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Rachel Bilson & Christina Hendricks: Ann Taylor Twosome

Rachel Bilson & Christina Hendricks: Ann Taylor Twosome

Rachel Bilson and Mad Men babe Christina Hendricks celebrate the new Ann Taylor Fall 2010 collection at NYC’s Ace Hotel on Thursday night (March 25).

Christina, 34, wore a classic Ann Taylor LBD and was accompanied by her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend.

Rachel, 28, wore a fun Ann Taylor sweater and jewelry (she wore a belt as a necklace!). She finished off her look with Top Shop shorts and Christian Louboutin pumps.

10+ pictures inside of Ann Taylor twosome Rachel Bilson and Christina Hendricks

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  • yo sista

    Can’t stand either of them.

  • Viper

    Agree with you there yo sista not sure about Christina not too familar with her but the other one is a sad display of a fashion thief not a fashionist. Plus she is always out to get attention.

  • Kelly

    I was just thinking it has been awhile since we have seen a post about this nobody…she must finally be low on cash.

  • Ahari

    Aside from the fact that the twit that wrote that article is an idiot, Rachel’s comments say. it. all.

  • Anon

    Well looks like I’m alone here, but I like the both of them.
    Although I’m not sure what RB is up to at the moment I think she’s as cute as a button.
    And Ch is adorable to her hubbys tie is so cute.

  • i

    CUUTE! Rachel’s ADORABLE.

  • jorge

    Comments like what Rachel said below really make me think her engagement is a fake one. They’ve been “engaged” for over a year but up to now they haven’t made any specific wedding plans??

    “I also couldn’t help but notice her gorgeous, glittering engagement ring (check out 39 of the sparkliest ones ever right here!) and asked her if she had a wedding dress yet because, y’know, I’m dying to know what she’ll wear on her big day. “In my dream world I have a dress,” she said, “but in my real world I have nothing! No wedding plans, no dress, not a thing.”


    brightside stop talking to yourself you see ho jj loves her and wants to keep her here on as many threads as he can whers natalie portman


    brightside stop talking to yourself you see ho jj loves her and wants to keep her here on as many threads as he can whers natalie portman

  • G is for Giggles

    What a strange relationship!

    What, does the boy (Hayden Christensen) not need s.e.x.?

    Or are they taking the G. Paltrow and Chris Martin approach and not wanting to be seen in public together?

    I would understand that, the girl is willing to attend the opening of an envelope. LOL

  • Eye….roll

    OMG, she wore a belt as a necklace!!! Jesus, like no one has EVER done that before. She’s the first. It’s absolutely brilliant. People really need to stop kissing this girl’s ass when it comes to fashion. Some act like they don’t know how to dress at all.

  • Viper


    If RB can make that comment then you know there is no real valitity to this engagement.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Rachel’s probably hoping some of Christina’s success will rub off on her and Christina probably thinks she’s taking a photo with a fan! LMAO! She’s probably got NO idea who Rachel Bilson is!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    BTW, I think she’s got her wedding planned and has a dress. ALL the shopping she does and she’s done NOTHING for her wedding?? Please!!! She’s just trying to keep the details hush-hush so when it comes time to sell the pics she’s hoping to fetch more money. She’s going to get married on the farm in Canada and then try and be like Jen and Brad and sell ONE photo of them (b/c he won’t let her pimp him out) and probably a whole bunch of pics of HER getting ready for the wedding. That or she’s probably trying to pitch a reality show about planning a wedding so she can get VH1 or some network to pay for her wedding!


    kkeep talking to yourself brightside how come you dont post as RIGHTSIDE anymoe humiliated jealous ???????

  • Viper


    I seriously doubt she can get this man to go the distance with anything resembling a wedding. If she had a dress she would pimp it out she pimps the ring when she want to. All things wedding would be done the same way as the ring. This idea of the wedding on the farm statement was made by a tabloid not by her or him. All the shopping she does is b/c she is a shopaholic dragging anyone out she can to get whatever attention she can get.

  • ann

    Cute outfit she is wearing!

  • Hayden’s around

    @ 10 There was a twitter sighting of Hayden and Rachel on 5th Avenue in New York City late morning yesterday, so he is there with her in New York now. There is a picture of Hayden with a fan, an airport employee, from this past Monday 3/22 on Hayden’s fansites. The fan states on her twitter that Hayden was alone and flying to New York. They met up there, Hayden probably does not like fashion things the way Rachel does, so did not go. I think Lexy might be right about them not talking about their wedding plans, they did not talk about or show PDA until a couple of months before they got engaged. They did not talk about the engagement until a few months after it came out, either. It would not surprise me if they got married and it came out after the fact. I remember people were so insistant they were not even dating, and they really were,.If they do get married, pictures are pictures, no matter when they show up, whether the wedding is known about or not.

