no matter how many surgical procedures she goes through, she will never be pretty. ’bout time she accepts that. pretentious, delusional phoney. i wouldn’t be so harsh if she were any good as an actress but she really sucks. where’s courtney cox? she’s a much better actress and so is lisa kudrow.

  • scarves

    @Dawn: Perhaps it is you who should read, see how throwing stones feels, stings doesn’t it?

  • blue diamonds

    Poor thing. She still thinks she is a movie star.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`i seen the first 10mins of her movie with The Butler and she FCUKING SUCKED! did he. that was a awful movie.

  • Josie

    everyone knows that if you had to choose between looking like angelina jolie and jennifer aniston for the rest of your life, you’d choose to look like angelina. You know it and i know it. Even you hardcore jen fans kow it. I keep hearing women defend jen aniston and SJP and claim how they are SO beautiful, yet if you had to choose to look like SJP or say, rachel weisz, you’d choose the latter.

  • ke$haluv

    is her head not attached to her body, why does she always cover her neck, kinda like that old book or cartoon with the witch whose head fell off

  • Anne Marie

    @Anon: Yes, here’s hoping that Jen meets someone who will make her happy. If that’s what she wants.

  • X

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!!!

  • jenny get ur man
  • Anne Marie

    @April88: Well, after 7 days here is the tally so far. I don’t think she has anything to worry about:

    After 7 days:

    Domestic: $26,411,702
    + Foreign: $7,496,198
    = Worldwide: $33,907,900

    Production Budget: $40 Million

  • Jen Fan

    Jennifer is beautiful

  • what’s that?


    I pity you as you are so ignorant. Venice is a city of canals. There are no autos allowed. One either walks or uses the waterways to get around. Paps have rented a flat in a house across the canal from where Angelina Brad and their kids are living so they can take pics of them on their balcony as they have put bigger curtains up on their canal entrance for privacy. Paps are also camped outside the courtyard entrance to the house they are renting. The kids should not stay cooped up inside because you are eaten up with anger toward a loving mother. She has been filming at nite this week and next and is a great mother who comes home and spends time with her babies. Everyone who meets Angelina Brad and the children in Venice finds them to be so nice and sweet and a happy family.

    BTW, this hard faced woman’s best market in UK/Europe is the UK and TBH has so far done poor business there. She will be in Paris, Berlin, and Madrid trying to get attention out for TBH. TBH will not make much in France or Germany but might make a little in Spain and Portugal who like telenovas like TBH. But no where in Europe do many know her by name, they do know GButler more as he acts in films distributed in Europe. So they may come for him, not her.

    The only beast here is you.

  • Anne Marie

    @Aussie Girl: Not back to back bombs. Read my post above idiot. Oh, The Bounty Hunter has grossed more than Matt Damon’s film, Green Zone. So suck on that one.

  • jenny get ur man

    @Anne Marie:

    er, promotion cost met?

  • ke$haluv


    angie ain’t nothing to look at, she isn’t even attractive, jen and to be honest I am not a fan of her, she is much more attractive physically than angie

  • Anne Marie

    @Amber-louise: Are you out of your mind? You looks flawless. Me thinks you are jealous! LOL!!!

  • Anne Marie

    @Anne Marie: I meant to say SHE looks flawless!

  • it’s fact

    The Bounty Hunter is a success!

  • Huh?


    Why do you say that? Do you live under a rock? She has dated at least 4-5 men since 2005. One who broke up wth her on TMZ, who she hooked up with 2X, John Mayer. You talk like she has been some kind of celibate nun. Hardly that. Those Vince Vaughn lap straddling and face slobbering pics on the hotel roof in Chicago in the summer of 2005 prove the truth of that. She ain’t been lonely for sure.

  • Dawn


    Nothing is stinging me because I have said not said one thing about Angelina’s appearance. If you are too lazy to go back and read those threads to see that I am telling the truth, then that is all on you.

  • Anne Marie

    @unbelieveable: I agree with you 100% ! Let the Jolie fans go and post good things on her threads and let Aniston’s fans post what they want. People are so immature some time. Let’s just be fair and let the past stay in the past.