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Kate Bosworth: Power Walking Woman

Kate Bosworth: Power Walking Woman

Kate Bosworth looks rough and tough as she power walks trough the streets on Saturday afternoon (March 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress has three movies in the works: Lost Girls and Love Hotels, Straw Dogs and The Warrior’s Way. Hopefully one of them will get released this year! The most anticipated film of the three is, of course, Straw Dogs. She co-stars alongside her rumored boyfriend, Alexander Skarsgard.

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  • hotness

    Not.Again. Look at this no talent always being put on this site. Why? She calls the paps to walk down the street looking a hot mess. What is she trying to “get some curves” for Barbarella? If she is in that I will def not see that movie. Where is the “tool” of a “bf”? What is with Ted C. saying Alexander likes dangerous nooky recently?
    They are both just famewh*ores and I am not going to see Straw Dogs. JJ who is anticipating Straw Dogs? NO ONE!!! It already got pushed six months in 2011 and it was finished filming in 2009. Straight to DVD or so it should be. She is a joke.

  • Keisha

    Where are the rest of the pics from the Kids’ Choice Awards?

  • beats

    That dude is not her boyfriend. He’s a player.

  • tiger

    She is nothing special w/o makeup.

  • cute

    Cute face. Average body.

  • hotness

    Ah I get it she is showing everybody that she is “healthy” “not on drugs” and “not too skinny” by “power walking” through Hollywood where all the paps can get a picture of her doing so. Yeah right Kate!! Good one! At least you tried to “show” this but we really know what you are about. Hey, I never got those Coldplay tickets!!!!

  • Twilight

    Kate Bosworth reminds me of Rachel Bilson. Both don’t work and seem to call the paps on themselves.

  • coldplaying

    Where’s Chris Martin?

  • two dollars

    i think she’s average looking except she has pretty eyes. incredible what styling and makeup can do.

  • prisma

    @Twilight: Agree, except Bilson actually has a boyfriend.

  • Jo

    How you gonna have them wide hips with zero ass..*and I’m talking relatively speaking .. She’s xtra skinny but she’s got some Boney hips and I repeat no ass*

  • celeb spotter

    How tall is she? She looks short.

  • wowowow

    she’s the kind of girl who starts to morph into her significant other. she’s like the female brad pitt. she now dresses much more casual and has apparently raided askars closet and tried on his shoes.

  • bewitched

    I thought it was Kristin Chenoweth.

  • bewitched

    They look like twins.

  • i heart that

    She wears the ugliest clothes when she’s not made up for an event.

  • jj fans

    Ugly shoes.

  • high five

    I think she does call the press on herself. She’s ruining her rep doing that. It gets old fast.

  • Comic Con

    Jane Fonda must have been drunk when she suggested her for Barbarella.

  • Comic Con

    ^Bosworth has the body of a teenage boy and can’t act.

  • who?


  • just saying

    Please give us some real celebs on here.

  • salma

    She looks better with a darker blonde.
    The white, white blonde was washing her out.

  • jingles

    I never noticed how thick her neck was. Her face is cute but her figure is pretty average.

  • Insider

    I don’t believe she’s dating that TV guy. She’s just waiting for Martin to divorce Paltrow after she finishes her IM2 press tour.

  • les.

    I think she’s actually going to horseback ride. She’s wearing breeches, paddock boots and boot socks. I recall reading that she used to show when she was younger.

    And, she made one of my favorite chicks-who-kick-ass movies–Blue Crush–so, I think she’s lovely.

  • Sweet

    I love Kate and I saw the movie Girl in the Park a couple of days ago. She was great in that movie as was Sigourny Weaver. So happy Kate is looking healthy again.

  • WoWZA

    hate to break it to ya jared, no one cares about straw dogs, just another awful remake…

  • Ella

    I can’t say I’m a big fan of hers, but in these photos she has gorgeous skin and is looking really great weight wise. Good for her for pulling through!

  • whatever

    She has a lollipop head.

  • Onyx

    She is kind of plain off the red carpet. She does look slightly healthier there but black is a very good disguise. Her bone thin legs always give her away.

