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Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie and her adorable son Knox Jolie-Pitt get some fresh air from the balcony of their apartment in Venice, Italy on Sunday (March 28).

Angie was seen pointing out a few sights in the distance to baby Knox.

Just yesterday, Angie spent time with Pax, Zahara and Shiloh in a private playground in Venice.

Great to see Angie getting in bonding time with all of her kids!

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222 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life”

  1. 1
    isobel Says:

    cute kid :)

  2. 2
    Celia Says:

    SO ADORABLE!! The twins are in love with that balcony.
    They’ve definitely been spoiled now. lol.

  3. 3
    lulu Says:

    Knox is a mini BRad Pitt with brunett hair.

    Knox , reminds me of my own boy at that age is so fascinated with car , boat , plane. then as they grow a bit older , around 4 or 5 , it’s dinosaur. sooooooooooo cute !

  4. 4
    lulu Says:

    Celia @ 03/28/2010 at 8:18 am +1

    SO ADORABLE!! The twins are in love with that balcony.
    They’ve definitely been spoiled now. lol.


    ITA. at that age, they start demanding.
    I bet Knox demand it! cute !

  5. 5
    Vivian Says:

    #4 damn how much publicity does this woman want…. lol ; – )

    I feel sorry for Angie. She is a mother of six and has to be under this extremely extended exposure of her private life.

  6. 6
    lulu Says:


    Well, too bad your buddy idol does not had one . I still prefer cute baby picture rather than an old hag parading in that too tiny bikinie showing those wax coohie, ass, fake boob with her newly paid bf.

  7. 7
    briseis Says:

    Wow, now I know I am getting spoiled!!! Another balcony picture with the adorable Knox. Love love love his hooded eyelids … I know I better enjoy this because once they go to San Fran to shoot Brad’s Moneyball, we probably won’t see them as much!!!!

  8. 8
    Mia Says:

    what an adorable little boy.. angelina is truely blessed with her children.. and i think she knows it;) she won’t let brad go… ever

  9. 9
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    The beginning of another great week for the Jolie-Pitt fans. Knox is so adorable.

  10. 10
    teri Says:

    Good morning all JP fans. Just another beautiful day seeing Angelina being a loving mother.

  11. 11
    Mia Says:

    ofcourse she wants publicity.. other whise they would fade away with the years.. and with their extravagant lifestyle, they have to make millions each year.. even though it never look like they have expensive stuff of clothes.. for their selves or their children… they only spend money on hotels, cars and houses.. but if you were her,, you would do it to.. for your producers agents and all the crap going on.. it’s just all staged

  12. 12
    kleo Says:

    I like those lights inside the house…..very romantic!!!!! Knox is cute!

  13. 13
    teri Says:

    When I’m on vacation I love sitting on the balcony early morning viewing the ocean drinking coffee. Just a great way to wake up. : )

  14. 14
    Showbiz Tonight Says:

    Showbiz Tonight will be on at 5pm on HLN starting Monday March 29th.

  15. 15
    ummahyk Says:

    awwwwwwww…how cute can that be???….knox has an adorable face …with his chunky little cheeks …is no surprise angi can’t get enough of kissing this child:X

  16. 16
    an opinion Says:


    She is simply opening the window of her house and getting fresh air. It’s like going to a store. Things like that should not be stopped just because paps are . The kids should not thought to feel like they are in a cage.

  17. 17
    teri Says:

    Since we haven’t seen Maddox and Brad I’m wondering if they went together to another game or on a business trip. Maddox is his little side kick. He certainly loves his daddy.

  18. 18
    jaliah Says:

    @No 4

    The papz earn so much money from this family because they are so incredibly popular…….even in her home she can’t get away from them. Others like the tv ‘girl’ have to invite them on her holiday and then expose herself to remind us that she is alive. I don’t see Lisa Kudrow doing that but the Lisa probably isn’t as desperate.
    It’s such a shame that the negative bloggers are so bored of their own children that they take an unhealthy interest in Shiloh JP and what she decides to wear. I say try and take an interest in your own children even if the poor things are dressed up in bows and frills and if you find that boring then let them dress the way they want it might make you more interested in them.

  19. 19
    teri Says:

    Such a doting mommy, her kids are so lucky.

  20. 20
    Jim Says:

    At picture 4 looks like the painting because Angie face was beautiful perfection, her nose eyes & lips are really sexy. She’s really so stunning.

  21. 21
    NAN Says:

    Thanks JJ, We love to see JPs family’s pics !
    Knox is soooooo qute and handsome with his beautiful mom !
    He He He,Someone wants to Poking her head to The Wall and Thinking Thoughts ,WHY WHY WHY IIIIISSS NOT MEEEE !!! Heheheheheheheheheheeeeeee.
    Poor,Norman’s friends have to working hard huh dee dude dee???

  22. 22
    Katsaridoula Says:

    Angie deserves all the publicity in the world, if not more. She is great and so is her beautiful family. Haters: Get lost and turn green with anger. :-)

  23. 23
    an opinion Says:


    Wait. Maybe Brad and Maddox are in the home. Just because we have seen pics of Angelina all week opening the window and getting fresh air with the twins does not mean Brad had to do the same thing. Pax and Zahara weren’t seen most of the week either until yesterday. Does that mean they were away those days? Gawd some of you people need to get a life and stop micro analyzing Brad and Angelina’s.

  24. 24
    an opinion Says:

    One more thing. We see this same whining when B&A are in New Orleans. Angelina (Zahara and Pax) likes to go out on the balcony and see the people waking by. Plus Angelina would take the kids to the store. The first thing people would cry is she just wants attention. When the reality is she is just living her life. Next time you go to a place with a balcony let’s see if you don’t go out and enjoy it.

  25. 25
    teri Says:

    Well that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. Remember I’m a fan and love this family, so what if Brad took his son on a business trip. I don’t get why some get so uptight when this is mentioned. It’s not like he took off and just left and never coming back. Yes maybe they could be holed up just playing video games as well. Bonding time with the kids are the greatest thing. : )

  26. 26
    jkljoläo Says:

    where is brad???

  27. 27
    AshleyS Says:

    I don’t think he is very cute…..

  28. 28
    cee Says:

    Where Brad is is Angie’s business. Always an Angie fan.

  29. 29
    jayenay Says:

    Knox is a beautiful boy.. I think he looks more like his mother.. and that shot of Angie in the window.. STUNNING

    One can almost understand why the haters are jealous.. It seems almost unfair that she can look that way in the morning. And some of these fools are so ugly..even with tons of makeup.

    Here is a little lesson; The beauty within shines through.

    And the reason some of you hags are so ugly on the outside is because of what you are on the inside.. See that is why you are so jealous of her.

    Stop being so ugly..

  30. 30
    shibaby Says:

    Brad’s mini me Knox is super cute and so are the rest of the JP kids.

  31. 31
    jaliah Says:

    Mia # 13 I think you forgot to put the right name so I did it for you hope you don’t mind….there now doesn’t that make more sense…after all you couldn’t have been talking about the JP’s because if this is all they wanted they could have it three times over with the money they give away couldn’t they now?
    ofcourse Aniston wants publicity.. otherwise she would fade away with the years.. and with her extravagant lifestyle, she has to make millions each year.. even though it never look like she has expensive stuff of clothes.. for herself or her children (dogs)..… she only spend money on hotels, cars and houses.. but if you were her,, you would do it to.. for your producers agents and all the crap going on.. it’s just all staged

  32. 32
    sue Says:

    She must be ashamed of little Vivian.

