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Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie and her adorable son Knox Jolie-Pitt get some fresh air from the balcony of their apartment in Venice, Italy on Sunday (March 28).

Angie was seen pointing out a few sights in the distance to baby Knox.

Just yesterday, Angie spent time with Pax, Zahara and Shiloh in a private playground in Venice.

Great to see Angie getting in bonding time with all of her kids!

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  • Julianna

    Awwwww :-) I missed him yesterday! He is so gorgeous. I just want to bite his cheeks.

  • Tre

    All of the pics from Venice with the JP’s and their little ones are really great to see. Some of the pics are just so precious. Can’t get enough.
    It’s been a real treasure seeing the twins after such a long drought not seeing them. Thanks Jared.

  • jaliah

    @Mia. My opinion: It will end when JP’s get married….catch 22 because JP’s don’t feel need to justify their commitment to the legal system, god or tabloids – they just live it.


    OHhh How beautiful Angelina is with that little Brad Pitt baby boy!!
    I can just imagine the words he is trying to say, as he points to everything he sees. What a lovely sight in the window. That’s the dedication of a mother rocking her little one. It does not surprise me that the FF FvckFreaks can’t seem to wrap their small brains around the logic of that kind of dedication that a mother has for her children. No they’re way too busy spreading gawking and gossiping about Brad and Angelina Jolie six babies, they don’t know what its like to be a dedicated mother or to have one. They only know what its like to be insignificant internet trolls stalking celebritiy children they pretend to despise.

    Many Many Blessings to the Jolie Pitt’s and their family, friends, and all their great fans. Its been a great week sseeing all these lovely pictures.

  • teri

    ITA Buzz Kill, The ff freaks claim to love JA but their actions speak louder and louder every passing day. They talk more about the JP+ 6 than their hairness. Imagine that! Everybody loves them some JP.

  • dark angel

    To the haters, you will forever wallow in your misery. Hatred makes all of you ugly.

  • MiaJP

    You haters are such big idiots. Really. Why even bother looking at her pictures and waste your time writing comments if you don’t even like the woman. I dislike certain celebrities but I don’t go around writing nasty things about them. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.
    I mean really, get a life.

  • MrMarleyFAN

    Angelina Jolie has to be one of the most photogenic women ever. She is striking in those pic’s where she’s looking out windows. It looks like a magazine setup shot when it is just a pap’s candid one. So awesomely gorgeous.

  • teri

    Going on six years and some still in denial over their love. I recall Brad saying I’ve never been happier.

  • MrMarleyFAN


    I guess being not popular is why Angie topped FORBES this year. Not popular is why they were named most romantic couple in hollywood history by TVGuide……….beating out Bogie-Bacall, Taylor-Burton and all the others. Get over it.

  • Richard P

    Beautiful Angie and cute boy

  • NAN

    @ MiaJP, The hater they have to live their lives by woking for Norman otherwise they don’t get paid ,they will be here 24/7/365 ,all Norman’s friends have multiple names,they been here for 5 years+,AJ&BP’s threads are their bread and butter for their living..Right deeMiasam???
    Mia #53 just told us at they might be here 10 years more for HENHIPER THE BIG MOO MEE STAR OF HOLLYWOOD ???
    OMG !!! IS SHE FOR REAL ???

  • teri

    I didn’t know that Brad and Angelina were voted most romantic couple by TVGuide. awwww

  • lena

    @sam: Totally agree with you…..the next most photographed people are Lindsay and Britney…2 others who are not very stable. GOOD POINT!!! Everyone is waiting for that BIG money shot when it’s announced that she and B illygoat are over.


    They should have saved that MONEY, RECEIVED FROM SELLING BABY PHOTOS.. Anyway, they preferred to get publicity using that money.. NEVER MIND.

  • to sam

    i concur
    that’s what is going on – she is about to go off, can’t you tell? I think we are close to the melt down
    wow, that will be a day to remember

  • pkz

    why blame her for taking care of her children should she say to a 1 1/2 year old no you have to stay inside because they are staying in Venice and there is no privacy in the city for a large family … absolutley no she is letting him get fresh air and see the sights he doesn’t know anything about the paps

  • sammy=-)

    Knox is soooooo freakin’ ADORABLE!!!! I just wanna hold him and him and give him a million kisses!!!! how can anybody say this kid isnt cute? he has to be the cutest little boy i ever seen!=-)

  • BRAD


    AND BORED !!!!!

  • lena

    @to sam: Where are Billygoat’s parents? What aren’t the grandparents there to help? Actually, why isn’t the real D a dd y of these k id s there to help, u know Ja mes? HO lie has a veeeery p sy ch otic look to her lately….not good for her or the l itt le ones. Is she even filming anymore….for a while there all you saw were pics of her on set? All i can say is “paging Dr. Drew.”

  • sammy=-)

    Knox is soooooo freakin’ ADORABLE!!!! I just wanna hold him and give him a million kisses!!!! how can anybody say this kid isnt cute? he has to be the cutest little boy i ever seen!=-)

  • teri

    Anything positive this family has done is put down by JA fans. I’m so over their criticism. I swear they cry over everything.

  • SAM


    And, why do you forget they get tax benefits, other than publicity, when u donate for a charity..

  • teri

    Did Brad tell you he was bored with being a father and a soul mate to Angelina? NO

  • Saggie

    Cute pics Knox looks like his Daddy . Lucky little boy. Proud to be a JP Fan

  • lena

    @teri: That one word “bored” and his total look says it all. His look screams “DEPRESSION.”