  • Christelle

    Don’t understand the negative hits against @wowowow. S/he made a perfectly valid point; Kate DOES morph into whatever the person she’s “dating” is into. Does a dig at Brad, who very well could objectively do it himself (Platinum locks with Gwyn, scruffy bohemian look with Ang) really pull that much away from the point of the comment? Anyway, rant over. To reiterate this convoluted comment, I totally agree Kate tries to be who she wants to date. Sudden denim outfits? Errr, Askars, anyone??

  • Tina

    You’re right, she’s in riding breeches. She looks great. Very healthy.

  • Just Joanie

    Maybe it’s the angle of the shots but she looks wide through the upper thighs and hips. That’s probably why she’s power walking.

  • dvd

    You might be ‘hoping’ for one of her movies to come out this year JJ, but most folks are longing for the opposite. Girl should have ‘straight to DVD’ written on that T shirt.

  • Mama Mia

    Awww she’s really really pretty even with no makeup and in riding gear.

  • fresh

    She used to be cute.

  • Lola

    I don’t understand what Alex sees in her. Can someone please explain it to me?

  • Flo


  • @Lola

    I can see why he’d be attracted to her. IMO she’s lovely.

  • sleepy

    The queen of pay-parazzi strikes again.

  • lulu

    yes i agree

  • hotness

    She definitely calls the paps when she is out. I am waiting for a pic of her on the sh*tter soon since she just has to live every moment of her life on camera. It had been over a week since she had been on here so we knew this was coming. She just can’t help herself. Never does anything of relevance!
    Never saw a good performance from this one either. Just wondering why hwood keeps putting her in movies. I would just love to know what other actresses turned those parts down. Even tho they are the crappy films she gets.
    @Lola Anyways Alex is a complete idiot with no taste in women. He must be an insecure man who likes “manish women”. That is obvious to be even dealing with her. She has no friends left except for her assistant and stylist b/c of what she did to Gwyneth so she has latched on for dear life to him and his “desperate for famous friends” Bjorne, his wife, etc. He is def a TOOL.
    JJ put some REAL stars on here who do GREAT movies and are DECENT people. Bosworth is neither.


    people don’t powerwalk in beverly hills. there’s no fast walking, certainly not on a saturday full of tourists. i suggest she was simply purposefully walking.

  • Lola

    @hotness: I love Alex but I’m really starting to question his judgment over him “dating” Kate. The company you keep says a lot about your character. As a fan I know I have no say in the matter but it’s disappointing! He’s always saying in interviews how he likes girls who are real, have a sense of humor, don’t wear that much makeup, etc…and I don’t see that in her at ALL. He goes through such great lengths to deny everything too. Oh and if you compare pictures of him at Comic Con to what he looks like now he looks completely different. That spark is gone.

  • really

    why? why, why, why, just why Just Jared’ed (as if ugly ape fotos of venus williams in a swimsuit is not enuff! … THE NERVE) – why must you put this junkie lookin monkey down our throats.

    JJ, yall gone mess around and keep stuffing this bleach of clorox down our throats, and make me hate my greatest sensation (alex skarsgard)……………….why?

    strawdogs is so going straight to dvd, and somebody needs to pull my alex (SKARS’BOOI) to the side and slap him for disturbing the peace (with hanging anywhere near this TRAILER PARK TRASH)…

    there are MUCH MUCH’O prettier girls that JJ could stuff down my throat, where is “Candice Swanepoel” (she is a 10, perfect body and true beauty…………… can she act, cause there must be a God that wont slime this trailer park kate all over us!)

    enuff is enuff.

  • http://justjared the home wrecker

    Still waiting for the lawsuit she promised ……. I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath for that one.

    LOL at Jared mentioning her straight to DVD movies could you at least not make it this obvious that she pays you ?

    You can mention her movies until you are blue in the face no one is going to see them anyways no one cares .

  • graybeard

    fap fap fap

  • OMG

    She dresses like Alex now, don’t you think? Trying to be less dressy maybe?

  • eva

    @Lola:I agree totally with your post, Lola. I just wonder if it has to do with him not getting any of the more well known projects. It seems like HWood is just passing over him for everything. I had really hoped this was not the case, but whatever can it be, I hope he can redeem himself and drop the harlot and pick up where he left off. Surely he must realize that she is bad for his career. @hotness: you are so funny, but there is alot of truth in what you are saying..Why is Bosworth on here? I agree she is morphing into Alex. Esteem issues big time.