  33. 33
    Sue Says:

    Where is the other twin? She always has that boy and not the girl.

  34. 34
    teri Says:

    Love these little cuties. No wonder they’ve never been happier.

  35. 35
    teri Says:

    Wow that’s new my post went into moderation. Hmmmmmm

  36. 36
    jayenay Says:


    so says another ugly hag

  37. 37
    emmy jay Says:

    Great photos….we better enjoy them, cuz once they are back in the States, they can go underground quicker than I would think they are able. Good for them, enjoying some family time. The kids must be amazed at the activity outside of their window.

  38. 38
    princess di Says:

    she reminds me of princess di – trying to use the media
    she is really messed up
    look at that pic – looking sad, Brad is no where to be seen
    she knows the photogs are there

  39. 39
    jaliah Says:

    Oh how lovely @35
    Oh tee hee I know the story you mean but you got it slightly wrong. I know the one you are thinking of it is the one where: Brad woke up in the middle of night to get a glass of water turned around bleary eyed and saw something that made his hair stand on end…”get back in your basket you naughty, ugly little dog you know you are not allowed to sleep in the bed” Then he heard a familiar whiny, nasally voice say “but Brad it’s me I took my blue contacts out, removed my extensions, let my hair run free and wiped off my makeup and I’m wearing my Dolly the dog fluffy nightdress”. “Oops sorry” said Brad.

  40. 40
    bat shlt crazy Says:

    bad things are happening in that relationship
    wow…what a statement
    what a nutjob

  41. 41
    teri Says:

    Angelina is definitely a gift from heaven.

  42. 42
    Sheiko Says:

    Knox is precious! It’s cute how he loves the balcony. He probably wants to look for more boats.

  43. 43
    jayenay Says:

    @princess di:

    Yep.. just like Jennifer G, Nicole R, Gwen, and countless others. Yet they go out with their kids..

    Now why in the world can’t Angie and Brad.. YOU and the others fools are just the same. YOU can’t stand the fact that this woman and this man love each other and have a cute family. YOU get pissed every time you see her. Why? She is beautiful, but so are lots of woman, You are pissed because that ONE man in particular loves her and they are still together.

    Deal hags.. they are happy and that fact make me laugh every time I see your stupid comments 5 years and it is steal eating away at you.

    The best way to get to a jealous person is just to live your life and not give them a thought.

    See Angie knows what she is doing.. so does Brad.. be happy ad the fools will sit at their computers day after day talking about you.

    I hope she takes the kids on that balcony every single day…

  44. 44
    Saggie Says:

    OOps there he is again. That little munchin! I think handsome little Knox wakes up first and wants to see the boats. Mama Angie is not going to say no to her baby b/c her and her partner with their children are the most hunted stars in the world. Wherever they go hundreds of Paps follow. These pics will be all over every mag in the world.
    Not to say a truthful story follows the pics b/c that’s what paps are all about. Selling their pics to the rag mags so they can make up a ridiculous story to sensationalise or arouse interest on these most hunted and wanted pictures.
    Have to laugh when idiots come here and say Angie called the Paps. LOL That will be the day. Did anybody watch Angie’s life 24/7 on CNN trying to avoid the paps? If not you should . You would never say Angie Brad and children every needed a pap called ever again.
    It sure is a whole other kind of life. You do lose your privacy completely.
    But somehow Angie and Brad knowing this when they got together forever manage to have a fabulous life for themselves and their family.
    That’s all that counts. It’s GGGreat being a JP Fan.

  45. 45
    jaliah Says:

    Tell that to the charity that benefited from the money…….I guess you are right it would have been better had it gone into a papz pocket..NOT.

  46. 46
    favorites Says:

    she def favors the boy
    look at what she’s done to Shiloh
    wow, this is a sick woman

  47. 47
    Mia Says:

    @ jaliah hahahaha you are so funny..
    it actually looks better with her name on it, than angelina’s
    but what I wanted to say is that they sometimes HAVE to be in the publicity.. but I don’t believe she would call any papz.. I think she is now really tired of all the press and stuff going on in their lifes.. however.. their producers and agents will force them to go out and let people see their family… because that is what they stand for, a beautiful couple with a big family.. they seem so perfect that the whole world is waiting for another picture.. and that’s exactly what I meant.. angelina’s popularity trowards her fans won’t ever fade..but when their new movie is coming out, they have to do SOMETHING..

    anyway, I truely believe that Aniston is a real money loving woman who does publicity stunts.. with gerard now, with that other baby(boy) she was with for a while.. she knows it’s not love with them.. but hey, if you can make money out of it.. why woudn’t you? right?

    just look at the kardashians and rihanna’s and all the other attention seeking woman in hollywood.. they do ANYTHING for money.. but angelina only has to step outside and BOOM the whole world adores her.. I always have loved Angelina.. she is a true beauty

    but however people never seem to get over the aniston/jolie thing because it’s just like in real life.. the goodlooking guy runs away from his ”old” wife and starts a family with a beautiful sexy hot woman who will never get bored of him…
    we really don’t know anything about their lifes to be honest.. but we like to see how others handle their lifes.. (and the millions of dollars and privileges)
    the aniston jolie war will never fade.. maybe in 10 years or so? what do you think?? ahahaha

  48. 48
    Angie and Brad Says:

    awwwe Love this family . The kids are all so sweet.
    LMFAO at all of the jealous Hens still hanging out at Angies thread going on 6 yrs later the jealousy still spilling from their braindead noggens. So Sad and desperate as always.

  49. 49
    Anonymous Says:

    OMG! Knox is a really adorable little boy! I would so love to pinch his liitle chubby cheeks and hug him. He´s all mini-Brad with brown hair. Angie is so darn lucky to have him in her life. They make beautiful babies. Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne are all really beautiful children. But so are Maddox, Pax and Zahara too. All those six are so lucky to have Brad and Angie as their parents. Knox will be a heartbreaker when he grows up.

  50. 50
    Lynn Says:

    This kid is so angelic. I actually think he looks like Angie, especially the eyes.
    I enjoy looking at pics of Angie with her kids. Thanks JARED!!!xoxo

  51. 51
    Julianna Says:

    Awwwww :-) I missed him yesterday! He is so gorgeous. I just want to bite his cheeks.

  52. 52
    Tre Says:

    All of the pics from Venice with the JP’s and their little ones are really great to see. Some of the pics are just so precious. Can’t get enough.
    It’s been a real treasure seeing the twins after such a long drought not seeing them. Thanks Jared.

  53. 53
    jaliah Says:

    @Mia. My opinion: It will end when JP’s get married….catch 22 because JP’s don’t feel need to justify their commitment to the legal system, god or tabloids – they just live it.

  54. 54
    BUZZ KlLL Says:

    OHhh How beautiful Angelina is with that little Brad Pitt baby boy!!
    I can just imagine the words he is trying to say, as he points to everything he sees. What a lovely sight in the window. That’s the dedication of a mother rocking her little one. It does not surprise me that the FF FvckFreaks can’t seem to wrap their small brains around the logic of that kind of dedication that a mother has for her children. No they’re way too busy spreading gawking and gossiping about Brad and Angelina Jolie six babies, they don’t know what its like to be a dedicated mother or to have one. They only know what its like to be insignificant internet trolls stalking celebritiy children they pretend to despise.

