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Carey Mulligan: My Fair Lady?

Carey Mulligan: My Fair Lady?

Carey Mulligan is close to signing onto the role of Eliza Doolittle in the remake of My Fair Lady.

The role has been made famous by Julie Andrews in the Broadway production and Audrey Hepburn in an onscreen version. This new remake has been penned by Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson. She told reporters, “I think Carey is set to play it, yes!”

The 24-year-old British beauty was seen headed into an office building on Friday (March 26) in Westwood, Calif.

10+ pictures inside of the fairy lady Carey Mulligan walking around Westwood…

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  • lol

    she looks like my grandma-
    or jane fonda

  • nick

    she looks like meg ryan here( after the bad plastic surgeries)
    she is really cute though and talented

  • _

    such a talented actress

  • helen

    she is so charming, there’s something so delicate about her… but i’d rather have keira knightley as eliza! i think she’d do a better job (not that carey isn’t a great actress, she is, but…)

  • S


  • Joboots


    She ain’t even 25 yet………lay off the granny jokes for once!!!!

  • Eve

    Why do a remake? Will never be better than the original.

  • idani

    I have nothing against CM, but My Fair Lady is a classic with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. Why ruin it? Why do movie producers feel that they have to redo every successful movie in the past in order to appeal to the younger audiences. There is no way they can improve on the original version! Audrey is one in a million and Cary ain’t her.

  • De

    she looks weird. she is one of the most unattractive actress

  • hmmm

    I guess that Keira has lost her popularity, and they have new blood.

  • christine

    that hair of hers got her some good gigs…..

  • What

    Keira .. Okay!!! she has a good box office appeal
    but this chick ????!!!!!!!!!!! It’ ll be a flop

  • Riz

    She kinda looks like Stockard Channing here.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Oops, Keira’s out of a job!

  • Lilly

    Keira quit the project because it was taking too long. I don’t think Carey is going to be much luckier, but regardless, I don’t think a remake of a classic like My Fair Lady is a good idea. Would you remake Gone with the Wind?

  • ke$haluv

    looks like she tired

  • air conditioner filter

    I have nothing against her, but why remake My Fair Lady? Audrey Hepburn was perfect, so leave it be. Wish they stopped remaking the classics.

  • lori

    This girl looks good for 35

  • ka-blamo

    She looks like Mia Farrow. As in, she looks as old as her.

  • adorable

    Has anyone actually seen An Education?? she really is the only person who can get away with a remake of any Audrey Hepburn role….especially since Eliza Doolittle wasn’t Breakfast at Tiffanys which should never be remade

  • adorable

    forgot to mention that My Fair Lady is a remake anyway so why not

  • adorable

    forgot to mention that My Fair Lady is a remake anyway so why not

  • yo sista

    For some reasons i CANNOT stand her.

  • burgerqueen


    exactly! have you guys seen her in an education? I think she would do a good job on My fair lady, she is carey muligan and it’s not like she has to act like audrey, they’re two individuals so don’t copare there two to each other

  • Alison

    I can’t stand her

  • annasaurus

    She’s talented but these are awfully unflattering pictures.

  • Celia

    I love this idea!! I think she’s a perfect choice for the role!!

  • Don Sinner


  • lauri

    Man hair how gross

  • funny

    @lol: LOL

  • Carla


  • Could see Keira as Eliza

    Don’t know how well Carey would fit the part since I haven’t seen her in anything. But I agree that Keira Knightley would have been a perfect choice for Eliza. She even resembles Audrey Hepburn somewhat with those beautiful big brown eyes and a similar lithe slim build.

  • phemon

    she is 23 or 24.. but she does look so old.. like 40 or sth..

  • blahh

    why is everyone being so nasty? i think shes awesome, love her hair! she reminds me of michelle williams

  • Naima

    She looks like an old maid..She is so young and the style she is trying to pull of so hard just does nt seem right

  • MISS A

    @idani: Nicely said. very true, it is classic movie, it should stay classic. If not, we’ll wouldn’t appriciate it.

  • bellamor

    I adore Carey Mulligan. Some of you are so petty, making fun of her hair and how she is ‘ugly’. She is an Academy Award Nominated actress, and dating Shia LaBeouf. I’m sure she cares what you think. Personally, I find her absolutely charming, and I love her hair.

  • L

    @bellamor: They probably haven’t seen her in anything and are judging her because she’s dating Shia. Lots of jealous girls around these parts.

  • Jamie Rivers

    She is so boring and old-looking, and has nothing in common with youthful, thin-faced Audrey Hepburn or youthful, thin-faced Julie Andrews. “An Education” was a laughable joke, especially because of her. And whoever compared her to Meg Ryan–how dare you. Meg Ryan looked so young and thin-faced when she was in her golden days. Mulligan has a fat face and looks like a suburban 40-year-old I don’t care how well you think she can act, to play Eliza you need a certain magical essence–she doesn’t have it. She is too blah.

    What about Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, or someone more attractive and interesting?

    Oh, and correction to Just Jared: Audrey Hepburn did not make AN onscreen remake, she made THE onscreen remake.

  • to jamie rivers

    the reality is that the producers like carey mulligan. and i happen to disagree with you. in my opinion carey was robbed of the oscar that should have been given to her.

  • Sweetness

    She may claim to be a “24″ year old actress..but let’s not kid ourselves..this one is at least ten years older.

  • the rhe

    She does look older than her age, don’t forget that many young people embrace the retro old look, making them look like old women and old men.
    She would not get much publicity without being Shias ‘girlfriend’. It is a career move, not a relationship. Did the french actress who actually won an oscar the other year get much gossip press- nada. Carey needs Shia, or nobody would know her. Fame comes from the pages of gossip news. Fame-ho- is what she is. Poor Shia if he really likes her.

  • Ahhh

    @the rhe: Didn’t Shia say in the recent GQ article that he and Carey are not fame ho’s? Why would Shia say that then, if Carey was a “fame-ho”?

  • Shi

    It’s Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in 20 years!

  • PEN

    I’m not a fan or hater of Carey, but I don’t think My Fairy Lady deserves a remake. It’s a classic as it is.

  • Lo

    She’s cute and talented!!

    I like her hair!
    but here she looks a little older than she is.

  • kitt