  • laura

    poor viv… never get attention




  • esia

    Gorgeous baby boy just like his gorgeous mama.

  • teri

    So are you leaving out the part where he says he’s having a lovely time with his family in Venise on purpose or just memory loss?

  • teri


  • bingo

    The Sun is the lowest of the tabloids. Why would Brad grant an interview with them?
    BTW, The Sun belongs to the News Corp group … that is, it is the sister publication of the News of the World which the JPs sued.
    There is no way Brad spoke to the Sun.

  • laura

    @Mia: very well said!!!

  • sandy

    Why does she looks so sad ? Her eyes are so gloomy and empty in that photo..

  • Sofia

    Yay Knox is favorite Jolie-Pitt right now!

  • Knox looks like Ralph fiennes

    This is obviosuly something her son loooves and she isn’t bored with hi
    yet. Great mom. Only bad parents get bored and want to leave their children …like brad Pitt and his midlife crisis. I bet he ran of for some plastic surgery after eeryone thought he looked like a dry prune at hat premiere. His poor ego.

  • Knox looks like Ralph fiennes

    L@bingo: he gave them an interiew because they had some heavy dirt on him. Duh. That’s the only reason any celeb give tabs info…. Just ask lindsay Lohan

  • BradsAngie

    Haters don’t care if they write about lies. They live a life of lies thats why they are so unhappy. If they were fullfilled even a little bit they would not be hanging out here making up lies and foolish nonsensense
    over their Sunday morn coffee. They would go elsewhere a place that was fun to write about a person they really liked . Sounds like the sensible thing to do.
    LOL My grandmother says you have to try to forgive them darling they are slightly touched. BWHAHAHAHA Yeah okay Nana
    As you can see my grandmother has a big heart for idiots.

  • kasey234


    Better to sale pictures then to invite a celeb gossip tv show to your private birthday party. hmm and some people are so private.. so above it all.

    Well that money helped many many people. so I think the children will not be upset. And we have seen pictures of Brad/Angie and kids.. but they have never opened their home. we saw a small glimps of a bedroom in France.. but NEVER their home inside. NEVER.. they have kept that very private. so really get your facts straight.

    Seeing a few pictures now and then are not that bad.

  • karen

    Does anyone else find if funny that the haters know everything Brad or Angie say. The follow their every move. Boy maybe they are closeted fans. trying to pretend otherwise. Because why would spend so much time stalking these two people. Reading everything about them.. And they call the fans loonie.. I think not. LOL..

  • Knox looks like Ralph fiennes

    @sandy: she realized she chose the wrong man. Everyhing she thought brad was he fabricated as a way to weasle into her life. He is a fraud and Angie knows it now. She is on her own raisig six kids… She will have to explain why daddy doesn’t like them anymore. What a dissappointing dad brad turned out to be. So funny how he used to try to use the children for his good daddy image but the kids never looked happy with him. At least the kids appear happy with Jolie and Jolie won’t throw them out just because she might get bored looking at planes and boats everyday… Nope, she is happy looking at he boats and planes every morning with her son. Brad obviously sees no joy in making his kids happy… He is all about making himself happy…. Forget the kids

  • Happy JPs

    The JPs are a happy family. Angelina is a good mom while Brad is a good dad. The kids are so lucky so as the parents.
    BTW, the trolls are outnumbered …. they are all thumbs downed and their comments hidden. This a best proof that these trolls/haters are sooooo few.
    Jared’s system actually reveals how the trolls belong to the minority. Sometimes democracy (the rule of the majority) may be cruel especially to the trolls. Good system Jared!

  • Melissa

    knox is her favorite

  • eliott

    The photo of her face at the window is so lovely. The people who accuse her of publicity seeking when she and her family enjoy time on the balcony obviously live in a tenement basement. Geez, why must we suffer these fools? Why aren’t these lonely-hearts loitering on an X thread?

  • JP Luvers Site

    I believe the JP’s own the haters. It’s very obvious. Or why would they be following them all over the place posting about them thinking they NEED to know where one or the other is when they are not home or they think they are not home.
    Think about it if you hated an actor and his or her family would you follow all of their threads and go to all of their sites where their FANS go. Now If you have a normal brain the answer to that would be NO.
    So these HATERS are obviously so Totally OWNED by the lovely gorgous couple Angie Jolie and Brad Pitt.. No two ways about it.
    It is what it is. Poor Suckers. But the main thing is we have known this for a long time. hahahahahaha

  • Knox looks like Ralph fiennes

    @Happy JPs: only one half of your First statement is true and that is Angelina is a good mom. Brad is not a good dad he just used to play one for the paparazzi. Zahara is the only kidnthst ever looked happy with him. There are recent pix of angelinas kids looking happy with her. Pax when he visited her onset , Shiloh laughing from directors arms and reaching out for Angelina, and he most recent shots of vivienne showing her team mommy card the other day when nanny was holding her on balcony, and Knox is obvs a momma boy. When raisin face has them he is smilig but children are blah with no emotion on their face. That shows u who the good parent iss …. Childrn can’t fake that stuff

  • brad fan

    ı love yu angi

  • Owned Can’t Help It

    Yes i know i am owned but please please tell me where Brad is and did Maddox go with him? Will they be gone much longer? I need to know i am going crazy. Pulease i have been honest with you now tell me what i need to know or i will keep on insulting Jen’s arch enemy. I mean it!!!!!!!

  • angi

    they love

  • wow

    Knox is a mini Brad Pitt. He is really beautiful.