    Many Many Blessings to the Jolie Pitt’s and their family, friends, and all their great fans. Its been a great week sseeing all these lovely pictures.

  55. 55
    teri Says:

    ITA Buzz Kill, The ff freaks claim to love JA but their actions speak louder and louder every passing day. They talk more about the JP+ 6 than their hairness. Imagine that! Everybody loves them some JP.

  56. 56
    dark angel Says:

    To the haters, you will forever wallow in your misery. Hatred makes all of you ugly.

  57. 57
    MiaJP Says:

    You haters are such big idiots. Really. Why even bother looking at her pictures and waste your time writing comments if you don’t even like the woman. I dislike certain celebrities but I don’t go around writing nasty things about them. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.
    I mean really, get a life.

  58. 58
    MrMarleyFAN Says:

    Angelina Jolie has to be one of the most photogenic women ever. She is striking in those pic’s where she’s looking out windows. It looks like a magazine setup shot when it is just a pap’s candid one. So awesomely gorgeous.

  59. 59
    teri Says:

    Going on six years and some still in denial over their love. I recall Brad saying I’ve never been happier.

  60. 60
    MrMarleyFAN Says:


    I guess being not popular is why Angie topped FORBES this year. Not popular is why they were named most romantic couple in hollywood history by TVGuide……….beating out Bogie-Bacall, Taylor-Burton and all the others. Get over it.

  61. 61
    Richard P Says:

    Beautiful Angie and cute boy

  62. 62
    NAN Says:

    @ MiaJP, The hater they have to live their lives by woking for Norman otherwise they don’t get paid ,they will be here 24/7/365 ,all Norman’s friends have multiple names,they been here for 5 years+,AJ&BP’s threads are their bread and butter for their living..Right deeMiasam???
    Mia #53 just told us at they might be here 10 years more for HENHIPER THE BIG MOO MEE STAR OF HOLLYWOOD ???
    OMG !!! IS SHE FOR REAL ???

  63. 63
    teri Says:

    I didn’t know that Brad and Angelina were voted most romantic couple by TVGuide. awwww

  64. 64
    lena Says:

    @sam: Totally agree with you…..the next most photographed people are Lindsay and Britney…2 others who are not very stable. GOOD POINT!!! Everyone is waiting for that BIG money shot when it’s announced that she and B illygoat are over.

  65. 65

    They should have saved that MONEY, RECEIVED FROM SELLING BABY PHOTOS.. Anyway, they preferred to get publicity using that money.. NEVER MIND.

  66. 66
    to sam Says:

    i concur
    that’s what is going on – she is about to go off, can’t you tell? I think we are close to the melt down
    wow, that will be a day to remember

  67. 67
    pkz Says:

    why blame her for taking care of her children should she say to a 1 1/2 year old no you have to stay inside because they are staying in Venice and there is no privacy in the city for a large family … absolutley no she is letting him get fresh air and see the sights he doesn’t know anything about the paps

  68. 68
    sammy=-) Says:

    Knox is soooooo freakin’ ADORABLE!!!! I just wanna hold him and him and give him a million kisses!!!! how can anybody say this kid isnt cute? he has to be the cutest little boy i ever seen!=-)

  69. 69
    BRAD Says:


    AND BORED !!!!!

  70. 70
    lena Says:

    @to sam: Where are Billygoat’s parents? What aren’t the grandparents there to help? Actually, why isn’t the real D a dd y of these k id s there to help, u know Ja mes? HO lie has a veeeery p sy ch otic look to her lately….not good for her or the l itt le ones. Is she even filming anymore….for a while there all you saw were pics of her on set? All i can say is “paging Dr. Drew.”

  71. 71
    sammy=-) Says:

    Knox is soooooo freakin’ ADORABLE!!!! I just wanna hold him and give him a million kisses!!!! how can anybody say this kid isnt cute? he has to be the cutest little boy i ever seen!=-)

  72. 72
    teri Says:

    Anything positive this family has done is put down by JA fans. I’m so over their criticism. I swear they cry over everything.

  73. 73
    SAM Says:


    And, why do you forget they get tax benefits, other than publicity, when u donate for a charity..

  74. 74
    teri Says:

    Did Brad tell you he was bored with being a father and a soul mate to Angelina? NO

  75. 75
    Saggie Says:

    Cute pics Knox looks like his Daddy . Lucky little boy. Proud to be a JP Fan

  76. 76
    lena Says:

    @teri: That one word “bored” and his total look says it all. His look screams “DEPRESSION.”

  77. 77
    laura Says:

    poor viv… never get attention

  78. 78



  79. 79
    esia Says:

    Gorgeous baby boy just like his gorgeous mama.

  80. 80
    teri Says:

    So are you leaving out the part where he says he’s having a lovely time with his family in Venise on purpose or just memory loss?

  81. 81
    teri Says:


  82. 82
    bingo Says:

    The Sun is the lowest of the tabloids. Why would Brad grant an interview with them?
    BTW, The Sun belongs to the News Corp group … that is, it is the sister publication of the News of the World which the JPs sued.
    There is no way Brad spoke to the Sun.

  83. 83
    laura Says:

    @Mia: very well said!!!

  84. 84
    sandy Says:

    Why does she looks so sad ? Her eyes are so gloomy and empty in that photo..

  85. 85
    Sofia Says:

    Yay Knox is favorite Jolie-Pitt right now!

  86. 86
    Knox looks like Ralph fiennes Says:

    This is obviosuly something her son loooves and she isn’t bored with hi
    yet. Great mom. Only bad parents get bored and want to leave their children …like brad Pitt and his midlife crisis. I bet he ran of for some plastic surgery after eeryone thought he looked like a dry prune at hat premiere. His poor ego.

  87. 87
    Knox looks like Ralph fiennes Says:

    L@bingo: he gave them an interiew because they had some heavy dirt on him. Duh. That’s the only reason any celeb give tabs info…. Just ask lindsay Lohan

  88. 88
    BradsAngie Says:

    Haters don’t care if they write about lies. They live a life of lies thats why they are so unhappy. If they were fullfilled even a little bit they would not be hanging out here making up lies and foolish nonsensense
    over their Sunday morn coffee. They would go elsewhere a place that was fun to write about a person they really liked . Sounds like the sensible thing to do.
    LOL My grandmother says you have to try to forgive them darling they are slightly touched. BWHAHAHAHA Yeah okay Nana
    As you can see my grandmother has a big heart for idiots.

  89. 89
    kasey234 Says:


    Better to sale pictures then to invite a celeb gossip tv show to your private birthday party. hmm and some people are so private.. so above it all.

    Well that money helped many many people. so I think the children will not be upset. And we have seen pictures of Brad/Angie and kids.. but they have never opened their home. we saw a small glimps of a bedroom in France.. but NEVER their home inside. NEVER.. they have kept that very private. so really get your facts straight.

    Seeing a few pictures now and then are not that bad.

  90. 90
    karen Says:

    Does anyone else find if funny that the haters know everything Brad or Angie say. The follow their every move. Boy maybe they are closeted fans. trying to pretend otherwise. Because why would spend so much time stalking these two people. Reading everything about them.. And they call the fans loonie.. I think not. LOL..

