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Katie Holmes: Son of No One?

Katie Holmes: Son of No One?

Katie Holmes makes it a business day as she attends a meeting in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 25).

The 31-year-old actress may be joining Al Pacino, Channing Tatum, and Ray Liotta for a new cop drama called Son of No One.

According to the LA Times, Katie is currently negotiating to join the film where she’ll play the wife of a young policeman played by Channing.

The movie revolves around a young cop who is assigned to his old neighborhood where a secret threatens to jeopardize his life and family.

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  • Geraldbean

    I love her outfit though I think that top would look much better as a dress. Longer obviously.

  • AVR

    Chick looks 40 y/o.

    Beam me up Scotty.

  • AVR

    p.s. My guess is Katie slept in Suri’s bed night before, dressed in the dark, and wore one of Suri’s dresses. Me thinks.

  • Taylo

    Please someone teach her how to dress!

  • Taylo

    Someone please teach her how to dress!

  • lmao

    damn, is her career going better than TOM’s lol. Looks like it might be time to dump her.

  • lmao

    she looks like she’s wearing a tutu

  • lmao

    a baby sized tutu

  • olive

    The tutu… with black boots/stocking on her heavy legs (that she should hide)… topped off by those ridiculous sunglasses? Is she trying to make a fashion statement here? She looks like an idiot.

    At least some kind of “news” other than running around in NY blizzard with Suri in sandals/sundress for to get her some red lipstick…. Or Suri winning a “most fashionable toddler” contest.

    That woman is mostly irrelevant without her three years old “star”. She’s getting at least an acting job here. Just not sure if Tom hasn’t paid for that part. If he has not, then congratulation to Katie. Just try not to make a fool of yourself again as in Batman Begins. She was so painful in that otherwise great film.

  • steph

    her outfit looks pretty cool here. much more creative than what she’s been wearing lately

  • She’s fug

    So is she doing cougar roles now.
    she totally wasted her youth on Tom
    what the hell is she wearing???????

  • I wonder

    I wonder what Tom Cruise would think of her playing up with Channing Tatum? For a short guy, I would be nervous if my wife worked with a sexy beast as Channing Tatum.

    Don’t get me wrong Tom is hot but come on even comparing Tom Cruise back in the day with Channing Tatum now and Channing still wins and I’m a huge fan of Tom.

    Don’t worry ladies as soon as she starts working with Channing her fashion sense will change that’s a given. He seems to bring out the best in people especially his leading ladies not just in their performance but outside of work too.

    Tom Cruise, please don’t try and convert Channing Tatum and his wife to scientology.

    This movie looks exciting I can’t wait my fav Channing Tatum and Al Pacino. This movie is not going to be PG-13. Glad to see Tom Cruise is allowing her to work, I was worried for a moment.

    I hope it works out for her.

  • soniaintown

    Forget about the horrific outfit!!
    I am wondering how much the Crazy pays for her role this time.

  • kizbit

    Oh my! She looks like she needs a good dermatologist. What’s up with the redness on her chin? And is that another cold sore on her lip?? Too much stress will do that to you. And her teeth look like they’re all dark and gross. That outfit. Wow. What a mess she is. And please stop saying she looks like she’s 40! I’m 43 and I don’t look anywhere near as old as she does!!!!

  • soniaintown

    @kizbit: would you like to make a guess how much this part costs her Gay “husband”?

  • funny

    this woman has started her own fashion line? really? she doesn’t even understand how to dress her own body (or her daughter) let alone make clothes for other women.

  • Can we talk?

    @#3 p.s. My guess is Katie slept in Suri’s bed night before, dressed in the dark, and wore one of Suri’s dresses. Me thinks.

    Touche’, AVR!

  • juniper

    I like the jacket, but the rest does not work together.

  • anon

    4 d sake of all those talented actors I hope she doesn’t get the role cos her n her glory hoardn hubby will show up on set every day n make it about them, plus dis cud be a mere recycly as d movie reportedly started shooting in NYC d last with a younger, “more talented” actress getting d role

  • 2 anon

    Totally agree with u, I read somewhere Racheal McAdams was playing d role not sure how it is tho

  • http://google toni

    Very cute outfit. My daughter got similar blouse.

  • Mrs. Cruise…

    get’s a new gift from her hubby as a thank you for their passionate love making.

  • eliza

    I wonder if Katie really thinks she looks stylish or just doesn’t care and throws anything on. This combination is horrendous.

  • pr person

    She wore that hideous mess to a meeting?….a business meeting?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She looks ridiculous!!

    Shame she is going to be bringing her ‘stink’ with her to another movie. Oh well…. just one less movie to spend $ on.

  • idani

    Ohmigod. Words fail me. This outfit is absolutely horrendous. From the top down–dirty, messy hair, truly ugly sunglasses for her facial shape, a jacket that doesn’t fit and doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit. Jacket is also wrinkled and won’t button past where she has forced it to button. That terrible top again. The material of the jacket doesn’t compliment the material of the top. And of course she is in those awful leggings that emphasize all her figure faults from the waist down. And of course now that spring is almost here she is wearing heavy black boots and carrying a heavy black bag. Wasn’t she carrying white or neutrals in the winter?

    I cannot believe that any sane woman who looks in the mirror in the morning in this outfit wouldn’t go immediately to her closet to make a few fashion adjustments.

  • Troi

    Wow. Someone actually sets out to dress so awful in the morning? What is going on with this woman? Lord she looks as though she blindfolded herself and then went into her closet and just grabbed whatever was nearest. Wow.

  • http://justjared maizie

    I wish Katie the best ..Must be hard dealing with Tom Cruise and his Scientology control over her life. Hope she can break free from all that for her personal health and well being…..Scientology is a dangerous cult!!

  • emma#2

    Good for her , Katie is doing really well, this movie sounds good.

  • Jolly Folly

    Does this woman want to be the laughingstock of the fashion world? No wonder her line at Maxfields didn’t do well.

    She is starting to look like Britney Spears as she started her downward spiral. Dirty messy unkempt hair and clothes. Clothes that are increasingly bizarre for an A lister by marriage.


    Wow. A blind person could pick better clothing than that. The entire outfit is truly and totally hideous. Someone with legs as fat as hers should not wear leggings. The top looks like something a 13 year old would wear and that jacket obviously shrank in the dryer. Get a stylist girl!! Either that or let your daughter pick out your wardrobe. Even a 3 year old could do better than this!!

  • Linda

    Her husband bought her another part in a movie I see. :-)

  • Susie#1

    The “tutu” isn’t one, it’s a blouse. OMG how did she leave her house looking like that?

  • Lisajane

    @2 anon: Ha! Clearly replying to yourself. Lame!

  • Lisajane

    I don’t understand all the hate for this women.

  • twpumpkin


  • KMcG

    She is nowhere hot enough to play Channing Tatum’s wife. They should put some hot, young thing opposite him. And why must she ruin a film with Ray Liotta. That guy actually has talent.

  • peter

    You figure she’d wear something nicer to a business meeting. Looks like she just rolled out of bed and just tied her hair in the ponytail.

  • DigDug

    I bet she snuck out of the house when Tom was screaming at ashtrays.

  • ++Logan++

    Love Katie, Tom and Suri pictures.

  • me

    Sorry, she is not hot enough to play Tatum’s wife.

  • Annie

    #38, That is VERY funny! Thanks!!