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Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie and her adorable son Knox Jolie-Pitt get some fresh air from the balcony of their apartment in Venice, Italy on Sunday (March 28).

Angie was seen pointing out a few sights in the distance to baby Knox.

Just yesterday, Angie spent time with Pax, Zahara and Shiloh in a private playground in Venice.

Great to see Angie getting in bonding time with all of her kids!

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222 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life”

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  1. 26
    jkljoläo Says:

    where is brad???

  2. 27
    AshleyS Says:

    I don’t think he is very cute…..

  3. 28
    cee Says:

    Where Brad is is Angie’s business. Always an Angie fan.

  4. 29
    jayenay Says:

    Knox is a beautiful boy.. I think he looks more like his mother.. and that shot of Angie in the window.. STUNNING

    One can almost understand why the haters are jealous.. It seems almost unfair that she can look that way in the morning. And some of these fools are so ugly..even with tons of makeup.

    Here is a little lesson; The beauty within shines through.

    And the reason some of you hags are so ugly on the outside is because of what you are on the inside.. See that is why you are so jealous of her.

    Stop being so ugly..

  5. 30
    shibaby Says:

    Brad’s mini me Knox is super cute and so are the rest of the JP kids.

  6. 31
    jaliah Says:

    Mia # 13 I think you forgot to put the right name so I did it for you hope you don’t mind….there now doesn’t that make more sense…after all you couldn’t have been talking about the JP’s because if this is all they wanted they could have it three times over with the money they give away couldn’t they now?
    ofcourse Aniston wants publicity.. otherwise she would fade away with the years.. and with her extravagant lifestyle, she has to make millions each year.. even though it never look like she has expensive stuff of clothes.. for herself or her children (dogs)..… she only spend money on hotels, cars and houses.. but if you were her,, you would do it to.. for your producers agents and all the crap going on.. it’s just all staged

  7. 32
    sue Says:

    She must be ashamed of little Vivian.

  8. 33
    Sue Says:

    Where is the other twin? She always has that boy and not the girl.

  9. 34
    teri Says:

    Love these little cuties. No wonder they’ve never been happier.

  10. 35
    teri Says:

    Wow that’s new my post went into moderation. Hmmmmmm

  11. 36
    jayenay Says:


    so says another ugly hag

  12. 37
    emmy jay Says:

    Great photos….we better enjoy them, cuz once they are back in the States, they can go underground quicker than I would think they are able. Good for them, enjoying some family time. The kids must be amazed at the activity outside of their window.

  13. 38
    princess di Says:

    she reminds me of princess di – trying to use the media
    she is really messed up
    look at that pic – looking sad, Brad is no where to be seen
    she knows the photogs are there

  14. 39
    jaliah Says:

    Oh how lovely @35
    Oh tee hee I know the story you mean but you got it slightly wrong. I know the one you are thinking of it is the one where: Brad woke up in the middle of night to get a glass of water turned around bleary eyed and saw something that made his hair stand on end…”get back in your basket you naughty, ugly little dog you know you are not allowed to sleep in the bed” Then he heard a familiar whiny, nasally voice say “but Brad it’s me I took my blue contacts out, removed my extensions, let my hair run free and wiped off my makeup and I’m wearing my Dolly the dog fluffy nightdress”. “Oops sorry” said Brad.

  15. 40
    bat shlt crazy Says:

    bad things are happening in that relationship
    wow…what a statement
    what a nutjob

  16. 41
    teri Says:

    Angelina is definitely a gift from heaven.

  17. 42
    Sheiko Says:

    Knox is precious! It’s cute how he loves the balcony. He probably wants to look for more boats.

  18. 43
    jayenay Says:

    @princess di:

    Yep.. just like Jennifer G, Nicole R, Gwen, and countless others. Yet they go out with their kids..

    Now why in the world can’t Angie and Brad.. YOU and the others fools are just the same. YOU can’t stand the fact that this woman and this man love each other and have a cute family. YOU get pissed every time you see her. Why? She is beautiful, but so are lots of woman, You are pissed because that ONE man in particular loves her and they are still together.