  91. 91
    Knox looks like Ralph fiennes Says:

    @sandy: she realized she chose the wrong man. Everyhing she thought brad was he fabricated as a way to weasle into her life. He is a fraud and Angie knows it now. She is on her own raisig six kids… She will have to explain why daddy doesn’t like them anymore. What a dissappointing dad brad turned out to be. So funny how he used to try to use the children for his good daddy image but the kids never looked happy with him. At least the kids appear happy with Jolie and Jolie won’t throw them out just because she might get bored looking at planes and boats everyday… Nope, she is happy looking at he boats and planes every morning with her son. Brad obviously sees no joy in making his kids happy… He is all about making himself happy…. Forget the kids

  92. 92
    Happy JPs Says:

    The JPs are a happy family. Angelina is a good mom while Brad is a good dad. The kids are so lucky so as the parents.
    BTW, the trolls are outnumbered …. they are all thumbs downed and their comments hidden. This a best proof that these trolls/haters are sooooo few.
    Jared’s system actually reveals how the trolls belong to the minority. Sometimes democracy (the rule of the majority) may be cruel especially to the trolls. Good system Jared!

  93. 93
    Melissa Says:

    knox is her favorite

  94. 94
    eliott Says:

    The photo of her face at the window is so lovely. The people who accuse her of publicity seeking when she and her family enjoy time on the balcony obviously live in a tenement basement. Geez, why must we suffer these fools? Why aren’t these lonely-hearts loitering on an X thread?

  95. 95
    JP Luvers Site Says:

    I believe the JP’s own the haters. It’s very obvious. Or why would they be following them all over the place posting about them thinking they NEED to know where one or the other is when they are not home or they think they are not home.
    Think about it if you hated an actor and his or her family would you follow all of their threads and go to all of their sites where their FANS go. Now If you have a normal brain the answer to that would be NO.
    So these HATERS are obviously so Totally OWNED by the lovely gorgous couple Angie Jolie and Brad Pitt.. No two ways about it.
    It is what it is. Poor Suckers. But the main thing is we have known this for a long time. hahahahahaha

  96. 96
    Knox looks like Ralph fiennes Says:

    @Happy JPs: only one half of your First statement is true and that is Angelina is a good mom. Brad is not a good dad he just used to play one for the paparazzi. Zahara is the only kidnthst ever looked happy with him. There are recent pix of angelinas kids looking happy with her. Pax when he visited her onset , Shiloh laughing from directors arms and reaching out for Angelina, and he most recent shots of vivienne showing her team mommy card the other day when nanny was holding her on balcony, and Knox is obvs a momma boy. When raisin face has them he is smilig but children are blah with no emotion on their face. That shows u who the good parent iss …. Childrn can’t fake that stuff

  97. 97
    brad fan Says:

    ı love yu angi

  98. 98
    Owned Can't Help It Says:

    Yes i know i am owned but please please tell me where Brad is and did Maddox go with him? Will they be gone much longer? I need to know i am going crazy. Pulease i have been honest with you now tell me what i need to know or i will keep on insulting Jen’s arch enemy. I mean it!!!!!!!

  99. 99
    angi Says:

    they love

  100. 100
    wow Says:

    Knox is a mini Brad Pitt. He is really beautiful.

  101. 101
    angi fan Says:

    cute pict.

  102. 102
    Jaliah Says:

    @YA… CHILD PIMPING MONEY.. @ 03/28/2010 at 11:08 am -8

    They should have saved that MONEY, RECEIVED FROM SELLING BABY PHOTOS.. Anyway, they preferred to get publicity using that money.. NEVER MIND.
    They probably would have had they been the tv girl…she would have pocketed it for more hols to save Mexico

  103. 103
    dee Says:


    Urm….. whose my “buddy idol” … i am like “totally” confused….. lol ; – )

  104. 104
    dee Says:


    urm…. what children … i don’t have any children…. but if you are saying “i have children” then you are giving by boyfriend some ideas in his head… if you know what i mean… oh by the way i am only 19… ; – )

  105. 105
    cee Says:

    Will we be able to find out who wins the auction for Angies teen photos? Love the JP’s. All parents need a break trust me but they continue to do the hard work and enjoy their family.

  106. 106
    JP#! Says:

    Thanks Jared the pics have been alot of fun . It’s been a long time since we have seen the adorable twins. What a lovely family the gorgeous Angie and Brad have.
    Yep sure is great being a JP Fan.

  107. 107
    Jaliah Says:

    @Sam #80
    “why forget they get tax benefitsother than publicity, when u donate for a charity”
    If tax benefits and publicity is so generous then why doesn’t Rachel donate half her fortune? Surely by your reckoning she would get such a financial return….not to mention people would stop thinking of her as as a tight fisted scrooge and think of the publicity which is what she lives for. Hurry, hurry go tell your crone to do that quick!

  108. 108
    work hard for that money Says:

    Baby Jane turned myboo Gerry into Brad. Here you go hens, here is the Brad clone. It is not the real deal, but Whiny Jen and her hens will be happy.

    Gerard Butler dines on the water with Jen Aniston in Paris

  109. 109
    SSAJ Says:

    SO CUTE!

  110. 110
    neer Says:

    To those who keep asking the whereabouts of Brad, I ask the following questions:
    1) Who are you in Brad’s life to act as if you have the right to know where he is?
    2) Why do you want to know, you want to stalk him?
    3) Do you want to offer him a movie project?
    4) Do you want to sell him of something or anything?
    5) Are you a paparazzi or a showbiz reporter?
    6) Are you an investigator hired by X so that she can time her presence near with him & create news of secret meeting between them?
    7) Are you significant to his life?
    8) Are you a troll just to create intrigue & put color on AJBP relationship based on Brad’s presence?
    9) Do you just want to give JJ hits by asking the same question over & over again everytime?
    10) Lastly, are you X who is obsessed with Brad?

  111. 111
    eliott Says:


    Even the moderators would prefer to hear from Daughter of a Hollywood Legend, Lena. As I said earlier, if you simply must taint this thread with your presence then put HDL back in rotation. That’s a good little monkey.

  112. 112
    work hard for that money Says:

    Click on hens. Myboo Gerry has been Whinyfied. First Vinny, Peeboy and now myboo Gerry. Is there no end to Whiny Jen’s obsession. Must all the men be a substitute for Brad. I tell ya, Whiny Jen and her 2 rabid hens need therapy.

  113. 113
    tess Says:

    what a cutiepie

  114. 114
    work hard for that money Says:

    Trapped the Sequel, FREE MYBOO GERRY

  115. 115
    Jill Says:

    Fugly and Gerry went out to dinner? I bet a dollar to a donut hole she paid for it.

  116. 116
    eliott Says:

    @work hard for that money:

    Unfortunately, Butler got himself into this mess. He has to see this nightmare all the way through. The good news for Butler is that his TBH promotional duties will soon be over and he’ll rid himself of that desperate woman.

  117. 117
    Natasza Says:

    Knox is mini Angie. The cutest boy ever

  118. 118
    dianad1968 Says:

    @work hard for that money:


    I am LOL at this story because it’s all about how X is lucky to be working with all the sexy men in HW, and NOT that the men are lucky to be working with her. OUCH!!!

  119. 119
    Angand BradFan Says:

    Love this family..

  120. 120
    QQQQ Says:

    LOL! at the hag and Bloater…. Two MORONS!

