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Charlize Theron: American Cinematheque Sexy

Charlize Theron: American Cinematheque Sexy

Charlize Theron sparkles at the American Cinematheque 24th Annual Award Presentation honoring Matt Damon at The Beverly Hilton hotel on Saturday (March 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old actress talked about Matt‘s ONEXONE Foundation, which is committed to to helping create a world where children can live safely and with dignity.

Charlize shared, “Matt Damon truly believes the world can be a better place if we make it that way.”

FYI: Charlize wore a Givenchy dress, Stella McCartney shoes and a Jimmy Choo clutch.

20+ pictures inside of American Cinematheque sexy Charlize Theron

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charlize theron american cinematheque 01
charlize theron american cinematheque 02
charlize theron american cinematheque 03
charlize theron american cinematheque 04
charlize theron american cinematheque 05
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Credit: Axelle; Photos: Kevork Djansezian/Getty, Bauergriffinonline
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  • cutiemcfreckles

    that is a beautiful woman

  • maya

    Charlize please stop using botox your face is also without botox clinical!

  • jill

    She is beautiful no doubt, but starting to look way to plastic. Stop with the fillers and botox Charlize – you are naturally gorgeous, please age gracefully!!

  • sheila

    for me, she is more a fashion model than an actress, she just has not enough personality, nowadays even models have to show some personality and not just a frozen face and nice clothes

  • Bonnie

    I cannot stand her.
    She is so boring.


    She has more class than all the women at the Oscars ..presenters..
    It is sad that people would say that…She is a great actresss and
    because we have to see people who really are plastic like Ms. Montag
    and other people like that..

    She is not boring to say the least… Why can’t you stand her .. because
    she is not some stupid actress like Monique who makes token black
    movie who wins every award…


    She has more class than all the women at the Oscars ..presenters..
    It is sad that people would say that…She is a great actresss and
    because we have to see people who really are plastic like Ms. Montag
    and other people like that..

    She is not boring to say the least… Why can’t you stand her .. because
    she is not some stupid actress like Monique who makes token black
    movie who wins every award…

  • Infamous

    She looks hot!!

  • tasha

    She use to be a good actress but now with face it won’t work anymore, but she can still work as a model some more years and than she will disappear she don’t have so much to afford, there are coming so many young, pretty and very talented new actresses even a nicole kidman has problems to get roles

  • anna

    bonnie, your classless self needs to be shown the door.

    tasha, seriously, she gets roles and her face is NOT plastic. it always looks like this, look back to her face 4 years ago, it looked the same. when she has her hair short/ with this makeup and hair it looks kinda long. but she hasent had botox yet, and it still a magnificant actress. she has never been the actress that had crazy facial experessions she is not acting here. what do you expect?

  • sweetie

    beautiful. :-)

  • really

    purr’tee gurl!

  • purple poet

    @sheila: see Monster if you don’t think she’s an actress. And actually she does have a big personality. She’s funny and fun. Ask her costars and see her in Between Two Ferns segment where she is witty and a good sport. You sound jealous.

  • purple poet

    @anna: Are you talking about Nicole Kidman or Charlize? Even Kidman continues to get roles. Theron can move her face silly. It’s called makeup. She looked the same years ago. And she does have lines around her eyes if you see in candids. She’s beautiful. Gotta love the jealous Angelina Jolie fans coming out of the woodwork. What the hell did your goddess due to her face? I saw that disgusting picture where her face looked bunched up on the side. Yuck.

  • sorella

    She’s beautiful, but she never looks truly happy. She often looks If she smiled more she would come across as warmer, but she’s a little ice pricess-y.

  • ciko

    wow the most beautiful woman in hollywood – she is just freaking hot and looks so young – i think she will be back with stewart…hope so!

  • reba

    @CHARILIZE IS A GREAT ACTRESS: your racist comment is un-necessary and unwelcome.

  • yami

    sorella look at more pics from this event. She is smiling and laughing with Matt Damon, Ben Afflec, and Clint Eastwood. Charlize just doesn’t put on fake smiles for the photogs I think. No fake grins for the cameras like Julia Roberts. She is very real. And stunningly beautiful, classy, talented. The total package.

  • purple poet

    I agree with you defending Charlize. However no need to get racist to do it. Ms. Theron herself would not like that. Token black movie? Because it’s a black movie it’s automatically token? It’s a good movie that happens to feature a black cast. It could have been a white story about abuse. In fact it was as a play in England. And Mo’Nique’s performance was good.

  • purple poet

    that comment was for Charlize Is a Great Actress btw^^

  • Lowest denominator


    What does Charlize Theron have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with Monique? Charlize’s nom was SEVEN YEARS AGO for LEADING, not SUPPORTING actress…and both won in 2 completely different type roles.
    The best part: you speak of her class and then BAM! with the WTF comment.
    That was the most bizarre racist chain-of-thought I have seen.

  • T.O.

    Charlize is in the top 5 most attractive women in Hollywood. The close up photo of her face is fabulous.

  • T.O.

    @Lowest denominator: Speaking of poor “chain of thought” comments. I had to read your comment three times before I was able to ascertain your point.
    @ciko: I think they’re done. I’d like to see her with someone like Jason Patric, her co-star from “In the Valley of Ella.” Now that would be a beautiful pairing.

  • momo

    she is beautiful

  • RC

    To the same ugly troll using different names, honey you wish, that’s not our fault if you are an ugly miserable bitch, don’t blame beautiful ppl because of your own issue, go spread your hatred on your miror , we are not responsible.

