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Angelina Jolie: Private Playground Family Fun

Angelina Jolie: Private Playground Family Fun

Angelina Jolie takes three of her kids — Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3 — to a private playground in Venice, Italy on Saturday afternoon (March 27).

It looks like the family took home some leftovers from lunch at Cipriani!

Yesterday, Angie was seen getting in some bonding time with her adorable twins, Vivienne and Knox, on the balcony of their apartment.

FYI: Angie is toting around the Akris ecru horsehair bag.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie‘s private playground family fun…

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angelina jolie private playground 01
angelina jolie private playground 02
angelina jolie private playground 03
angelina jolie private playground 04
angelina jolie private playground 05
angelina jolie private playground 06
angelina jolie private playground 07
angelina jolie private playground 08
angelina jolie private playground 09
angelina jolie private playground 10
angelina jolie private playground 11
angelina jolie private playground 12
angelina jolie private playground 13

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  • elizabeth

    Wow, I can’t believe I’m first. Great pics JJ thanks for all the pics….lately – you spoiling us. Hello to all JP fans

  • BBFan

    Great pix JJ!!! Many thanks!

  • gracie

    This is so cute. Angie and her girls. The girls are growing so fast

  • Maria from Texas


  • CindyBrady

    Poor Shiloh. I hope her hair grows back soon.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    all of angie and brad’s are so adorable

  • Pauline

    Wow. Shiloh and the twins all look exactly the same. It

  • gracie

    Looks like Pax is with them, can’t see his face. Shi is going to be tall.

  • Roy

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Angie Please resume your pilote lessons. I love you and your children.

  • gracie

    I think there is a troll here thumbing fans down and haters up. You won’t win. This is Angie’s thread. I’m onto you.

  • Sofia

    Super cute! Three beautiful kids with their gorgeous mom!

  • gracie

    Thank you JJ for clearing it.

  • luvangie4ever

    Precious!!! Thanks so much, Jared!!! They all look so beautiful. I’m loving Shiloh’s cute outfit. What a glorious day for family time. Love Angie, she’s the best!

  • lisa

    Cute kids. and the stupid conversation about Shiloh will began again. as if this is the first time seeing the child. Her hair is adorable. and I bet she loves it. Cute.. so glad they are doing what we see every other celeb doing everyday. Enjoying their children. They have a big property in France and in LA. The children must have a lot of room to play when they are home pools, play sets and so many other things. I figure that is why we don’t see them They have a yard to play in at home. But in Venice I am sure the kids want to get out and do more and see more. Thus we will see more pics.
    I wonder if they will hit the theater to see the Dragon movie.

    Well this makes it nice to see pictures. The fools will be here soon with the usual dumb and useless comments..

    just laugh at them and move on. IDIOTS.

    And they can say whatever they want. IT will never change the fact that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have beautiful family and life together..



    Hello Jolie-Pitt fans. We are having the best week ever.

  • fanny

    I really dig Shiloh’s style. She is soooooooooo adorable.
    I love to dress my little girl just like hers.
    To cute for words.

  • idani

    Thanks for the pics. All the kids are adorable and so personable – each in his or her own way!

  • stella

    why do the insist on dressi shiloh like a boy whil Zahara dresses like a girl? so weird!! This family bugs me

  • ladylurksalot

    @duuumm: @Tanny:

    Grown adults making derogatory comments about a toddler. Does that make you feel all witty and tough now? Crawl back under your rock and come back out after a few more years of evolution, ‘kay?

  • aka

    I like Shiloh’s Tom-boy style but her haircut is very bad, it looks like if she has cut her hair by herself

  • jamie

    Looks like spring in Venice. Comfy clothing for cutie pie Shiloh. Zee and Mad are cute too. Lovely family.

  • Marissa

    I wonder if Little Miss Shiloh gave herself a haircut? I did that when I was about three or four. My mother actually tried to “repair” the damage I had done with one of those crazy vacuum clean/hair cutter things. Flowbees, maybe? I wound up looking like Sinead O’Conner for months. :)

    Either way, this is a gorgeous family. I love the way Shiloh dresses. I think Zahara is a little princess and Pax is handsome.

    All the kids are beautiful and you can tell how loved and well rounded they are.

    Gorgeous family.

  • Hmmmmm

    Does BP even live in Venice? It has been one week since the last time he was seen with her or kids in there. Is he living in France or he is visiting Paris for some business!hehehehe

    He isn’t even with her on weekend , makes you to go hmmmm.

  • Deisy

    Love Angie!
    Her kids are so cute!

  • citadel

    Shiloh resembles both her mom and dad. Perfect combination.

  • Aww

    Thanks JJ! I wish we could have seen more of Miss Z and Pax’s faces but the paps intrude too much anyway. Kudos to Ange keeping up with kids and walking in those boots, don’t see how she does it. Shiloh rocks her own style, the little cutie. Zahara, has been doing it too for sometime now. All the kids are adorable, the JP6 rule.

  • work hard for that money

    hmmm saw that one coming a mile away. Probably why Whiny Jen with her MIley Cryus look arrived early to France to eat out in her little orphan Annie outfit hoping for a rag cover. Got to pimp that lame bomb overseas with a fake reunion. Rag trolls and Rabid hens, can you say desperate.

  • work hard for that money

    Little Shiloh and Zahara are two cute little girls.