  121. 121
    ELLLES Says:

    Brad is such a good dad/partner I imagine he has been the one to get out of bed if the babies wake up at night and lets angie sleep in as she is working right now. Angie sees the babies in the morning and Brad has a little rest or play with the other kids

  122. 122
    Maria Says:

    What a way to wake up on a Sunday morning! JP fans get another look at the Jolie-Pitts. Angie is so stunning even in the morning, just waking up to open the balcony door for fresh air. Knox is soooooo adorably cute. He’s going to be a heartbreaker. Love Angie, she’s such an attentive mother to each of her children. That’s what a mother should be. No matter if she’s a celebrity or not. I love Angie even more because she unconditionally love each of her children even if it’s not blood. That’s a testament of a good mother. Same with Brad. They’re soulmates. They’re good positive role mothers. That’s why Brangelina family pictures is sought after. God Bless them.

  123. 123
    dianad1968 Says:

    BTW, GB was on Jimmy Kimmel one night recently, and he came across as a self-centered egotistical jerk. He was actually naming the women he was involved with when he was younger, and seemed to be buying into the whole “sexy” HW star image of himself. I never found him to be particular handsome or sexy, but that appearance was a total turn-off for me.

  124. 124
    jaliah Says:

    Work hard for that money 119

    LOLOLOL! Everywhere I look celebs are sporting caps, beards or both whereas before they were all smooth faced…even Aaron Eckhart has a beard….Brad is such a trend setter. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA where he goes all male celebs follow….once the entire population of male celebs in HW have beards Brad will shave his off and they will all be running to their barbers to follow suit.

  125. 125
    lisa Says:

    Let’s see..

    Charlize’s thread.. less then 10
    Jennifer G.. . Less then 30

    Angelina over 130 comments and more to come. YEP it is officaial Angie rules the haters.. maybe if you all stayed off her threads this would not be the case.

    lol.. the haters are more obsessed than any fan could be.. LMAO.. too funny.. just too funny..

  126. 126
    Elizabeth Says:

    Good morning JP fans. Tks JJ for the new pics. Ladies and Gents look at Angie’s pic even behing the glass window, her natural beauty and elegant style is amazing.

  127. 127
    QQQQ Says:

    I don’t know why fans feel the need to defend Brad (that is, where he might be) just to answer these whiny b*tches. Brad is where Brad is. It’s no one’s f*cking business. He could be Venice, he could be else where; again it’s NO ONE F*CKING business!

  128. 128
    eliott Says:


    The moderators are trying to tell you something, little posting monkey. You’re boring them. Let’s here more fevered rantings from Daughter of a Hollywood Legend. Those comments are far more entertaining.

  129. 129
    a realist Says:

    OMG…Jared you are spoiling us. We love seeing these pics of our Jolie-Pitt babies.

  130. 130
    Chanel Says:

    lulu @ 03/28/2010 at 8:33 am
    Knox is a mini BRad Pitt with brunett hair. #5

    Knox , reminds me of my own boy at that age is so fascinated with car , boat , plane. then as they grow a bit older , around 4 or 5 , it’s dinosaur. sooooooooooo cute !
    lulu….When my grandson was Knox’s age, he too was fascinated with cars, airplanes, boats. I use to take him outside for walks, and he would point to the sky in wonderment when he saw airplanes flying. He saw a boat on the back of a vehicle, and he was amazed at that too.

  131. 131
    NAN Says:

    Lena ,What about ZYPREXA5mg tonight,This will helping you to stop to be THE PSYCHOPATH for a while ,No One Wants Your Jen Jen !!!
    Jen told to the world by her own mouth that she’d worked with The THERAPIST for a long time (15-20years???) VF05 !!!!!
    Who will wants to date JEN huh lenaconnideeMiasam…ect..ect???
    NO A-LISTERS WANTS TO P*KING JEN!!!!! Heheheheheheheeee.

  132. 132
    NAN Says:

    The Truth Is Hurts ,Right Ms.lenaconnideeMiasam….ect…ect !!!!!
    Why No One Wants To P*king Jen ??? The Moo Mee Star Of HW!!!

  133. 133
    Jaliah Says:

    @Lena 130
    I think you’ll find that Eliott is on the right thread which makes Eliott sane don’t you think? You appear to be on the wrong thread so that makes you…..? I think everything you threw at Elliott just landed back on your face with bells on.

  134. 134
    voe Says:

    Great pictures! Both are beautiful!

  135. 135
    voe Says:

    Lena and the haters are in unendurable pain apparently.

  136. 136
    lena Says:

    @voe: YAWN!!! SnnnnnnnnnnnORE!!!

  137. 137
    peter Says:

    She’s always holding her son, Knox, and hardly ever her daughters Shiloh or V.

  138. 138
    jpfan Says:

    Such a adorable looking son.

  139. 139
    voe Says:

    Oh, God, lena yawned and snored. What highly intelligent creature she is! She could yawn, could snore, could call Jolie’s fans loons and went mad because Jolie got unbearable and enviable large number of loons.

  140. 140
    Jaliah Says:

    lena @ 03/28/2010 at 2:39 pm

    @Jaliah: YEP you just confirmed how st upid and low inte lligent you loonies are. For you to say such a thing means you haven’t either comprehended what I said or you are just low IQ! Go away you’re not worthy!!!
    Not worthy…hmmmm interesting turn of phrase…..I do however, now fully comprehend why Eliott calls you little posting monkey

  141. 141
    LuckyL Says:


  142. 142
    ykw Says:

    Angelina is disgusted with the paps. No peace…no peace…can she find.

  143. 143
    Marilyn Macey Says:

    @neer: Loved your posting and you are absolutely right about trolls comments’ on this site about Brad. It’s simply not anbody’s problem except Angie so stop this ‘smear’ campaign against JPs.

  144. 144
    angi fan Says:


  145. 145
    Eve15 Says:

    Knox is mini me Angie

  146. 146
    T.O. Says:

    I am starting to seriously hate this woman.
    WHEN will she stop pimping out her kids so she can get press. Was it necessary for her to stand with her child in front of the window? Of course… that’s where she can be photographed.

  147. 147
    JP Fan1 Says:

    Oh WOW!! Angie as the evil Queen this could be alot of fun.
    Hope it happens. Angie can play various roles without any problems which makes her a fine actress and for sure her children would love this movie.

  148. 148
    first and last post Says:

    Re: # 294 groundcontrol @ 03/28/2010 at 6:59 am and
    ahem @ 03/27/2010 at 5:36 pm
    “Sorry. Forgot to link the post I think is excellent and I am talking about in my post above.”

    Hi ground control,
    Excellent link. I was laughing because it talked about “you live, you have assets”. I don’t think these haters/trolls are really “living”…subsiding to the bottom of the barrel is more like it and assets…ROTFLMAO… “assets” means responsibility and obligations…they have none other than to appease their ego in their own need to huff and puff behind a computer screen and to try to spell correctly.
    Unfortunately ahem’s post got deleted…I never got a chance to read it but if you questioned why it was voted down then there must be a valid reason why you questioned that unnecessary overzealous action by some.
    Hello to all JP fans and to that special person, neleh.

  149. 149
    queen bee Says:

    I am starting to seriously hate this woman….(JenHAG)
    WHEN will she stop pimping out her FAUX-RELATIONSHIPS so she can get press? Was it necessary for her to stand BY THE WINDOW OF THE BOAT WHILE HAVING DINNER IN PARIS??? Of course… that’s where she can be photographed!

