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Mary Kate Olsen Has A Furry Friday

Mary Kate Olsen Has A Furry Friday

Mary-Kate Olsen keeps warm on a chilly New York City Friday (March 26) by wearing a fur coat in the West Village.

The 23-year-old fashionista checked messages on her Blackberry as she stepped out of a car downtown.

Late last week, a new still from M-K‘s newest film, Beastly, was released! She’ll play Kendra, a witch, in the movie.

Beastly hits theaters July 30 and stars Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer.

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Credit: Ignat; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • yo sista

    Oh God have some mercy! Hmmmmmmmm like i thought, a DisasTAH.

  • ++Logan++

    Love the Olsen Twins


    Ladies don’t walk AND drink or eat on the street. EVER.

    A 100k coat and a plastic cup?

    These girls are simply children in very expensive costumes.

  • aa

    I don’t get her style. Homeless chic what a byllshit.

  • milan

    It’s pretty rare to see white people under 80 years old wearing fur nowadays. So congratulations, you fabulous troll, on being such a trendsetter.

  • juniper

    It does seem rather dress up. This outfit, although stylish, seems more appropriate for someone in their 40s, not early 20′s. She is also very short and petite, this outfit looks like it is wearing her rather then the other way around.

  • jdub

    she looks like a damn ostrich with that coat on

  • lori

    TROLL fashionista wannabe..i cannot stand this waste of time loser. what is she good for? just taking up air for no reason

  • horrified

    PLEASE tell me that’s fake fur!!! Let’s stop torturing and slaughtering innocent animals!

  • Domino

    @horrified: Sadly, no. The Trollsens love wearing fur. Someone should rip their skin off, see if they like it.

  • jillyro

    It makes me laugh seeing the Olsen twins, fugly, they dress like little old ladies in their 70s. When people say they dress like a 40 year old, I’m thinking…I don’t even know a 40 year old who dresses like that lol!!! Most 40 year olds I know dress miles younger that the Olsen style! Seriously, it will be curious to see how they dress when they are REALLY older, will they do the reverse and dress younger?!! To dress like an old laday at 23…so odd…MK’s sense of style is even more weird, like a little old eccentric lady.

  • sadie

    The Olsen twins look like big headed freaks with a bad case of rickets and whose growth was stunted by anorexia. The fur coats they are so fond of just complete the look.

  • s

    Jared I can’t believe you called her a fashionista, her choice to wear fur (almost all the time) as fashion is despicable. Completely in bad taste… but hey… you’re talking about one of the olsen twins…

  • betty

    She looks like a troll.

  • Shawna

    she looks like a little old bag woman. for all this “fashionista” talk, i think she needs to hire a new stylist

  • pouty

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! sorry i couldn’t help! :p

  • lexy hates bilson

    I doubt that’s real fur. She and her sister always look so bad!! She’s not being “fashion forward” – Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble wore similar type fur jackets. Does fashion forward mean “modern stoneage family”???

  • Brit

    I use to like there fashion when they were teens and I was a kid. Now I’m a teen and would never think to wear fur out in public. I like Vanessa Hudgens and Lauren Conrads style. Its young mixed in with some classic peices.

  • ka-blamo

    Fur HAG!!!

  • RioNemesi

    FASHIONISTA??!!! please! pathetic ignorant its more likely

  • RioNemesi

    FASHIONISTA??!!! please! pathetic ignorant its more likely

  • just sayin’

    I don’t get it…do these girls not own mirrors?

  • Holly

    It’s interesting because when she and Ashley did one of those laughable little kid videos she said that when she grew up, she wanted to become a “Veterinarian”.

    Yeah because clearly she cares SOO much for animals. Righht.

  • Heather

    @milan: Rare to see anyone under 80 wearing fur?? What planet do you come from?? Fur is a great fashion accesssory these days, and I see lots of young people wearing it. It’s sooo warm, and versatile. Nothing beats it. Just make sure it comes from an ethical source where animals are treated humanely.

  • Anne

    @Heather: When you find this “ethical source” please do tell me. Until then, st.fu u moron.

  • Sam

    He said “white people under 80″. But please don’t let that stop you from looking glamorous like your fellow fur fans J-Lo and Puff Daddy. And since most fur comes from China, you can be certain the animals were treated humanely.

  • pach

    love the olsen twins! they don’t please people they just dress the way they wanted to be and their sense of style is always beyond beauty. The more enigmatic they look the more interesting they become.

  • jennifer

    Disgusting and cruel… I don’t see a fashionista.

  • Mirable

    So beautiful !

  • Hiyaz

    wonder how she’d like it if someone wore her skin

  • infamous

    bag lady troll? since when is that a trend?

  • resources for teachers

    Something doesn’t fit here, not sure what exactly. Maybe it’s the fur, let’s hope it’s not real by the way. I think she looks much older in this outfit.

  • resources for teachers

    She looks older, much older. I don’t like this outfit somehow, something is not right here, not sure what.

  • couture prom dress

    Something seems to be wrong here. This outfit, although stylish, seems more appropriate for someone in their 40s, not early 20s. She is also very short and generally small and this outfit looks like it is wearing her rather then the other way around.

  • Fleury

    did it ever occur to anyone that maybe these girls who wear 90% vintage only wear *vintage* furs? Super likely. Fur is by no means in its heyday, so if I were a rich vintage-loving fan of fur, I think I’d buy mine vintage. (I do also believe it’s the only ethical way to do it, but even if I didn’t, vintage furs are probably chicer than many new ones) I think there is a huge difference between going out and buying furs from today, thus funding the fur industry and encouraging its growth, and going to a vintage store and buying a fur there, from before people knew any better, giving it a use again. I think if the furs have already been made and were already purchased at some point directly, someone may as well inherit them or buy them secondhand so the poor animal who died is at least continuing to serve a purpose. Would you rather have all the old furs in the world torched so the animals will have died in vain? I am willing to bet their furs are upscale vintage like most of their wardrobes.

  • jelt


    Seriously, where are all these mythical “humane” skinning houses you refer to?

    An animal is kept in a small cage until “cage madness” sets in….just to make sure they don’t ever have the chance to damage their “pelt” (which is really their own body, mind you), and then anally electrocuted (if its a “decent” place), or trapped and left to die over days (again, if done “decently”) or just skinned while alive and conscious (which, by the way, a lot of your leather is done this way as well)…..all for just the skin, while the rest of the poor animal is cast aside as a “by-product”.

    But let’s for a second pretend that there are “humane” animal skinners out there: killed for one part of your body, while the rest is cast aside for garbage. You call that “humane”? wow.

  • youngheart


    you are ridiculously narrow minded. Oh yeah make sure the animals are kept in closed spaces unaturally but make sure you dont cram them in tiny cage because people might think this isnt ethical! Then you are all clear to rip their fur off and use it as a coat!! Why should they have the right to live? stupid animals…

    URGGHH people like you make me sick