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Angelina Jolie: Maleficent in the Making?

Angelina Jolie: Maleficent in the Making?

News broke back in January that Disney will be retelling the classic Sleeping Beauty from villain Maleficent‘s perspective!

The LA Times is now reporting that within the last few weeks, Angelina Jolie has expressed interest in playing the titular villain!

Director Tim Burton is also rumored to join the project but no deals are in place for either. It’ll be very interesting to see how this all pans out!

ARE YOU INTERESTED in seeing Angelina Jolie play Maleficent???

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  • Christina

    Angelina Jolie + Tim Burton = Magic

  • ladylurksalot

    i think she’s be great, but let’s wait and see if this is a rumour or fact, first.

  • lisa

    I’m sure the fools will be here soon.

    but really Angie makes what about 1 film a year. not counting the animated KFP..

    this is what the 3rd or 4 film they have attached her name to. Yeah.. Angie no doubt will have a magazine interview coming out when she promotes Salt. So I hope she will address some of these dumb things. but then why should she.

    She is an amazing performer and we have seen time and time again how they attach her name to projects to get buzz.. Wanted 2 anyone.. and what was that other film just a few weeks ago.. now this..

    When Angie says so then I will believe.. until then..

  • tasha

    her career is doing very well and she has also six children

  • Katsaridoula

    Angie FOREVER…. haters: melt in your anger

  • sorella

    Love the idea, AJ would be great, that would be good casting. And AJ and Tim Burton = movie magic.

  • Neil

    Always nice to be on the first page of the many. I don’t love Angie……
    I WORSHIP HER !!!! (lol)

  • Sarah May

    I’d be down for AJ to play her!

  • Anne Marie

    She would be perfect! And Jennifer Aniston should play Sleeping Beauty!

  • Dreads

    OF COURSE I’ll be interested to see that. Angelina is the incarnation of evilness. HA. Woopsies, sorry! I didn’t mean that in a bad way. I think Angelina is gorgeous. She has the face of an evil witch! I don’t know if you guys would understand that without thumbing me down thinking I’m saying that because of her temptress-like evil homewrecking behavior with Aniston. HA. I personally think she has really the physique of someone evil and that she should play villains more often. Her face, her eyes, her look, everything is perfect for that kind of role. Angelina = villain. OMG I can’t wait to see that. Hopefully it’s true! Tim Burton is my favorite director and Angelina playing one of the most evil witches villains of Disney would be amazing to watch! I’m crossing my fingers!!!!!

  • Vintage Love

    Yes, she is a gorgeous woman and a great character actress.
    Would love to see this story from the villain’s perspective.

  • Nic

    It would be great, but i will fully give my opinion when this becomes official, and confirmed. Her name gets used, and attacjed to projects a lot, so…….

  • CopyCatBrat

    Ahh!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea and matchup! It has the potential to be box-office GOLD. Though, I will only believe it when Angie confirms it…

    BTW Jared thanks for spoiling us with all of these JP threads lately!

  • Andamentothat

    Ange will be magnificient

  • christyjolie

    OMG! that would be so friggin great! I would be first in line to see it!

  • angie

    I love you for wish you the best in your life.

  • julie

    thank god real actresses are back, thank you Angie. and sandy etc. she is gorgeous and talented and she’s perfect for this role.

  • luvangie4ever

    Oh she would make a gorgeous Maleficent! She’s crazy beautiful and sexy. I love how Angie takes risks in her movie roles. She’s a fantastic and captivating actress. I hope this is true, I just can’t get enough of her.

  • ripple

    AJ as an evil villain. Hmm… fitting.

  • Butter_Fly

    I kinda like this idea. Burton would be great for this project.

  • rock_chick_chic

    maleficent is by far one of my favourite disney villians, but i dont really think angelina would make a good maleficent. this is kinda like wicked telling the story of the wicked witches life :-)

  • Elizabeth

    @christyjolie: < Me too…
    any movie of Angie is worthed. Tks JJ wow 2 pics/news for today…hmmmmmmm spoiling us. Hello to JP fans

  • voe

    Dreads, don’t you get tired of whining about home wrecking craps? It’s been five years and you aren’t JA. Or are you? What’s matter, hon? Those men were not as satisfying as Pitt for you? Too bad as it is too dam.n late. Move the hell on, grow up.