  150. 150
    queen bee Says:

    HA! the bounty movie came in THIRD last weekend, looks like FORTH this weekend…..CAN WE HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR THE PLUMMETTING OF YET ANOTHER ANU STAIN PROJECT……LOL!!


  151. 151
    zen2 Says:

    How don’t love this woman?
    I love her. Her children are adorable.

  152. 152
    LoriLori Says:

    @167 Perfect!! the real media ***** is dressed in pink with orange skin and blue veiny feet

  153. 153
    ahem Says:

    @first and last post:

    Thanks for first and last post for bringing back that link. Apparently people didn’t get the punch line. ; -)

  154. 154
    mmsic Says:

    It looks like Knox woke Angie up early to see the boats.What a great mother,and she really looks stunning and beautiful even in the wee hours of the morning.Wow!

  155. 155
    ebmo Says:

    teri @ 03/28/2010 at 8:58 am +18

    Such a doting mommy, her kids are so lucky.

  156. 156
    sara Says:

    Angie looks like a prisoner in a tower… can tell she and Brad are cooling off. She’s saddled with all the kids and it shows. She’s parading them more because she’s lonely. Knox looks like he’s fighting a cold or something….

  157. 157
    groundcontrol Says:

    ahem @ 03/28/2010 at 5:13 pm +1

    @first and last post:

    Thanks for first and last post for bringing back that link. Apparently people didn’t get the punch line. ; -)
    Thank YOU, ahem, for finding that article and site and linking it here. You were absolutely correct in pointing out that posters at Female First and other sites, as well as the site owners and moderators themselves, need to check their behavior or risk the consequences.
    FALP, you’re probably right but I think many of these posters are grown women who probably seem normal in real life. The internet unfortunately allows people to vent their usually disguised venality. I imagine many of these posters have homes and incomes that can be attached. I imagine there are other types of relief a plaintiff could seek such as restrictions on their internet use. I forgot that the UK has criminalized certain speech such as hate speech. Well, we’ve seen hate speech from the FFers for years now and against children.
    In any event, assets or not, the public humiliation of their employers, neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, etc. becoming aware of what these women post on the internet could have the greatest prophylatic efect on curing their abberrant internet behavior. I’m all for exposing the trolls and the b.itches who create and spread their vitriolic hatred. Transparency is a good thing.
    It’s clear that internet law applies wherever the site is accessible and it matters little where the site originates. Transactional law and treaties allow the seizing of assets in foreign countries in certain cases. In other words, it is a very small world and it is near impossible for an internet poster to hide.
    Again, thanks to ahem for the article and links.

  158. 158
    too bad Says:

    if it were just once and awhile on the balcony and so forth and so on – then, no big deal, but every single day
    and looking today the way she looks
    come on people, she’s soooo manipulative

    she’s about to implode here shortly and the media is lying in wait for the big event.

  159. 159
    groundcontrol Says:

    ROTFLMAO!! My above post gets thumbed down? WTF?
    Okay what idiot is not interested in how to legally stop posters who launch vicious attacks on people like Angleina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children? Only libelous trolls would fear that post.
    I love that the Jolie Pitts found a house on the canal. It’s perfect for the kids to watch the world and the beauty that is Venice.

  160. 160
    Christy Says:

    Knox is a mama’s boy. He is adorable , looks like Angelina

  161. 161
    first and last post Says:

    Re: 175 groundcontrol @ 03/28/2010 at 6:17 pm
    Re: many of these posters have homes and incomes that can be attached.”
    Specifically homes and incomes of their husbands that can be attached. I seriously doubt these women are of personal honor to value work for “hard” fee for service. (as opposed to “soft” fee for service)

    Re: “I imagine there are other types of relief a plaintiff could seek such as restrictions on their internet use. “
    And if the plaintiff were successful, how is that monitored???…the fulfillment of such a relief would hardly be guaranteed.

    Re: “the public humiliation of their employers, neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, etc.”
    Which brings to point, the Lori Drew case…nothing, nudda, zilch came about that but a life gone!
    I was and am very disappointed on the basis for Lori Drew’s case and the ruling. She was charged with a Computer Fraud and Abuse act felony, which IMO the wrong reason, albeit probably the only substantial one that would hold up for the prosecution, then she was indicted, convicted then acquitted on the felony charges (for reasons I can’t fathom…no intent to inflict emotional stress on a young 13yo, puleese!…I know gc, no intent to suicide will be your response). Okay so Lori Drew was ostracized and harassed in her middle class normal (PT) Missouri neighborhood BUT her life goes on whereas her victims did not. That was one of the most disgusting outcomes of a jury trial…apologies for the rant…didn‘t mean to get into that. My point being…ground control…I’m assuming and hoping at some point in US legal future, such internet hate speech laws aka UK anti-hate speech could conceivably be tested in the US courts. It would be interesting if future case law in the US would go in a direction such that owners of blog sites would subsequently require their bloggers to sign agreement contracts with terms of agreement/conditions such as hate/racial speech restrictions…now that would be something…wouldn’t be perfect…legally binding yet tricky to prosecute and fraught with innuendos and nebulous perimeters I would imagine…but that be an interesting turn of events.

  162. 162
    first and last post Says:

    re: 182 first and last post @ 03/28/2010 at 8:38 pm
    oops, should read that “would” be an interesting turn of events.

  163. 163
    what's up? Says:

    @teri: Oh please!! A gift from heaven??! HA HA HA HA!!! What a sap you are!!

  164. 164
    what?! Says:

    @queen bee: You’ll get over it queen bee, just breathe deeply and relax. Yeah…………..that’s it. Now get a wet washcloth and put it on your forehead. Breathe…..breathe…….breathe.

  165. 165
    sherry Says:

    love little cute konx !!~~~~~@@@@

  166. 166
    Anna Says:

    Poor Angie! She can’t live without publicity! It’s the reason she gets out of bed everyday!

  167. 167
    Jenz Says:

    see how she’s being careful with coming all the way out on to the balcony? it’s very possible she didnt have a clue about all the papz outside previously or they just become like so many and she just decided it wasn’t worth the risk bringing out Knox! aww! it’s a little sad for us fans …on the other hand, here is to the silly people who thought it was purely a photo op!

  168. 168
    REEVEN Says:


  169. 169
    REEVEN Says:


  170. 170
    Harriet Says:


  171. 171
    BIG FAN Says:

    i absolutely love this woman and her beautiful children.

  172. 172
    aseret64 Says:

    Surely the paps are earning big eversince the JPs’ stay in Venice……love the JPs and yes, Knox is Brad’s mini me

  173. 173
    mirta Says:

    What’s wrong with his foot? Am I the only one seeing this? :(

  174. 174
    k12 education Says:

    The kids are cute! They start to look like Brad a lot.

  175. 175
    sammy=-) Says:


  176. 176
    sammy=-) Says:


  177. 177
    sammy=-) Says:

    sorry for posting it twice. my computer is acting up. lol

  178. 178
    sammy=-) Says:

    sorry for posting it twice. my computer is acting up. lol

  179. 179
    Renata Says:

    Knox is very cute!!!

  180. 180
    totallyuncool Says:

    I feel bad for the Jolie-Pitts. They couldn’t even enjoy their stay in Venice and enjoy the sights.