  • oh dear

    At first I thought maybe Shiloh was dressing herself by picking out from all the kids clothing what she likes — that’s because most of what she wore I have seen on one of the boys. Infact all the kids trade out cloting – pants coats shirts etc – even the knox was wearing the leather older boys jacket one day that either pax or maddox had worn a couple of days before and viv had on Zahara’s grey coat with the sleeves rolled up about 5 inches ——- but now I am seeing new boys clothes on Shiloh that look too small to be shared with the older boys and too big for Knox. Parents need to get a clue – they are obviously dressing her this way to fit into her fantacy of calling herself John – they will rue the day. I want to thank all you posters a head of time that will give me a negative vote because that will cause so many other posters to read my post — thanks – my job is done.

  • lady

    Shiloh looks really cool! Zahara is a young lady.

  • Happy People

    What a gorgeous vision. Angelina Jolie is a beautiful and talented actress as well as a loving mother, partner, and humanitarian. No wonder some women hate themselves so much that they feel a need to insult her. Conni, go do something more productive with your time, like wax your face or pop your zits.

  • Tia

    I think Shiloh will grow up with a very strong personality. She must be a very good girl. And Zahara, I don’t know if it’s also the style but she’s got a super body. Pax is cuter than Maddox.

  • venus

    wow! Angelina is a great parent! She lets Shiloh dress in comfortable clothes. I

  • gracie

    conni @ 03/27/2010 at 3:35 pm

    You stupid low life cow, why are you here? Always on every Brad and Angie’s thread with your hate. Is your life that miserable, you think by stalking Angie 24/7 and spewing your hatred at Angie, your life will improve. Look where it’s gotten you, 5yrs plus, still dejected, miserable and a scumbag filled with hate. Get off this thread stupid asshole and go deal with your problems or better still seek professional help for your psychotic behaviour.

  • shy girl

    The Jolie-Pitt kids are well-behaved and disciplined. Good parenting from Angie and Brad. I agree, Shiloh looks like she has a mind of her own. Very independent a very young age.

  • Josie

    Haha I want Shiloh’s outfit for myself!

  • Sanne

    I’m totally digging Shiloh’s style. She looks so adorable. I love that she has her own personality and is showing us that. :D
    God bless this family!! <33

  • Josie

    @aka: I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe she cut her own hair and they had to get it fixed by a professional hairstylist.

  • katrina

    I love Shi’s outfit. I want some of that too.

  • gracie

    Stupid Conni, watch all your postings thumbed down, an indication loonies like you are not wanted here. Hahahaha.

  • rachelsun

    Co-sign Gracie. The psycho even goes on other threads of other actors and spews hatred. Also a major racist on the mixed babies. It will never seek the psychological help it needs.

    As others say, so be it. The Jolie-Pitts will continue to live lives that others can only dream of while the haters will wallow in despair and their own hatred. The many people around the world who go to their movies and donate to the causes they do will not ever change. They are just screaming at the ocean.

  • Catsup

    WOW! That was quick ! A new thread while still gabbing away on the

    Angie is a terrific mom. I wouldn’t doubt the suite they have in Venice is small compared to their other homes so the kids are not getting as much fresh air as they are use to . Angie is making sure by taking the babies out on the balcony and now the older kids to the park and everything else they do we are not privy to that they are having fun days and grabbing as much fresh air as possible.
    The kids look so sweet. And please lets ignore the moronic trollops who come here with ignorant remarks about the children. Shyloh looks adorable with her cool outfit and i love her hair. It use to be so thin no matter what Angie did to it it always fell out whether in a ponytail or whatever style she tried. It *is a cute style and will thicken up Shy’s hair for her everchanging future styles. Shy has the round face so it suits her perfectly.
    Actually i went to the hairdressers yesterday with my own daughter who is an adult and has her own children but we were talking to our hairdresser about Shy’s new hairstyle and she said they have all kinds of customers coming in with their children especially the ones who have very thin hair and are asking for the Shyloh cut (pixie cut) and that is what they are calling it the’Shyloh cut’. I got a kick out of hearing that but was not surprised. So for all of you deadbeats who have nothing good to say about Shy’s cute new hairstyle go take a flying f.cuk!

    Have a great day all JP Fans.

  • Jill

    stella @ 03/27/2010 at 3:36 pm
    This family bugs me

    If the family bugs you then stay off the thread, dumbass. It ain’t rocket science.

  • dana

    Another set of disturbing pictures of a dolled up Angelina and poor Shiloh dressed like a boy. No colors on those children, very sad.

  • never

    Id love to see Angie in real life or even Brad!

  • hottest couple ever

    I agree with Jill….stella.

  • Ha!

    Losers are so convinced that these people orchestrate the pictures that are being taken. THEY ARE CELEBRITIES WITH ADORABLE CHILDREN! Ellen Pompeo was just out with her little girl and no one accused her of manipulating the media. My guess is everybody is so jealous of Brad and Angelina that they always have something negative to say. Get the hell over it.

  • Duuuuh

    P.s notice she has been spending extra time with her kids. Brad just gave her a good excuse to cut him loose and not feel bad about it. He’s bored wih family life so now he can get once a month weekends if that’s not too much for him.

  • Jill

    @Maria from Texas:

    Maria, you know what? It has been explained to you many times that typing in all caps is extremely rude because it is like yelling in a closed room, but you act as if you do not give a damn for anyone else but yourself. So as long as you continue to type without consideration for anyone else’s feelings, I am going to thumb down every one of your damn posts, whether or not I actually agree with the content.

    Read more:

  • gracie

    conni @ 03/27/2010 at 3:40 pm

    And Conni, he didn’t clear it for me but he cleared it anyway coz he wanted to rid the thread of your septic smell, you’re saturating the thread with the toxic. Hahahaha