  • tpl

    @ 18

    She’s living in a fool’s paradise.

  • tpl

    If he was going to marry her he would have by now. He found a ring in my house that he thought was an old engagment ring, and when I told my mom last year, a week before he proposed to her, that I thought he was light years from getting married he proposed to piss me off.

    He asked her to put gold bands around the ring to get a reaction out of me too. She is stupid and in denial and he is an evli bastard.

    All I can offer to her is this; Read The Rules and then DO THEM! He should have proposed after nine months and they should have been married years ago without her making threats to break up if he did not. PERIOD.

  • tpl

    If she wants a happy life she should break up with him, date a NEW man with NO baggage (she’s crazy if she thinks a moviestar will ever be faithful…the guy just asked me for pantyhose and underweare) and start ALL OVER with a BRAND NEW MAN whilst doing The Rules.

    Otherwise, she get’s what she deserves. She can’t even blame Hayden for cheating since she knows that is who he is.

  • tpl

    he asked me to send panty hose to an address in Marathon, WI

    he wants to jack off with them.

    He had phone sex with me a few days ago, said his aunt “Linda” was in the other room.

  • tpl

    Phone calls; He told me that Linda was in the house, but now I realise that when he said “Linda!” That me must have beeing telling you that he was on the phone with Linda, he was not, he’s been talking and texting me non-stop for three years!

    He said you clawed his back when he was in bed and tried to push im out of bed when he tweet about tweistival in LA, and that you also tried to push him down the stairs, he grabbed you and said if he goes you go with him.

    He told me he broke up with you and wanted to be with me.

  • kate

    I like that cardigan Rachel is wearing.

  • luz


  • tpl is at it again

    tpl is=Draq queen for Tom aka Gina from Imdb in her mind she is Hayden’s secret lover. stop laughing she does believe that.

  • Jax

    @26, she does. I (and friends online) get PMs from her all the time, she thinks everyone who posts online is Hayden. Sad.

  • Nina from england

    GOSH! Topshop is one word
    so random compared to all insults flying around on here but still it bugs me; ONE WORD JARED!

  • lils

    OMFG stop the presses, Rachel wore a belt as a necklace! Good lord because you know….she’s the first one to EVER do that. *rolls eyes* Yeah okay, whatever.

  • brightside

    I was hoping that the retarded fashion of wearing tights with shorts had died a death. Why, O why, revive this bit of hookerwear grotesquery! It only ever really looked good on Kate Moss and, then, only ever at Glastonbury!
    This would have looked better with a pair of black pants, not those ugly black shorts that don’t match – and definitely not the belt-worn-as-a-necklace. What kind of dumbass fashion statement is that! Or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised as this is a person who spent most of her formulative years wearing a hair scrunchy on her wrist, instead of, let’s think, in her hair (rolls eyes).

  • whizbang

    The ORIGINAL one who coined the word BilPOOO.

    “BilPOOO looks like a Bugging INSECT standing besides the bombshell C. Hendricks!”

  • @18

    A twatnatic who got bored from “his” UNdesiring website now jumped on to the gossip rag tabs where “his” so-called miniature fiance is considered an A-LIster… good job – LOL!

  • shadowy

    And so… the “forever-will-be-just-the-fiance” is on a vacation once again even if just being a tabloid & gossip BUM in HW all the time huh!? Such a deadbeat even if just changing her get-ups & blings on every photo ops.
    And where’s now her “high-end” fashion events tour?! She hardly missed all of them before isnt it?! And now reducing to some opening of a “middling” clothing store line?! So whats next? The new branch of the 7-11 Convenience Store?! LOL

  • gilmorie

    @ #3 – she must finally be low on cash…

    And this must be just the “Talent Fee”…
    of this Extremely & Predictably Inexpensive Permanent Z-Lister upon showing off on this random clothing store event …

  • lexy hates bilson

    I don’t know Viper…I know what you’re saying – she’s a media whore and would call the paps so they’d be there while she was shopping for a dress BUT if she wants to try and get a reality TV show she’d need to do all that stuff on the show – otherwise what else is her angle?? The Kardashians family has each other and their loves lives but I’m not sure HC would let her pimp him out THAT much. Her brothers don’t speak to her and not sure it would be good for Josh S’s career if his wife was doing reality TV with a has been hanging on to her fame.
    She must realize this wedding is ALL she has left so she’d want to keep it a secret so she can try and sell the pics for the most possible money. If anything leaked now her pics wouldn’t be worth as much.
    Hey is this the week she finally shows up to the premiere of her own movie? Maybe that’s why she and Hayden are in NYC?