    Deal hags.. they are happy and that fact make me laugh every time I see your stupid comments 5 years and it is steal eating away at you.

    The best way to get to a jealous person is just to live your life and not give them a thought.

    See Angie knows what she is doing.. so does Brad.. be happy ad the fools will sit at their computers day after day talking about you.

    I hope she takes the kids on that balcony every single day…

  19. 44
    Saggie Says:

    OOps there he is again. That little munchin! I think handsome little Knox wakes up first and wants to see the boats. Mama Angie is not going to say no to her baby b/c her and her partner with their children are the most hunted stars in the world. Wherever they go hundreds of Paps follow. These pics will be all over every mag in the world.
    Not to say a truthful story follows the pics b/c that’s what paps are all about. Selling their pics to the rag mags so they can make up a ridiculous story to sensationalise or arouse interest on these most hunted and wanted pictures.
    Have to laugh when idiots come here and say Angie called the Paps. LOL That will be the day. Did anybody watch Angie’s life 24/7 on CNN trying to avoid the paps? If not you should . You would never say Angie Brad and children every needed a pap called ever again.
    It sure is a whole other kind of life. You do lose your privacy completely.
    But somehow Angie and Brad knowing this when they got together forever manage to have a fabulous life for themselves and their family.
    That’s all that counts. It’s GGGreat being a JP Fan.

  20. 45
    jaliah Says:

    Tell that to the charity that benefited from the money…….I guess you are right it would have been better had it gone into a papz pocket..NOT.

  21. 46
    favorites Says:

    she def favors the boy
    look at what she’s done to Shiloh
    wow, this is a sick woman

  22. 47
    Mia Says:

    @ jaliah hahahaha you are so funny..
    it actually looks better with her name on it, than angelina’s
    but what I wanted to say is that they sometimes HAVE to be in the publicity.. but I don’t believe she would call any papz.. I think she is now really tired of all the press and stuff going on in their lifes.. however.. their producers and agents will force them to go out and let people see their family… because that is what they stand for, a beautiful couple with a big family.. they seem so perfect that the whole world is waiting for another picture.. and that’s exactly what I meant.. angelina’s popularity trowards her fans won’t ever fade..but when their new movie is coming out, they have to do SOMETHING..

    anyway, I truely believe that Aniston is a real money loving woman who does publicity stunts.. with gerard now, with that other baby(boy) she was with for a while.. she knows it’s not love with them.. but hey, if you can make money out of it.. why woudn’t you? right?

    just look at the kardashians and rihanna’s and all the other attention seeking woman in hollywood.. they do ANYTHING for money.. but angelina only has to step outside and BOOM the whole world adores her.. I always have loved Angelina.. she is a true beauty

    but however people never seem to get over the aniston/jolie thing because it’s just like in real life.. the goodlooking guy runs away from his ”old” wife and starts a family with a beautiful sexy hot woman who will never get bored of him…
    we really don’t know anything about their lifes to be honest.. but we like to see how others handle their lifes.. (and the millions of dollars and privileges)
    the aniston jolie war will never fade.. maybe in 10 years or so? what do you think?? ahahaha

  23. 48
    Angie and Brad Says:

    awwwe Love this family . The kids are all so sweet.
    LMFAO at all of the jealous Hens still hanging out at Angies thread going on 6 yrs later the jealousy still spilling from their braindead noggens. So Sad and desperate as always.

  24. 49
    Anonymous Says:

    OMG! Knox is a really adorable little boy! I would so love to pinch his liitle chubby cheeks and hug him. He´s all mini-Brad with brown hair. Angie is so darn lucky to have him in her life. They make beautiful babies. Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne are all really beautiful children. But so are Maddox, Pax and Zahara too. All those six are so lucky to have Brad and Angie as their parents. Knox will be a heartbreaker when he grows up.

  25. 50
    Lynn Says:

    This kid is so angelic. I actually think he looks like Angie, especially the eyes.
    I enjoy looking at pics of Angie with her kids. Thanks JARED!!!xoxo

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