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Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life

Angelina Jolie and her adorable son Knox Jolie-Pitt get some fresh air from the balcony of their apartment in Venice, Italy on Sunday (March 28).

Angie was seen pointing out a few sights in the distance to baby Knox.

Just yesterday, Angie spent time with Pax, Zahara and Shiloh in a private playground in Venice.

Great to see Angie getting in bonding time with all of her kids!

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222 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: It's a Hard Knox Life”

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  1. 126
    Elizabeth Says:

    Good morning JP fans. Tks JJ for the new pics. Ladies and Gents look at Angie’s pic even behing the glass window, her natural beauty and elegant style is amazing.

  2. 127
    QQQQ Says:

    I don’t know why fans feel the need to defend Brad (that is, where he might be) just to answer these whiny b*tches. Brad is where Brad is. It’s no one’s f*cking business. He could be Venice, he could be else where; again it’s NO ONE F*CKING business!

  3. 128
    eliott Says:


    The moderators are trying to tell you something, little posting monkey. You’re boring them. Let’s here more fevered rantings from Daughter of a Hollywood Legend. Those comments are far more entertaining.

  4. 129
    a realist Says:

    OMG…Jared you are spoiling us. We love seeing these pics of our Jolie-Pitt babies.

  5. 130
    Chanel Says:

    lulu @ 03/28/2010 at 8:33 am
    Knox is a mini BRad Pitt with brunett hair. #5

    Knox , reminds me of my own boy at that age is so fascinated with car , boat , plane. then as they grow a bit older , around 4 or 5 , it’s dinosaur. sooooooooooo cute !
    lulu….When my grandson was Knox’s age, he too was fascinated with cars, airplanes, boats. I use to take him outside for walks, and he would point to the sky in wonderment when he saw airplanes flying. He saw a boat on the back of a vehicle, and he was amazed at that too.

  6. 131
    NAN Says:

    Lena ,What about ZYPREXA5mg tonight,This will helping you to stop to be THE PSYCHOPATH for a while ,No One Wants Your Jen Jen !!!
    Jen told to the world by her own mouth that she’d worked with The THERAPIST for a long time (15-20years???) VF05 !!!!!
    Who will wants to date JEN huh lenaconnideeMiasam…ect..ect???
    NO A-LISTERS WANTS TO P*KING JEN!!!!! Heheheheheheheeee.

  7. 132
    NAN Says:

    The Truth Is Hurts ,Right Ms.lenaconnideeMiasam….ect…ect !!!!!
    Why No One Wants To P*king Jen ??? The Moo Mee Star Of HW!!!

  8. 133
    Jaliah Says:

    @Lena 130
    I think you’ll find that Eliott is on the right thread which makes Eliott sane don’t you think? You appear to be on the wrong thread so that makes you…..? I think everything you threw at Elliott just landed back on your face with bells on.

  9. 134
    voe Says:

    Great pictures! Both are beautiful!

  10. 135
    voe Says:

    Lena and the haters are in unendurable pain apparently.

  11. 136
    lena Says:

    @voe: YAWN!!! SnnnnnnnnnnnORE!!!

  12. 137
    peter Says:

    She’s always holding her son, Knox, and hardly ever her daughters Shiloh or V.

  13. 138
    jpfan Says:

    Such a adorable looking son.

  14. 139
    voe Says:

    Oh, God, lena yawned and snored. What highly intelligent creature she is! She could yawn, could snore, could call Jolie’s fans loons and went mad because Jolie got unbearable and enviable large number of loons.

  15. 140
    Jaliah Says:

    lena @ 03/28/2010 at 2:39 pm

    @Jaliah: YEP you just confirmed how st upid and low inte lligent you loonies are. For you to say such a thing means you haven’t either comprehended what I said or you are just low IQ! Go away you’re not worthy!!!
    Not worthy…hmmmm interesting turn of phrase…..I do however, now fully comprehend why Eliott calls you little posting monkey

  16. 141
    LuckyL Says:


  17. 142
    ykw Says:

    Angelina is disgusted with the paps. No peace…no peace…can she find.

  18. 143
    Marilyn Macey Says:

    @neer: Loved your posting and you are absolutely right about trolls comments’ on this site about Brad. It’s simply not anbody’s problem except Angie so stop this ‘smear’ campaign against JPs.

  19. 144
    angi fan Says:


  20. 145
    Eve15 Says:

    Knox is mini me Angie

  21. 146
    T.O. Says:

    I am starting to seriously hate this woman.
    WHEN will she stop pimping out her kids so she can get press. Was it necessary for her to stand with her child in front of the window? Of course… that’s where she can be photographed.

  22. 147
    JP Fan1 Says:

    Oh WOW!! Angie as the evil Queen this could be alot of fun.
    Hope it happens. Angie can play various roles without any problems which makes her a fine actress and for sure her children would love this movie.

  23. 148
    first and last post Says:

    Re: # 294 groundcontrol @ 03/28/2010 at 6:59 am and
    ahem @ 03/27/2010 at 5:36 pm
    “Sorry. Forgot to link the post I think is excellent and I am talking about in my post above.”

    Hi ground control,
    Excellent link. I was laughing because it talked about “you live, you have assets”. I don’t think these haters/trolls are really “living”…subsiding to the bottom of the barrel is more like it and assets…ROTFLMAO… “assets” means responsibility and obligations…they have none other than to appease their ego in their own need to huff and puff behind a computer screen and to try to spell correctly.
    Unfortunately ahem’s post got deleted…I never got a chance to read it but if you questioned why it was voted down then there must be a valid reason why you questioned that unnecessary overzealous action by some.
    Hello to all JP fans and to that special person, neleh.

  24. 149
    queen bee Says:

    I am starting to seriously hate this woman….(JenHAG)
    WHEN will she stop pimping out her FAUX-RELATIONSHIPS so she can get press? Was it necessary for her to stand BY THE WINDOW OF THE BOAT WHILE HAVING DINNER IN PARIS??? Of course… that’s where she can be photographed!

  25. 150
    queen bee Says:

    HA! the bounty movie came in THIRD last weekend, looks like FORTH this weekend…..CAN WE HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR THE PLUMMETTING OF YET ANOTHER ANU STAIN PROJECT……LOL!!


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