  • Viper


    You’re still thinking this man wants anything to do with a wedding his parents eloped b/c they had to get married. He has no interest in being in the press for anything that isn’t about ‘”HIM” and weddings are about the woman more so then the man. REALITY TV SHOW PLEAZZE!!! she can’t get a part on a TV show realilty or otherwise and she knows it. Her angle is to milk him dry of anything and everything she can he has SW fame he at least gets bank from she nothing except old soap opera which has been dead for years. Her lower intelligence level doesn’t allow much more then store openings and this 3 word column she has to answer each month. Beyond that she can milk this engagement for as long as she can pimp it out. HC just tags along for the ride when he feels like it making him pathatic.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzz
  • @37

    In an interview, Rachel said, she wants to settle down and raise kids in New York, so she is still getting what she wants. LOL

  • WHAT!!!!!!!


    that may or may not be true,
    but if they where planning a home together sould it be ,
    rb and hc doing that together and not with his mum?

    they or she has more then enough time to plan what she wants
    for her home,

    lets face it no woman will be told what she is having done to her
    house, (if this is the case).

  • jamie

    I’m so happy, this marriage will never happen, thanks God!

  • annasaurus

    I’m still hoping that Hayden will one day marry Natalie Portman.

  • @41


  • Not Really

    If anyone thinks Hayden is moving away from the farm he’s put so much time into and spends 95% of his time at just to please Rachel, you’re nuts. He’s more than willing to spend a whole month away from her and be on that farm….But he’ll leave it just to please her? Yeah right. She can’t even get him to leave the farm to spend more time with her in LA. He’s going over plans with his mother, not his fiancee. So it’s more than likely for Mama Christensen or something completely different. Rachel is back in LA and has been since yesterday as he was going over the plans with dear old MOM. Not everything he does revolves around Rachel, people.

  • brightside

    Have just noticed she has huge ears like Dumbo! Totally out of proportion to the size of her head. Now I begin to understand why she wears her hair down 99% of the time. It’s to hide her oversized ears! She’s one odd looking monkey at times.

  • just one more house

    Hayden and Rachel have a house in Canada with the farm that was built, his mother has a home there, too. It is not a stretch at all that Hayden would build a home in New York City for his mother, or for himself and Rachel. His grandparents live there, and Rachel wants to live there some of the time, she did say in an interview not long ago. If Hayden and Rachel do get married, they will have 3 homes between them–the farm in Canada, home in the Bahamas, and Rachel’s home in LA. A home in New York City would fit in nicely, as well. Many celebrities have homes in different places, so what’s one more? Just makes it easier to get to the farm faster, if they are in New York. Must be nice to have a home in so many places, and untill they start a family, they can live where they want, when they want, if they do get married.

  • tpl

    She”s hardly “miniature”, she’s just short with thick stubby legs! LOL

  • dreamweaver


    First off the interview was done by whom: Some tabloid want to be, Ask this question how does this person know this other woman was a real estate agent? Looking over anything to do with a home he wants to buy to move to with any type of woman this would involve both of them with an agent. Most agents don’t do business in a hotel, restaurant or dining hall, They come to your home or you their office. Anyone can look over blueprints and most home blueprints are not allowed to leave a building plan room if it’s legitament. Home Plans and specifications are kept with a agency or planroom even on a single dwelling home or apartment. Again no pictures of this said meeting. Also it’s possible his mom who is said to have left his dad might wish to leave Canada and move back to her home in NYC. Since mom is the one who is said to be there guessing the home idea would be for Mom and not him.

    This man isn’t working enough to buy so many homes he is not Brad or Angelina, Or any of the other top celeb actors who could afford to have homes all over the world. He just doesn’t make enough unless the idea of bankruptcy, brokeass, and no real tangable income coming in would make sense to him. As for RB who cares she is a know body and less likely to get work unless it’s a walk in and out of a Studio office building acting like she is getting work. If this stupid fool wants to marry a total imbecile thats on him, he is a joke to his acting peers, anyway most laugh at him then with him. RB is an over indulged woman who only seems to want, she gives very little and plays follow the celebrity leader in charity work. If they ever chose to marry and lets hope either he grows a brain or she figures out he is not in this idea of marriage for life only for what suits him at the given moment in time.

  • @47

    I’m sure Hayden has a lot of money, don’t make stupid comments. LOL

  • lisa

    As a fan, I just wish Hayden had a normal life, a normal house, a normal family, a normal career and especially, a normal girlfriend. It’s all so strange in his life, is sad because he is so innocent and people want to take advantage of it.

  • dreamweaver


    IF HC had all this money where is he getting it from he barely works he has ton of debts with a farm. So before you tell ppl not to make comments look at the icon you are worshiping this man isn’t Brad Pitt, Or George Clooney Hell at this point in time Shaun White has more money then HC has. George Clooney can buy and sell Christensen at least 4x over. HC has a shopaholic woman who is putting him deeper into debt with her desire and need for designer clothing and want for the fast celebrity lifestyle. I would say she is another version of Victoria Beckham but at least VB can sing and design something this chic can’t do. So @48 put your ownself in check.