  181. 181
    bubu Says:

    the look so cute together, knox is mommy’s boy… love them all… god bless you little angel and your amazing parents and siblings… they are great familyyy

  182. 182

    @k12 education:


  183. 183
    LOL Says:

    Have anybody have seen movie ‘ OTHERS ‘ with Kidman? That photo of Angie reminds me last scene of that movie.. Kidman and her children (her children in movie) has same kind of shot in that, behind the window glass..

  184. 184
    k.o. Says:

    AJ has no friends…. sad…

  185. 185
    Lori Says:

    Knox resembles Angie,he is very beauty

  186. 186
    Cool Says:

    What a beauty she is. so is Knox, soooo angelic. I wonder how much longer Filming in Europe will take?

  187. 187
    Momgelina Says:

    Angelina is a born mom. Children love her. We love her.

  188. 188
    lurkersville Says:

    she’s got her hands full but the industry loves her and finds time for her to spend with her children.

  189. 189
    anon Says:

    Adorable. The family might as well stay in Europe until the end of May because there’s chatter that Tree of Live will debut at the festival:

    Meanwhile, there is lots of chatter about potential titles for the 63rd fest, including Terrence Malick’s eagerly anticipated Tree of Life, Woody Allen’s latest, and Wall Street 2. The fest opens on May 12 with Robin Hood. Awards Daily is planning to attend the fest for the first time in ten years.

    True to form, plot details of Malick’s latest work remain shrouded in secrecy. Sources suggest that The Tree of Life is an inter-generational rites-of-passage drama in the style of John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. Brad Pitt takes the role of the father in the film’s early sections, and the plot then jumps ahead to chart the experiences of his adult son, played by Sean Penn. The Tree of Life is due for an official theatrical release in November.

  190. 190
    Kuky Says:

    ty jj ;)

  191. 191
    Daphne Says:

    The only girl she likes is non-bio Zee!

  192. 192
    Harriet Says:


    Yeah I know!!

  193. 193
    grow up, Jen! Says:

    Gerry showed Angelina respect not 2 fingers. Jennifer should stop her acting out and respect herself. Her act is getting old, she is regressing in her life…she’s 41 years old going backwards in emotional/mentality growth. Maybe she has always been emotionally stunted, that’s why she’s had therapists for 20 plus years and why so many men leave her.

  194. 194
    totallyuncool Says:

    Angelina Jolie found her true calling and that is to be a Mother. Those wild stages (which we all go through) was just a learning process which I guess makes her a much better mother to all her children.

  195. 195
    totallyuncool Says:


    I’d rather hang-out with my adorable children than spend time with my so-called friends.

  196. 196
    Karice Says:

    Knox is so cute. I love how he is so fascinated with whatever his eyes come across. Hes always pointing and his new discovery. very alert little boy. He loves the balcony its no wonder angie takes him there every morning.

  197. 197
    Lori Says:

    Angelina looks so depressed. Honey, Brad aint coming back. he still off somewhere smoking and drinking his misery away. In his own words-hes grown that hobo beard because hes BORED. hahaha get a clue . SHE BORES HIM.

  198. 198
    lsam Says:

    I am so loving all these photos. Thanks JJ. Even if you can partially see Angie’s face in the shadows, she has a fantastic profile.

  199. 199
    *sigh* Says:

    So sweet. :) I wish that I could be a Jolie-Pitt! *sigh*


  200. 200
    *sigh* Says:

    So Sweet. :) I wish that I could be a Jolie-Pitt! :) *sigh*

    This is the one family in Hollyweird that I can un-equivically (sp?) say without any doubt what-so-ever that I completely admire~

  201. 201
    ithink Says:

    I just saw a picture of John V. when he was younger–no wonder everyone says the kids look like him–Brad looks like him :) This family is mind-boggling. Brad and Angie look like JV and MB when they were young and married. Then Brad has features from WP and JP. Then Angie has features from JV and MB. Then Brad and Angie look similar. Then all of their children look like a combination of their parents and grandparents (V,B,J,Ps). I wish I could find pictures of their parents when they were young and (seriously wishful thinking) their parents parents. I know I really need to get a life : 0 I said it so knowone else has to :)

  202. 202
    aseret64 Says:

    @k.o.: what is your basis for saying Angelina has no friends? I completely agree with “totally uncool”…staying with your children is the most precious moment, esp if there is Brad Pitt around….sigh! If i have brad pitt and with 6 adorable kids, wow! – that’s a dream i would never give up just for the so called “friends”

  203. 203
    ykw Says:

    Jen doesn’t even like her mother and she needs her mother. She doesn’t want anybody to say the truth about anything to her…and mothers will do that if you let them. So, she doesn’t want her mom in her life.
    Truth is hard to accept sometimes but we all need it…sometimes…good and/or bad.
    No truth…no happiness.

  204. 204
    Harriet Says:

    (dont you guys have friends to hang out with instead of being here wasting away your life hatin on celebs other than Ange?and frantically worshiping ange+her kids?)
    Angelina probs runs a sweatshop with kids+cheats on brad who she has locked in her basement.

  205. 205
    cee Says:

    Oh Jen I mean Harriet get over it girl. The world has moved on and you are beginning to look like a big joke. Brad and Angie have six little lives that depend on them as all parents know you do the best you can to make them happy and loved and trying to keep your partner happy and loved. Brad and Angie are no different than most couples except they have one major fly in their ointment and it’s name is Jen and her obsessed fans. If they would go away JP fans would have no reason to talk about her at all. Her fans bring out the worst in us. And as JP fans we know how really good people react. Our role models are Brad and Angie.

  206. 206
    Agnes14 Says:

    Aww, boy Knox is ALL Angelina

  207. 207
    WARNING:Ho-lee fans don't read Says:

    Reasons to hate on Jolie and Love Jen A:
    Did Jen A run off and marry Laura Dern’s fiance in Vegas and get a vaginal tat of his name while Laura was filming??? Only to have Billy Bob divorce her…It’s pretty bad when Billy Bob does the dumping…I think not..
    Did Jen A french kiss her bio brother on national television and then brag the next day about it??? I think not…
    Did Jen A wear blood around her neck and brag about it??? I think not.
    Did Jen A knowingly go after Colin Farrell while his girlfriend was 7 months pregnant with his child only to dump him 2 months later??? And Ho-lee claims to care about children…I think not…
    Was Jen A ever a public meth addict??? I think not…
    Has Jen A ever gone after a married man that was in the middle of a mid-life crisis only to destroy one of the most famous and sexiest men in all of Hollywood for her own selfish needs??? I think not…
    Would Jen A ever exploit children the way Ho-lee has??? I think not…
    Did Jen go over to other countries and buy children to bring back to America only to exploit them for her own selfish needs??? I think not…
    Would Jen A ever go on record to say fidelity is not an issue for her relationships after she destroyed one of Hollywoods most loved actors in the world??? I think not…
    Would Jen A ever destroy the relationship with the family of a man she was suppose to love??? I think not…
    If Jen A has a baby would she take such horrible care of her health and put her babies at risk for her own selfish reasons??? I think not…
    Does Jen A have friends??? I think so (many)…Not the Ho though…
    There is so much more I could say about your beloved saint Ho-lee, but I think this is a good start…Every word of this is on record from the Ho’s mouth…She is a selfish devious s!ut and she will never be able to pull off a “Brad Pitt” again…She is trying hard to get Depp’s attention, but he knows better…After seeing what the Ho has done to Brad Pitt and his family, the men are running for the hills in disgust… As they should…She is over people… And her & Brad are aware of this…
    Jen A has done none of these things because she does not have to… She was raised with morals, scruples, and values that has earned her respect honestly…I would bet my life savings that Brad Pitt is more sorry than words could say about the way his life has ended up…He never imagined a piece of ass could take him down as quickly as his Ho did…Still don’t feel sorry for the guy…”Karma” people “Karma”…

    *Ding Dong the Ho is dead”…

  208. 208
    Jaye Says:

    Wow! He’s gotten so big. What an adorable child.

