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Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie and her adorable son Knox Jolie-Pitt get some fresh air from the balcony of their apartment in Venice, Italy on Sunday (March 28).

Angie was seen pointing out a few sights in the distance to baby Knox.

Just yesterday, Angie spent time with Pax, Zahara and Shiloh in a private playground in Venice.

Great to see Angie getting in bonding time with all of her kids!

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  • http://JUSTJARED ithink

    I just saw a picture of John V. when he was younger–no wonder everyone says the kids look like him–Brad looks like him :) This family is mind-boggling. Brad and Angie look like JV and MB when they were young and married. Then Brad has features from WP and JP. Then Angie has features from JV and MB. Then Brad and Angie look similar. Then all of their children look like a combination of their parents and grandparents (V,B,J,Ps). I wish I could find pictures of their parents when they were young and (seriously wishful thinking) their parents parents. I know I really need to get a life : 0 I said it so knowone else has to :)

  • aseret64

    @k.o.: what is your basis for saying Angelina has no friends? I completely agree with “totally uncool”…staying with your children is the most precious moment, esp if there is Brad Pitt around….sigh! If i have brad pitt and with 6 adorable kids, wow! – that’s a dream i would never give up just for the so called “friends”

  • ykw

    Jen doesn’t even like her mother and she needs her mother. She doesn’t want anybody to say the truth about anything to her…and mothers will do that if you let them. So, she doesn’t want her mom in her life.
    Truth is hard to accept sometimes but we all need it…sometimes…good and/or bad.
    No truth…no happiness.

  • http://SURI Harriet

    (dont you guys have friends to hang out with instead of being here wasting away your life hatin on celebs other than Ange?and frantically worshiping ange+her kids?)
    Angelina probs runs a sweatshop with kids+cheats on brad who she has locked in her basement.

  • cee

    Oh Jen I mean Harriet get over it girl. The world has moved on and you are beginning to look like a big joke. Brad and Angie have six little lives that depend on them as all parents know you do the best you can to make them happy and loved and trying to keep your partner happy and loved. Brad and Angie are no different than most couples except they have one major fly in their ointment and it’s name is Jen and her obsessed fans. If they would go away JP fans would have no reason to talk about her at all. Her fans bring out the worst in us. And as JP fans we know how really good people react. Our role models are Brad and Angie.

  • Agnes14

    Aww, boy Knox is ALL Angelina

  • WARNING:Ho-lee fans don’t read

    Reasons to hate on Jolie and Love Jen A:
    Did Jen A run off and marry Laura Dern’s fiance in Vegas and get a vaginal tat of his name while Laura was filming??? Only to have Billy Bob divorce her…It’s pretty bad when Billy Bob does the dumping…I think not..
    Did Jen A french kiss her bio brother on national television and then brag the next day about it??? I think not…
    Did Jen A wear blood around her neck and brag about it??? I think not.
    Did Jen A knowingly go after Colin Farrell while his girlfriend was 7 months pregnant with his child only to dump him 2 months later??? And Ho-lee claims to care about children…I think not…
    Was Jen A ever a public meth addict??? I think not…
    Has Jen A ever gone after a married man that was in the middle of a mid-life crisis only to destroy one of the most famous and sexiest men in all of Hollywood for her own selfish needs??? I think not…
    Would Jen A ever exploit children the way Ho-lee has??? I think not…
    Did Jen go over to other countries and buy children to bring back to America only to exploit them for her own selfish needs??? I think not…
    Would Jen A ever go on record to say fidelity is not an issue for her relationships after she destroyed one of Hollywoods most loved actors in the world??? I think not…
    Would Jen A ever destroy the relationship with the family of a man she was suppose to love??? I think not…
    If Jen A has a baby would she take such horrible care of her health and put her babies at risk for her own selfish reasons??? I think not…
    Does Jen A have friends??? I think so (many)…Not the Ho though…
    There is so much more I could say about your beloved saint Ho-lee, but I think this is a good start…Every word of this is on record from the Ho’s mouth…She is a selfish devious s!ut and she will never be able to pull off a “Brad Pitt” again…She is trying hard to get Depp’s attention, but he knows better…After seeing what the Ho has done to Brad Pitt and his family, the men are running for the hills in disgust… As they should…She is over people… And her & Brad are aware of this…
    Jen A has done none of these things because she does not have to… She was raised with morals, scruples, and values that has earned her respect honestly…I would bet my life savings that Brad Pitt is more sorry than words could say about the way his life has ended up…He never imagined a piece of ass could take him down as quickly as his Ho did…Still don’t feel sorry for the guy…”Karma” people “Karma”…

    *Ding Dong the Ho is dead”…

  • Jaye

    Wow! He’s gotten so big. What an adorable child.

  • dawne

    @WARNING:Ho-lee fans don’t read:

    You have to be the most uninformed and deluded troll I have ever read. I could blow cavernous holes in your ridiculously biased list of incorrect info but you are not worth it….you or that joke of a dead end you idolize……you know, the one with the gawd-awful reviews on her latest piece of celluloid trash foisted onto the viewing public…the same one who is in Europe at a stump for her bomb while her co-star has his fingers in her azz……..bwaawawawawaaw

    Meanwhile, the REAL woman, wife, mother, Oscar winner, world class beauty, humanitarian, author, and philantrhopist…you know the UN Ambassador who also sits on the Council of Foreign Relations with the likes of Clinton and Kissinger, yeah that one……….drum roll:

    Angelina Jolie

    ..whom is presently filming a REAL movie with another UBER star Johnny Depp……Queen Angelina with her brood of princes and princesses fathered by the ONE AND ONLY BRAD PITT enjoying the culture of France and Italy.