  • dee

    Wow…. a real life witch playing a witch….. PERFECT…. lol ; – )

  • anon

    Pleeeease not this two bit floozy. I was excited about this idea of this movie, but to think she could take one of the major roles… Instant downer. How about Angelica Houston instead?

  • Katya

    YES!! She would be amazing

  • Mrs.Whitelaw

    If it is true, she will make an awesome villian! And for her children it would be great to see their mother in the remake of this Disney story! Imagine how cool it would be to say that your mother played Maleficent?
    Tim Burton would be perfect for recreating this story with Ange!

  • lala

    YES! I hope she can pull of the voice though! this is an awesome idea!

  • Felicity

    sure. she has the dark looks and is pure evil, so why not?

  • VeritasInVino

    I hope not. Angelina can not pull it off. There are many other (British mostly) actresses who would be much, much better

  • Angand BradFan

    Absolutely she would be fantastic . Hope to hear this from Angie b/c ontill then will take this as just gossip. BUT will keep my fingers crossed.

  • Saggie

    OMG! Angie would make a gorgeous Maleficent which is one of my fav villians. I hope this is true.
    Good luck Angie.

  • dee

    Sorry to dissapoint angelina fans…. but Tim Burton has denied he will direct this film….. read this…

  • http://hotmailaustralia jpfan

    I think Angelina will do well in any role she chooses to do, Angelina for ever.

  • ykw

    At least judging from the above photo, looks ‘right’ to me.

  • March, 2010

    If this turns out that Angelina isn’t taking this role, I will be very disappointed at whoever does. I would be watching the movie going “damn, I wish it were Angelina Jolie”. That’s the bad thing about these rumors. You get your hopes up and then have them squashed.

  • LuckyL

    Yes yes yes!! I am interested!!

  • so

    @Anne Marie: You mean SLEEPING UGLY

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …she’s going to voice the character or play her?!? it’s a win either way..

  • angi fan

    Breathtakingly beatiful

  • Kirsten

    She would be fantastic. She’s tall, beautiful, and something about her commands respect.

  • Kim

    Angie is the highest paid and most sought after actress in Hollywood She is one of few movie stars who gets her asking price ($20 million for Salt and The Tourist according to VF) up front according to NYTimes article. Movie producers are using her name to get buzz about their projects Every week another casting rumor that turns out to be false.

  • T pain

    I would totally see this, it looks like a great project!

    On a side note, look what I found, it’s hilarious!

    click on the subject and then on the Bounty Hunter movie to watch his hailarious review !!! It’s worth watching to the end !! LOL

  • Saggie

    There is alot of fresh new talks this weekend about the evil twin princess Maleficent that would be played by Angie and it sounds very interesting like it just might happen.

    Google Tim Burton Angelina Jolie Maleficent or Sleeping Beauty and check out all of the info .

    That article where Tim Burton says it is just rumors was said a month ago and lots can happen in the movie biz in a mo.
    Here’s hoping. I would love to see Angie play that role.

    Here is one link . Hopefully Jared allows it to go in.

  • alexa

    I don’t really like Angelina Jolie, but I do think she’d make a great Maleficent.

  • Jill

    She’d be absolutely great in this role and she’d probably get a big kick out of doing it.
    Has anyone noticed that some of the best Hollywood actors do some of their best work playing bad guys? Denzel Washington in “Training Day” is just one example.

  • liloooo

    Maleficient is just my FAAAAVOOOORITE VILAIN , she has style and class about her stature and when i heard about them makin a movie i directly thought about my girl ANGIE please do this

  • jkljol√§o

    not a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saggie

    What does LA Times have to say about Angie playing the Evil Queen in Maleficent?

    Go Angie!

  • please no

    Maleficent is one of the greatest characters created by disney. if you are going to do this film then at least, in the name of god, choose an actress who will not destroy the intergrity of this beloved character.