  209. 209
    dawne Says:

    @WARNING:Ho-lee fans don’t read:

    You have to be the most uninformed and deluded troll I have ever read. I could blow cavernous holes in your ridiculously biased list of incorrect info but you are not worth it….you or that joke of a dead end you idolize……you know, the one with the gawd-awful reviews on her latest piece of celluloid trash foisted onto the viewing public…the same one who is in Europe at a stump for her bomb while her co-star has his fingers in her azz……..bwaawawawawaaw

    Meanwhile, the REAL woman, wife, mother, Oscar winner, world class beauty, humanitarian, author, and philantrhopist…you know the UN Ambassador who also sits on the Council of Foreign Relations with the likes of Clinton and Kissinger, yeah that one……….drum roll:

    Angelina Jolie

    ..whom is presently filming a REAL movie with another UBER star Johnny Depp……Queen Angelina with her brood of princes and princesses fathered by the ONE AND ONLY BRAD PITT enjoying the culture of France and Italy.

    Just killls ya doesn’t it? Buttiston is being made a joke of all over the planet while Queen Angie is breathtakingly beautiful holding child in the romantic city of Venice…………rather like comparing caviar to tacos.

  210. 210
    dawne Says:

    Buttiston’s newd….can’t spell it correctly or will get mod…..dress the other night at one of her European stumping grounds…hey, c’mon…

    blatant attempt for the raves Angie got for her ‘newd’ outfit with the elbow length gloves……..Buttiston stopped at the gloves….didn’t want to appear ‘obvious’ LMAO………

    Now even better………hold your nose and check out US Meekly……..Buttiston caught red handed with a pair of diamond earrings Angie wore seven years ago. This sick bish likely has a room of Angie looks from the time she was sixteen……..she really is a stalker……….

  211. 211
    WHFDR Says:

    dawne, did I hit a nerve??? Looks like it to me:)…LOL…All I need to see is that you hang on my every word…Flattered as always…Jolie is a w.h.o.r.e today, and she will still be a w.h.o.r.e tomorrow…Deal with it…Truth hurts don’t it???

  212. 212
    NAN Says:

    Ha Ha Ha,No One Can’t Helping Jen Jen !
    Jen Stolen Tate Donovan From His FIANCE which she’d Misscariage b/c of Jen Jen can’t stop opened her Legs to Catching Tate!
    Laura Stolen BBT from his wife and BBT choosing to married with AJ,and Laura’s husband which she got kids with him now,she’d STOLEN from his Ex wife which they Still very married and pregnant !!!
    Courteney Cox Stolen Micheal Keaton from his wife and stay with MK many years before she met DA.
    SC with Erik C ,she STOLEN him from his wife !!!
    Go to New Thread,Norman’s gang you can get The Real Info,don’t bite pp behind their backs!!!

  213. 213
    feedback Says:

    Where’s Brad?? We haven’t seen him in awhile. Is he in hiding?

  214. 214
    feedback Says:

    Just wanted to say that I’ve asked many men who they think is better looking Jen or Angie, they all said Jen. When I asked women, a slight majority chose Angie, but said she isn’t aging well. Both the men and woman agree that jen has the better body.

    BTW…….Where is Brad?? We haven’t seen him in a while, has he gone into hiding?

  215. 215
    feedback Says:

    @totallyuncool: Please give me the statistics on why you think everyone goes through as wild a learning process as Angie did in their youth. I know more young people who don’t. The percentage of people who have gone through what Angie did, cutting herself and doing every drug known to man, is a low percentage.

  216. 216
    ykw Says:


    Posted Mar. 29, 2000 @ 7:45pm/ET/Updated Mar. 30, 2008@ 12pm/ET

    Sources in a position to have information regarding a secret wedding ceremony between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had confirmed to Star that the couple married in the French Quarter Wedding Chapel on Saturday, March 29. “There were two weddings, one planned and one unplanned,” one source told Star. “Brad and Angelina’s was the planned ceremony. The weather wasn’t good, so we were indoors.” After further investigation, the sources are not standing by their story. Brad and Angelina’s reps have not commented.

  217. 217
    couture prom dress Says:

    The kids are adorable! Hard to say whom they remind more but you can definitely tell it’s their kids. I wonder if they still so cute when they grow up.

  218. 218
    Miami Girl Says:

    #213 ~ LMFAO at you…You didn’t have much ammunition to throw at Jen…You did mention a lot of other people, but not Jen because you don’t have any documented info that is true to tell…Now us Ho-lee haters have tons of ammunition that she so proudly gave us herself…

  219. 219
    NAN Says:

    He He He ,miamigirlpoo poo!
    Jen Jen dump her boyfriend of 3 years(Tate Donovan) upon spread her legs on the first blind date with BP (by their agents ) JA was a rebound everybody knew it miamipoo!,if their agents didn’t helping JA ???
    5+years it PROOF that Your idol can’t catch the man!!!
    Didn’t you see the video on the new thread that they showed Your idol HYMM HUMM with VV,They were P*KING ME&P*OKING YOU BEST COUPLE 12/02/05
    ,But VV DIDN’T CHOOSING Jen Anuston of HW to be the mother of his children.
    JM 2 Times,but he can’t choosing Jen !
    BC just run as fast as he can to his RZ!
    GB said NO NO NO NO NO TO JEN !
    Who will WANTS your Jen ???
    Jen admitted it VF05 !
    “I have worked with this THERAPIST for a long time ”
    Didn’t you heard about that Jen turned BP insane pusing into a 2 years of Therapy during their marriage,Maybe BP run away when he got his sanity back?
    You have to wake up from your dream miamipoo and accept the fact BP was done,there was NO second chance to be had for Jen,BP did not to be married to her anymore,He want to get out,Jen want to keep stay married ,she will let BP to have opened married ,but just let her name be Mrs.PITT,but BP said NO ,This in VF05 come out from Jen’s BFF, CC !
    Jen Knew there was no saving the marriage and Jen didn’t have a choice,but to file for divorce,Otherwise BP would have filed.
    Go to the new thread miamipoo ,don’t be a coward,They can give you more answers about how the real Jen,like NB said your idol have to look F V C K A B L E,didn’t you see that video,what she’d done with her old friend by kick NB out from her net work or Jen didn’t invited her own mother to her wedding and said at her mother was a DISEASE !

  220. 220
    dawne Says:

    How come the regs have not been posting on this thread for days??? Has there been another exodus of which I am not aware? Is it due to the endless threads on Fug?

  221. 221
    Jokergurl Says:

    Knox has Angelina’s amazing eyes, he seems like a pretty calm kid, adorable too. Brad and Angelina handle the constant intrusion of photographers very well. I think they are trying to raise their kids in the most normal environment (considering how abnormal it is) that they can. I admire these two.

  222. 222
    samantha nolan Says:

    @AshleyS: obviously ur blind!

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