    Just killls ya doesn’t it? Buttiston is being made a joke of all over the planet while Queen Angie is breathtakingly beautiful holding child in the romantic city of Venice…………rather like comparing caviar to tacos.

  • dawne

    Buttiston’s newd….can’t spell it correctly or will get mod…..dress the other night at one of her European stumping grounds…hey, c’mon…

    blatant attempt for the raves Angie got for her ‘newd’ outfit with the elbow length gloves……..Buttiston stopped at the gloves….didn’t want to appear ‘obvious’ LMAO………

    Now even better………hold your nose and check out US Meekly……..Buttiston caught red handed with a pair of diamond earrings Angie wore seven years ago. This sick bish likely has a room of Angie looks from the time she was sixteen……..she really is a stalker……….


    dawne, did I hit a nerve??? Looks like it to me:)…LOL…All I need to see is that you hang on my every word…Flattered as always…Jolie is a w.h.o.r.e today, and she will still be a w.h.o.r.e tomorrow…Deal with it…Truth hurts don’t it???

  • NAN

    Ha Ha Ha,No One Can’t Helping Jen Jen !
    Jen Stolen Tate Donovan From His FIANCE which she’d Misscariage b/c of Jen Jen can’t stop opened her Legs to Catching Tate!
    Laura Stolen BBT from his wife and BBT choosing to married with AJ,and Laura’s husband which she got kids with him now,she’d STOLEN from his Ex wife which they Still very married and pregnant !!!
    Courteney Cox Stolen Micheal Keaton from his wife and stay with MK many years before she met DA.
    SC with Erik C ,she STOLEN him from his wife !!!
    Go to New Thread,Norman’s gang you can get The Real Info,don’t bite pp behind their backs!!!

  • feedback

    Where’s Brad?? We haven’t seen him in awhile. Is he in hiding?

  • feedback

    Just wanted to say that I’ve asked many men who they think is better looking Jen or Angie, they all said Jen. When I asked women, a slight majority chose Angie, but said she isn’t aging well. Both the men and woman agree that jen has the better body.

    BTW…….Where is Brad?? We haven’t seen him in a while, has he gone into hiding?

  • feedback

    @totallyuncool: Please give me the statistics on why you think everyone goes through as wild a learning process as Angie did in their youth. I know more young people who don’t. The percentage of people who have gone through what Angie did, cutting herself and doing every drug known to man, is a low percentage.

  • ykw


    Posted Mar. 29, 2000 @ 7:45pm/ET/Updated Mar. 30, 2008@ 12pm/ET

    Sources in a position to have information regarding a secret wedding ceremony between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had confirmed to Star that the couple married in the French Quarter Wedding Chapel on Saturday, March 29. “There were two weddings, one planned and one unplanned,” one source told Star. “Brad and Angelina’s was the planned ceremony. The weather wasn’t good, so we were indoors.” After further investigation, the sources are not standing by their story. Brad and Angelina’s reps have not commented.

  • couture prom dress

    The kids are adorable! Hard to say whom they remind more but you can definitely tell it’s their kids. I wonder if they still so cute when they grow up.

  • Miami Girl

    #213 ~ LMFAO at you…You didn’t have much ammunition to throw at Jen…You did mention a lot of other people, but not Jen because you don’t have any documented info that is true to tell…Now us Ho-lee haters have tons of ammunition that she so proudly gave us herself…

  • NAN

    He He He ,miamigirlpoo poo!
    Jen Jen dump her boyfriend of 3 years(Tate Donovan) upon spread her legs on the first blind date with BP (by their agents ) JA was a rebound everybody knew it miamipoo!,if their agents didn’t helping JA ???
    5+years it PROOF that Your idol can’t catch the man!!!
    Didn’t you see the video on the new thread that they showed Your idol HYMM HUMM with VV,They were P*KING ME&P*OKING YOU BEST COUPLE 12/02/05
    ,But VV DIDN’T CHOOSING Jen Anuston of HW to be the mother of his children.
    JM 2 Times,but he can’t choosing Jen !
    BC just run as fast as he can to his RZ!
    GB said NO NO NO NO NO TO JEN !
    Who will WANTS your Jen ???
    Jen admitted it VF05 !
    “I have worked with this THERAPIST for a long time ”
    Didn’t you heard about that Jen turned BP insane pusing into a 2 years of Therapy during their marriage,Maybe BP run away when he got his sanity back?
    You have to wake up from your dream miamipoo and accept the fact BP was done,there was NO second chance to be had for Jen,BP did not to be married to her anymore,He want to get out,Jen want to keep stay married ,she will let BP to have opened married ,but just let her name be Mrs.PITT,but BP said NO ,This in VF05 come out from Jen’s BFF, CC !
    Jen Knew there was no saving the marriage and Jen didn’t have a choice,but to file for divorce,Otherwise BP would have filed.
    Go to the new thread miamipoo ,don’t be a coward,They can give you more answers about how the real Jen,like NB said your idol have to look F V C K A B L E,didn’t you see that video,what she’d done with her old friend by kick NB out from her net work or Jen didn’t invited her own mother to her wedding and said at her mother was a DISEASE !

  • dawne

    How come the regs have not been posting on this thread for days??? Has there been another exodus of which I am not aware? Is it due to the endless threads on Fug?

  • Jokergurl

    Knox has Angelina’s amazing eyes, he seems like a pretty calm kid, adorable too. Brad and Angelina handle the constant intrusion of photographers very well. I think they are trying to raise their kids in the most normal environment (considering how abnormal it is) that they can. I admire these two.

  • http://justjared samantha nolan

    @AshleyS: obviously ur blind!