    She is young and naturally beautiful, one of the most talented versatile actress right there, a real actress who is not afraid to take risks, and works on small films, her oscar and avalanche of awards around the world speaks for itself…

    tahsa honey, she gets so many roles offers, that she dropped out some of them the Tourist, Danish Girl……and she is about to do one of the most anticipated movie of the year of Frank Miller Fury Road, your jealousy is funny, next time you want to bash do your home work at least.

  • kim

    @Lowest denominator:

    Charlize Theron was nominated for leading role at the oscars for Monster and won, a year after her win for monster she was nominated for supporting role at the Golden Globes for The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, and get nominated one more time for leading role at the oscars for North Country, shortly 2 years after her 1st win, something who didn’t happen to an actress since a decade.

  • dani


    Thanks Jared, for some air freshing, its always nice to see this talented beautiful private actress, that change us from the daily overexposed tabloid media whores.

  • purple poet

    Beautiful as always. And she’s well liked in hollywood. In photos from this event Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Clint Eastwood are all over her. lol. She’s a gorgeous, down to earth woman who everyone even Tommy Lee Jones loves.

    Gotta respect her for being professional and for the fact that she made her biggest success with Monster. Not off her stunning looks or screwing famous guys, off her TALENT.

  • All Women Stalker

    Gorgeous. Love what she’s wearing, too.

  • albania

    @jill: Charlize doesn’t have botox. She doesn’t want to get it. She’s not judging other people, she just won’t get it. Close up on the third picture and you will see her face isn’t frozen at all. She’s wearing a lot of makeup and has lines around her eyes. She’s aging beautifully but she does have lines. Gorgeous face and wow eyes.

  • nat

    dude, close up on her eyes in the third pic. Are they real?! Are they contacts? Wow they are so beautiful and a mixture of colors!!!

  • goldy

    I admire this woman, her personality and courage are so inspiring, what an example she gave, to all people who went through dramas in their lifes, Big up.

  • juniper

    Theron is a very good actress and what she did in Monster was astonishing.

  • hottest couple ever

    I love her. Sorry to hear that she and long-time love, gorgeous Stuart
    Townsend have split.

  • Carla

    Omg she is breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Nicole

    She’s beautiful as usual!

  • wow

    i told my boyfriend, the only girl i could turn lesb for is Charlize Theron, damn she is the hotness.

  • Charlize Clooney

    I always thought she’d look good with Clooney, but he may be too old for her. She’s 34 and he’s 48.

  • sandy

    One of the most beautiful and talented actress, the Grace Kelly of nowadays.

  • Young

    She’s only 34. That’s still very young. Why would you expect her to have tons of wrinkles and be using botox? Women have barely even started to get lines yet at 34…..unless they are sunworshippers or have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, smoking…

  • Lowest denominator


    So what? You got my chain-of-thought either way, however long you took to get it. And I said bizarre/racist, not poor…
    ———————————————————————————————–href=”/2010/03/28/charlize-theron-american-cinematheque/comment-page-1/#comment-16835411″>Lowest denominator:

    That’s fine, good for her, but the point remains the same; someone saying they think Theron is boring has NO relation to Monique’s run during awards season, they were literally YEARS apart, not even in competition. At all. That was an excuse to make a racist comment.

    I personally like Theron, she doesn’t seem boring to me (as a person or actress), and that has nothing to do with my not being a fan of Monique’s.

  • Lowest denominator

    Ok. Those “@ reply” weren’t applied correctly.

    My first one was to “T.O.,” who has a problem comprehending my chain-of-thought.

    The second one is to “kim,” who lsited more noms for Theron.

  • b


    You b!tch, crack me up here, about the roles) the role that your idol is doing right now, was for Charlize, your idol is replacing what Charlize refused, so thanks Charlize for that role she is doing now, it’s not the first time your idol is known for taking the dropped out parts of other actors Nicole Kidman for Mr and Mrs Smith, Cruise salt, Charlize Theron the Tourist.

    And are you talking about your idol face here( who btw aged drastically)? and that horrible scary thing in her neck? cuz i don’t see which person are you b!tching about.

  • kim

    @Lowest denominator:

    Oh i agree with you, the monique’s comment is stupid and racist, i don’t even understand what this person is saying the point of it.

    Oh i just add to you the other nominations, cuz i thought you said she was nominated at the oscars only one time, my bad sorry for the misunderstood.

  • Point?

    @b: And what’s your point? Those actors made mistakes by dropping out, and Angie picked up the ball. She’s making the right career decisions, and is one of the highest bankable stars…male or female. So what’s your point?

  • marco

    Gorgeous as always!!

  • b


    My point was for one of your hater jealous loonie who said she doesn’t get roles, which funny is ,cuz she has so many offers that she is dropping out some of them , the one your idol is doing now is the perfect example, was for charlize before she said no, im glad seeing her taking risks and not falling into an addicted sell out hollywood slave, and doing the easy roles that everyone can do, thank god they are still some real actresses like Charlize and kate.

  • lily


    Don’t even pay attention to these 3, they are just a jealous fans of another actress, aren’t they suppose being busy with the daily exposed life circus of their actress? i can see now why some people call them with different names, but i think they are not all the same.

  • http://deleted ellie’

    Charlize is naturally beautiful.. love her outfit.. she a wonderful actress also.. Thanks Jared always nice to see Charlize…

  • Algerian Girl

    Here comes my girl, she rocks it!